How is Solas amassing this frankly enormous army? What is driving them to him? 

I don’t think the banner of ‘Fen’Harel’ would work because all Dalish clans regard Fen’harel as a bad omen, a thing to wish upon your enemies. That’s not exactly a rallying banner and as for the city elves I think most of them don’t even know who/what Fen’harel is, and if they do it’s probably from the Dalish and is colored by their views.

What is Solas DOING that is making them flock to him? 

As yet we know, he hasn’t really done anything asides from first gaining Mythal’s power and, as far as we can tell, the Inquisitors. That’s assuming he absorbed the power of the anchor instead of that power cancelling itself out. He’s amassing power right now, so what has he done that’s inspired all of these elvhen slaves to leave their former lives? 

And do they know that he is willing to sacrifice their world to bring the old one back? Has he promised them a place in this renewed Arlathan? Does he plan on actually delivering? Do they know that he may or may not consider them even real? 

Depending on your social standing with Solas, he can view the people of this world with contempt, not considering those within it “real” or he can regretfully admit that yes, you are people, but he’s still going to destroy you all. 

Neither of those options is exactly inspiring. 

So what is he doing to make them come to him? Ideas?

DotNW Perfect Ending vs The Eternal Dream

Dawn of the New World is easily the most explicit romance in the entire franchise. Even the opening really sells itself as a romantic story in a way that no other Tales game comes close to. And Emil and Marta’s ending is remarkably similar to Sorey and Mikleo’s.

In Dawn of the New World, Emil learns that he is actually Ratatosk, and in order to save the world from demonkind, he make the decision to take on the responsibility of Ratatosk and remain in the Ginnungagap as a Summon Spirit. However, this means he has to leave behind his friends and his perfect partner (an in-game title, by the way), Marta.

In Zestiria, Sorey takes on the responsibility of the Shepherd, and chooses to fall into a healing sleep with Maotelus in order to save the world from malevolence. To do this, of course, he has to leave behind his friends and his one and only (also an in-game title, interesting), Mikleo.

In the Perfect Ending of DotNW, it’s possible to show Emil returning to earth to live out the rest of his human lifespan and reuniting with Marta. In the second epilogue of Zestiria, Eternal Dream, we see Mikleo reunite with Sorey after presumably hundreds of years. 

Let’s take a look at this.

In both cases, we see the partner continuing their life and attempting to fulfill the dreams left behind by the hero, by trying to bring peace to the world the hero is protecting. There is no music, only the image of the partner, alone.

The hero returns, and no words are said at first. The partner first appears shocked and unable to react:

They then make this face:

And finally regain enough sense to reach for the hero.

And listen to how the music swells in both scenes (here’s a fun game to play: which soundtrack sounds more romantic to you?)

Again, Dawn of the New World is by far the most explicitly romantic game in the Tales franchise. It’s the only game to show a kiss between the protagonist and their love interest, as well as the only one to feature protagonists making explicit declarations of love. So make of those parallels what you will.

There are no saints here.

The fact that I’ve actually heard people object to ObiMaul with the idea that Obi-Wan is too good for him is amusing me. Sort of.

To whatever extent I sometimes freak out like, “what am I doing reading this ship?” my complaint is the reverse: that Obi-Wan is routinely a self-righteous, judgmental jackass. It aggravates me to think that he can’t, or won’t, reciprocate the intensity of Maul’s emotional range. And I get even more uncomfortable with stories where it seems like the author’s feelings for Maul are drenched in condescension. When nothing Obi-Wan does is ever wrong, and just about everything Maul does is.

I’d hate to be in a relationship where, if I’m angry, people dismiss it by attributing my emotional state to past trauma. And default to feeling bad for my partner for “having” to put up with someone damaged. Implying that only an exceptionally good person would. That is hurtful bullshit.

Maul is dangerous and violent and quick to anger and utterly capable of giving as good as he gets, if you hurt him. (Assuming you’re not … Sidious.) But anyone sizing him up and deciding whether to stay of go knows that. He doesn’t hide it.

And you know what else he is? Pragmatic. Strong. Brave. Loyal. Forthright. Proud. Intelligent. Tough as nails. Beautiful. Dark and bleak and funny as hell. Treating a light sider hooking up with him like … self-sacrifice and extreme generosity on their part, shortchanges all of the reasons people keep being attracted to him.

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replied to your



So I was thinking about Shockwave and what a…

Nope, I’m pretty sure he wanted such a loyal subject out of the picture. Why would he be so nervous before having been confronted on the issue?

You mean after Shockwave told his story and Megatron gave Starscream “the look”? 

Maybe because even if he’d tried to aid Shockwave and failed there would still be a good chance Megatron would beat a few dents into him. He’s always nervous around Megatron; that’s nothing special. Even when nothing at all out of the ordinary is going on. Even when he’s overjoyed to see him. As soon as Shockwave showed up he’d realize his “disappearance” was suspicious, and what that would mean for relations between the three of them. 

I’d buy the whole “wanting to eliminate Megatron’s loyalists” angle if Starscream had actually been the one to sabotage the bridge and then lured Shockwave into it. But he wasn’t, and didn’t. He was strapped to an interrogation table at the time, and Shockwave saw the Autobots messing with the bridge, saw the control panel get damaged, and still chased them into the collapsing vortex to engage in a gunfight. Because logic. Starscream saw the bridge was overloading and skedaddled. Cowardly? Perhaps. But what was he supposed to do with the control panel damaged. Did he shed a tear over Shockwave’s supposed demise? Why would he? If a loyal subject of Megatron’s happens to have been stupid enough to get himself blown up, Starscream is A-OK with that. He’s not gonna go out of his way to look for him later. The worst he did was not report on the incident to Megatron. Or rather, reported only that he was dead or blown up. Because of the whole beating thing. Now that may make him untrustworthy or unreliable, but what Megatron doesn’t know doesn’t hurt Starscream. If Megatron wanted to look for Shockwave, he could have sent someone. He clearly did get a report, because he believed Shockwave was dead. Usually when people blow up in space bridges they die. 

I actually would love it if he’d tried to kill Shockwave a few more times on purpose, but that time he just took the opportunity to leave him for dead without arousing suspicion XD

(also Shockwave’s loyalty in Aligned is highly questionable. See the Dinobots comics. He was building a personal army that was loyal to him. If Megatron caught him he’d hand them over as a “gift” in all likelihood, but he was mainly interested in just doing whatever science caught his eye, and Megatron was the one who handed an entire planet full of people to be his raw materials.)

Update on my medical situation:

1 - It turns out I don’t have gingivitis. I actually have a viral infection that caused sores to grow on my gums (the doctor compared it to hand, foot and mouth disease, but specifically ruled out that disorder.)

2 - The sores should go down in a few days and I should recover from this about as quickly as the average flu.

3 - My inadequate dental hygiene was, surprisingly, mostly irrelevant to my problem.

That’s all. I’m starting to feel just a little bit better every day and I hope by next week I’ll be in top shape!

anonymous asked:

So i noticed your fic "the stag and the kingslayer" follows show-canon only and that you included Arya+frey pie scene and was wondering what you though about that scene in the show because i hated it. i wanted walder frey dead but it's like the show-writers dont understand arya at all

Ahhh people are actually reading it, thank you :’) (God I need to update…) But yeah it does cos I’m trying to imagine how the show would re-introduce Gendry. 

And interesting question! Which I have several feelings about! 

I both loved and hated that scene. 

What I hated: Arya got from Braavos to the Riverlands and the Twins with absolutely no explanation or time period elapsed, basically (I feel their respect of how fast characters can get to places now is borderline ridiculous). I also don’t like seeing her using the ‘faces’ outside of Braavos - because surely you can’t play the game of faces if you still identify as someone? Wasn’t that sort of the point? I could be missing something here. And I dislike how the writers said how it’s a point to worry about Arya, that she can look at a man dying with pleasure now, because yeah, that’s totally misunderstanding her character.

What I loved: Arya making Frey pies references how in the books Wyman Manderly killed three Freys who disappeared between White Harbor and Winterfell, and they were baked into pies for Ramsay Bolton’s wedding. The point was to show the disgust and contempt the North had for the Boltons and the Freys for slaughtering Robb Stark and co - so that was a book reference there, but I understand that for people who haven’t read the books they’d be like ‘what?!’ For book readers though, that was an OOOOH moment. I also loved that Arya killed Walder Frey, but I’ll explain that seperately. 

The whole point of Arya’s Black & White training is actually to get her head back on track over what she holds dear and who she is - shown through her warging through Nymeria, which was sadly missed out of the show. What the show DID do well though was the Lady Crane storyline. Arya WILL NOT and DOES NOT kill someone simply because she is told to, hence she spares Lady Crane’s life. Arya has a kill list, but that kill list has logic behind it. It’s for vengeance, it’s to right the wrongs done to her and those she loves (eg Walder Frey killed her brother and mother, Melisandre and Thoros of Myr hurt and betrayed Gendry). 

What I feel a lot of people forget is that Arya was literally OUTSIDE THE GATES of the Twins when Frey killed her mother and brother. She was forced to see her brother’s body paraded in front of her, with Grey Wind’s head sewn to his body. She was THIS close to being reunited with them, and Walder Frey killed them in the most disrespectful and horrific way. This is a little girl who had before this witnessed her father’s beheading, doesn’t know where her brothers are, and has been ripped away from the only other person who has been as good as family to her - OF COURSE witnessing what happened at the Red Wedding is going to affect her in an awful way, it’s almost the last straw that breaks an already very broken little girl. The Arya we know, who rights the wrongs done against her and her loved ones, would 100% have Walder Frey high up on her kill list for doing what he did. 

So to summarise. I feel that there are one or two things that didn’t add up in the scene, and that made me raise my eyebrows somewhat, but to be honest, the logic behind why Arya killed Walder Frey was absolutely sound, so that made me quite comfortable with it.

i think the star wars eu’s biggest problem was escalation. you start off with this straightforward story about the rebellion and the jedi vs the empire and the sith, then you add the whole “the YV are invading and they’ve been planning this since the old republic!”, then “oh man, Jacen Solo is a Sith now and he’s taking over OMG!!” followed by “oh no the Sith are back because they’ve been hiding for thousands of years!!!” and finally “there’s these immortal beings that control the force and reality itself!!!!1!1!!!1″.

Like calm down…  Take a chill pill…  Bring back goofy pilots in drag or something…

I don’t really want to continue the whole Elwing debate, but there’s the argument that “she got her innocent people killed”, which bothers me a little. 

Probably because while the other arguments are mostly a matter of interpretation and depend on circumstances that Tolkien didn’t tell us much about, this particular argument contradicts my understanding of the role of Elvish royalty. It also makes it sound as if the “normal", not royal Elves didn’t have any influence on important decisions at all, and were basically pawns who had to accept their ruler’s decisions no matter what. 

So, first there’s the Silmarillion quote, “Then Elwing and the people of Sirion would not yield the jewel […]”. This already implies that she didn’t decide that all on her own, but I suppose this could have meant just her council and not all the other, “not so important” people. 

However, there are a few other situations in the Silmarillion where Elves disagree with their rulers’ choices. 

For example, when the larger part of the Noldor followed Fingolfin instead of Feanor (and were quietly relieved as long as they were both going the same way, for a while), because they thought Fingolfin was more reasonable (and he was, until shit happened and he decided that single combat with Morgoth was a good idea). 

Or even more notable, the people of Nargothrond refusing to help Finrod on his quest to get a Silmaril for Beren. They also murmur “that Finarfin’s son was not as a Vala to command them”, which seemed a bit weird to me because kings actually are supposed to command (on the other hand, it’s not like they listened to the Valar either). But I guess it makes sense if kingship was seen as a job that got you some privileges and power but not so much that you could make selfish or potentially harmful decisions and still expect support. (I’m not judging Finrod here, but that’s probably how his people saw his choice at the time.)

And then there are the (ex-) Feanorian followers who stood aside or even changed sides during the 3rd Kinslaying. 

Even in the real world, governments rarely managed to stop people from fleeing if the situation in the country became too bad (Gondolin’s the exception in Beleriand :D) and if there were any really serious problems, revolutions tended to happen. I don’t see how an immortal society could be more dependent on their monarch’s decisions than humans. 

In fact, I think the education and access to information (see the Rivendell chapters in the Hobbit) would be more equal, meaning that the average elf would be far more knowledgeable about politics and able to estimate the danger they’re in than, say, the average peasant from the European Middle-Ages.

I know this is a lot of speculation (and has to do with my other headcanons about elvish social hierarchy or lack thereof), but I still believe elvish rulers would have to be even less restrictive than real absolutist monarchs were.

About Elwing: Yes, she still bears the responsibility for her decision to keep the Silmaril, so she’s not completely blameless (although I sympathise with her decision and firmly believe that the Feanorians get most of the blame, as the actual Kinslayers). 

That doesn’t mean she was a person who sacrificed her people without even giving them the possibility of influencing her choice, or leaving. 

I very much doubt she would have forced anyone to stay in Sirion. If the people had thought refusing the Feanorians was too dangerous and hadn’t wanted to risk dying for Elwing and the Silmaril, or if they had believed she was wrong to keep it, there were elvish settlements at the Isle of Balar, and some in Ossiriand that were probably not quite as safe, admittedly. They could have left.

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So I was rereading Unpausing Life, which is wonderful, and had a thought about the representative battle. In this universe it was basically a fixed thing, right? Skull was meant to be the "winner" no matter what happened, and was really the only possible winner. Is that why the Vindice chose to attack him? I can see that causing some resentment, especially if Kawahira used the tactic before.

Thank you! I’m glad you liked it. (Huge rambling meta & headcanon incoming…)

Honestly, I kind of always had the impression that the Representative Battle was more like a giant honeytrap with the lure being the ‘cure’ rather than a pretty person. I would need to reread that part of the manga to be sure, but I had the impression that before Talbot showed up with an alternative, Kawahira didn’t actually have a way to release anyone from the Curse without killing them or having them end up like the Vindice. Because if he could then why not do it before? Even just releasing one Arcobaleno per set would have increased the likelihood they’d go out into the world and pass on their genes to the next generation, thus raising the chance of suitable Pacifier holders in the future.

It’s also possible that he actually could break the Curse, but only for one person per set: there’s leeway since I don’t remember any concrete explanations for how the 7^3 works or what Kawahira’s actual process was. We can roll it either way.

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Petition to have Tumblr actually do something about porn blog bots following users.

• It’s annoying.
• It gives an imperfect metric for how many followers you have. (I would estimate about 25% of my “followers” are porn blogs run by bots).
• It makes pulling up your activity page iffy even if you use Tumblr strictly for SFW content.
• It’s problematic for individuals who have struggled with sex and/or pornography addictions, especially since many of the blog names are not obviously porn names, causing you to preview the blog.
• It exposes minors to illegal and harmful content.

And to many some of us:
• Porn (not the human beings in the porn) is disgusting.
• (Some of us, but not all) also find porn degrading to human beings, especially women (simply because women are more often the central attraction in porn, not because they are women and therefore somehow magically more affected by sex than men.)
• It makes Tumblr a less classy, less reputable place.

Please share this if you agree this is a serious problem.


Edit: Whoa. I posted this less than two days ago (July 25th 2016) and already it’s by far my most popular post (4,300 notes). It’s awesome seeing this kind of response, and I’m happy I decided to make this even though it seemed silly at the time. I was writing it as a way to vent more than really thinking anything would come of it, but I couldn’t be more pleased.To the people saying thank you because they thought they were alone in being really annoyed and/or disgusted by the porn-bots: Thank you! I didn’t know so many people agreed on this issue. I thought I was in the quiet, silent minority. Now I’m rethinking that. It goes to show we’re more alike than we think.To everyone reblogging and tagging @staff : Thank you! I didn’t realize that was an option. How great would it be if something actually came of this?Of course, we could choose to go on other websites. But I’m guessing I’m not alone in my confusion as to why it’s easy to avoid porn on Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, DeviantArt, etc. etc. but close to impossible on Tumblr. I can’t imagine it’s beyond their capabilities to deal with this issue.Lastly, people have added a couple more reasons this is a problem. It’s a problem for:

• People who are repulsed by sexually explicit images
• People who don’t mind “normal” sexual images but who can’t get the (often violent) hardcore gifs out of their minds after seeing them with an accidental preview.
• People who are religious and disavow pornography. Obviously it’s not a sin if the contact with pornography is accidental, but it still causes negative guilt-like feelings, especially when they catch themselves linger over the images, even for curiosity’s sake. I’m sure there are even more.

Edit #2: Some people have brought up their concerns about what I mean by “especially women” and if I mean to target sex workers as part of the problem. These are great questions!  I address them here.

Edit #3: Even though I specifically said only some of us find hard-core porn disgusting, some people have brought up their concerns with what I mean by that as well. I can understand why you would feel that way, and really my beef about the porn-bots doesn’t need that to be effective, but in case you are curious. I discuss that here. If you are then further curious to see what kind of guy would have such strong opinions about porn, you can read this. I’m happy to talk about it with you, but please note this is not an open invitation to attack my beliefs. :) 

Edit #4: One more quick edit before going to sleep for the night. I realize my plea for getting rid of the porn bots also touches on much more complicated issues that people have strong feelings about. Porn-use in general, sex workers, misogyny, philosophy, religion. It’s good to talk and even debate, try to understand each other better, but I also feel like this should be a more focussed thing. Let’s just deal with the one thing we agree with: the porn bots suck eggs and they need to go. By reblogging this, you are NOT saying you agree with whatever other beliefs I may hold. This is only about the porn bots. I should have been tighter on my original composition, focusing only on the porn bots. (Man, that’s a weird sentence.) I’m really sorry if I hurt anyone’s feelings today in our discussions. That’s not the kind of person I am, but short bursts of text are not the best medium for convey complex feelings and emotions. Goodnight.  

Steve and the Sokovia Accords

I keep seeing a lot of posts about how Steve was in the wrong in CACW because while Tony had a plan, Steve didn’t offer any alternative to it, he was just like NOPE. The thing is though, something that immediately struck me when I watched the movie was the timing of everything. Ross and Tony bring Steve and the others the Accords THREE DAYS before they are to be signed. Those Accords were not drafted, approved and supported by 117 countries in a week. This was 100% intentional. This is also very, very common in American politics. When politicians want to pass a bill they don’t want people to look at closely, they schedule votes at weird times or when a large # of people are away from the Hill (Capital Hill). So you get these 11th hour bills that are hundreds of pages long that no one has had a chance to read, ask questions about, or negotiate on about changes. These bills are stuffed with completely unrelated stuff that gets passed as well because the whole thing has to be signed off on/approved. It’s called “pork barreling.” Those are the questions Steve tries to bring up to the group. When he’s like ‘what happens when…?’ And Tony brushes aside his concerns like ‘oh, I’m sure we’ll get to make changes later when everything dies down.’ But Steve is like what are we agreeing to NOW though? And practically as soon as they are given the “generous” 3 day warning, Peggy dies. Steve flies off to London and everything goes to hell. What time is there to propose or discuss an alternative plan??

The timing was 100% intentional to make sure the Avengers would be subject to the Accords as written–no matter what was lurking on the bottom of page 440 in fine print. Steve is 100% right to be suspicious. This is one of the dirty tricks of American politics that Steve would be totally aware of. And sure, maybe there’s a chance that everything was above board, reasonable, and so on, but you would NEVER sign a thing like that w/o actually checking/reading it. that would be foolish. I mean, did we forget that Project Insight was authorized and approved by The World Council? I guarantee you that Steve hasn’t. I absolutely believe that Steve would have been willing to talk everything out, negotiate, listen to everyone’s pov, and really consider everything carefully…but there’s no time given to do that. It’s all last minute, non-negotiable, and shady. Steve is a master tactician, natural leader, and a reasonable, thoughtful person who is a Big Picture thinker. It’s weird that people just assume he rejects the Accords because he’s being childish or something. That’s not Steve Rogers at all. 

you know. sometimes i think. in the face of tony’s obvious trauma and ptsd. in the face of the more obvious pain that bucky has suffered. we forget that steve’s motivation in the film isn’t just his tendency to hold stubbornly fast to his ideals, to do what he feels is right and damn the rest. 

steve’s hurting too.

like. guys. we are so ready to give weight to tony’s emotional boiling over point at the end of the film, to say “this is why he tried to kill bucky, and it’s not right but it’s understandable.” we are so ready to acknowledge the fact that bucky was a victim and motivated to run by his fear of further persecution and hurt from nefarious forces. what about steve, though? when do we acknowledge that steve’s not just acting with righteous arrogance, but a deep anger, isolation, fear, loneliness, sadness, and hope?

steve died. like, his last memory before waking up seventy years in the future is a few days after watching his best friend fall from a train and he was unable to stop it he willingly flies a plane into the fucking Arctic, ostensibly to his death.

guys. guys. tony was fucked up for years because of untreated ptsd after falling from space and thinking he was dead. why is it so hard to remember that steve probably is fucked up, too? 

this dude, he wakes up seventy years in the future and he has to make his way without really anyone or anything familiar, and the only person who is familiar is suffering from memory loss, and he’s now operating under the thumb of shadowy organization that he’s not 100 percent does good things and that continuously lies to him. there’s no war to fight, but that’s all this body is good for. it’s all he knows. 

he doesn’t know what makes him happy. guys.

and so he goes through another trauma when he discovers this villain who is trying to kill him is in fact the dead best friend who—surprise!—was actually captured after falling and losing an arm and his brains were scrambled to turn him into a murder assassin. we know for a fact steve feels tremendous guilt over this. but imagine beyond guilt, the sorrow, the nightmarish possibilities, that are turning over in steve’s head. the idea of what his friend suffered. remember when rhodey fell from the sky and tony blasted sam in the chest? imagine the anger in steve’s heart at the idea of what bucky’s suffered and the unwillingness to let that go unchecked and unsaved.

oh, plus. that shadowy organization he’s been fighting for? the people he’s been taking orders from? the top dog in the neat little hierarchy that’s arranged his world? yeah. hydra. everything steve has known turns upside down. he can’t trust anything. imagine the paranoia. the suspicion. imagine the fear that must take seed at that betrayal.

and then! of course, then he begins fighting these battles with the avengers where the collateral damage is on such a bigger scale than it was at war. where there are aliens. aliens, you guys. and he’s tasked with leading this motley crew of superheroes in a world he’s still getting used to and people die, lots of people die, and we know that even if it doesnt visibly affect him like it affects tony (who always seems shocked when he’s confronted with loss, because it’s presented to him on a personal, individual level) it does affect him. that steve feels the guilt of lives lost. imagine that burden. imagine the weight of the shield, the mask, the responsibility. imagine the loneliness. the fear.

so then. then. in the space of a few days. steve deals with more guilt from the deaths in lagos. he shoulders that burden. then he deals with the moral quandary of signing the accords. he wrestles with that decision. peggy dies. he grieves, oh goodness does he grieve. vienna fuckin blows up and that elusive best friend is now the suspect. so steve is grieving, he is confused and conflicted, and now he feels doubly guilty—that’s the person he has been looking for, should he have already caught him? did he do it? he couldn’t have. does he bring him in? does he shoulder this responsibility too? what will they make him do when he catches up to bucky? what should he do? steve might act like he always knows what’s right, but a decision like this isn’t easy. it messes with a person. and when you’re dealing with all that mess in your head, sometimes you don’t think. sometimes…you act.

like when bucky is triggered, when steve stops a helicopter with his bare fucking hands, you can feel the desperation. that’s not ordinary heroics. that’s not steve just trying to stop bucky from escaping and possibly hurting others. it’s steve fighting for bucky. for this piece of his past. for the possibility of an end to loneliness. for the possibility of redemption for letting him fall. 

and when they go on the run, when they know they have to stop the supersoldiers, when they clash with tony’s team, can you imagine steve’s sheer frustration that no one gets what is at stake? that no one is willing to listen? and yes, he didn’t even try—but why is that, you think? is it possibly because steve is used to institutions and those in power ignoring what he thinks is right and causing disaster anyway?

when steve says, “pal, so are we.” when steve acknowledges to natasha that he’s 90 not dead, when he openly references the fact that he and bucky are 100, can you imagine knowing that? adjusting to that? being 20-something in body and memory but 100 in actuality? living in a body that people perceive as a weapon so strongly that you’ve become a weapon when you are still longing to rediscover the man you were? steve’s not just cap. steve’s steve, and he doesn’t know what makes him happy you guys. he’s a guy, he’s a human, and he’s dealing with A Lot.

i get that he makes some bad calls in the movie. so does tony. my beef is that while tony’s decisions are often supported by his very obvious trauma and emotional burden, we rarely seem to give enough weight to the very real and very similar turmoil that is going on inside of steve.

when tony is fighting him in siberia. when steve says, “he’s my friend,” so simply, so sadly, without any righteousness, just clean tired truth, that’s steve as steve. when he hid the truth from tony, that’s steve as steve. when he drops the shield, that’s steve reclaiming himself as steve. we expect cap all the time, because often, steve is cap. it’s easy to see him as the moral police that way, if reductionist.

but we forget to see steve as steve. that he is a kid, in some ways. and a grieving, lost, lonely kid with a lot of anger, sadness, confusion, and power boiling under the placid-seeming surface.