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Hey!Today I met the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.But her parents were near her so we could only talk for 30s (and because we stared at each other way to long before we talked)...I never believed in love at first sight but she is...we had no chance to change numbers.I don't even know her name! How can I find her?Would it be weird if I would pin "Please help me find her"-posters all over the city? Or should I go back to where we met and hope she felt the same and turns up to? Please help me!

aawhh fuck.. yeah maybe do thatq go to the place where you both met. I hope you 2 will meet again :)

Black telepathy ; when a white person does something unusual in public, and you look at another black person you've never met before and you both already know what's up.

I am probably going to regret saying this…

but in light of all the nastiness against those “making it about Larry,” I would like to respectfully point out that when a long time partner’s parent dies, you are intimately, intricately involved. you are their support system. you are their sounding board. you are the person who holds them when they cry. you are the person who tries to take care of everything so that your partner can spend time grieving with their family. and if you knew your partner’s parent well, you are also grieving for them too.

commenting about Harry looking sad, isn’t making this about Larry. it’s acknowledging that hey, it’s probably pretty shitty for Harry too. he’s devastated for Jay’s loss, and for Louis’ loss, and is doing everything he can to be a support to the family and to his partner. that isn’t “making it about Larry” that is acknowledging the emotional burden that a partner willingly takes on when something horrible like this happens.


I cannot, for the life of me remember who submitted this idea to me, so if you’re out there…this one’s for you!

Disclaimer: I do not hate Leta (I don’t even know her) I’m just using the concept of this character and what we know about her to create some fun conflict. Tbh because she’s played by Zoe Kravitz I’ll probably end up loving her.

P.S. This was too long to do as a one shot so here is Part 1 out of 2 or 3

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Falling in love with your childhood best friend was an absolute dream come true.

You and Newt had met at Hogwarts after you both had been sorted into Hufflepuff together, and hit it off instantly.

You did pretty much everything together. You had all the same classes, studied together all the time, and generally never left each other’s side.

So of course, you started to fall for him, and call you crazy, but you were pretty sure he was falling for you too. Everything just felt so natural between the two of you, it didn’t even matter what anyone else at school thought of you. You had each other, and that was all either of you wanted.

It was perfect, wasn’t it?

But of course, nothing stays perfect like that forever.

At the beginning of your third year at Hogwarts, is when a woman by the name of Leta Lestrange walked into your life, and ruined everything.

Newt was instantly head over heels in love with her, and it absolutely killed you.

He stopped coming to your daily study sessions, and spent all his time following the Lestrange girl around at her heels. She developed an interest in magical creatures just to wind him around her finger even more, effectively knocking you out of the picture.

She was an absolute witch to him, yet you were the only one who could see it.

So when she ultimately accidentally got him thrown out of Hogwarts, you were furious.

You had to finish the rest of your magic training alone, and it was absolutely miserable.

Your finished school with mediocre grades, and got a job working at the Ministry, where you eventually found each other again.

So one book, many kisses, and three years later, here you were, falling in love all over again.

And it was perfect again.

So it only seemed appropriate that the woman who ruined that the first time, would walk right back into your lives and do it again.


You and Newt were cuddling on the couch in his flat, doing nothing but looking into each other’s eyes, and kissing each other’s hands playfully. There were two untouched glasses of red wine on the coffee table, and the sound of rain resonated outside.

“I really need to check on my creatures” he said between kisses, lips pressed to your knuckles.

“Why don’t you stay just a few more minutes” your gaze lingered on his face, studying his intense amount of adorable freckles.

“No, we’ll end up sitting here for hours…” You felt him start to rise, but you grabbed the arm of the couch, and held onto his tie, keeping him sat on the couch.

“You’re not going anywhere” you whispered, and leaned down, planting kisses along his jaw.

“(Y/N)…” he groaned, giving into the heat, when all of a sudden…

There was a knock at the door.

Both your heads perked up, wondering who the hell it could be at this hour.

Sure you were use to random reporters from The Daily Prophet at the door, wanting to get a word from your boyfriend, but at 11:30 at night?

“Who the bloody hell could that be” you complained, but Newt swung your legs off of his lap, and stood up. You pouted, grabbing your wine glass and following him to the door.

He waited for you to appear at his side, before he twisted the handle, and swung the door open, revealing the last person you’d expect to see.

“Leta?” Newt breathed, in complete shock and confusion.

You never thought you would have to see her again, yet here she was. The beautiful, Leta Lestrange, stood in your doorway with a suitcase, soaked to the skin.

The glass slipped from your hands and shattered on the wooden floor.

They both stared at you, as you try to comprehend what’s happening.

You blinked furiously, bringing yourself back to reality.

“I am so terribly sorry!” you exclaimed, face turning beat red from embarrassment.

“You just…surprised me, that’s all. I’ll go get a dustpan to clean this up” you backed up from the scene, and raced to the kitchen.

What the hell was she doing here.

“Newt…I didn’t know where else to go” you heard her helplessly wail, and you rolled your eyes.

You bent down to get the dustpan from under the sink, wondering if he even owned the blasted thing.

“I can’t believe I was so foolish to believe I could trust Igglehart… My business completely fell through! I lost my job, my house, my friends…I’m ruined!” You laughed to yourself.

So karma really does come through.

“I heard you lived in the city, and I just knew I had to come find you. I was wondering if I could stay here with you?” You were ready to hear Newt absolutely shoot her down, humiliating her for even stepping foot in this building.

But of course he wouldn’t do that.

“Oh…Leta I-I don’t know”

“Oh Newt, it will only be for a few nights. Just until I’m back on my feet.” She practically begged.

“Then I guess…I guess it’s fine just for a few nights”

“What?!” you cried, shooting your head up only to be met with the ceiling of the cupboard.

You cried, and rubbed your bruised skull in regret.

You pulled yourself out from under the sink, observing the scene.

Leta had launched herself at your boyfriend, engulfing him in a hug.

You swore he was about to wrap his arms around her, before you called out and got his attention.

“Newt!” you hissed, calling him to the kitchen. He furrowed his eyebrows, but followed you.

He entered the room, and gave you a confused look.

“What is it, love?” he, much too innocently, asked.

“You cannot let this…this monster back into our lives! Much less share a roof with her!”

He looked suddenly taken aback, and frowned.

“(Y/N), how can you say that? She was my best friend from school…you’re telling me I must throw her onto the streets?” You cringed, hearing those words come from your boyfriend’s mouth, but bit back your pride and scowled.

“That would be ideal, yes”

“You know I can’t do that! This is my home, and I have the right to open it up to anyone I please.”

You opened your mouth to say something, but was interrupted by shout from the living room.

“Is this wine?!” Leta called, already taking several sips from Newt’s glass. Your scowl deepened.

“Newt, this woman is nothing but trouble! She had you expelled, hell, you were in LOVE with her! Are none of these excuses valid enough?” you whispered sharply, half out of rage and half out of immense fear. You were so terrified that because Leta was back, Newt’s feeling for her would resurface, and you would be cut out from the picture again.

Newt shrunk away from your sudden outburst.

“I admit that what she did in the past was wrong, but can I not give her a chance to redeem herself? We’re all different than when we were in school.”

You couldn’t help but notice he dodged your second statement, making your heart ache a little.

“I don’t know Newt…” you mumbled, staring at your hands.

Sensing your unease, he reached down to your fingers and kissed your knuckles in a sweet, familiar fashion. Your stomach was filled with butterflies. How could you say no to him?

“Fine…only because I trust you” you say with unwavering confidence. Newt would never act upon Leta, you were 100% sure. Newt’s not the boy he use to be.

He released the breath he was holding, and pressed a grateful kiss to your cheek.

“Thank you (Y/N)” he smiled, and raced back into the living room to help Leta with her things.

You watched him talking to Leta, and your smile fell to the floor.

And suddenly you were back in Hogwarts. You were sitting alone in the library, watching as Leta took everything from you all over again.

You were beginning to regret ever opening that damned door.

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Warnings: mentions of abuse and a semi fluffy Jerome ❤️

A/N: absolutely loved this request and enjoyed writing this! Sorry I’m so fucking late. So I hope you enjoy this! Oh yeah, AND PEEP MY JUSTICE LEAGUE REFERENCE ITS LIT. I SAW THE TRAILER AND WAS LIKE CAN EVERYONE FUCK ME


You and Jerome had an interesting relationship to say the least and saying that you loved him seemed like an oversimplification. You were the prime example for innocence. Your eyes were so warm and welcoming, you couldn’t hurt a fly. Living to love was your outlook on the world even though its such a terrible world the human race lives in. A normal human would potentially look at you sideways when you tell them that you’re in a relationship with Gotham’s most terrifying criminals, but you didn’t care. He wasn’t always the psycho murder when you both met, or at least you liked to believe so.

You two met a while ago and he was different. Its not necessarily a bad thing because you love him through everything, but you could definitely say that you saw him shift into the person he is today.

You ran as far as you possibly could away from the place you called home. Your father came home the definition of drunk, he had been doing this a lot recently because he got laid off from his job and the pay was cut. So, he thought drinking would help him take his mind off of things. You father turned into a completely different man when he had a few drinks in his system. He turned into a monster and you got to see it first hand.

There was only one place where you always went to clear your mind and it was a quite and secluded spot behind the carnival. You sat in the same spot everyday with a thousand thoughts running through your mind until a kind voice startled you.

“Are you lost?” You turned around to see a very attractive ginger that looked around your age. His demeanor seemed like he was going to do no harm, it even seemed, sad.

Your thoughts were quickly stopped when you felt a cold hand run up your leg and slowly make its way to the small of your back. Your head was rested on your boyfriend’s chest listening to his heartbeat that had a steady rhythm.

“J?” You looked up at him and saw that his eyes had been closed but he was awake because you felt him tracing small patterns on your back. “Do you remember out first kiss?” You asked with a small smile on your lips. “I was so nervous and-”

“And you wouldn’t stop running that precious little mouth of yours? Yeah, I remember.” Jerome chuckled as he remembered the look on your face when he kissed you for the first time. You were nervous so you wouldn’t stop talking and he politely said shut up with a kiss. There was a small moment of silence until you broke it.

“Why do you put up with me?” You asked in a small voice. He knew what you were asking, ‘why did he care for you?’ So many thoughts ran through his mind. So many things he wanted to say but he just couldn’t find it within him to say. You’ve been with him before he lost his mind and even now with his face not being as perfect as it was before. You could say he cares about you because you care about him.

“What are you the GCPD tonight?” He said and you playfully rolled your eyes. “I uh, I guess you’re pretty okay at not ditching me, even after I die. And you look pretty hot when you wear my shirts.” He shrugged and you smiled widely then giggled. Jerome looked at you weird.

“What’s funny?”

“I love you too, Jerome.” You smiled and kissed his bare chest.

Bf! Jongdae

  • Jongdae is such a blessing in your life
  • Although he can be such a pain in the ass sometimes but you still love him cuz come on its Jongdae
  • You both met at a mutual friend’s party
  • He kept on looking at you and you honestly felt a little uncomfortable but then again he had also caught your eye as soon as he walked into the room
  • He was the life of the party, laughing, drinking and throwing a wink or two at the girls who were fawning over him
  • Of course, you being you rolled your eyes whenever a girl would talk about him and it became evident to Jongdae that you weren’t interested, which just made him want you even more
  • So he walked towards your direction and you pretended to ignore him but he sat next to you and smiled in his usual adorable way
  • “You look really pretty tonight” he said and you laughed at him, knowing exactly what he was up to. He was going to smooth talk you and then try to get it with you only to leave you in the morning
  • He had that unpredictable aura about him
  • But after a few hours until you both were laughing at one of his jokes, you both stopped and looked at each other
  • “Can I have your number?” He asked. You didn’t even hesitate to add your number in his phone. A moment ago you wanted to avoid this boy but now you were willing to meet him again
  • The next day the very first thing Chen did was to ask you out on a date. It surprised you how he even remembered you considering the fact that he didn’t look trustworthy at all
  • Your first date with Chen was basically hanging around in shops and eating ice cream. He looked so ethereal and beautiful in the broad daylight. He had a goofy grin the whole time around you
  • You loved how he was so casual about everything and not making this date a big deal. But Chen on the inside was screaming and dying but he kept it cool on the outside
  • He wanted to act as gentlemanly towards you as possible but little did he realise that you were falling for him with every second passing by
  • Even now, months later, your love for Jongdae keeps growing
  • He’s always checking up on you, calling you and facetiming you
  • Especially when he’s gone on a tour he makes sure to at least text you
  • One time he facetimed you and he was shirtless and you threw away your phone asking him to put some clothes on
  • He’s always insisting for you to move in with him but you’re always scared that you both might be moving too fast
  • And Jongdae can be immature at times
  • He loves pulling pranks on you
  • And he loves it even more when you retaliate
  • He loves making fun of you and whenever he catches you doing something funny, he makes sure to remind you of it every single day
  • Like that one time you were dancing around the kitchen while baking and he made a video of it and kept on sending it to you and teasing you
  • Its all too much sometimes but you know that Jongdae is like that
  • He likes to have fun and have a nice time with you and no one can stop him
  • You both being together consists of him laughing his ass off at you and then hugging you tightly when you get mad
  • But Jongdae is a really sensitive person too
  • He’s really scared of losing you
  • Like one time he called you in the middle of the night
  • “Y/N Do you like like me?”
  • “What?”
  • “Like are you with me like friends or like are we an actual thing?”
  • “Jongdae we’ve been going out for a year now”
  • “But stilllll”
  • He told you he loves you really early in the relationship and it freaked you out a little bit but he was so small and nervous and you wanted to protect him
  • Jongdae is really protective of you
  • Like he doesn’t mind you having guy friends but he’s still a bit conscience about it
  • And he gets jealous really easily
  • Like you’d just be having a friendly banter with a guy and he’d be like????? hey buddy she mine
  • But he’ll get really quiet if you give more attention to someone else especially if he’s there
  • And then you’ll ask him whats wrong and he’ll get all pissed off about it
  • And then he makes you hug him because he’s such a baby sometimes smh
  • Whenever he’s having a bad day he gets really quiet and only wants you to hug him without asking him any questions
  • But when you’re having a bad day he does all sorts of funny things to soar your mood
  • Jongdae does really weird things to catch your attention
  • Like you’d be doing your work, really busy and stressed and he’s kneel in front of you and wiggle his butt
  • And you’d be like Jongdae fuck off and he’d just pout and tell you that you love him
  • He doesn’t like seeing you stressed and does various things to ease you, like watching a movie or ordering food and just chilling with you
  • The good thing about him is how well he deals with your mood swings and doesnt get annoyed when you yell at him, especially when you’re on your period
  • You want to chill with him sometimes, doing nothing but your boyfriend is always hyper and always wants to do something 
  • But he doesn’t mind having a day in and just rewatching all your favourite shows
  • Jongdae and you have so many inside jokes and you both would be at a get together and he’d just whisper something funny in your ear
  • He genuinely wants to impress you with every chance he gets and always looks for a reaction out of you whenever he makes a joke
  • Sex with Jongdae is like a dream come true (pun intended)
  • Like he’s so gentle with you but rough at the same time
  • He tries to make you feel comfortable and he’s so passionate about it
  • Like you can feel that he wants you and genuinely cares about you and its fiery as hell and amazing like heaven and he loves the fact that only he can make you feel this way
  • He likes touching you when there’s peeople around cuz he likes being a little shit
  • And you look angrily at him and he only pouts and winks at you
  • He loves being in control but goes crazy when he sees you all confident and bold and ready to take him on
  • When he first met your parents he was so nervous and you could see sweat slipping from his forehead
  • His legs were shaking the whole time while talking to your dad and your mom was fawning over how handsome he was
  • Jongdae and you rarely fight but when you do, Jongdae tries to sort it out and compromise. But its mostly just gentle teasing and innocent reprimands
  • Jongdae fell in love with you the day he saw you at the party
  • And you’re glad he asked for your number because you can’t imagine your life without him
Falling For You... Literally ~Newt Scamander Imagine~

A/N: I am legit Newt Scamander trash. I love him so much.

Summary: You were always clumsy. When you were helping Newt on taking care of his creatures, you fall and he comes in and saves you. When the creatures see this, they push you two to get together. 

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Your P.O.V

You went inside Newt’s suitcase to see if he needed help. You found him feeding some of the creatures making you smile. 

“Hey, Newt,” You said. Newt turned around and smiled. His coat was off and his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows. 

“H-Hey, Y/N,” He stuttered. Newt had a crush on you since you both met at Hogwarts. Despite you were a Slytherin and he was a Hufflepuff, you both shocked people on how great you two got along. You would defend him when he got bullied and he would encourage you when you studied for a hard test.

“I was wondering if you needed help,” You tell him.

“Oh, uh, yes. Can you see if Niffler is in his room? He likes to steal shiny things,” Newt said. 

“Of course.”

You walked over to the little creature’s “room” and found him with a bunch of shiny things. 

“Niffler,” you chuckled shaking your head a bit. The small creature smiled at you as you took a few steps back to get out. Being the clumsy you, you fall back. You expected to hit the floor with a big hit, but instead, you feel a pair of arms. You look up and see Newt standing there, holding you.

“Thanks for catching me,” You tell him. 

“N-No problem. You’re always so clumsy,” He smiled. 

“Shut up,” You mutter. He helps you up and you look up at him. 

“Is Niffler in there?” He asked. 


You feel a little push behind you making you fall into Newt’s arms. His arms quickly wrap around you and your hands hold onto his forearm. You look behind you and saw the Demiguise quickly disappear for a moment. 

You look up to say thank you again to Newt only to see his lips were close to yours. You both stare at each other for a bit. Your heart was pounding really fast and you blush a little.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked softly. You nodded and he slowly put his lips on yours. You kiss back and let your arms wrap around his neck then to his shoulder. 

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You both pull away a bit and look into each other’s eyes. 

“Looks like I fell for you huh?” You say. 

“Y/N, I’ve always had a crush on you since we meet in Hogwarts,” Newt admitted. 

“I’ve always had a crush on you since the mating call,” You joked. He blushed and smiled. 

“I liked you since we meet as well,” You tell him as you smoothed your fingers on the back of his head. 

“Will you be my girlfriend?” Newt asks you. You were still in the embrace and you smiled at him. 

“Of course, Newt.”

“Can I kiss you again?” He asked. 

“You don’t need to ask anymore,” You tell him before pulling him into another kiss.

A/N: I have a bunch of Newt Scamander feels right now okay! So I might spam you people with Newt stuff.

Matchmaker (Sidney Crosby)

Masterlist  Part 2

Word Count: 1129

Team: Pittsburgh Penguins

Warning/s: mild swearing

Request:  Hi! Could you write about a new friend trying to set you up with one of their old friends and the old friend turns out to be a hockey player? You can pick the player ☺

A/n: There you go, Anon. I got more written so, Part 2 anyone?

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The name of your best friend is Kris Letang. Yes, the Kris Letang. You had met when you were both thirteen, becoming fast friends. He had been one of the only people that you had missed when your family had moved to Pittsburgh. Shortly after you turned seventeen. But after Kris got called up to the Pens, you soon rekindled your friendship.

Kris and you both grew up. He was now happy with his wonderful wife, your godson and his puppy. Which would’ve been great if his biggest hobby after hockey wasn’t trying to find your perfect match.
Every time he introduced you to new people, he had some kind of plan. Usually, the people he introduced you to were single, that’s why you had felt a strange kind of safety when he had introduced you to Evgeni Malkin and his fiancee Anna. But you should have known better.

There you were, in the Malkin house, carrying Nikita around while Anna was setting plates on the table. It was supposed to be a quiet dinner with your new friends. Kris and Cath wanted to come around too. And Sidney.
Kris had seemed to FORGOTTEN to tell you about it, as Evgeni said it.

“Honey, Kris won’t come. They are staying home because Alex sick.”, Geno announced as he walked into the kitchen, putting his phone on the table.

“Oh, then it’s just us and Sid. I’m just glad they called before the food was ready. Or we would be eating Pasta for a week.”, Anna smiled.

You shot Geno a questioning look, brows furrowed. Something was off. This was starting to sound a lot like a Tanger induced coincidence.  
Cath had actually told you that Alex wasn’t sick anymore, just days before. The Russian didn’t seem to have expected your look. Geno felt like he was caught cheating on a school test. Without noticing he drove his hand through his hair and blushed slightly, a crooked smile on his face.

Oh shit.

“I’m so going to-”, you started but then remembered that you were still in the same room as baby Nikita.

“I will become Tanger’s worst nightmare.”, you groaned.

“Oh, he was right. You good at figuring out.”, Geno laughed before he took the baby from you.

“Excuse me for a second. I need to make a call.”

“Hello?”, Kris asked into the phone. You had called with a withheld number so he couldn’t ignore you.

“Hey, Kris. Is Alex in the room?”, you asked, your voice as sweet as possible.

Too sweet. In the years that you had learned to look through his plans, he had learned to look through yours. He knew his fate already.

“No?”, he answered carefully.

“Good. Are you fucking kidding me? Again?”, you burst out, keeping your voice low.

“Uhm, yes. But listen-”

“No! You promised! You promised to never try to set me up again after that last disaster.”, you reminded him.

“But this one is a really good match. I just didn’t consider it before but if I had I probably would’ve made this plan sooner. I promise.”

“No offense but I really don’t trust your promises right now.”, you sighed.

“But this time I really mean it. You have a lot of stuff in common, trust me. You’re both ambitious workaholics with a weird sense of humor. You like the same music and remember when you made me watch that movie you love and I told you I had the feeling I had watched it before? I watched it with Sid, I just forgot.”

“Yeah, probably because you asshole didn’t even understand the movie.”

“It was confusing okay? But that doesn’t matter right now. Come on, just this dinner. You won’t even be alone. Geno and Anna are there.”

“Why them? I mean why introduce me to those two if you could’ve done this at your home?”

“I figured it would be great to introduce you to his best friend first? Who is trying to set him up with someone since… they met?”, he explained like every part of his plan was logical and obvious.

“Wait. Are you telling me that the two of you planned this together from the start? Is that why we’re gonna eat my favorite food?”

“We did but actually it’s Sid’s favorite food.”, he chuckled.

“Sometime’s I hate you, Tanger.”, you sighed.

“No, you love me. We’re partners in crime, remember? It’s just dinner. It’s not like we planned your wedding”, he said before he fell silent. 

“Although Anna had a few ideas about that. And Alex could be the ring boy and Nikita would be old enough and-”, Kris started to tease. 

“Tanger! Shut up, please!”, you said with a slight blush, relieved he couldn’t see you over the phone.

“Just do it. For me?”, he whined. You laughed at the change in his voice. The picture of him pouting on the other line was enough to make you crack.

“Fine. But you owe me if this doesn’t work out.”

“Oh yeah and he doesn’t know, so don’t mention anything.”

“There you are. I was starting to worry about Kris’s safety.”, Anna joked when you returned to the kitchen.

You gave her a soft smile, while you tugged a streak of your hair behind your ear, peaking over her shoulder.

“Are you sure that I can’t help you with anything?”, you asked for the third time that evening.

“It’s fine, really.”, she replied, finishing off the food. 

You couldn’t help but smile at her. She was such a nice person, you were happy that Kris’s plan had included her. You stayed with her at the counter, your back facing the doorway.

Sidney had just entered the house when Geno spilled the beans about the visitor that he didn’t know about.

“Yeah, Kris couldn’t come because of Alex. So it’s just us four and Nikita.”, he grinned. 

Sid’s eyes shot up to Evgeni’s, his brows furrowed like he was confused.

“Four?”, he questioned.

“Oh, did I forgot to tell you? We have another friend over.”

As they entered the doorway, Sid spotted Anna and you in front of the counter, immediately turning back to Geno.

“Again?”, he asked.

“Relax. That’s Y/n.”

“Y/n, as in Kris’s best friend? Wait, did the two of you plan this?”

“It was his idea. But she doesn’t know, so don’t mention anything.”

“Geno, wait-”, Sid started but he was cut off by Malkin walking into the room to announce that he had arrived.

Boyfriend Haechan

Lmao haechan didn’t like you

-when ever asked about you


haechan didnt like your presence
worst thing was

you always had to see him
because mark as your cousin
An your parents wanted you to be a model and dancer

so here you are working hard
When haechan first saw you he knew you were related to mark

i can feel it
So moving on
He had to help you

“i want to kill my self”
“Shut up I’m suffering as much as you are”
You actually had a crush on Winwin
“Isnt he amazing?”

“Y/n you’re an idiot”
You and Haechan grew close
But he still hated you

Y/n-ssi stop thinking about si cheng and focus.
“I can’t i just really like him”

And bam his crush on you was crushed
Haechan actually liked you

Since you both met
But he also hated you

He became cold towards
After your debut
He never spoke to you again
“What’s wrong?”

“None of your business”
So then you visited Mark after promotions
And as soon as Haechan saw

You his ass was out the door lmao
You didn’t cry you just felt hurt

“Hey, Mark..Why does he hate me?”
And mark just laughed

Like thx u idiot for making me feel great

Okay dude chill.
“He actually likes you. Why are you so oblivious?”

Because im related to you

So then you chased haechan

And then you found him talking to Si cheng
“Oh my god Si cheng looks so cute today”

And then you saw haechan and you ran to him

Both Winwin and Haechan looked at you
“Lee Donghyuck”

He had a questionable look

“I..Like you”
And then you felt to your knees
“You do?”

And winwin is just there confused af
He smiled as he said something to Winwin

“Mark told you didn’t he?”

He sighed as he looked at you happy.

You walked towards him as you kissed him Lmao winwin was just standing there awkward

“Hey y/n..Do you think we can do it again?” “You need to explain first” “Mark already did”

“Don’t sass me”

“I will and i can”

I hate you

Then why did you kiss me ?

Because you like me and i like you

He smiled “Go out with me” “Are you deman-”

“Then i guess it’s a yes” “I didn’t-”

Lmao both of you were trouble makers.

No one ever messed with you The dream team actually likes you But

because you were with haechan they barely saw you Jeno was like your brother But when

he saw you were dating haechan His ass was out the door

Lmao not being a victim during yaga time

Haechan actually always takes care of you

Even if he is cold sometimes

But when ever someone hurts you

He makes hell

One time jisung came

“Hyung are you taking Y/n out for ice cream?”


He just laughed nervously

“You see we were playing and she fell”

Haechan drops what he is doing.

“And she is bruised”

Haechan stares at him while

The Coconut head runs to his other hyungs to be saved


And then he sees you on the ground looking at the bruise

“Oh my god- are you okay? Do you need anything? Can i kill Jisung?”

You just laughed at how dramatic he is

“Im okay”

And one time Taeil took you

To the supermarket with him

And Haechan thought you were kidnapped

“Call thE POLICE”

In public he doesn’t hold your hand

He puts his arm around you instead.

He loves doing Aegyo is public

One time you and Haechan wanted a game

And you saw Taeyong walking in

By the way you were both looking at him

He knew what you were planning and he was like

“Fuck this shit im out”

And then Johnny. Johnny is your favorite

Because he is always spoiling both of you

He comes in smiling like “ :D ” and you both

Look at him and go from “ =_=|| to :))))”

Taeil is also good at handling you both

But Haechan still salty about the super market thing


Dont get me started with Mark

He is so over protective

Like he doesn’t like it when youre alone with


He is a third wheel

“We are going to the mall”

“Me and Jaemin are going with you”

“We are?”

“Of course we are”

And then the both of you start making noises.

Haechan is like a fucking Ninja

He can sense when you’re down

Like you could be crying and he burst trough

The door asking a million questions

Overall Haechan gets jealous ALL the time

But he pretends he doesn’t

During Christmas he sang “With out U” in front of everyone at the mall

Which ended up in Both of you being chased by Fangirls.

You really love haechan a lot

And he loves you a lot too

Bf! Yixing

  • Lay confused you so much sometimes
  • Like was he just appealingly adorable or just sinfully sexy?
  • You both met in China at a coffee shop
  • You were waiting for a date that never showed up, just looking at your phone from time to time and then sighing when the person coming in wasn’t him and then He came in, wearing a baby blue button down and black skinny jeans 
  • He caught your eye as soon as he stepped in, hoping that he was your blind date
  • But of course it wasn’t him because he walked to the counter and hastily ordered something
  • He felt someone looking at him and there you were, ogling at him, totally checking him out from head to toe
  • He softly smiled at you and you snapped from your day dream and looked at him all surprised 
  • He let out a small laugh and gratefully took the coffee
  • For a while he just stood there, contemplating whether he should sit next to you or just leave
  • He was scared that you might just be one of his fans but being Lay he followed his heart and walked towards your table
  • You almost choked on your tea as he looked down on you
  • “Can I sit here?” You wanted to cry and run away but instead you nodded and let the boy take a seat in front of you
  • “You’re not my blind date right?” You asked out of curiosity because he just came and sat next to you without any hesitation
  • “Oh, no…do you have a blind date”
  • And then you went on a long rant on how your friend set you up with this guy you weren’t interested in one bit and he listened to your rant before you realised that you were talking to a complete stranger about your love life
  • “So how did you start listening to our songs?” He asked and you stared at him, baffled 
  • “Songs? What songs?” You didn’t know that he was in a musical group called exo and he just scoffed when you to,d him you hadn’t a clue what he was talking about but then he realised you actually had no idea who he was
  • He looked so happy, like he was genuinely smiling and you had no idea why
  • This guy was completely bonkers but was still so cute so you both exchanged your numbers and he was the only thing on your mind from that point onwards
  • You made sure that the next time you met, you had seen all of exo’s videos and stuff so you didn’t embarrass yourself again
  • He texted you to meet him before he leaves for Korea and he told you that he wants you to be his girlfriend
  • He was so shy about it but it concerned you because how was he asking you to date him when you only met him a week ago?
  • But he said that he was happy that you didn’t know who he was because you were genuinely interested in his regardless of him being famous
  • Yixing texted you every day and kept you updated on his daily tasks. It was like dating your phone because he was always on there
  • You both would text each other till late at night before you tell him to go to sleep but he’s like nooooooo and you’re like ZHANG YIXING GET YOUR ASS TO BED
  • The boys mostly tease you both as he facetimes you, them really eager to see you and yixing kicking them off the bed, annoyed
  • When yixing did see you after many months he hugged you so tight and spent the whole time with you
  • He’s quite shameless as he goes around telling the world that you’re his girlfriend 
  • You both enjoy each other’s presence so much
  • He’s so caring like he tries to make you feel comfortable with every chance he can 
  • “Here have another pillow” “are you sure you’re not thirsty?” “sit on my lap, its more comfortable”
  • he’s too much at times and you feel irritated by him constantly looking out for you
  • But him being next to you makes you feel so important and loved and cared for
  • He loves taking you out on cute dates, like holding your hand and fixing your hair and laughing at you being silly
  • He would stare at you when no one was looking 
  • His phone gallery is filled with you two being one of those aesthetic couples
  • He’s always so supportive of you like he’s always like “GO Y/N” and you’re like “tone it down Yixing”
  • Loves back hugging you because he finds you smol and cuddly and loves inhaling your scent
  • He also loves stroking your hair when you rest your head on his lap and mindlessly playing with your hair when watching a movie
  • The best thing about him is that no matter how busy he is he’s always there for you when you’re having a bad day
  • And his hugs make you feel better and he knows it very well
  • Moving in with Yixing was one of the best decisions you had ever made 
  • You both were more comfortable in your relationship and coming home to Yixing was like a dream come true
  • Yixing can be weird af sometimes
  • Like he can say the most random things and you’d be like wtf
  • And he’d often zone out of conversations and you’d have to snap him back into reality
  • He’s so extra sometimes, just too impress you
  • Like that one time you both went to the gym and he started lifting heavy af weights to impress you but ended up pulling a muscle in his leg  and crying about it
  • You have to protect this child sometimes because he can get lost easily
  • Highkey freaks out when he loses you in a shop like a lost kid and then almost cries when he’s sees you in the shoes aisle and hugs you tight
  • “i THOUGHT i HAD LOST u”
  • Pouty when you don’t kiss him back or hug him
  • He mostly follows you around in gatherings or parties and likes having you by his side
  • He holds you by the waist very close to him so that the people can know that you’re his
  • Rarely gets jealous but when he does he becomes really closed off and mean 
  • “But you were talking to him like HE’S your boyfriend”
  • “Why don’t you ask the guy you were laughing with”
  • Lowkey petty af
  • You both fight sometimes on the smallest things but Yixing doesn’t hold it against you for a long time and sometime during the night curls up next to you because he needs his warmth 
  • Yixing is hella rough in bed like he needs you to know that he wants you
  • But then when he’s sleeping he looks like a baby bunny and you’re like is this the same person two hours ago???
  • So confusing smh
  • But there is one thing you’re dead sure of
  • Yixing was yours and you were so deeply in love with him nd that you weren’t gonna leave him for a good while
You know what I think is hilarious

The constant shade being thrown between Onision and Ronnie Radke..

I mean, both men are about 30 or close.

Both men, have a child that is basically the same age as the other.

Both men, have almost exact reasons why majority of the internet hates them.

Both men, are friends with Andy Biersack.

And both men, absolutely hate eachother.

I’m sorry but that’s funny as hell

James (One-Shot)

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Anon requested: 40′s Bucky and Steve (nobody died in war) and reader & Bucky have known each other since they were kids and now they’re married. Peggy, Steve and Bucky founded the SSR and reader is a nurse (best in the field). JUST FLUFF! PREGNANCY! WOO!

A/N: yeah hi sorry the name is that simple I’m lazy and couldn’t think of anything else. Sue me.

Word count: 2404 (whoops)

Warnings: none (light swearing, some violence)

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The Slytherin Prince

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This is the first request so I hope you enjoy it!

‘Hello! Could you please write a long imagine where i am in Slytherin (and my parents are deatheaters but no one knows that), i am also something like lets call it the Slytherin princess and also Draco has feelings for me and stuff like that’

Summary: You and Draco have been best friends for as long as you can remember. One day in the common room you are trying to guess who his secret crush is.

It was a hot, summer day and you were sitting near the lake with your best friend Draco. He was resting on a large rock, playing his guitar while you skipped rocks and listened to the soft music that he was producing.


You had been friends with Draco since you were really little. You met because both Draco and your parents were death eaters, although Draco was the only person who knew this. While your parents were at a meeting in the Malfoy Manor, you were upstairs playing with Draco, waiting for the meeting to finish. When you both came to Hogwarts you were already best friends, like brother and sister. You were both sorted in to Slytherin and soon became known as the Slytherin Prince and Princess, even though you were not together. The nickname has kind of derived from when we you were little as Draco used to call you ‘Princess (y/n) all the time, and still sometimes does. You have had feelings for Draco for about a year now, but don’t want to tell him, in fear of messing up your friendship. The thing is, Draco has been acting slightly odd lately and you’re not sure why.


You had been sitting on the rock for about an hour and half already and you were desperately searching for a stone, within arms reach, that you could skip across the lake. You finally found one and threw it in to the lake. Instead of skipping it just plopped and sunk straight to the bottom. The sound had made Draco look up.

“Is something up Princess?” He asked softly, placing his guitar to the side.

“I’m bored. Can we go back to the common room?” you whined, trying to convince him to take your side.

“Yeah, of course. My fingers were starting to get sore anyway.” He smiled and then stood up, grabbing his guitar. 

You stood up and then walked to his side, linking your arm with his, before heading up towards the castle. As you were walking down the corridors you passed Pansy Parkinson.

“Hi Draco.” she said with a giggle, trying to be flirty but failing miserably, “Did you want to join me? I was just heading towards the kitchens to get a snack.”

“Uh…no thanks. I’m not hungry anyway…um…thanks…though…uh…bye” Draco smiled awkwardly as Pansy and began to walk away. You looked over your shoulder and saw Pansy glaring at you. You smiled back as sweetly as you could, just to annoy her. It worked too because she looked at Draco one last time before turning away in a huff and storming towards the kitchens. You smirked, mission accomplished.

“Oh my god, that was so awkward!” You said giggling.

“Uh huh, tell me about it. She thinks she actually has a chance? I mean look at me and then look at pug-face, uh I mean Pansy. I’m kidding but still, I would never, ever go out with her. She’s…uh…not my type?” He’s said. He seemed different, he didn’t used to act so cocky. It is really weird how much he had changed in the past few weeks, as if he was trying to impress someone, but who?

“Oh, so you have a type now? Well then what is the Slytherin Prince’s type?” you asked with genuine interest. You were trying so hard to figure out who the person that Draco was trying to to impress was.

“Well, that’s not really what I meant, I don’t have a specific type as such. But, I guess, loyal, funny, smart, courageous, pure-blood,” At this comment you looked up in confusion, because you knew that Draco did not care about people’s blood statuses, but then you realised that you were at the entrance to your common room and pure-blood was the password not a trait. “Trustworthy, devious, and, well I guess it wouldn’t hurt if their face didn’t resemble a pug.” He smiled down at you after he said the last thing and you noticed that he was blushing. If fact you noticed that he had started blushing about halfway through his list. Something was definitely up, and you were going to find out what it was.

You both sat down on the couch in the common room and were just sitting in silence for a while, it wasn’t an awkward silence though, it was a nice silence. The only reason you weren’t talking was because you were trying to think of a way to casually bring up the mystery girl that you were sure Draco liked.

“So…” you said slowly, he turned to face you in a sign of recognition, “When you were saying the list of traits that were ‘your type’ you were blushing. So, who were you thinking about? Anyone I know?” You smiled, raising your eyebrows at him to try to make him feel uncomfortable. It worked.

“Uh…nobody…well…actually, somebody, but you don’t know them…well you do, more than you think you do…but like you won’t expect it. What I’m trying to say is that if you want to try and guess, you will never guess this person.” He said, starting slowly but then realising that he wasn’t making any sense.

You started to feel jealous of this other girl that Draco liked and you also felt betrayed that Draco hadn’t told you, you were best friends after all.

“Alright then, I’ll guess. I’ll give you 5 names at a time, but first, are they in our year?” You asked, ready to finally know why Draco had been acting weird.

“Okay, and yes they are in our year.” He smiled, knowing that you would never guess who the mystery girl was.

“Okay, Hermione Granger, Pansy Parkinson, Daphne Greengrass, Pavati Patil and Padma Patil.” You smirked starting off easy.

“No, no, no, no and nope” He  smirked. And that is how you continued for the next 15 minutes.


“Um, there are only 3 more girls in our grade, Millicent Bulstrode, Eloise Midgen and Susan Bones, and, just a guess because I’m not judging here, but none of those are it.” You sighed out of frustration.

“No, no and no.” He laughed, knowing that his plan was working and you would not be figuring out his secret crush tonight.

“Ok then, so you are either lying to me or you are gay. Are you gay? Like I said before, I’m not judging, I’m just a bit surpr-”

“I’m not gay.” he cut you off, “And i’m not lying either, there is one more GIRL in our year that you haven’t said yet.” He was still smirking, and to be honest it was starting to annoy you.

“Well, you must be lying because the only other girl in our year is me, and that would be ridic-”

He cut you off again, but this time it was with his lips against yours, and you were not complaining. He pulled away and looked straight in to your eyes.

“You got it, too bad you had to go through the whole year to reach it, I have been waiting too long for that kiss.” He smiled, this time with actually happiness and relief that you didn’t pull away and slap him in the face.”I hope this doesn’t ruin our friendship…I was really worried that if you found out that-”

Now it was your turn to cut him off. You shuffled closer to him on the couch and  kissed him again, this time for longer and much more passionately.

“I have been thinking the exact same thing, about our friendship, I was scared that it would all be messed up if I let my feelings get in the way.” You confessed, looking down into your lap.

“Well, let me tell you, I’m glad we sorted it out because I could get used to this!” He said before pulling you even closer and kissing you once more.


Thank You so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!! This was the first request that I have written so I hope you liked it! Feel free to send in any requests for imagines and edits! Thank you so much for 100 followers, that is amazing!! Thank You again and Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who celebrates it!


Bf! Jongin

  • Jongin was your man and your child
  • Your relationship with him was so peaceful and chill and you felt at home next to him
  • You both met at an animal shelter during the summer programme you had taken aboard
  • You loved dogs and working with them to gain experience seemed like a win win (pun intended) situation
  • And that was when you saw this angel, smiling like an adorable lunatic with the dogs all around him. He looked so cute in his oversized sweater and blue jeans
  • You stared at him for a while before he finally acknowledged your presence
  • Oh you must be Y/N, I want to adopt a dog and the person there told me to talk to you
  • “Oh yea that must be me” you pointed to your badge that said your name, laughing and them fixing your posture knowing that you seemed like a fool
  • Always embarrassing yourself smh
  • But Jongin genuinely laughed with you and then looked at you as if deep in thought
  • Before exiting, he asked if you wanted to hang out sometime, because the little time he had spent with you at the shelter made him want to know more about you
  • He called you the same night, just asking how you were and what you were doing on the weekend
  • Jongin came to see you at the animal shelter the next day as well and to anyone else it might seem creepy but you were head over heels for this boy. Your manager told you to stay away from him cuz he’s famous and all but you couldn’t and you didn’t want to 
  • He was so nervous when you met up with him over the weekend, he was laughing a lot and complementing you with every chance he got. You blushed more that day than you did the whole year
  • Jongin’s hugs are so warm and he always smells so nice. You love them because he totally envelopes you in his warmth and strokes your hair gently
  • He’s such a sweetheart towards you tbh
  • Like holding your hand really softly in case you get hurt and holding your back whenever you’re feeling anxious
  • He makes you feel so warm and fuzzy inside and sometimes you don’t know how to deal with your messy feelings so you just end up kissing him 
  • His kisses are so tender and he holds your so close, like you feel loved and wanted and that’s what he wants you to feel like
  • A few more months into your relationship and you’re so comfortable with him
  • Like there are absolutely no expectations in your relationship and its so chill and slow
  • You’re in love with his dogs and he acts all offended when they like you more than him
  • Kai is so supportive of you and he’s always there when you’re feeling down
  • And he gets really concerned even if there is a slight change in your attitude about something 
  • Like if you leave him on read he legit freaks out and feels like there is something wrong, or when you’re too tired to laugh at one of this jokes, he becomes all sulky and concerned 
  • But he still understands that you have bad days like any one else and tries to comfort you with hug and food
  • You both are one of those aesthetic couples, always hanging out in coffee shops and taking pictures in cute ass clothes
  • You always steal his clothes and he secretly loves it but still scolds you when you do it
  • You’re his lock screen wallpaper and he looks at your pictures when he’s missing you or when he’s away on tour or something
  • You always get good morning and good night texts from him if anything and there’s always so many emojis
  • He can be playful too, like pulling innocent pranks on you. Like trying to scare you with a ‘boo’ and you’re like ‘oh hey jongin’ 
  • Jongin is lowkey a jealous type but when he does see you too close to another guy, he hugs your really tight and pulls you closer
  • And you love that protective side of him because he is always so soft around you, its good to see that side of him once in a while 
  • But Jongin isn’t always cute
  • He can be hella rough if he wants to, especially in bed
  • But then he can also be the bottom and loves it when you’re on top of him, taking control
  • the simplest things turn him on, like playing with your hair, or putting all your hair on one shoulder, or concentrating too hard
  • Then there other things like you sitting on his lap, then making out with him and the kiss getting heated as every second passes by 
  • The best thing about this is that Jongin is yours, and only yours
  • You want to spend your remaining life alongside him, because there is no better home than his arms, and no better scent than his musky one 
  • the end 
Dear John and Sherlock

I know the media world conspires to keep you as bros, and doesn’t allow you to love freely, to kiss each other other silly, to make love instead of hitting the other..
You both met on this fateful day, and not only did it change your lives, it changed mine as well.
I hope some day, some people will be brave enough to portray your love on-screen so that the world knows how pure the love is between the Baker Street boys - Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

Happy anniversary!

The Countess got rid of Donovan long ago. He has nowhere else to go, so after her dumping him, he’s been rooming with Iris.

You couldn’t find James at all this afternoon. You figured he was in his office so you decided to hang out at the bar. That’s the usual thing you do when you’re bored and need human interaction.

You and Donovan just met. The both of you have been having a friendly conversation at the bar getting to know each other. “So how long are you staying here, Y/N?”, he raises his glass to cheers with you.

“Well, I live here now actually. This place speaks to me.” You reply, then you gulped down your whiskey shot with a sour look on your face.

“Are you okay?” Donovan laughs.

“Yeah haha, that didn’t go down as smoothly as I hoped.”  

Donovan looks up behind you. You noticed, so you turn around and you see James walk up to you. James put his hand on your shoulder, then asks, “What is this?” 

”Oh James, this is Don-.” Donovan cuts you off and tells you, “Y/N we know each other. For awhile now, actually,” with a confused look on his face, Donovan asks James, “Why? Who is she to you?” Liz slides Donovan a shot and he takes it, gulping it down. 

“Y/N is my lady. Now, if you’ll excuse us.” James looks quite angry. He was holding his cane and you can see his hand gripping it tight. He puts his arm out for you to hold onto as a signal to follow him. 

“Sorry bro, I had no idea.” Donovan puts both of his hands up as a ‘my bad’ motion. Both Donovan and Liz glance at each other with wide eyes. 

Finally reaching the elevator, James grabs both of your arms. He’s livid. “What was that all about huh?! What did I tell you? You are mine!”

You released your arms from his grip. “I was just having a nice conversation. Geez James, calm down. How do you two know each other anyways?”

“Never mind that! You are going to go to our room so I can punish you. You need to be reminded that no one else can have you!”

You rolled your eyes at James and didn’t say a word. He was obviously overreacting, but that’s the Scorpio in him. But in an odd way, it turned you on a little. 

The elevator dings and the both of you walk to the room you share. You enter first, with James following behind. He slams the door, looks at you and points to the bed. “Take off your clothes and go.”

You bite your lip and flirtatiously ask, “Are you going to punish me with your cane, Mr. March?” 



I'd Walk Through Hell For You: Part 3

Pairing: Bucky x Steve x Reader
Story Summary: You have the ability to manipulate the elements, and an accident ends with you being taken under the wing of none other than Tony Stark. What will happen when you catch the attention of not just one, but two super soldiers?
Word Count: 1,081
Warnings: maybe a few swear words?

Steve and Bucky were gone for quite awhile, and everyone began to worry about them. “FRIDAY, could you please tell us where Captain Rogers and Sergeant Barnes are?” Nat spoke aloud, and a female voice answered her, “They’re in the kitchens, ma'am. I highly suggest you don’t disturb them.” Your eyes met Nat’s and you both stood up quickly. “I don’t know what that means, but it doesn’t sound good.” Wanda spoke as she, too, stood up. Nat headed out of the lounge and towards the kitchen, and you and Wanda followed her quietly. You could hear Steve and Bucky arguing before you even reached the door to the kitchen. “She’s weird, Buck. We don’t know anything about her! How are you even sure she would be a good fit?” Steve shouted, and you felt your stomach drop. “She’s nice, Steve. And she’s not weird, you’re only being an ass about it because I was flirting with her.” Bucky spoke, his tone even. Nat looked back at you over her shoulder, her eyes almost apologetic. “I don’t think this is a good idea. I get a weird vibe from her.. she could be dangerous.” Steve said, his voice slightly softer than it was before. “Just give her a chance.” Bucky pleaded, and that’s when you decided you had heard enough.

You let out a breath, turning and heading towards your room. You heard heavy footsteps in the hall behind you, and then Nat’s voice, “Good job, Rogers. You’ve managed to horribly insult her and she hasn’t even been here for 24 hours yet.” Once you found your room, you closed the door and locked it softly, sniffling a bit. You thought things were going so great.. You got along with Tony for ages before he brought you here.. why couldn’t you get along with everyone else?

You walked over to your bed, sitting on the edge of it gently as you let out a sigh. You raised your hand in front of you, wiggling your fingers rhythmically until a small blue orb appeared in your palm. Water, from the glass on your nightstand. You moved it around the room swiftly, a soft smile on your lips as you did so. Water always soothed you, always made you forget your worries. It was your go-to element. You heard a soft knock at your door, and you immediately dropped your hand, and with it, the water orb fell to the floor. “Y/N?“ You heard Steve’s voice come through the door, and you swallowed hard. “Can I talk to you for a moment?” He asked, and you stood up slowly, walking around the water puddle to get to the door. When you opened it, Steve was leaning against the doorframe, his arms crossed and his hair discheveled as if he had been running his fingers through it. “Yes, Captain Rogers?” You whispered, tugging on your braid. He bit into his lip as his eyes made their way to your face, letting out a small sigh. “May I come in?” He asked softly, and you nodded, opening the door a little more so he could enter. You thought you saw Bucky standing further down the hall, watching you, but you could have just been imagining it.

You shut the door once Steve had entered the room, turning to face him slowly. “There’s a puddle on your floor.” He pointed out, and you nodded, walking towards the bathroom to grab a towel to put over it. “Yeah, I uh, I accidentally spilled my water.” You told him as you came back, patting the carpet with the towel. He didn’t say anything, just watched you silently, until you stood back up from the floor. “You wanted to talk to me?” You asked, tucking your hair behind your ear. He cleared his throat, nodding. “I’m sorry.. for what you overheard earlier. I didn’t mean it.” He told you softly, and you shrugged, “I think that you did mean it, but it’s okay. I get it.” He bit into his lip, staring at you as he shoved his hands into his pockets. “None of you are going to trust me, until you know what I’m capable of. I know that. I’m going to talk to Tony about it first thing tomorrow morning.” You told him, and his eyes darted to the floor. “It’s not so much about trusting you..” he started, but paused when another knock came from the door. You looked over at him, confusion written on your face, before you walked over to the door, opening it slowly, only to reveal Bucky.

“Is Steve bothering you?” He whispered, a small smirk on his lips. You shook your head, toying with your braid again. “Not at all. I was just telling him how I’m going to speak with Tony in the morning.. about showing you all what I’m capable of.” Bucky bit into his lip, nodding slowly before his eyes flashed to where Steve stood. “Is that all he talked to you about?” He asked, but the question seemed to be directed at Steve more than you. You nodded, “Y-yeah, that’s it..” You mumbled, feeling the tension between the two of them.

“I was just about to leave, actually.” Steve spoke from behind you, walking to where Bucky stood in the doorway. “Goodnight, Y/N.” Steve whispered as he slid past the both of you, casting Bucky a strange glance. Bucky stayed in your doorway until Steve was out of sight, before he turned to you, a sly smile on his face. “He’ll come around.” He whispered to you, and you shrugged, “I don’t think so, Bucky.. he doesn’t seem to like me very much.” Bucky chuckled, “Doll, trust me. He likes you.” He raised his eyebrows at you in a suggestive way, and you found yourself slapping his shoulder in mock horror. “Don’t even go there.” You giggled, and his smile grew, lighting up his entire face. “That was uh..” he paused, licking his lips, “That was pretty cute.” You felt a blush make it’s way to your cheeks, and you bit into your lip, looking down. He let out another small laugh before he started backing away from your door slowly, “I’ll see you in the morning, then. Have a good night, doll.” He said softly as he made his way down the hallway. You waved at him, still chewing on your lip, before you closed your door.

He really was flirting with me, wasn’t he?

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