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The Mission Dazai Abandoned

This is purely a wild guess and everything that is written here is because I reread the manga for the nth time and I noticed several points leading to this meta/theory.

Also please forgive my overanalyzing ass. Im aware that this will have cons.

First of all,one of the most important question: Where was Chuuya during the dark era?

Some answers including: Europe, Out of the country
My answer: NO, he’s not and he’s just around the corner but didnt appear because obviously its about Odasaku and the reason why Dazai betrayed the mafia.Simple,its about that. Some of you might be as confused as me on Chuuya’s dialogue on chapter 11 about suppresing some old fry from the west but now that I think about it he wasnt talking about 4 years ago, he was talking about at that exact moment where Dazai was captured (intentionally) by Kyouka.
(I want to discuss this but it’ll be another topic so feel free to message me if you find it confusing)

Akutagawa once stated that Dazai suddenly abandoned a mission on the day he left. My guess? its a Soukoku related mission and that is when he first encounter Fyodor .

Things to consider:
-He bombed Chuuya’s car on that day
-At the same time abandoned a mission
Conclusion: He was able to bomb the car because they were together that time.

Now,why did he rekt the car (and why the car…why)
-so chuuya wont be able to follow him (which I said in most of my posts,he could’ve shit on his wine collections,hats but he chose the car of all things)
-so that chuuya cannot continue the mission
But why again?
-Obviously he left and betrayed the mafia
-He doesnt want to continue the mission and most likely Dazai is preventing to fight Fyodor head on because:

1.) Dazai can tell they cannot beat him or facing Fyodor is too dangerous for both him and Chuuya hence making him to arrange a shin soukoku years before everything that is happening in the manga( like training Akutagawa and all) . Dazai is smart that he can almost see the future and can read his enemy’s mind especially if he think that they are almost the same just like Fyodor.

2.) If the theory of Fyodor (or someone in the rats) can use memory wipe and manipulation just like what happened to Hawthorne, then boy, Fyodor encountering Chuuya equates to absolute disaster and no I dont need to put a ‘why’ here because one word: corruption, and Dazai is preventing it from happening leaving him no other choice but to abandon the mission and forcing Chuuya to retreat as well,reason why he bombed the car in the first(or second) place. Also notice how Dazai chose two combat ability users such as Atsushi and Akutagawa to succeed them when the original soukoku already have Chuuya and I can say he is enough if beating opponents thru physical fight is the deal. It is because of the danger of corruption against Chuuya himself and Dazai knows it or moreso he’s preventing him from dying because of corruption which is one of his biggest role in Chuuya’s life since he’s the only one who can stop it.

But why did he left Chuuya if he’s protecting him from Fyodor

-Personal matters, i.e Odasaku’s last words
-He has no other choice,other reasons,wanted to live a new life
-not entirely, since Fyodor doesnt know at that point about Chuuya’s ability
-He’s searching for someone like Atsushi (and the chances of finding a kindhearted guy is slim if he stayed in the mafia)
-He hates Mori, nuff said

Of course this is all about my thoughts so dont take it seriously


Andrew Dabb is Abed

About that crazy theory the mystery Man Could be Andrew Dabb himself. 
I can´t avoid to think about this episode of Community and how Dabb process could look like.😂😂😂😂


J/A moments I noticed in the S6 premiere (namely 601), 3/3 

“Only the bandit knows….” 

Abed appears at the very beginning of this JA gifset for a very important reason - he knows. It was completely intentional that they had him run to go get Jeff, given - as I explained here -  that Abed (and possibly Annie) saw Jeff’s face and who he was looking at in Basic Sandwich. 

Beyond that, this entire moment is so JA and so shippy (the heart eyes! the worry!) and I love the little touch with Jeff keeping his hand above Annie on the stretcher protectively. I also love how telling it is how Jeff is relaxed before Abed bursts in but when he sees him, he forgets everything, pushed past him, and beat the fastest runner in school to get to Annie first. 

Also, Jeff’s voice! Jeff’s face - this is where I see the layers of S5 Jeff coming through, the Jeff who knows that he loves Annie - bleeding through. 

Also, Abed only staring at Jeff is so important (remember the invoices and Diane and the matchmaking??? The Diane emails??) because he looks worried for Annie but also not that surprised over Jeff’s own concern - 

because, like I said, he knows (because only the bandit knows) and it’ll be intriguing to see if he asks Diane to help him out with knowledge or how he needs to push Jeff and Annie together in S6 because he’s the bandit. 

He’s always known. He’s known since S1, at least, about their chemistry, but he was there during the “blast of human passion” discussion in Sandwich, so it’s gonna be fascinating to see where all this deliberateness goes. 

Sherlock (TV series) - The Other 1058 theory

1058 = A_EH

If 1058 was a number-to-letters cipher it could be:  A_EH

Possibly only 58 is meant to be deciphered, so that we would obtain a One (like in Other One) and a EH, to stand for the initials of another Holmes.

Possibly A stands for Adler and she reminds Sherlock of his sister.

5894 = EHID
I already had a similar theory for a possible cipher which could have appeared in THOB during the authorization request of Mycroft’s keycard.

If 5894 is a cipher it could be: EHID

The word ID is repeated more than once near the authorization:

JOHN: You’ve got ID for Baskerville. How? 

LYONS: Your ID showed up straight away, Mr Holmes. 

LYONS: ID unauthorised, sir. 

So EHID might be EH ID, with EH being the initials for a Holmes, obviously not in-universe, but as a cipher intended for the viewers.

There is also a possible 1 = A just before the 5894.

1895 = AHIE
I was thinking how it would actually be better if there was a “I” instead of a space in 1058= A_EH, which would make it a 1958= AIEH, so containing Irene Adler’s initials.

Those are the same digits of 1895. which is another code Sherlock enters in the camera phone.

This last is probably a coincidence as 1895 almost certainly derives from Vincent Starrett’s poem 221b:

Here, though the world explode, these two survive,
And it is always eighteen ninety-five.


Someone has probably already done it but I decoded the message from TFP and it says


which is an obvious reference to “The Adventure of the Dancing Men”
I researched it (on wikipedia like a professional) and found this:

The little dancing figures are a main part of the mystery, which seem to be driving Mr. Hilton Cubitt’s young wife Elsie Patrick to distraction. He married her about 1 year ago, and until recently, everything was well. She is American, and before the wedding, she asked her husband-to-be to promise her never to ask about her past, as she had had some “very disagreeable associations” in her life, although she said that there was nothing that she was personally ashamed of. Mr. Cubitt swore the promise and, being an honourable English gentleman, insists on living by it.

The story follows with Elsie getting disturbing coded letters but she never told her husband what was going on. These messages were written by Slaney, who was Elsie’s former fiancé from Chicago. She had originally fled his clutches because he was a dangerous criminal. Slaney came to England to woo her back. Elsie’s husband was killed by Slaney and Elsie shot herself but recovered from her injuries.

I’m not sure what they want to tell us but it has something to do with Mary and her death, maybe foreshadowing what actually happend in The Six Thatchers

It’s about Netflix. As with many other shows these days, everyone involved credits online streaming of past seasons for increasing current viewership. “We’ve had a real jump in teenagers who are watching the show,” Mr. Singer said. “They were 5 or 6 when it started, and they didn’t know the show from Adam. The fact that they can go back and see it from the beginning and get themselves invested to watch it now is a big thing.“
—  Hale, M. (2014, April 20). Eternal Life, Thanks to Angels and Abs: Secrets to the Long Life of ‘Supernatural.’ The New York Times, pp. AR19.