meta boots

  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she means: what happened to BLU team? Throughout TF comics 1-5 only RED team is featured, with the exception of BLU Engineer in Blood In the Water. However RED Scout references the events of A Sissmass Story, even though they very clearly happened to BLU Scout. Alos in A Sissmass Story, it is revealed that BLU Soldier is also Merasmus's roomate, where as previously it was established that his roomate was RED Soldier. In both WAR! and A Fate Worse Than Chess there are two very distinct teams, however the same class from both teams never appear in a comic together. Seperating the "Meet the..." videos canon from the comic's canon, is it possible that these are not 18 different mercenaries, but the same 9 mercenaries wearing different shirts? If RED Soldier and BLU Soldier are the same person is Boots n Bombs well and truly sunk b/c i was kinda counting on Zahnna getting with one and Demo getting with the other in order to keep all my ships afloat