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Someone has probably already done it but I decoded the message from TFP and it says


which is an obvious reference to “The Adventure of the Dancing Men”
I researched it (on wikipedia like a professional) and found this:

The little dancing figures are a main part of the mystery, which seem to be driving Mr. Hilton Cubitt’s young wife Elsie Patrick to distraction. He married her about 1 year ago, and until recently, everything was well. She is American, and before the wedding, she asked her husband-to-be to promise her never to ask about her past, as she had had some “very disagreeable associations” in her life, although she said that there was nothing that she was personally ashamed of. Mr. Cubitt swore the promise and, being an honourable English gentleman, insists on living by it.

The story follows with Elsie getting disturbing coded letters but she never told her husband what was going on. These messages were written by Slaney, who was Elsie’s former fiancé from Chicago. She had originally fled his clutches because he was a dangerous criminal. Slaney came to England to woo her back. Elsie’s husband was killed by Slaney and Elsie shot herself but recovered from her injuries.

I’m not sure what they want to tell us but it has something to do with Mary and her death, maybe foreshadowing what actually happend in The Six Thatchers

the-real-soji-abe  asked:

You should do what mister metokur did and reveal the url of these people because if you didn't they'd probably not believe it as much. Just a tip :o

Most of the time, I don’t actually know the URL myself… I get basically everything directly from r/tumblrinaction. Regardless, I don’t mind since I’d rather avoid being a source of anon hate for people anyway.

Quando acaba o ano novo...

Quando o ano novo termina, o quê você faz? 

Põe em prática suas metas?

Faz algo diferente?

Se desafia a fazer algo novo?

Tenta esquecer alguém que te magoou?

Deixa para trás suas frustrações?

Se a resposta for “SIM” para todas as perguntas, então você é como eu: Uma jovem -como tantas outras- tentando ser positiva com esse novo ano, porque o que passou….NOSSA!!!!!! (com muitas exclamações mesmo)….foi um verdadeiro desastre! 

Que esse seja o ano da minha vida!