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I’ve been thinking about how Kaneki’s mind set will have altered thanks to Chapter 122, and I think I can safely say there’s an upside and a downside to the recent developments.

The upside? Well, Kaneki has finally been pushed out of his little bubble of unhealthy thoughts, at least for the most part. Now he should be aware how important his own life is to others, and he should also now be aware that distancing himself from others isn’t going to help them in the slightest (it appears that Kaneki has already begun demonstrating this awareness).

That’s all sunshine and rainbows, however the downside to this is that Kaneki has likely made himself extremely vulnerable to Touka’s closeness, which by itself is a definitely a positive thing for both of them. The real problem here is if anything hazardous or potentially life threatening happens to Touka from this point onward. To me it seems very likely that Kaneki would end up going rampant in Kakuja form again, and this time his whole body will be clad in armour, which could potentially be devastating for everyone.

Back when Kaneki lost control after his very first Kakuja emergence, he presented a lot of danger not only to his enemies but to his friends as well. Luckily Kaneki snapped out of it before any of his friends were killed (aka Banjou Ex Machina). This time however that must not be allowed to happen, otherwise Kaneki could become far too dangerous for anyone to deal with, considering the vast amount of power he has obtained since way back then.

Long story short, please nobody touch Touka (And especially you Mutsuki), otherwise Tokyo might be dealing with a more threatening monster than we’ve ever seen in Tokyo Ghoul.

Aside Furuta, of course.

I hate how d&d made arya into this ‘not like other girls i hate women’ thing when literally book!Arya LOVES HER FELLOW WOMEN. She makes friends with all sorts of girls, the prostitutes at Happy Port, the daughters of sailors, she respects and loves all sorts of different women, she loves and looks up to her mother and wishes she could be more like them. 

She respects their skills and beauty and goodness, she just acknowledges that she cannot be like that due to her own inabilities to conform. She wants to be good at sewing, she wants to be able to sing, she wants to be beautiful like her sister and mother, but she also feels completely inadequate and awful in comparison to all the women in her life. So what does a 9 year old do?

A 9 year old calls it stupid because calling it stupid hurts a lot less than admitting that what people criticize about you the most are correct. Like lmao if your skillset lies in horseback riding, sword fighting, and other non-traditional activities for women, are you supposed to silently suffer ridicule and a life of non fulfillment? 

People who treat Arya like a crappy cliche literally have 0 understanding of her character. 

Victor/Yuuri and the Media

Alternately titled “Sachiro can find Victor character development pretty much anywhere he looks”.

As an attempt to get over the writer’s block that has been plaguing me for a month and a half, I decided to try and tackle something new. Something that’s a more outside-of-the-box idea in terms of analysis (at least I think) so let’s take a look at an aspect of the series that I haven’t seen talked about too much in terms of character development: the media!

I started thinking a while back about how we can actually see a clear change when it comes to Victor and his interactions with Yuuri in regards to the media, especially when we compare the earlier episodes to the later ones, and it got me thinking. Why does Victor act so protective of Yuuri in front of the media in earlier episodes and what changed by the later ones to the point that he’s so noticeably not there (and at what point did this shift take place)?

Victor himself actually enjoys the media attention and we have that shown to us repeatedly over the course of the show. Yuuri, on the other hand, tolerates the media but while he doesn’t enjoy the attention he isn’t actually a terrible speaker in front of the cameras.

Before we get into the meat of the discussion, let’s take a quick look at how each of them interact with the media when left on their own (at the start of the show anyway).


The very first time we see Victor, he’s in front of the cameras. His heart may not have been into it but he was still able to pull out a big smile. Even more in our faces later, we see him winking at the crowd at Worlds and sending everyone into a tizzy. He’s very much an extrovert and gets his energy from others around him.

Even after he moves to Japan, and especially once Yuuri and Victor get back into the competitive circuit, we see him thriving off any media attention he can get; whether it’s interviews, at the kiss & cry, or from the attention given to him by his fans.


On the other hand, Yuuri is very docile in front of the cameras. He’ll respond with phrases that you can tell he prepared ahead of time. You can see that he doesn’t really enjoy the attention but he’s been at this long enough to know how to deal with and tolerate it. In contrast to Victor, you don’t see Yuuri waving at the cameras and actively seeking out attention from his fans.

We can see examples of Yuuri on the far side of this spectrum in episode 1 where he actively tries to avoid interacting with his fans. We can also make the assumption that he avoided all media and social media in the space between the GPF and the Stammi Vicino video due to no one having an inkling as to what his career plans were (even though him skipping out on Worlds as the only Men’s Singles skater for Japan would have already been suspect – I wonder what excuse he gave because it definitely would have hit the press either way).

Edit: he didn’t qualify for Worlds at all due to his poor performance at Japanese Nationals, my bad!

As you can probably guess, putting both of them in the same frame would certainly cause some interesting interactions, and that’s exactly what happens! So let’s take a look from the start and see how they managed to somehow get to a point where Victor is leaving Yuuri to deal with the media alone/actually been tame in front of the cameras as seen in the last episodes!

(More under the read more due to length/images so please enjoy the rest of the analysis!)

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When asked to help identify “Krista”, Eren, Armin and Mikasa describe her in ways that are perfectly indicative of their personalities and perspectives. It could almost be a tag yourself meme.

Eren reply is, “She’s the smallest one of us”. His focus is entirely singular at this point in the story. It’s Fight the Titans. That’s it. Everything else is background noise. He describes her as the tiniest soldier.

Armin gives the most accurate physical description. “She has long golden hair and… ummm… she’s cute.” His account would be the most helpful to Hange in identifying Krista from the rest of the recruits. 

For Mikasa, it’s Krista’s close relationship with Ymir that stands out because that’s something she 100% gets. She can identify with staying close to the person you hold most dear. The information is totally useless to Hange, who has no idea who Ymir is either, but it’s what matters to Mikasa. It’s what she chooses to share.

If you are current with the manga, this three year old post by @ghostmartyr is one of my favorites in looking how Mikasa totally ships Yumikuri :D


Marvel’s Luke Cage + Dungeons & Dragons Alignment

do u ever think about how much luffy probably hates the idea of people protecting him? like. viscerally, with every fiber of his being, he is repulsed by the very idea.

because when he was little, shanks protected him and lost his arm and sabo protected him (and Ace) and lost his memory (and almost his life).

then, later, robin tried to protect the whole crew and they nearly lost her for good. margaret and her friends protect him on amazon lily and they get turned to stone (tho that gets fixed pretty quick at least).

and then he learns that ace protected him and got captured by blackbeard.

bon clay protected him and he had to leave him behind in impel down.

then ace protected him again and died.

luffy has probably learned pretty well by now that nothing good happens to the people who protect him

About that confession thing…

I know not everyone sees it this way, but for me, having Killian not tell her right away and having him focus on Emma’s happiness was two fold. Having him holding off on telling her—and proposing first—wasn’t to show that their happiness would have strings attached to it, but to show that N O T H I N G will tear these two apart. 

Yes, it’s drama and angst and we all know these two are long overdue for happiness, but having him tell her about what he found out in regards to David’s dad and then, let’s say, having Emma brush it off in that moment, something akin to an, “Oh, that’s nothing,” and jumping right into the proposal would put no weight on the fact that Killian feels remorse for these past deeds of his and feels the need to atone for this.

(Even though he didn’t know it was Dave’s father, at the time of said killing, but that’s not the point right now.)

The weight of that moment, that confession, would be overshadowed by the engagement and would render the whole confession thing useless—and really reduce it to a pointless drama plot point.

Now, having the engagement come first, it’s more Killian realizing that no, he can’t continue with his happy ending with all of this looming over it—over him—and showing that while he values Emma’s happiness and his happiness with her, being the best version of himself for her, and having her know the truth is also a top priority for him. 

Because the last thing he wants is for her to make a life with someone who isn’t who he says he is (like that ex we don’t talk about or the one before that).

And in that split moment, hell yeah he was thinking about her happiness. Her whole damn face lit up like a Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. This is Emma Swan, ‘one night stands are as far as I go’ and ‘that was a one time thing’ and walls up twenty-four seven telling him the ‘answer would be yes’.

Hot damn, I’d forget my own damn name if she wanted to marry me, too.

TL;DR: There’s a point to the order for the narrative—and it’s to truly show that nothing, NOTHING will come between Emma Swan and her ONE TRUE LOVE Killian Jones.

ace internalized so much negative stuff about himself that it’s insane, like. everything he did was to find a purpose, to protect the ones he loved (bc they are the only reason he is somewhat worthy of life), to be enough, to be worth it. all he ever did was to try and figure out if he deserved to be born. 

he was drowning in self hatred and yet -

god, he loved luffy so much. luffy was his whole world when they were kids. he protected luffy from garp, stood up to him, trained w him and saved him from drowning countless times. 

and even when they grew up and chose their separated paths, still he worried & cared so much about luffy. the scene of him showing luffy’s wanted poster to shirohige is just so amazing bc look at that!!! proud older bro in action!!! how he looked for luffy everywhere while he was travelling just to find him, so he could see he was okay.

im rambling but i guess what im trying to say is: ace hated himself a whole load, but in contrast he loved luffy so much - all the love he didn’t have for himself, he poured into his younger brother. and when luffy was in danger, he didn’t think twice about it.

because he loved luffy more than he ever could love himself.

The SnK World Analysis

So one thing which I find interesting about the official translation is that the Middle East fortress isn’t a slavery camp, but instead “Slava” is its name. I’m 99% sure this is the case with all slavic languages as I’ve seen this on multiple occasions that do not include my native language. Slava means “glory”.

One thing which I’m not quite sure about is that the fact that the “Middle East Union” is represented by what appears to be inspired/based off the Ottoman Empire. At least the uniforms if anything.

Now, unless Isayama is purposely mixing languages and nations (which he has sort of already done.. there aren’t typically Germans on Madagascar speaking Japanese, you know), including words of Slavic origin into a Middle Eastern theme is.. quite interesting. This hasn’t necessarily been anything new, but it gives some more insight on the world that this series takes place in.

Isayama has already confirmed in an interview that he based the SnK world off of the real world, but made it an upside-down mirrored variant, as we’ve seen with Marley and the island of Paradis, and the fact that sun rises from the West and sets in the East.

However, despite the nations and clothing being all over the place, the world itself is actually sightly bigger. Chapter 88 confirms that the ocean covers 70% of the planet’s surface, like in our real world, but… here’s something else.

Actual frame of Paradis Island from the atmosphere:

Madagascar from space:

You would think that the Walls, or at least the outline, would be visible on the Island from that far away.. but they’re not. I am still trying to figure out how long it actually took the SCs to get from Wall Maria to the Ocean, but I’m saving this talk for a future meta video.

Also, although the manga never gives the exact distance and size of the Walls territory, the anime gives the distance between each wall. With that, you can add it up to a radius and think of the outline of Wall Maria as a perfect circle. If you do, the total territory inside the Walls is BIGGER THAN THE SIZE OF MADAGASCAR IN REAL LIFE.

Also, Paradi itself, from a distance, looks to be of massive size considering how many plain fields there are inside the Walls… but the utter scale of it makes it too hard to notice. Knowing Isayama and well.. thinking logically, I’m guessing the Walls would be here:

And if I’m right, that little spot over there is the entirety of the Walls which is bigger than real-life Madagascar. If I’m right, then this Earth is dozens of times larger than the earth in Real Life, despite having the same (upside-down-mirrored) layout of continents. Also, that’s quite the height. It would explain why the climate inside the Walls doesn’t go very high, even in Summer days.

All of this is subject to change of course, and it may just be Isayama’s art style, but think of it like this: How far and how long did the SCs have to travel to reach the ocean? And then: What about the Eldians turned into Titans? How long would THEY need to reach the Walls? Gross made a joke when he threw Grice down and told him to head North. “If you’re lucky, you may reach the Walls”. But Kruger says that it’s impossible without being a Titan, meaning you’ll probably starve to death before you get there. Titans were able to take their time for the past 100 years, and the Eldia Restorationists plus Dina managed to reach Wall Maria in 18 years or less. Grisha, as a Titan, may have sprinted his way towards it before reaching Shiganshina and being found by Shadis… it definitely looked like he went a long way.

Then there’s the question of the Warriors. If all I’m saying is in fact correct, then I highly doubt they traveled the whole distance by foot from the coastline. My guess would be helicopters, as the first one dates back to 1939, and we know Marley already has planes and advanced military technology for their time, so… that would be my guess.

Again, if I’m right, this Earth may be even bigger than Jupiter.. which is just absolute madness, but we know that’s nothing compared to what Isayama has done so far. I’m looking forward to more surprises :D

The Beholder is the best idea Gary Gygax ever had and nobody can be assed to say why. I’ve seen people agonize over the Beholder, trying to improve on the overall model, and it’s never worked for me. Thing is, you can’t deliberately improve a monster until you have a working theory for why it worked in the first place, and I couldn’t have told you what makes Beholders good until like a couple of days ago.

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Oh man more awesome meta I love this aaah.

Consider Genos’ background, how he was unable to save his family when the mad cyborg attacked, and then tried to destroy the meteor - and failed - how hopeless/ineffective he must have felt at that moment. And then Saitama-sensei sweeps in and saves him and everyone else. This kid lost everything and everyone and he’s about to do it again, but as you say, this time he’s saved. And Saitama makes a point of telling Bang to take care of Genos before he goes for the meteor to make sure he’ll be safe..!

Literally attacking with his heart - definitely no chance to misunderstand there what this all represents…

…and taking all you wrote into consideration, it makes the scene of him declaring how Saitama is the most incredible person he’s met and how he’ll follow him even more powerful ;-;

:’)))) Yes, utterly (heart) drained at the moment he knew he failed to affect the outcome and protect who he cares about (again!), he doesn’t even consider his own safety anymore – ordering Bang to escape as one last futile effort while sitting there accepting the inevitable. But RIGHT then at his lowest moment, Saitama sweeps in to save him. And gosh it’s glorious (shoujo circles and all) to see the astonished recognition on his face and feel his hope do a 180. :’D

Just look at this panel of him after Saitama succeeds, his body language says it all:

As for the anime’s placement of Genos’ declaration after this (during the sunset scene and all), I’d say they made a creative decision for the better. :’3 

@jamjizzle921 reblogged your post and added:

May I insert my five cent :3 ? Chronologically speaking from the Bang OVA stand point, can I also bring up even after witnessing what saitama did to the meteor, Genos is still frighten out of his daylights when the egg ran out into traffic to defend the plastic bag kitty from getting hurt by that irresponsible truck driver? Just days ago Genos saw the man launch himself at a hot incoming rock (that was probably a fraction of the size of the moon) that would have caused sure fire catastrophic damage, as well as other adverse affects to the rest of the environment. He WITNESSED this man blow a fiery boulder into smithereens, and even that’s not enough to stop his core from jumping in his throat when he thought that something as trivial as a domestic traffic dispute was gonna pose some harm to his sensei. You could practically feel the panic run up and down Genos’ circuits, and I bet even he couldn’t register the split second it took for him to get to where saitama was to heave what may as well have been a hamper full of feathers off of him. And Saitama wasn’t even fazed by it! It’s like Genos can’t believe his own eyes each time. He’s been with Saitama through some of the worst incidences in his heroic career, (and has had to have saitama come and assist him on many of those occasions) and even still, when it comes to the egg’s well being, his mind impulsivley zeros on the one person that matters most, like a lioness ready to go tooth and nail against any predator to protect the young even if there was hardly any threat to begin with. Just kill me D;

 Yes please, this ridiculous scene RIGHT HERE!? 8D

You are correct, this ova happens directly after the meteor, and YET even after witnessing Saitama achieve the miraculous, Genos still can’t help feeling that instinctual urge to protect who he cares about when they’re ~in danger~

I swear, compiling a list of all the moments Genos displays irrational concern for Saitama’s safety and wellbeing would be a whole separate post altogether. XD He just loves him cares so much, omg. And not just for Saitama’s physical wellbeing, but mentally too! Heck, even in that same meteor episode, the anime had Genos RUN to Saitama’s (unneeded) aid to save him from the scorn of the public. :P Just…Genos pls.  

I was talking with Raya some more about it, and it’s like because of his background, Genos has a deep-set, built in fear of losing those he cares about (after losing everyone in his hometown), so he typically remains distant and aloof (and very rude) towards most new people he meets. His ability to trust and get close to people again is extremely limited, but when it does happen, his attachment is INTENSE. It explains a lot – his incessant clinginess and almost separation anxiety with Saitama (especially in the latest webcomic developments where he insists to live with Saitama no matter what). However, Saitama is that ONE person who can’t be ‘lost’ that way; he can’t be harmed or killed in any feasible way. And yet Genos still tries however he can to protect him (even if all Genos can do is assist Saitama’s daily happiness). :’3 Saitama really is that chill, grounded, immovable object to match Genos’ unstoppable passionate force.    

Happy Birthday Sanji~!

Today it’s Sanji’s birthday!

Exactly one year ago I was in Tokyo and visited the Mugiwara Store and enjoying the Day of Sanji in the Year of Sanji.

Now, I’ve been extremely busy for the last six months and I haven’t been able to write even half of the posts I come up with in my head. But today is Sanji’s birthday and he’s my favorite anime character of all time. So, I am going to talk about my love for Sanji, and all (some of) the reasons to why he’s my favorite.

Under the cut you’ll find a lot of love and me being biased! Now on to my list of reasons to love Sanji.

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So I’m making my own Tabletop RPG

I need some opinions.

This system is heavily influenced by Dungeons and Dragons, specifically versions 3.5 and 5. But I’m re-visiting everything, clearing up how everything is defined in order to inform design decisions. At the moment, I’m starting to look at classes, and how each class is defined.

Clerics get their divine power from their deity. They ask their deity for power, and it is granted to them. More powerful clerics are able to implore for more power from their deity because they have a stronger connection with them, and their deity finds them more favorable. So, what if instead of wisdom, clerics cast out of their charisma - the asking for things and getting people to favor you stat?


Sorcerers cast spells based on natural talent. They have no need to study spellbooks or implore any outside force for aid, they are able to conjure arcane power through pure force of will. So, what if instead of charisma, sorcerers cast out of their wisdom - the stat that determines your force of will?

Does that make sense? Is there a better reason to keep it the way it originally was? What do you think?