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Song: Lurk - The Neighbourhood

Pairing: Pietro Maximoff (AOU) x Reader

Request: I have a request please. Pietro Maximoff imagine where you and he met because you were both experimented on by hydra. They told him you died but you actually escaped and joined SHIELD as one of their agents/heroes and then reunite during the battle against Ultron.

Warning: language? :)

When they told him she was dead, he lost it. He didn’t want to believe it. HYDRA took her away and said she would be back. She never came. She was everything to Pietro. He couldn’t get the image of her out of his head, no matter how hard he tried, and it was taking its toll on him. Not even Wanda could get through to him.

She was all he thought about. The way she would laugh at his jokes, the way her hair cascaded down her body; everything was flooding his head. They would constantly argue about who was faster. She could transportate to any place she thought of, it was faster than his running, if that was even possible. He would always argue with that statement.

When they took her, they took part of Pietro with them. She was gone. She was dead and so was he. Then Wanda found a way out. He said he wouldn’t leave without her. But he had to. He had to because she was dead. 

Little did he know she was alive. She had figured out a way to escape and found something far better than HYDRA; The Avengers. They took her in, seeing how they needed as much help as they could possibly get. The war was going to start any minute now.

She begged and begged for them to let her go back and get the others. Steve said that it was too dangerous. He was right. The robots began piling up as they prepared to fight. Hawkeye had his bow and arrow out; someone was behind him though.

It was Pietro. The moment he saw her, his eyes light up. She hadn’t seen him yet; she was too busy fighting the giant metal robot. Without thinking fully, he speeds over to her and knocks the robot down. It all happened to fast for her to comprehend, until she heard, “You didn’t see that coming?”

Turning her head, a flash of blue and silver appears as fast as lightning. He stops in front of her in awe and she gasps. “I thought you were dead.” he stutters, placing his hand on the back of her neck. She smiles widely, breathing out loudly.

She shakes her head, placing her hand on his wrist. “I escaped.” she mumbles quietly. Tears well up in his eyes and he pulls her closer towards him, wrapping his arms around her waist.

He kisses her forehead gently, rubbing her back with both palms of his hands. As the world crashes around them, he looks at her lovingly, “I thought I would never get the chance to tell you how much I love you.” he says in his thick accent that makes her swoon.

She presses her lips on to his for a minute or two before an arrow shoots in between the both of them, shooting the robot straight in its head. Pietro gulps loudly as Clint coughs, “You know, usually I’m one for all this romantic shit, but, right now we’re in the middle of a war. Save it for later kids!”

Please don’t go....I love you

Nothing was going right for you and there was nothing more that you could of thought that would keep you in beacon hills and truth be told you didn’t want to stay. All those that you called a friend had died because of either werewolves , evil spirits or some other kind of beast that walked the earth but most of all the man you are in love with just won’t say he loves you and you hate feeling like you are being played a fool.

Your bags are packed and you have out them in the back of your car , you are ready to leave and put all this behind you but just as you reach to grab the door handle one large hand grabs yours and stops you , you turn and there is the man , the man you swore you didn’t want to see again but the man who had your heart since the day you both met.

“Listen ….I ….I am sorry “

He pants as it was clear he had ran all the way from his loft to your house so he could stop you from leaving. You looked into those eyes and felt a sense of anger for the factor he had the nerve to turn up and suddenly act like he cared about what you felt.

“Derek just don’t ….I know you love that chick…….And I won’t be good enough for you …..I  am not going to wait for someone who can’t simply say that his gay and wants  the one person who has not given up on him …So just go….Go and save us both the heart ache”

When you say this you don’t look Derek in the eye because you know if you do that you will break down in front of him and that was the last thing you wanted because you didn’t want to show your weak side to him anymore.

Pulling your hand away from him you go to grab the handle again and you get the door open before he slams it shut , you turn to yell at him but you can see that Derek was on the verge of tears. The famous Derek Hale was going to cry because of you and it shocks you down to the core.

“Please…I am sorry I am not the best person and I know you have been so patient with me and gone through a lot because of me …But …I just don’t know how to or ….Or what to say that will make you see that I “

He cut himself off and shook his head.

“What Derek …..Tell me what it is that I am meant to be seeing here”

You snap back out of frustration that the wolf was not letting you leave.

“Please…..Just don’t go because….I love you ….And if I lost you I wouldn’t know what to do with myself”

He admits and that was when the tears start , you stood there watching him cry and that was when your heart would break because you hated seeing the other so torn and upset and so instead of getting in the car and driving off as fast as you can , you wrapped your arms around him and hugged him , in return he wrapped his large muscled arms around you and whispered softly in your ear with a shaky voice.

“I love you…….Please….Don’t leave me here “

Preference: Prom

 Calum: A Fantastical Prom

You felt like you were right in the middle of a fairy tale as you stood in a room that had snow falling from thin air, and your ball gown flowed like magic wisps on the ground. Everything felt so unreal, and in a way it was because the reality is you were a human at wizard prom. At first you didn’t believe Calum when he first told you since you both met in such human and utterly normal ways; at a playground as a child, the arcade as a pre-teen, and at your work in your late teens. Calum would just appear into your life never knowing where he came from, but when he had asked you to his prom you couldn’t help but tell the handsome acquaintance yes. What you didn’t know it was a magic school, and no humans were allowed, so Calum sneaked you in with the help of a few friends after discussing it with you. The plan was to pretend be a Gryffindor, and somehow it worked. Now you were watching wizards do their version of the waltz, “Do you think you can do it?” Calum asked. “Yes I think I got it.” you said with confidence. When Calum brought you to the dance floor everybody was watching, and when you started it was as if you two had been doing this for years. Maybe not exactly just dancing though, “Why did you asked me to your prom?”  you asked as he twirled you. “I couldn’t think anybody else I rather take besides you.” when Calum said that you laid your head on his chest content with his answer.

Ashton: A Proposition

You and Ashton had a fall out when you hit the ninth grade, and after that Ashton became the handsome jock and you became the debate nerd. After four years of barely speaking to each-other Ashton barges into your Debate Club meeting with a proposition; Help him win prom King and he would help make the club that you have worked four long years be recognized with its own letter men jacket. Since you weren’t exactly besties with Ash you were hesitant, “First I need to know exactly what you need from us.” you say. “If you run for prom queen your guaranteed votes from the nerds, and with me having the jocks we can win this.” “That’s it, you just want me prom queen? What are you hiding Irwin.” you asked still knowing him best. “Fine my ex is in the run, and she’s a total bitch.” he says. “Fine it’s about time we have someone smarter than a dog win prom queen.” you agree making Ashton laugh. From that day on the debate team and jocks did their part. All you and Ashton had to do was play the part when Prom night came. You ditched your glasses and bought the prettiest dress and when you walked into Prom everyone including Ashton look like they forgot how to breathe. “What are you going to tell me I look like a princess?” you nervously ask as Ashton takes your hand, “No you look like a queen.” He says and you blush as he pulls you in to dance. “Remind me again why we fought?” Ashton whispers to you, “Honestly I can’t even remember.” You laugh but Ashton just inches closer to you, “And the winners of this year Prom King and Queen are: Ashton Irwin and Y/N!” and everyone cheered, “Ashton we won!” you smiled, “Yea I don’t care anymore.” He says finally pulling you in for a kiss.

Luke: Just for One Night

You only had Luke in a few classes throughout High School, but you didn’t think you knew him enough for him to ask you to prom. You didn’t have anybody in mind and Luke was so sweet so you couldn’t help but say, “Yes.” What really threw you off though was that Luke went all out for you. It’s expected that the guy buys the ticket, but buying the dress was now expected at all so when he went prom shopping with you and brought the dress it was surprising. You couldn’t fight him about it since Luke bought it when you were were dressing into your normal clothes. When Luke came to pick you up for prom he bought you roses and a corsage, and it felt normal with your dad’s usual interrogation and your mom many pictures, up until you saw the limo behind him awaiting for you two. “Wow.” Was all you could utter as Luke opened the door letting you in and once you sat down you looked at him, “Luke you didn’t have to do this all for me.” you smiled. “I didn’t tell you this, but I’ve actually had a crush on you for a while. Even if you don’t like me in that way I just wanted to treat you like a princes, just for one night.” he said looking a bit nervous and to calm him down you grabbed his hand. “You’re doing a very good job at it.” you giggled cutting the tension in the air. When you got to prom your favorite song was on. “Come on let’s dance.” you said but Luke didn’t budge. “I don’t know how to dance.” he mumbled and you smiled at him. “You know Luke I may be starting to like you in that way.” you said causing Luke to give you a quizzical look, but you just grab his hand to take him to the middle of the dance floor. Luke was shy at first but you just danced like no-one’s business and he eventually loosened up, and whole night you two danced and laughed at who could dance the worse.

Michael: Prom-Crasher

Michael is a natural performer that can sing like no-other, can talk like no-other, can get all the eyes on him like no-other, and can get everybody to the dance floor like no-other. Michael was basically the real-life Ferris Bueller and you were this loveable idiot’s girlfriend who was always somehow thrown into his shenanigans, but you loved it. Prom night came around but since Michael and his friends decided to put up a ‘concert’ during the lunch period the principal banned them from going to prom, and since Michael couldn’t go meant you weren’t either, “Which one? Mean Girls 1 or 2?” you ask Michael taking a seat next to him, “I can’t believe the principal banned us. How can you not hate me?” Michael says defeated, “Proms are overrated, plus I wouldn’t want to be with anyone but you.” You say kissing him, but Michael just looks at you and a familiar smile creeps along his face, “O no, what are you thinking?” you ask and Michael grabs his phone and makes a call, “Put a dress on baby, we are going to prom.” Michael said and somehow Michael got you and his friends in, honestly the boy could never surprise you. “Okay so we just need to go unnoticed.” And as soon as you say that everyone starts chanting Michael’s name to sing, “Mike” you say sternly but Michael gives you an apologetic kiss, “My fans need me.” He shrugs and you laugh as he takes the Mic and does a spin to start singing your favorite song Treasure by Bruno Mars, and you can see the principal seething from the other side of the door where others have locked him out, “He’ll be lucky if he graduates.” You shake your head.

Request - A Complicated Relationship


“Why won’t you let me love you?” he says breathlessly, rubbing his lips against your jawline. He was so sexy when he was worked up sometimes. It was almost intimidating to be around him when he’s like this. You lick your lips and step back from him, leaving him to look at you. That’s all he does for a few moments. He takes you in. The girl whom he deep down loved more than anything but yet the same person that was unattainable. He knew it would take a lot of effort to change your mind and even after he does everything, it might not even work. It left you both feeling helpless at times, but you told him when you both met that you weren’t the type of girl that could stay in one place; sadly enough he was the boy that was everywhere and wanted nothing more than to settle down. “Can we just enjoy today?” you move closer to him, tucking his hair behind his ear and skimming his cheek with your hand. He smiles at you and nods, before taking your hand and leading you back out to the party. You leave him with his friends to go get a drink and to say hello to a few people. His eyes are on you the whole time as you move around the room. He admires you so much, for the woman you are. He was so proud of you even if you weren’t his. It’s a bittersweet feeling and he knows he can’t hold on to you forever.

I mean FTR the actual clinical definition of gender dysphoria is met if you experience both: 

4. A strong desire to be of the other gender (or some alternative gender different from one’s assigned gender).
5. A strong desire to be treated as the other gender (or some alternative gender dif­ferent from one’s assigned gender).

so, like??? I am pretty sure most “transtrenders” fit the criteria for clinical gender dysphoria, actually! Like you can have the position “the DSM-V diagnoses gender dysphoria too broadly, we should narrow the definition” but at that point you should really stop claiming to be a transmedicalist + using psychiatry to justify your opinion

well that was…uneventful

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Y'all. I just crossed something MAJOR off of my bucket list. I had the privilege to meet @darkmatterpoetry tonight!! Their show was so profound, so creative, so emotional, so intellectual, so radical, and so very inspirational. They are both such incredible idols in my life and they were so sweet and kind in person.

Janani, Alok, so glad we have met. You both have been so important in my recognition as a queer desi and seeing myself in you has taught me so much about my own life and identity as well as solidarity. Thank you for working so hard because it has really made a difference in my life. I hope we can both continue to keep up this great work. ❤️💕😍

#darkmatter #darkmatterrage #queer #desi #qpoc #southasian #indian #pakistani #lgbt #brown #poetry #spokenword #trans #solidarity #art #activism #socialjustice (at Stanford University)

laserkatzdimension asked:

if you met gerard way and you both were up to sing "one" song from either album "black parade or three cheers for sweet revenge". which song would it be and what would you want to do as a celebratory after the concert? ^_^

if he was gonna sing an mcr song with me I’d always want it to be the black parade because that’s the one that means the most to me?? like that’s the exact song that legitimately changed and saved my life. I’d be crying too hard to do anything though hahaha. Although I think I’d want the rest of the band to be there too??? If it was just Gerard on his own I’d ideally want him to sing that Japanese bonus track from HA.

and haha it’s tradition that I always end up sat in McDonald’s at the end of the night crying about the gig over some chicken nuggets so that would probably be my celebration

time to get fucking sappy.

I just want to say that kiggamcg and brit-bear are a few of the most wonderful people in the world. After struggling with a few friendships recently, and being overwhelmed with school/work, I’m just so incredibly happy I have people like them in my life. ;o; I’m so happy to have met you both, and whenver I see either of you online/in my ask box, my day instantly gets better. I just can’t. You two are just way too loving and asdffghjkllslsjahaidid;


If I could live inside a photo
my life would be prettier indeed
pick and choose which one to live in
which artist to design my scene

I’d walk on snow capped mountains
or on the tips of leaves
stroll through downtown Manhattan
take naps with cups of tea

I’d attend my parent’s wedding
make peace with old school friends
step inside a black and white
and learn what dead ears lend

I’d bandage my brothers at war
chat with lovely Audrey
admire the deck of the Titanic
find Andre a big softy

I’d live and live and live
a thousand lives I’d loan
but still snap a photo or two
to show the world my own

usagi-san-knowsbest asked:

I have a request please. Pietro Maximoff imagine where you and he met because you were both experimented on by hydra. They told him you died but you actually escaped and joined SHIELD as one of their agents/heroes and then reunite during the battle against Ultron.

Pietro is life…of course.

anonymous asked:

Hey J. Sorry for annoying you again,but how did you knew that your gf was interested in you before you both met in reality?

We talked on phone a lot. We spent nights talking with each others on phone. And we couldn’t get enough. That was something. It’s not about telling somebody “I’m interested in you”. It’s about feeling that. We both felt that we’re interested in each other. We both felt like “God, I haven’t ever meet somebody like her before”. Somebody that fascinating. Somebody that breathtaking. She took my breath away every time we talked on phone. Even when we didn’t meet yet. 

anonymous asked:

relationship for Aries (f) and Sagittarius (f)?

very exciting and adventurous. aries is the hero of the zodiacs and sagittarius is the adventurer so it’s never dull and i bet you two have a really funny and peculiar story of how you met
you’re both completely fine with stepping out of your comfort zones and you’re both able to better eachother while also benefiting yourselves
very fascinated by eachother, i think you were probably drawn to eachother from the moment you met
although something that does come to mind is the fact that while sagittarius wants to enjoy discussions and talk about interesting things, aries wants to ‘win’ the discussions. everything is a competition with aries😁😁

phantomofthegallifreyanopera asked:

Wait are you doing ships? If it's not too much to ask - 5'3, blue eyes, I dye my hair brown but it's naturally a dark blonde, super mega feminist and equal rights, bi, ummm.... I listen to showtunes and 40s, 60s and 70s-90s (I'm not a modern person). Uhh i can't think of anything else!

I ship you with Sam! You both met when you were working behind the scenes in a stage play where a monster was plaguing the theater you were in. The WInchesters came to investigate and soon Sam was harboring a crush on you, pushed by Dean to ask you out. The monster managed to kidnap you and to the surprise of the hunters, you defeated it, letting them in on the secret that your parents had been hunters and you knew a lot about it. At the end of everything, Sam took you out on a date and realizing you really liked him, decided to keep in touch with you, only to have you move in with them soon after. 

(If you don’t want to see, blacklist #bovariaships) Ships requests closed until further notice. If you want one Courtney is doing them!

Whoa. I can’t believe it.
I can’t believe that we have come all this way.
From the very first moment that I met both of you, I wanted to be as close to you as possible. Your happy vibes at eight and eleven just drew me into this full fledged friendship that I am sure will never end. I can’t believe it has been eighteen years since the day you both were born, and I have to say that I am not sure my life would be the same if it weren’t for that day eighteen years ago.
Go get some lottery tickets and register to vote because we’re grown ups, now! I am so proud of all of the work you have both put into school, life and this friendship because I’m not sure I would be able to survive if it weren’t for that.
I know I’m droning on and on, but I just wanted to let you know that both of you, Miranda and Mandy, mean the world to me. No matter how far away we are, just know that I will travel by boat, car, plane, train, whatever I need to to get to you when you need me. This life is going to be hard, but it has to be in order to be good. Embrace today as an open door to all of the wondrous possibilities ahead of you, but also realize that those from your past will be there to support you (me).
These pictures are throwbacks to freshman year. We made it. Together.
Happy Birthday, my best Oreo friends. 💛💛 #theadventuresofoliviamirandaandmandy #throwbackthursday #happyeighteenth #bestfriendsforlife (at our neskowin)