meta knightmare

Kirby Lore: NOVA

Within the universe of the Kirby games, many bizarre beings of great power exist. From a hive-mind of sentient dark matter, to the embodiment of nightmares, to even Kirby himself, there seems to limit to the god-like entities to be encountered. However, of them all, the most mysterious are the Novas. But just what are these mysterious constructs?

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Kirby Lore: Queen Sectonia

A hero is nothing without a good villain to oppose them, and it’s all the better when an entire rouge’s gallery is at odds with the protagonist. Kirby has encountered a host of rivals throughout his career, from a disgruntled penguin or distressed mother eagle, to planet-destroying dark matter and physical incarnations of nightmares. One of the more unique villains Kirby has battled in Queen Sectonia, matriarch of Floralia. Though she is seen as an egomaniacal despot, there are hints strewn about Triple Deluxe and later Kirby material that hint to a tragic fall from grace. Buckle yourself in, because this is a long one.

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