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Zeico I played Tales from the Borderlands this weekend will you gush about it with me?





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like a fluffy Michael blurb about the night before your wedding

so you would’ve both just come home from your bachelor/bachelorette/whatever parties and you’d both be a little tipsy and he’s lying in bed staring at the ceiling when you come in and start lazily changing into your pajamas. he asked how the party went and you giggle as you tell him some things, and he’d talk about his night. but when you get in bed he looks over and then you’re staring at each other. he grabs your hand and laces your fingers together with his and he smiles. 

“what?” you’d ask, voice quiet and a permanent smile on your face. “we’re getting married tomorrow,” he answers, and a smile appears on him too. “i can’t believe it, finally. do you remember the first time we met?” you’d both start to laugh and get extremely nostalgic, talking about your earliest memories together, fun times you had, embarrassing moments shared together- everything. 

you’d end up tangled in his arms, he’s holding you and pressing kisses to your head and you’re falling asleep listening to him talk about his favorite times with you. 

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Since my birthday is in 2 days what would seventeen do for their s/o's birthday?^-^

Happy early birthday to you!^^ 

S/O = significant other

S.Coups/Seungcheol: Seungcheol would personally bake a cake for you and do whatever you want just for today.

Jeonghan: Jeonghan would surprise you by putting flowers and chocolate by your bed when you wake up. He would text you to come out of your apartment because he has more surprises for you.

Joshua: Joshua would take you out and surprise you with him singing while playing his guitar at a restaurant.

Jun: Jun would make breakfast for you when you wake up. He would probably make you something every meal, with a cake as dessert for dinner.

Hoshi: Hoshi would take you shopping and shower you with gifts, especially couple things like couple tees or shoes.

Wonwoo: He make a scavenger hunt filled with many gifts for you to follow and at the end, you will see him at the place where you both met, with flowers in his hands.

Woozi: Woozi would probably write you a song and perform it at a stage.

DK/Seokmin: Seokmin would take you to the aquarium and take many photos together. He would surprise you with a message underwater when he lies that he needed to go to the bathroom.

Mingyu: Mingyu would make a book filled with cute notes of reasons why he loves you and photos of the both of you.

The8/Minghao: Minghao would give you a birthday card that he made by hand. He might also give you homemade birthday coupons for you to use for the day.

Seungkwan: Seungkwan would take you back to his hometown and spend a large amount of time together near the ocean. He would surprise you with a cake at sunset.

Vernon/Hansol: Vernon would take you to a famous café and enjoy the snacks and drinks there. He would also surprise you with a personalized cake.  

Dino/Chan: Chan would take you out at the restaurant where you both love the most. He would reserve the place just for you and surprise you with a cake too.


Happy Birthday to my beautiful friends moonstruck-bubble and crab-snacks !!

I love you both so freaking much and I can’t believe almost two years have gone by since we first met!! You both are beautiful and talented individuals, and I miss you both so very much!

Drop some birthday messages in their inboxes?? moonstruck-bubble and crabsnacks


I have been running this tumblr account for almost 6 months and this was the first time I ever got a request for BoyxBoy Fluff that’s Boyfriend!Y/N x Boyfriend!5SOS. I’m literally going ham on this holy crap!

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♛ [wait we can do muns? hey BK... i know we havent met but. Hello there little bear.]

Listen to my heart!!
  • Listen to my heart!!
  • Nico Yazawa/Rin Hoshizora/Hanayo Koizumi
  • Love Live Radio Kagai Katsudo ~Nikorinpana~

Listen to my heart!! | Nico Yazawa/Rin Hoshizora/Hanayo Koizumi

Let’s play! A happy greeting tune
Let’s play! Because I met you
It’s both a sign and a miracle
I want to dream of our exciting miracle
It’s starting, so come here and listen to my heart!!

My lovely #suhotrashsquad buddies celebrated my advanced birthday today by surprising me with a cake and LMR album ♡ didnt suspect a single thing throughout HAHAHA omg so dense. Im really happy and thankful!! Love you both sweetiepies I feel so thankful and lucky to have met you both :’) meet up when you all are back! ♡♡♡♡♡ ohmy-eon transformersuho

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rachel, matilda !!!

  • Rachel- NERDS (jk. but not really I’m being pretty serious), furiously alive conversations, pancakes with fresh fruit, the comfort of sitting with someone and feeling their presence next to you, handwritten notes tucked into books, grass growing in pavement cracks, an unexpected feeling of complete safety, colorful skirts + black vests, water soaking into soil, listening to music in bed.
  • Matilda- growing new flowers, tinfoil and leftovers, the stickers that come along with children’s books, sideways smiles and appreciation, stitching in soft cloth, small talk while waiting for something, many pockets, recalling a memory you had otherwise forgotten , scratchy grass and sun on the back of legs, breathing in sync with someone else.

Had an amazing day today, got to meet matt stajan and michael ferland, also met kindofpoetic and boomgoesboums, you both where so sweet! I also spent the day with bolligsbeard before I move back to BC which was amazing :) (just so everyone knows I didn’t wear my jersey in the arena, so I didn’t get jumped)

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How many physical fights have you been in?

Two, one you may know about

It was in our school a year before I met you, a guy we both know and do not like heard I complained about him to a few teachers and started punching me, I just let him punch me a few times till a teacher (Joost) got him off of me. The guy was expelled because of that. In hindsight it was good of me to not fight back and just let him go. The teachers were really concerned about my wellbeing and did not by any means make me feel like I did something wrong.

The second one was a few years earlier when I was 14 but it was nothing special.

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Hi! I was wondering if I could hop in on the Marvel Matchmaker thing? I'm a Slytherin Aquarius heterosexual girl who likes to dance, read, sing, write fics, dream up OCs, draw, reblog shtuff, and binge-watch lots on Netflix. Thanks so much, and I absolutely LOVE your blog!

Your match: Peter Parker

How you met: You would both work in the same company where you’d be a journalist c:

Headcanon: your articles would speak about Spiderman’s nice butt and such and Peter would love it

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If I met you, we could both just get ridiculously emotional over GamKar and come up with all sorts of situations.

We would have the TIME OF OUR LIVES! 8D

The aus would be never ending, we would have aus of aus, we would put them in movies and in shows and in books and then after we ran out we would COMBINE EVERYTHING AS MUCH AS WE COULD.

And there would be Gamzee and Karkat and Tavros because let’s be real. yess

Dear Whitney, Ach and I (is it okay for me to say this Ach?), just declared you the best person we have ever met.

You know we are both picky gals, and we both would take on your bat shit nuts advisor. It really will be okay.

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I work with this girl who has been through so much terrible things but she's the most positive and lovely person I've ever met and I find you both very similar. You both make want to make myself better and you are both so so so important 💜💜💜

Wow. This was really, really wonderful to read. Thank you so much. You’re a great person just for stopping by and taking time to say this! I really appreciate it my friend!

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Omg this shipping game sounds amazing! I'm in Ravenclaw, my interests are reading, writing, drawing, history, travelling, walking. I'm a Gemini and INFJ, heterosexual female. Preferred fandoms are Harry Potter and Downton Abbey! :) thank youuuuu <3

my first thought was percy weasley??? (god.) 

we already know he has a soft spot for ravenclaws, first of all. he would want to talk to you all the time about what you were reading and give you book recs. he probably writes too but is too awkward to EVER let you read any of it, so you just sit in the same room writing together but never letting each other read it?? you would attempt to go on idyllic romantic walks together but get into really bizarre arguments re: your perceptions of history (he’s probably a little more conservative). 

aaaaand you met when you were both interning at the daily prophet (which isn’t canon but your version of percy was briefly interested in journalism ok)