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Giménez, born 1943 in Mendoza, is clearly one of my favourite artists. He is mostly known for his “Meta Baron” - Comics and the participation in the movie “Heavy Metal”

Giménez, geboren 1943 in Mendoza, gehört ganz klar zu meinen Favoritengrafikern. Bekannt ist er vor allen Dingen für seine “Meta Baron” - Comics und die Mitarbeit am Film “Heavy Metal”.

on zemo

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there are two things i love the most in stories. the first is an ambiguous villain who has legit motivations for doing what they do. the second is a plot twist i didn’t see coming. since civil war succeeds on both counts with zemo, i think he deserves some appreciation as a character rendered with subtlety and style. 

i haven’t seen much conversation or gifs celebrating what an incredible villain daniel bruhl’s baron zemo was in civil war. so i’m gonna take a moment: 

civil war is, at its heart, a movie about justice and revenge, and who has the right to see these verdicts enforced. morality in media is usually absorbed in short-hand poignant bursts. we accept that tony stark could be motivated in his sokovia accords decision by hearing a story about one mother’s lost good kid. 

we accept that t’challa, lovely righteous new-crowned king of wakanda, is justified in his attempts to take down bucky for his father’s murder – a position he rectifies gloriously and immediately when he realizes he’s after the wrong man. still, when he thought it was bucky, no one would have told him he was incorrect in revenge-mongering (except steve, who will defend bucky in All Things. but even steve is buoyed by his knowledge that bucky is innocent)

enter zemo. there’s no doubt that he’s the villain. and yet.

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There’s something about the combination of four profiles and an impossibly huge ship that really says “epic.”

(Heavy Metal issue #157, July 1995 - Page 49 The Saga of the Meta-Barons: Othon the Great by Jodorowsky and Gimenez)

Rereading Vol. 8, Chap. 071-080, The Dark Horse

I’ve been looking forward to this volume since I started rereading the entire series! Volume 8 contains the first “hard” information on the Night Baron, the mysterious character in Yuusaku’s novels who is built around Kaitou Kid.

Due to the flashback case in which Shinichi finds out about the correspondence between Yuusaku and Toichi, we do know that his father held the thief in high regard. As such, the Night Baron is not his impression of Kaitou Kid, but rather a fictionalised version based on him. The “shadow” side, a Kaitou Kid that would be an asset to the Black Organisation. Of course, this is Aoyama’s reference to Kuroba Toichi’s dealings with his men in black in the Magic Kaitou manga. The Night Baron is the alternate universe Kaitou Kid who joined the BO instead of rejecting them outright.

For Detective Conan, the eponymous virus is more relevant to the plot than this obscure DCMK fan-service reference.

Can we just appreciate the fact that Agasa never explained to us how he knows a professor that is interested in a very dangerous and powerful computer virus that had previously been used to blackmail companies?

I do not believe that Agasa is part of the BO, let alone ano kata, but I do find it odd that Aoyama himself raises suspicions about the professor. There is another fishy comment about Agasa in this volume:

Foreshadowing, anyone?

So, like all hard-core DC fans, I do remember Aoyama’s alleged hint that the boss had either appeared or been mentioned early on. This is only natural, because the longevity of any manga series is not guaranteed. It depends on the readers who vote for their favourites. A series can be dropped very soon after serialization, and it is up to the mangaka to always leave an escape hatch should their series be cancelled.

To me, it feels like Aoyama prepared Agasa as a possible candidate for the boss to make it both, personal and a huge betrayal of trust. I do not believe that Agasa will be the ultimate bad guy anymore - just that, at that time, he had been Aoyama’s choice if he had to end the manga within a couple of chapters. Due to the movies, the merchandise, the anime, DC is like… untouchable. Aoyama has the freedom to do things at his own pace, to some of the readers’ chagrin. And that is why I do believe that the boss is NOT Agasa (anymore).

Concluding this meta, two additional aspects that I noticed in this volume.

Remember when I praised Conan’s development as a detective in Conan’s Norbury? In volume 8, he compromises a crime scene in order to save the poisoned bride’s life. His priorities have shifted already. This is why he excels at all those detective requiem meetings.

Secondly, there is some food for thought when it comes to Rum.

In order to find out what Aoyama means by “something is wrong with Rum’s eyes”, I decided to pay attention to all characters that are shown to be either blind, half-blind or scarred in the face. In this volume, one of the suspects pretends to be blind, and it is accepted by all police officers due to the darkened glasses.

Following that logic, Rum might not have any visible clues in their face. It would be sufficient to wear sunglasses indoors to convince people that there was something wrong with their eyes. Or eye, if Rum wore glasses but reacted to their environment. This way, it might appear like only one eye was “hurt.”

I am going to keep that in mind while rereading the manga in my quest for new insights.

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I just got into the perfect ship that is strodo and the fic, art and meta are keeping me alive. MCU!Mordo making a deal with Dormammu, though :( I can't imagine what Dormammu told him. He probably lied about his deal with Stephen and Mordo broke completely in front of Dormammu and Dormammu realized that he'd found Mordo's weakness cuz Stephen is Mordo's weakness *feels* Where did that scene take place, btw? It looks like Kamar-Taj but that's can't be...CASTLE MORDO? MCU!MORDO IS A BARON? *__*

My Strordo feels and Mordo feels are exploding too~! ;3;

I think the place looks more like Nepal (same kind of decor as in Kamar Taj, but with leaves scattered all over the ground…? Maybe an abandoned place…?), rather than Castle Mordo, but then again, it’s possible they’d have that kind of decor somewhere in it if they like it too, so it could be.
Imho I think that scene is not in the castle, but I totally believe that after that, the castle is where he’d have gone after leaving Kamar Taj, so perhaps that was a stop before going to the castle. (Unless the situation with the grandfather & Karl’s mother was never resolved in the MCU, in case Mordo might not go back home. Hopefully. XD; *wants him away from the temptation of sacrificing them to Dormammu* D: )

Chiwetel was saying “Baron Mordo” in interviews, so I’m clinging so much to the hope that he’ll be a baron in the MCU also. \*-*/

I LOVE so much his comics backstory and how full of dramatic stuff and epic potential it is, so I hope so much that they’ll have something closely based on it in the MCU too. *-*

As for Mordo & Dormammu, I’ve been writing a meta that mentions that, but I keep getting distracted by fanart urges, so it’s not done yet.
*will post when it is* :D

I definitely think that Dormammu will tell him such a horrible load of lies about the bargain with Stephen and try to screw up everything. ;-; *clings to strordo and dies of feels* …the potential for angsty fanfics is enormous…

This is one of the more beautiful pages in this story, mostly because of the luminous effect that he got with basically just three colors - blue, black and white.

The blue luminous stuff in the top panel is the macguffin that the whole first half of the story hinges on - a little big of that liquid is enough to float huge blocks of marble. So, of course, everyone and their brother comes to get a monopoly on it. Which starts a war that the whole saga spins out of.

(Heavy Metal issue #157, July 1995 - Page 116 The Saga of the Meta-Barons: Othon the Great by Jodorowsky and Gimenez)

It’s time for the Meta-Barons! Possibly one of the best franchises that came out of the whole Heavy Metal/Moebius nexus. The change of artist completely changed the tenor and scope of the series, making it heavier and more urgent. Jodorowsky, of course, does his best to offer one of the craziest space operas you’ll ever read.

(Heavy Metal issue #157, July 1995 - Page 33 The Saga of the Meta-Barons: Othon the Great by Jodorowsky and Gimenez)

One of the better gags in the series is the Meta-Baron going to the grocery store for a bottle of milk. Gimenez’s art gives the abrupt change in tone with the same gravity as the more epic scenes, which is what makes it work.

(Heavy Metal issue #157, July 1995 - Page 47 The Saga of the Meta-Barons: Othon the Great by Jodorowsky and Gimenez)