One of the things I really liked about Wonder Woman (aside from the everything) was how they depicted war.

Like especially when you compare it to Captain America: the First Avenger. Now this film is still one of my favs in the MCU but upon rewatches something that sticks out is how…..nicely they depict the war. I mean first off its barely shown and when it is its only these spectacle pieces. Then comes how the soldiers act, aside from when Steve tries to do his skit for them there doesn’t seem to be a lack for moral at all. Like everyone is super gunhoe at all times. The only soldier that appears just done is Bucky and Steve only feels bad when he thinks Bucky died. What I’m getting at is its a very G rated version of war. And i get it you want to have broad appeal you don’t really want to show the gritty side just kinda imply it.

Except Wonder Woman doesn’t. 

Aside from showing actual blood Wonder Woman does EVERYTHING it can to show you how devastating war is and how it wears people down. The front lines are dirty grimy and cramped on both sides, there are visual casualties of war. Not only that but one of Diana’s allies has legit PTSD and night terrors and none of his comrades give him shit about it cause they know how bad this all is. And several times several different characters state how much they do not want to be there how they’d want to do anything else.

Then there is a scene when Diana asks Steve what they will do after the war ends. And he’s silent for a moment before saying he’s not sure. As i was discussing the movie with a friend she made not that at his age this war took up a large chunk of his life and he may not actually be sure what he’ll do after because he can’t really remember what was before it. 

And they do all this while still keeping hope while still showing there is good and there are moments in-between worth remembering. I dunno i just had to gush. 

Why Dany is not a villain

A hero is a villain to someone

I’ve been thinking a lot about the arguments that people use to support villain Dany theories and thinking why this argument always got under my skin and it suddenly struck me. Yes, this line stands true. We know in part, roles such as villains and heroes aren’t ubiquitous in some ways. Tyrion is considered a villain by the smallfolk and the Starks and while we know that he is no villain, most other people do not. The people within the text may not truly know who is the hero of the tale and who is not but the audience certainly will. We have a greater perspective than all the characters put together and therefore we know completely and absolutely who are the heroes. It’s very clear from the text who are the heroes. We know the Starks are heroes. We know that Tyrion if not one already will be a hero just as we know that Cersei, despite her history is not. Why, therefore, do we play obtuse when dealing with Dany’s character?

More so, does being a villain to a group of people therefore then make you a villain? You could easily argue that Sansa is a villain from this basis since she’s believed to have murdered Joffrey. She’s certainly a villain to Cersei at the very least but does this basis, therefore, transform her into a villain? No, we know that to be wrong because we know Sansa to be both kind and good. This is similar to Dany who we know to have a strong love for both justice and humanity, to the point that she pushed back her plans for a Westeros conquest in order to end the slavery within the different areas of Slavers Bay. Yes, Dany may be considered a villain to a wide range of people but considering that these people happily use slavery, are depicted as sexist, greedy and so on, should we even begin to consider this idea that Dany is somehow a villain for this.

Even more importantly and separate from this point, how does Dany becoming a villain even fit or belong to the narrative. What point does GRRM make with doing that to her? I know many people cite the fact that it offers shock value and that the series does not rely on tropes and therefore, makes sense. But, all the shocking moments we have seen were done for a reason. The Red Wedding and Ned’s death weren’t just depicted for shock value but to allow Arya and Bran and Jon and Sansa to take center stage and to lead the change that their predecessors had been so focused on achieving. Ned’s death itself is beyond tropey, we’ve seen it in Harry Potter and Kingsman and other huge series and narratives. The death of a mentor or parent is a massive aspect of many stories. Dany turning into a villain makes no narrative sense. What important message does it give if Dany is turned into a villain? 

So much of his series is based on human perseverance and hope and doing good despite how difficult it is. Being good is hard. Having power and not falling into the same pit as Cersei and other villains we have seen, not allowing that power to corrupt is even more difficult.It is some of these themes that are so central to Dany’s character. What purpose would it, therefore, serve to make Dany a villain?

In addition, all the villains we have seen have been very flat and clearly evil, even Cersei is very clearly a villain. GRRM does not do gray with his major villains. We don’t even have the POV of most of the antagonists and yet we have been with Dany from the beginning. We’ve seen her character grow from a scared little girl to the Mother of Dragons and queen. Seen her grapple with morality and her idea of home and her identity. Seen her, very overtly separate herself from the Valyrians, her ancestors, use of slavery and continuously rejects Viserys way of ruling and dealing. Let’s not even begin to discuss how Dany is likely the figure within these prophecies and how she did the impossible and brought dragons back (which if you’re wondering is a very heroesque type of thing to do) or how the narrative continuously frames her as a hero.

If you still don’t believe me on this then how about on a practical level? The story is drawing closer to the battle against the Others in which it has been shown that Dany will play a part.

That night she dreamt that she was Rhaegar, riding to the Trident. But she was mounted on a dragon, not a horse. When she saw the Usurper’s rebel host across the river they were armored all in ice, but she bathed them in dragonfire and they melted away like dew and turned the Trident into a torrent.

 It was a futile thought. He might as well wish for another thousand men, and maybe a dragon or three.

The story is moving away from the political war and onto the supernatural one in which Dany will establish herself fully as a hero and save the word. 

Now, this isn’t to say that Dany hasn’t done a great many things that are both villainous or wrong or even that she doesn’t walk closer to the edge of darkness in comparison to our other heroes. Dany has and likely will do some more things that will be wrong but this in no way means that she will be a villain or that she should even be considered one

crack theory on episode prompto

Possibly crack and definitely cliche, but I’m seeing a lot of complaints about the beginning and the end of the episode - i.e., where did Prompto get the new clothes at the beginning? How did he go from snowmobiling off to meet his friends at the end, to being chained up in Zegnautus? You could explain the beginning as, Prompto just had cold weather gear on him - the boys do keep several changes of clothes, though why he’d’ve brought cold-weather gear with a tactical harness to his friend’s wedding is a mystery. And the ending as, Ardyn (re-)captured him offscreen after Prompto drove away, once Aranea was safely out of sight. 


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can you name 5 things you dont want to see in s2? shippings aside

most of the things that i don’t want to happen regarding ships are for deeper reasons than just it opposes my ship, so it’s kind of hard for me to exclude shipping from my list. most of my fears for season 2 have to do with romance, so i can’t keep shipping off my list entirely– but i’ll explain into further detail why it’s on my “please, god, don’t” list for season 2 (or any future season). 

  1. B*RCHIE & the BAV love triangle. i will stop watching the show if ether of these things happen. my love for bughead plays into that, but it’s also much much deeper. having romantic b*rchie happen, or resurrecting the triangle from the first two episodes, destroys the bond between the core four. i’ve watched so many shows where i couldn’t invest in the friendships because they were all dating and fucking each other. you cannot convince me that somebody would be okay with their best friend dating somebody that they used to be deeply in love with. for me, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been broken up, it’s just something that you don’t do. and you definitely cannot convince me that two people can still be best friends with no animosity after fighting over the same romantic interest, especially if one of them is/was in a relationship with the person they both have feelings for (ex: peyton and brooke from oth). i’m not interested in seeing the beautiful friendship between veronica and betty be decimated for a love triangle that has already been done a hundred different ways. it had a long life (too long). let. it. die. and i don’t want to see the bond between the core four be strained for a coupling that a) very few people want and b) robs betty of all of the character development she’s experienced since we first met her. she has come so far from her comic counter part who let people walk all over her and pined after archie despite the fact she was clearly second best to him. and how am i possibly supposed to believe that archie is riverdale’s “hero” if he assured veronica that he only views betty as a friend, and then proceeded to sleep with her, only to turn around and be like psych. one of the things that has kept me from disliking archie is the fact that, despite all of his screw ups, he was still a good person. having archie develop feelings for betty after his and veronica’s conversation in ep 13 would turn him into a smarmy fuckboy. i’m not going to watch a show where out of our four main characters: one receded on all the growth she’s experienced to be with a boy that has only treated her like shit (romantically) in the past, and another can’t figure out what he wants, so he dips his hand into every honey pot in riverdale; not realizing how it hurts them and their friendships with each other 
  2. keep paranormal shit away from riverdale. if you want to have your show be paranormal, you have to introduce that right away. you can’t start your show as human monsters and then suddenly shift to actual monsters. it just doesn’t work. a prime example being pretty little liars– out of nowhere they started introducing ghosts and psychics and it left the audience like ???? that’s one of the reasons their pll spin-off, ravenswood, flopped so hard. they were counting on the pll audience to also watch the spin-off show, but a lot of people liked pretty little liars as a show about human monsters. they didn’t want to watch a show that took place in the same universe, but with ghosts and demons and prophecies. if they want to keep doing little dream sequences with zombies and having the kids talk about legends involving witches in the woods as a nod to roberto's afterlife with archie comic, that’s fine, but don’t make it real 
  3. no more incest. it’s upsetting that i even have to type this. please, stop. no more twincest vibes with cheryl and jason, and no more cousins sleeping together and having children. i don’t even want step-sibling type incest, which means no fred/hermione or fp/alice 
  4. i don’t want a bughead break up. this one does have a bit of bias, but it’s more than just my love for them. it’s why i love them. betty and jughead have one of the most refreshing, honest, believable, loving, supportive, healthy relationships i have ever seen on television. i know that some people, for some reason, believe that for a couple to be interesting they have to break up and get back together throughout the show, and i firmly disagree with that. in fact, i find on again-off again relationships to be obnoxious. they’re either breaking up over something stupid that they should be able to work through with conversion and time, or something terrible that makes them getting back together later hard to believe. the more they do that, the less refreshing, honest, believable, loving, supportive, and healthy that pairing becomes. i don’t want that for bughead. i’ve said it before, but i’d like to see them have a relationship like nathan and haley from oth. they got together in the first season and stayed together the entire show (9 seasons). their relationship was not boring. the writers put them through hell, and they stumbled a few times, but they fought through it and always came out stronger. that was amazing to watch because it made their love feel so real and was such a rarity on tv. it still is. the way they wrote season 1, they have a prime set up to make betty and jughead their anchor couple. i want that. i want that so much more than the tired break up, date other people, get back together formula most television writers fall back on. and nobody give me the “it’s not realistic” speech. this is a show where they hid heroin in maple syrup barrels. it also might be rare for teens to get together and stay together, but it is most definitely not impossible or unrealistic. i’m sure that quite a few of my followers have parents that started dating in high school and are still married 
  5. i also don’t want betty to become a south side serpent. i know a lot of people like the idea of her going dark and becoming the “serpent queen,” but i think it kind of romanticizes her mental illness. she’s not dark betty or light betty, she’s both. having her go full dark is just as unhealthy as what she’s doing now. she needs to learn that it’s okay to be both. she needs to find balance, and (i don’t think) joining the serpents is going to help with that. i want her to spend time in the south side, and make friends there, because i think being around people who are unapologetically themselves will help her learn to accept all parts of herself, but i don’t want her to become a serpent. it also tethers betty and jughead too tightly together. they need to be their own independent people within their relationship 

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Hold on, are we even sure that ???% is an entity that's separate from Mob himself? I always thought it was ambiguous at most

That’s the thing, we just don’t know! I am so excited to learn more from these new chapters omg it will be great.

I always kind of assumed that ??? was basically like… a manifestation of Mob’s instincts based on his powers since it never did much outside of protecting Mob. That of course has changed with the latest chapters were ??? not only displayed something akin to conscious thought, but also intention. I don’t think that necessarily means it’s /entirely/ a seperate entity from Mob, but it does mean that it is at least somewhat distinct from him. Is it just Mob? Is it a split from him? Is it a literal manifestation of his powers? Is it an old god possessing him? Who knows.

And there are /so/ many questions. What we know so far is that a) it either can’t or won’t take control from Mob while he’s conscious/not in danger. b) It seems to care somewhat about Mob’s survival AND goals. c) It seems to be learning about the extent it uses power. Like it /didn’t/ leave Teruki a bloody mess like it did to others the first time it turned up. It was a severe overuse of power but all it did do was remove the threat to Mob. It could have killed him, but it didn’t.

So what is it? Does it have it’s own powers or does it use Mob’s? Does it /cause/ Mob’s? Why is Mob special? ??? seems to know about Mob but Mob doesn’t seem to know about ???. Does ??? get upset when it doesn’t achieve what Mob wants? I have questions ONE!!!

Plus there is the anime opening in episode 1, which honestly could just be a visual thing to make the opening interesting and nothing more. But in it we have what looks like ??? in what looks like the spirit realm hitting what looks like 100% murderous intent. Is that Mob or is that where ??? hangs out when it’s not controlling Mob? Like does that even mean something, I don’t know?

*deep breath* So yes, I am very invested in finding out more about ??? :)

Could Haggar be Keith’s mom?


You’re right @fullmetaldude1, there’s some interesting stuff out there talking about how Keith’s mom could have been the previous red paladin, which would explain why Red is so insanely protective of him–she knows who he is–BUT is there a possibility that the previous red paladin was Haggar?

Well let’s recap what we know about the previous paladins. Allura refers to them as having a “dark history,” and in the Space Mall episode, where we see the black lion being built, there is an Altean woman there with face markings like Haggar. I would be willing to bet a lot that Haggar was a paladin, and though there no proof that she was the red paladin, there are some things that suggest it.

1) We see in the show that the black lion struggles to bond with Shiro because its previous paladin is still alive. Which other lion had initial trouble bonding with its paladin, and coincidentally was already with the Galra?

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I think it's interesting how bum's motivation for killing jieun was about that girl from his past, and NOT the whole "this ho fucked my main bitch Sangwoo" thing. Like I thought the reason he'd kill jieun would be because of jealousy, but it was actually because of that girl from his school I guess.

For me, I am absolutely glad that Bum didn’t kill her out of jealousy. It wouldn’t have made any sense and would just fuck his character development sideways. 

Bum is not the type to suddenly lash out and do something extreme like Sangwoo. He suffers first, and then snap. By that, I mean when hurt or abused, Bum kept it down for a pretty long time until he can’t control himself anymore. He tried to poison Sangwoo, but only after days of being held captive and beaten daily - the most extreme situation he’s ever been through. With the girl from his school, he went through several ignored letters and conversation attempts before finally snapping and try to verbally attack the girl (he doesn’t attempt to physically harm her). And from the recent chapters, even with the constant verbal, physical and sexual abuse from the uncle, Bum doesn’t retaliate and instead chose to cut himself as a way of escaping reality.

This brings me to another point: Bum doesn’t become aggressive to get what he wants, he does it as a defense mechanism. That’s where he differs from Sangwoo, who made Bum indirectly kill a guy as an experiment. So yeah, it made a lot of sense that he killed Jieun as an act of retaliation to the emotional abuse that school girl put him through, instead of killing her just to assert his possession of Sangwoo (who he doesn’t even dare to ‘own’ haha).

Sangwoo understands this and that’s why he’s doing the thing he does these days. He wants to teach Bum, first of all, how to effectively retaliate against his abusers (by killing), as Bum has always been too scared to do anything against them. That means teaching Bum to kill for himself, and later on become confident enough to control both his and his victim’s fate, instead of being a passive weakling. 

So while I’m happy that Bum didn’t kill Jieun out of blind jealousy, I think Sangwoo is slowly making him become that kind of person.

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What do you think of Jackie's "future" in 'It's a Wonderl Life'?

This is Eric’s imagination. He only knows Jackie as Kelso’s girlfriend and nothing else. For him, she’s some lame girl that is always being dragged into Kelso’s web no matter what to the point he doesn’t even remember that Jackie had big obvious crush on Hyde that almost made his best friend lose his place at Eric’s house.

Eric is hurt during this dream, he’s depressed and thinking only about himself. I know there’s people that like to take this episode as some sort of canon, that he really was visited by an Angel that showed him the alternate universe in which he didn’t kiss Donna, but for me is obvious that it wasn’t the case.

I will talk a little about Donna, Hyde/Donna (yikes, yikes) and Eric/Donna to make my point clear.

Donna would had never accepted Hyde. Her feelings for Eric weren’t born from that one kiss. She has liked him for a while, just like Eric has liked her since forever. That’s the point of their relationship. But since Eric is hurt, he is blind to the good things of his relationship with her and the fact that, even if they are broken up, Donna loves him. Their problem is that they want different things at the moment.

Had Hyde been waiting for her, then it meant he was there when she came back home AFTER the kiss. So what? Wouldn’t he try to kiss her anyway? Boy, that arc could been resolved way earlier then. We all saw what happened when Hyde FORCED HIMSELF on her. He got slapped, rejected, and told he was an ass.

Just like that, this theory of it being real falls down. 

Donna not kissing wouldn’t had affected Jackie at all. She would had tried her best to bond with Donna because that’s what she wanted since the pilot, to be friends with her. If Donna hadn’t start dating Eric since the beginning, then they would talk about him and what can Donna do, and probably about Hyde since he would had been probably the worst to be around at the moment, thinking he has a chance with poor Donna who simply DOESN’T WANT HIM.

She would had rejected Hyde, Kelso would have cheated on Jackie and she would had run to Hyde, who would take her to prom so she would shut the fuck up (and just because I can, I think Donna would had asked Eric to go with her to prom herself), Jackie would hero worship him later, they would had gone to that date… 

But in that dream, it’s Eric’s world. And everything is about him. He has his relationship with Donna in a pedestal, and he believes they are the perfect couple. When they are not together, then there’s no love in the world and everyone’s lifes are horrible, especially his and Donna’s (also, let’s not talk how Eric actually sees Hyde /: What a bad friend, to be honest).

It’s pretty selfish of him. He doesn’t know Jackie and he only pictures her as the worst and considers her pathetic (and himself superior), that’s why she is pathetic and a mess in his dream.

Ever think about magnitude heroism?

Green Arrow guards Star City, Flash protects Central City, and Supergirl looks after Keystone City, among others.

And then you have Diana, Princess of Themyscira, Daughter of Hippolyta, who left her home with the Amazons to protect humanity and end The War.  Diana is the kind of hero who other heroes look up to.  She sets the bar so high.  Imagine having her on your team!  Imagine knowing that she is out there fighting incomprehensibly difficult battles, just so you can have the opportunity to fight the smaller but equally meaningful battles on the home front. 

I love that she’s such a force of good in the world that even other heroes might be tempted to say they’re not heroic, not compared to her.  We all know they still are.  Their heroism is a different method, but it’s still so important.

Magnitude heroism doesn’t mean only the biggest battles matter; it means every battle matters to someone, whether that someone is entrenched in a war or suffering back home.  It means there is a need for heroes on all fronts.  Proportionality keeps the world spinning.  Someone has to fight for the every day, for the little things. 

Every act of kindness is a step towards a better world, and every failure is a collective set back.  Heroes take it all personally because they value everyone.  Even the way they treat their enemies is a testament to who they are.  They aren’t excessive; they’re just.  They make mistakes – we couldn’t emulate them if they didn’t – but they also acknowledge, accept, and grow from their mistakes.  And they keep making them.  Because that’s what you do: you keep living, even when you know you’re going to mess up.

And hey, even Diana does little acts of kindness, and other everyday heroes step up to save the world.  Big magnitude heroes are mentors for smaller magnitude heroes.  They’re people who work at a higher level inviting you to join them.  That doesn’t mean they force you to shoulder the weight of the entire world; they provide an example of carrying on against staggering odds, an example one can emulate by applying it at the right scale.  These are people who face proportionately difficult challenges and still insist on trying to do good.

Diana is a hero among heroes.  I feel like a lot of heroes need her.  And I know a lot of us need heroes of every order.

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I'm working on a project and I need a gif that demonstrates how hot Kanan is, so I figured I'd turn to the expert in all things Kanan

I-I couldn’t pick just one but the lips one is my fav I think! Although you can’t tell its her exactly??

Actually, while I’m thinking about it: Team Voltron and the 5 love languages headcanons

(Apparently, according to Wikipedia, the dude who wrote the book says you have a primary and a secondary but like… that’s silly? To me? Are the rest just chopped liver? So I’m not doing that.)

Lance: Our boy is all about words of affirmation.  Did you see him light up when Shiro told him he did good?  Because I sure did. Quality time is big for him, too - he wants to go out on the town and have some pizza with his buddies and get to know people and listen to Coran talk about Altea.  Physical affection is another significant one for him, but touching has been a kind of the emotional equivalent of low-level radiation in his life, so it doesn’t always stand out to him and he doesn’t always notice how much it means to him.

Hunk: Acts. Of. Service.  If Hunk loves you, he will make you a food or build you a device to solve your problem or help you fix your broken thing, and he will have a great non-grumbly time doing it.  Physical affection is also extremely high up there for Hunk.  He needs touch in his life to feel healthy, and is always about a hug.  He’s figured out that quality time is important for Lance and will prioritize it when necessary, but it’s not always something he needs/wants for himself as much as Lance does. 

Pidge: Physical affection, words of affirmation, and acts of service.  Her dad’s talk about her bright future used to get her eyes all aglow, and she still sometimes hears Shiro saying “Go. Be Great.” when she has her eyes closed.  But she’s also definitely a hugger.  Physical affection is important to her and is often a way she gets out the affection she’s trying to express for other people.  She’s one of those slightly-less-common people who tend to display affection a little differently than she receives it.  Words are hard for her sometimes, so acts of service are a big way for her to show she cares about people, and they definitely matter to her, too.

Keith: Gift-giving is one of his biggest things, and that sometimes creates a little bit of a disconnect with the others, because most of his teammates just don’t value that as much as he does.  If you give Keith something, he will treasure it forever and have a very hard time letting it go.  He loves having things with him that can serve as reminders of the people and things he’s loved and, often, lost, and gifts mean you want him to have a part of you, even when you’re gone. Even more than Pidge, Keith feels a disconnect between how he feels inclined to express love and how he wants to experience it, and figuring out his relationships with other people can be a frustrating tangle.  He will bust his ass day and night with acts of service to make sure the world knows he cares, but when other people do things for him, he has a hard time believing it’s for him and not secretly about something else.  In his heart of hearts, he’s dying for a hug, but he struggles with expressing physical affection.  He wants quality time, but often doesn’t know how to ask for or offer it, especially when he believes other people have more important things/people to spend their time on.

Shiro:  Shiro’s one of the best people on the team at reading the kind of affection each team member needs.  His top love languages have traditionally been acts of service and words of affirmation, but he’s learned (painfully) how words of praise can be warped around to sting (Champion) and while it’s still very important to him that he tell other people he loves and is proud of them, physical touch and quality time have become more important to him recently.  He’s often working so hard to prove he cares about the others through acts of service that he doesn’t leave room for them to help him, which can be frustrating.  They want to show him how much they care about him, but he doesn’t always make it easy to find the space to do it in.  Good thing he’s started appreciating hugs more and more.

Allura: QUALITY TIME.  Allura wants to sit among the juniberries with her dad.  She wants to drag Pidge off for long extended girl talk.  She wants to play Hunk’s silly road games and reminisce with Coran, and there’s almost never enough time.  Allura also values gifts highly, up to and including gifts of her own quintessence.

Coran: Words of affirmation and acts of service.  Why is the castle always clean and in working order and with food on the table?  Coran loves them all a lot, that’s why.  He also likes just telling it like it is - his paladins and his princess are all smart and great and doing wonderfully.  A few more thank yous wouldn’t go amiss, because he does need that verbal confirmation that he’s cared for, but he’s also pretty good at reading the other kinds of affection that come at him from time to time.

Ok so i don’t Know if Klance will be canon, but I’m going need to get this out of my system regardless, because their characters are so crucial to one another. So buckle tf up i guess. (Warning: hella long)

Lance and Keith both need to mature a little. Not to completely change their personalities, but maybe so that like… Keith stops getting his ass handed to him in one (1) man showdowns against intergalactic dictators, and Lance stops picking fights with teammates and gains some true self confidence. 

The thing is that Keith and Lance can prompt each other to grow. They’re such obvious character foils. There’s the glaringly obvious binary opposites of red and blue, fire and ice, but it goes beyond colour/element symbolism. Right down to their characterizations they clash; hot headedness vs staying (somewhat) cool under pressure, mr perfect vs raging insecurity, shack-hermit vs social butterfly. Same with their backstories: orphan vs large family, desert vs sea town… I’ll try not to go on and on lol, because i definitely could

They quite literally butt heads, but they learn through their differences. Keith (unknowingly) motivated Lance to work his hardest in the Garrison, and, as like pretty much everyone has pointed out, Lance calls Keith out on his rash decisions. And of course, there’s the ever-iconic “we make a good team” to sum it all up. 

I’m just so excited to see them bettered by their differences. Especially now that Shiro’s gone, Keith’s going to be so alone and have so much responsibility to shoulder, and Lance is gonna have to confront his feelings of inferiority with Keith in the official leadership position. I hope they always tease and bicker because i love that shit, but i want to see them trust and admire one another more openly. To rely on and support each other - not just in monologues to Yuppers or on the brink of death. 

It’s just such a great writing opportunity for character development, and could fit so perfectly into show’s narrative of maturing to shoulder this immense burden of protecting the universe, of becoming not just a team but a family.  And just….fuck like it could be so good… we could have it all….. come on

fact: killer moth was the first batman villain to try the “plastic surgery to look like bruce wayne” plot

which later became the basis for hush, an extremely popular, dark villain who had an obsession with bruce wayne and becoming bruce wayne

similar to the obsession killer moth develops while in prison with batman

there’s also a great line in killer moth’s first appearance (#63), where his release from prison is described as a “return to the world where men have names instead of numbers.” his real name, drury walker, isn’t revealed until much, much later in the main continuity; but in these early appearances, he is always described as prisoner 234026, or, by the identity he immediately assumes out of prison: cameron van cleer (CLEAR, like a mirror), which he uses to disguise his criminal identity of killer moth. 

it’s true that killer moth falls on his face rather quickly in his first appearances, but no more quickly than other villains in this era. in fact, these issues describe him as an “ingenious villain” who immediately succeeds at capturing robin and forcing batman to take him into the batcave. this plot comes back when killer moth later decides to disguise himself as bruce wayne, not realizing until he enters wayne manor that bruce is batman. only convenient brain surgery after a series of injuries prevents him from remembering that fact. 

anyway: my point is that this sort of foil character, obsessed with creating new identities, adopting old ones, and maintaining a double (triple!) life, is what superhero stories are all about, and it would be–like–radical to see someone take these kernels of the character (which are teased out wonderfully in batgirl: year one) and really do something exciting with them. he doesn’t have to be a hardened murderer–i don’t think that’s ever been close to the kind of villain he is–but he can be written in a way that’s frightening, complex, and fresh