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Does the Blade of Marmora even have healing pods or do they just like,,
flight-or-fight every mission??
Help me out here because I’m starting to have some genuine concerns about my half-galra boy and I’m, scared

me on the ground sobbing uncontrollably: but you don’t understand how good the potential for plance is i just 

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I know it isn't your top turn relationship priority, but what did you think of the abe/mary scenes? part of me was happy that mary's getting the "real" marriage that she wants, but part of me feels like we missed a step in their development, considering he was still asking anna "what about /us/?" back in 3x04(?). objectively, i know that they have time constraints, but what are your opinions? you always have such insightful analyses. thanks!

Thank you, I’m glad you like my analyses, and it’s funny you should ask about this! Let me refer to the notes I was frantically scribbling longhand all through the ep, where I scrawled…


…I adored that line. Just as I adored Mary saving him later in the ep.

You’re right that this relationship isn’t my top priority (if only because literally nothing else comes close to the one that is), and it’s no secret that I’ve had a lot of frustrations over the years with Abe. But I adore Mary, and I’m actually very supportive of their marriage working out. Yes, there were points in season 3 that seemed to be backsliding toward Abe/Anna – which frustrated me at the time – but now, with the benefit of hindsight, I think I understand why that happened. I think that backsliding was ultimately in service of a larger point: that Abe and Mary’s relationship is succeeding for the same reasons that Abe and Anna’s failed.

It doesn’t look like Abe and Mary are suited in the beginning, right? Season 1 pushes that ~star-crossed forbidden romance~ angle hard, and Mary, while not unsympathetic even back then, is cast in the role of the uptight wife who’s an impediment to Abe’s work as well as to his and Anna’s ~love.~ Mary does not share Abe’s political sympathies, as Anna does; she does not share Abe’s history, his childhood, his circle of friends; they’ve been married a couple years or so by that point, yet there’s a sense that Abe and Mary … still don’t really know one another very well. Abe sees Mary as an obstacle, Mary sees Abe as wayward, and the spywork and Anna affair has them at odds…

…until Ensign Baker is shot. And suddenly, both Abe and the audience realize that Mary is (as Abraham himself says) much more than the lovely rose Thomas described. She is, in fact, every bit as cunning and ruthless as Abraham, when she needs to be – which can make her a helluva asset to him, or a helluva impediment, depending on whether their goals at any given moment align.

Fortunately, with each season, their goals have aligned more and more – partly because Abe learns to value Mary more, but largely because Mary slowly comes to accept that she’ll never succeed in stopping Abe, so she might as well help his dumb ass any way she can. Teamwork brings out the best in Abe and Mary’s relationship. I seldom like Abe more than when he’s listening to Mary’s ideas and we see the two of them collaborating and supporting one another. There’s some lovely Abe/Mary content in … 3.01, I think? Where she’s, y’know, stuffing pistols up her petticoats for him to cover up Eastin’s murder (which was her idea), and then they tumble into bed together all playful and sweet. Watching that, I remember thinking: “Thank GOD! Abe has FINALLY realized how well they work together! He’s FINALLY learned to appreciate his wife!”

…And then the Hewlett situation happens. And the long-cooling embers of Abe/Anna flare up for one last, miserable hurrah.

Because at the same time that Abe and Mary have been learning how well suited they are – both cunning, both stubborn, and both increasingly willing to engage in whatever violence or deceit they need to in order to achieve their goals and protect the things they love – Anna has been undergoing a parallel transformation. Hers, however, is a softening. She who started out the series so angry and so confident in the rebel cause has discovered compassion and admiration for someone she never expected, and as a result, she now finds herself drawing lines she can no longer cross. And what we see when Abe comes back from prison – which renders him more bitter and ruthless than ever before – is suddenly, his ruthlessness frightens Anna even as her affection for Hewlett baffles him.

Contrast Anna’s behavior during the Abe–Hewlett conflict with Mary’s. Because Mary and Edmund, they were friends, right? They seemed to respect one another? To get along? In season 2, she calls him a darling man, a good man, and prays for his safety and his soul. She even helps save him the first time from Abe! But once that conflict is in the open…? She loses all sympathy for Hewlett. She refuses to help Anna broker a peace. She knows that Abe intends to betray Hewlett, and her response to Anna is basically: What, you don’t want Abe killing this guy to protect his family? That sounds like a YOU problem, hon. For Anna, trying to protect both men is an absolute crisis. For Mary, it’s no dilemma whatsoever. Abe is her cause.

In terms of priorities, personalities, cunning, aggressiveness toward obstacles, stubbornness in pursuit of sometimes selfish goals, and willingness to cross moral lines for the sake of what they hold dear, Abe and Mary understand one another in a way that Abe and Anna simply cannot anymore. The reason we get that backsliding in early season 3, though, is that Abe has not yet fully realized or accepted this yet. I think he’s extremely jealous of Anna’s affections, and I think he’s absolutely furious with her for protecting Hewlett because he simply cannot for the life of him understand why the HELL she is doing this. For him and Mary, pragmatism demands that Hewlett be dealt with, and that’s as simple as that. The abstract moral dilemma Anna is grappling with simply does not exist.

In short: the reason Abe’s feelings for Anna flare up again in early season 3 is so that they can be definitively doused. A last violent, ugly show of resistance to change before Abe can accept that it’s time to move on.

Fortunately, we’ve seen no further backsliding in season 4. Abe and Anna have healed their friendship, but Mary is Abe’s partner in life and love, and I think he knows it. God knows Mary deserves better than anyone can give her, and I have to agree that we haven’t seen as much obvious devotion or development of feelings on Abe’s side of the equation as we have on Mary’s. I think it’s clear he respects and cares for Mary, but he’s often focused on the cause. However, given that it was only a couple seasons ago that he was telling her he didn’t love her the way she loved him, I think it’s wonderful how much progress the two of them have made. 

The Mission Dazai Abandoned

This is purely a wild guess and everything that is written here is because I reread the manga for the nth time and I noticed several points leading to this meta/theory.

Also please forgive my overanalyzing ass. Im aware that this will have cons.

First of all,one of the most important question: Where was Chuuya during the dark era?

Some answers including: Europe, Out of the country
My answer: NO, he’s not and he’s just around the corner but didnt appear because obviously its about Odasaku and the reason why Dazai betrayed the mafia.Simple,its about that. Some of you might be as confused as me on Chuuya’s dialogue on chapter 11 about suppresing some old fry from the west but now that I think about it he wasnt talking about 4 years ago, he was talking about at that exact moment where Dazai was captured (intentionally) by Kyouka.
(I want to discuss this but it’ll be another topic so feel free to message me if you find it confusing)

Akutagawa once stated that Dazai suddenly abandoned a mission on the day he left. My guess? its a Soukoku related mission and that is when he first encounter Fyodor .

Things to consider:
-He bombed Chuuya’s car on that day
-At the same time abandoned a mission
Conclusion: He was able to bomb the car because they were together that time.

Now,why did he rekt the car (and why the car…why)
-so chuuya wont be able to follow him (which I said in most of my posts,he could’ve shit on his wine collections,hats but he chose the car of all things)
-so that chuuya cannot continue the mission
But why again?
-Obviously he left and betrayed the mafia
-He doesnt want to continue the mission and most likely Dazai is preventing to fight Fyodor head on because:

1.) Dazai can tell they cannot beat him or facing Fyodor is too dangerous for both him and Chuuya hence making him to arrange a shin soukoku years before everything that is happening in the manga( like training Akutagawa and all) . Dazai is smart that he can almost see the future and can read his enemy’s mind especially if he think that they are almost the same just like Fyodor.

2.) If the theory of Fyodor (or someone in the rats) can use memory wipe and manipulation just like what happened to Hawthorne, then boy, Fyodor encountering Chuuya equates to absolute disaster and no I dont need to put a ‘why’ here because one word: corruption, and Dazai is preventing it from happening leaving him no other choice but to abandon the mission and forcing Chuuya to retreat as well,reason why he bombed the car in the first(or second) place. Also notice how Dazai chose two combat ability users such as Atsushi and Akutagawa to succeed them when the original soukoku already have Chuuya and I can say he is enough if beating opponents thru physical fight is the deal. It is because of the danger of corruption against Chuuya himself and Dazai knows it or moreso he’s preventing him from dying because of corruption which is one of his biggest role in Chuuya’s life since he’s the only one who can stop it.

But why did he left Chuuya if he’s protecting him from Fyodor

-Personal matters, i.e Odasaku’s last words
-He has no other choice,other reasons,wanted to live a new life
-not entirely, since Fyodor doesnt know at that point about Chuuya’s ability
-He’s searching for someone like Atsushi (and the chances of finding a kindhearted guy is slim if he stayed in the mafia)
-He hates Mori, nuff said

Of course this is all about my thoughts so dont take it seriously

the whole “don’t treat real people as characters” discourse has taken an erroneous stance. it is now seen as immoral to write fics about real people bc it is an invasion of privacy and just plain wrong.

yet people of that stance fail to realize that real people have been fictionalized for centuries. authors have made real people into characters of their likings for centuries.

we have the play “the tragedy of julius ceaser” by william shakespeare, the novel “in the time of the butterflies” by julia alvarez, and even the film “southside with you” directed by richard tranne (which is basically a fictitious film about the first date of president obama and first lady michelle obama), etc.

all of these works have characters who were/are real living people. sure, all of them are historical figures, but the point still stands. every single work has fictional elements that are centered around real people. all of the works are readily accepted.

yet, when it comes to fanfiction about celebrities (of age of course), it is widely shunned. the mere act of writing fanfics about your favorite celebrities being together with each other or with the reader is heavily frowned upon, so much so that fanfic writers and readers receive backlash and anon hate.

writing fanfic is no different than writing published novels and plays or producing films based upon real people. all of the works present real people in stories where fictional elements dominate, (such as setting, plot, personality, etc)

writing fanfiction about real people is not an invasion of privacy when it is clear that the writing is purely based on fictional elements about a real person. a boundary is acknowledged, respected and maintained, procured by common sense.

however, when the author or reader crosses that boundary, when the author or reader begins to stalk the real living celebrities to have the most accurate portrayal in their fic or in their imagination, when the author or reader thrust these invasive works into the faces of the celebrities who were written of, then that’s whom everyone should shame, that’s the immoral part of writing and reading fics about real people which no one should do

basically, the stance should be “write and read fics about real people if you wish, but do not invade their privacy when doing so”


J/A moments I noticed in the S6 premiere (namely 601), 3/3 

“Only the bandit knows….” 

Abed appears at the very beginning of this JA gifset for a very important reason - he knows. It was completely intentional that they had him run to go get Jeff, given - as I explained here -  that Abed (and possibly Annie) saw Jeff’s face and who he was looking at in Basic Sandwich. 

Beyond that, this entire moment is so JA and so shippy (the heart eyes! the worry!) and I love the little touch with Jeff keeping his hand above Annie on the stretcher protectively. I also love how telling it is how Jeff is relaxed before Abed bursts in but when he sees him, he forgets everything, pushed past him, and beat the fastest runner in school to get to Annie first. 

Also, Jeff’s voice! Jeff’s face - this is where I see the layers of S5 Jeff coming through, the Jeff who knows that he loves Annie - bleeding through. 

Also, Abed only staring at Jeff is so important (remember the invoices and Diane and the matchmaking??? The Diane emails??) because he looks worried for Annie but also not that surprised over Jeff’s own concern - 

because, like I said, he knows (because only the bandit knows) and it’ll be intriguing to see if he asks Diane to help him out with knowledge or how he needs to push Jeff and Annie together in S6 because he’s the bandit. 

He’s always known. He’s known since S1, at least, about their chemistry, but he was there during the “blast of human passion” discussion in Sandwich, so it’s gonna be fascinating to see where all this deliberateness goes. 

ok but there’s something which humans view as so inherently safe and gentle about sleep.   even as it has been said  “sleep is a little death”,     &   even with the horror that is cesare’s condition ,    his sleep is still seen as something which inhibits him.   perhaps it is a comfort ,   when he sleeps.   for while he sleeps ,   violence seems out of his capacity.     in a way ,    he is seen as harmless ,   unfortunate ,    othered by the world while consistently being UNDERESTIMATED by it.   the fear of the somnambulist comes in the strange space he inhabits ,  hanging somewhere between life and death.   he is underestimated as a threat ,   and this is what makes him the greatest threat of them all.    a being who has slept for his 23 years ,   his violence is near  -  supernatural in quality.   he rises from his little death ,    the sleep that hangs over him  -   but does not leave him ,    not ever   ,      &    reaps for his master with a malice which is gifted.    when he strikes ,   it is without thought or mercy ,   he is transformed into a completely different being than the sleeping prophet of the carnival.   underestimating him is a grave mistake  ,     as is deeming SLEEP to be a safety.    

ShowDaenerys vs BookDaenerys

I sometimes see people saying that the character of Daenerys Targaryen from the novels A Song of Ice and Fire was “whitewashed” for the show Game of Thrones.

I Completly disagree with this.

Yes, the show tends to simplify the moral aspects of characters. Some characters like Tyrion Lannister (especially Tyrion Lannister), Cersei Lannister, Jorah Mormont were definitely White-washed; while Jaime Lannister, Joffrey Baratheon were on the contrary portrayed as worse than they are. And Daenerys Targaryen was portrayed Worse in the Show.

  • Dany’s age

 Well, let’s first go with the least important. In the books, Dany is 13-15 years old, while in the show she is a woman in her twenties. It is much easier to sympathize and accept mistakes from a teenager, than from an already grown woman.

So just by her age, BookDaenerys could be more easily “forgiven” *for whatever crime she is being accused by her haters*.

  • Emilia Clarke’s interpretation

 I love Emilia! She is just a sweetheart, funny and clever and kind. But her voice does *sound* arrogant, even if she is not. She tends to articulate very much every word (probably her acting course ^^), and it gives her that air of superiority (just an air! I know Emilia is not arrogant at all), in real life and in Game of Thrones, that the BookDaenerys just doesn’t have. BookDaenerys most of the time speaks quitly and softly, she often smiles and laughs, something that Emilia Clarke does less and less with every passing Season (maybe D&D are telling her to act this way, I don’t have anything against Emilia).

 I first watched GoT in another language than the original version, and the girl who gave voice to Daenerys had a very sweet, innocent voice with gentle intonations. When I started watching in the original version, I noticed the difference.

  • Viserys

 I like Viserys as a character, and I like his relationship with Daenerys. 

The only thing ShowDaenerys mentions about her brother after his death, is “My brother was ready to make all the khalasar rape me”, and “My brother didn’t know anything about dragons. My brother didn’t know anything about anything.”

 And this is Totally Opposite to the attitude BookDaenerys shows to Viserys.

Viserys had been stupid and vicious, she had come to realize, yet sometimes she missed him all the same. 

 Dany often remembers Viserys, misses him, and always tries to think positivly about him. She understands why he became cruel, and tries to justify his violent abusive behaviour:

I have become the most splendid beggar in the world, but a beggar all the same. She hated it, as her brother must have. All those years of running from city to city one step ahead of the Usurper’s knives, pleading for help from archons and princes and magisters, buying our food with flattery. He must have known how they mocked him. Small wonder he turned so angry and bitter.

When Viserys sold their mother’s crown, the last joy had gone from him.

 She also correct anyone who doesn’t call Viserys King.

“It is not my place to question the words of Prince Viserys.”
“King,” Dany corrected. “He was a king, though he never reigned. Viserys, the Third of His Name.

Hell, she named her dragon after Viserys, something that was never explained on the show.

 And it is thanks to remembering Viserys that Dany learns how to feed her baby dragons:

They would hiss and spit at each bloody morsel of horsemeat, steam rising from their nostrils, yet they would not take the food … until Dany recalled something Viserys had told her when they were children.
“Only dragons and men eat cooked meat”, he had said.

 So this is completly in absolute contradiction to ShowDaenerys “Viserys didn’t know anything about anything.”

  • Jorah Mormont

Daenerys’s haters like to accuse her of “friendzoning” Jorah and “being a total bitch” to him. Well, first Jorah was made much kinder and innocent in the Show. He never tried to kiss Daenerys, never minding that Dany is 15 and he is like 50. 

BookDaenerys feels sorry and guilty that she can’t be in love with Jorah. That’s how Kind and Compassionate Daenerys is.

My great bear, Dany thought. I am his queen, but I will always be his cub as well, and he will always guard me. It made her feel safe, but sad as well. She wished she could love him better than she did.

 And we didn’t get in the show Dany’s explaining her feelings toward Jorah.

“You have been a better friend to me than any I have known,a better brother than Viserys ever was. You are the first of my Queensguard, the commander of my army, my most valued counselor, my good right hand. I honor and respect and cherish you - but I do not desire you, Jorah Mormont, and I am weary of your trying to push every other man in the world away from me, so I must needs rely on you and you alone. It will not serve, and it will not make me love you any better.”

Dany is firm, and explains that she does not wish to be romantically involved with Jorah; but at the same time she is gentle, kind, and tactful.

 As for the banning scene: ShowDaenerys rejects Jorah immidiatly without giving him a chance to apologize. ShowJorah is beggining on his knees, is crying, and the Audience feel heartbroken for him.

BookDaenerys gives Jorah a chance to apologize, a chance that Jorah does not take, and insists that he was right in behaving how he did.

When Ser Barristan was done, she turned to Jorah Mormont. “And now you, ser. Tell me true.”
The big man’s neck was red; whether from anger or shame she did not know. “I have tried to tell you true, half a hundred times. I told you Arstan was more than he seemed. I warned you that Xaro and Pyat Pree were not to be trusted. I warned you - ”
“You warned me against everyone except yourself.” His insolence angered her. He should be humbler. He should beg for my forgiveness. “Trust no one but Jorah Mormont, you said … and all the time you were the Spider’s creature!”
“I am no man’s creature. I took the eunuch’s gold, yes. I learned some ciphers and wrote some letters, but that was all.”

He even didn’t dare to admit he informed Robert of Dany’s pregnancy!

"You told them I was carrying Drogo’s child … ”
“Khaleesi … ”
“Do not think to deny it, ser,” Ser Barristan said sharply. “I was there when the eunuch told the council, and Robert decreed that Her Grace and her child must die. You were the source, ser. There was even talk that you might do the deed, for a pardon.”
“A lie.” Ser Jorah’s face darkened. “I would never.”


“a poisoner tried to kill my son, because of you. That’s what I know.”
“No … no.” He shook his head. “I never meant … forgive me. You have to forgive me.”
“Have to?” It was too late. He should have begun by begging forgiveness. She could not pardon him as she’d intended.

 Finally, when she takes the decision to exile him, she is on the verge of tears

I must not weep. I must not. If I weep I will forgive him.

And when she thinks of him, Dany wishes Jorah Happiness. Despite the betrayal, and his attitude toward her, Dany only wants Jorah to be happy. Look at how she imagines him, with so many positive connotations:

Dany pictured Jorah moving amongst old gnarled oaks and tall pines, past flowering thornbushes, grey stones bearded with moss, and little creeks running icy down steep hillsides. She saw him entering a hall built of huge logs, where dogs slept by the hearth and the smell of meat and mead hung thick in the smoky air.

 And she remembers him often too, thining of ways that could have made their relation truer.

“I am going to take you home one day, Missandei,” Dany promised. If I had made the same promise to Jorah, would he still have sold me?

  • Yunkai Masters

 I was horrified that ShowDaenerys gave order to Daario (after their sex scene) to go to Yunkai and kill the Masters there. 

 BookDaenerys Never ordered anything of the sort! All her Dance with Dragons plot was to seek peace with Meereenese Masters, and avoid confrontation and war with those of Yunkai. 

It was Daario who proposed to slaughter Masters of Meereen, in the famous Red Wedding fashion, and Daenerys was horrified by his cruety:

“Then winkle them out of their pyramids on some pretext. A wedding might serve. Why not? Promise your hand to Hizdahr and all the Great Masters will come to see you married. When they gather in the Temple of the Graces, turn us loose upon them.”
Dany was appalled. He is a monster. A gallant monster, but a monster still. “Do you take me for the Butcher King?”

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Sherlock (TV series) - The Other 1058 theory

1058 = A_EH

If 1058 was a number-to-letters cipher it could be:  A_EH

Possibly only 58 is meant to be deciphered, so that we would obtain a One (like in Other One) and a EH, to stand for the initials of another Holmes.

Possibly A stands for Adler and she reminds Sherlock of his sister.

5894 = EHID
I already had a similar theory for a possible cipher which could have appeared in THOB during the authorization request of Mycroft’s keycard.

If 5894 is a cipher it could be: EHID

The word ID is repeated more than once near the authorization:

JOHN: You’ve got ID for Baskerville. How? 

LYONS: Your ID showed up straight away, Mr Holmes. 

LYONS: ID unauthorised, sir. 

So EHID might be EH ID, with EH being the initials for a Holmes, obviously not in-universe, but as a cipher intended for the viewers.

There is also a possible 1 = A just before the 5894.

1895 = AHIE
I was thinking how it would actually be better if there was a “I” instead of a space in 1058= A_EH, which would make it a 1958= AIEH, so containing Irene Adler’s initials.

Those are the same digits of 1895. which is another code Sherlock enters in the camera phone.

This last is probably a coincidence as 1895 almost certainly derives from Vincent Starrett’s poem 221b:

Here, though the world explode, these two survive,
And it is always eighteen ninety-five.


Someone has probably already done it but I decoded the message from TFP and it says


which is an obvious reference to “The Adventure of the Dancing Men”
I researched it (on wikipedia like a professional) and found this:

The little dancing figures are a main part of the mystery, which seem to be driving Mr. Hilton Cubitt’s young wife Elsie Patrick to distraction. He married her about 1 year ago, and until recently, everything was well. She is American, and before the wedding, she asked her husband-to-be to promise her never to ask about her past, as she had had some “very disagreeable associations” in her life, although she said that there was nothing that she was personally ashamed of. Mr. Cubitt swore the promise and, being an honourable English gentleman, insists on living by it.

The story follows with Elsie getting disturbing coded letters but she never told her husband what was going on. These messages were written by Slaney, who was Elsie’s former fiancé from Chicago. She had originally fled his clutches because he was a dangerous criminal. Slaney came to England to woo her back. Elsie’s husband was killed by Slaney and Elsie shot herself but recovered from her injuries.

I’m not sure what they want to tell us but it has something to do with Mary and her death, maybe foreshadowing what actually happend in The Six Thatchers