met to be

  • Ranpo: And now the two ladies shall kiss!
  • [Naomi and Kouyou kiss]
  • Ranpo: And now the Gentleman...
  • Chuuya and Dazai: Dude!
  • [Dazai and Chuuya look at each other and awkwardly kiss]
  • Ranpo: I was going to say that "and now the Gentlemen fist bump," how long have you been back that one?
Boy Next Door (Part 3)

A/N: Ah yes! The last part of this fic! Hope you guys enjoy it. And thank you for the support for this fic. Like always, tell me what you think!

Warning: This is probably straight up cheese

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The one where Harry is jealous, and Y/N won’t stop blushing.

This had been an incredibly off day for Harry. He’s been trying his hardest to finish the melody of one song that he’s working on, but it’s just not coming along well. Y/N’s been there watching, hearing him groan or mumble commentaries about how terrible everything sounded, or how his voice doesn’t mix well with the melody. She didn’t see anything wrong about it really, or maybe she’s just a bit too biased because she absolutely adored Harry’s voice.

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It’s been at least a decade since I first saw my X-Men movie, and I am still blown away by how beautifully complex the relationship and friendship between Erik Lehnsherr and Charles Xavier is. Even now, I think spotlighting their relationship is important, because it should serve as a model for everyone. Charles and Erik have incredibly different views about how mutants should interact with humans; Charles wants to be understood and accepted by humans and coexist peacefully with them, while Erik wants to establish superiority and scare them into allowing the existence of mutants. Still, while their tactics and ideology couldn’t be further apart, this does not mean Erik and Charles are not friends. They have their differences, and their friendship certainly suffers because of their ideological differences, but it’s clear they still love each other so much. They always had, always would. I have had friends like this, who were so incredibly different from me ideologically but that I still loved. Eventually, we met each other half way. Despite this, I admire that Erik and Charles didn’t, but still maintained such a connection from start to end. Even through all the horrible things Erik did, I admire Charles’ ability to unconditionally love someone who felt so betrayed and broken by the world. And I admire Erik for letting Charles in when he felt so betrayed and broken. 


19th-Century American Dress: Behind the Scenes at The Costume Institute Conservation Laboratory

the signs as people i've met

aries: passionate. she was intense and unforgiving in the way that she loved. she never let anything get in the way of what she wanted, she saw an opportunity and took it. she was independent, but when she loved, she loved hard.
taurus: strong. she needed no one and she made that clear. she didn’t let anything distract her from her goal and she worked hard to get where she wanted to be. she was tense but a free spirit.
gemini: blunt. he made his attempts and wants clear, and didn’t beat around the bush. he was an open book, and even when he tried to hide things you could see right through him.
cancer: sensitive. she took everything very personally and she made no attempt to have a harder shell. she loved deeply and widely and had a big heart.
libra: wild. she had a huge heart and loved everyone as much as she could. she took every opportunity to be spontaneous as she could, and she never took no for an answer.
virgo: light-heartded. she never took anything too seriously. she did her best to cheer up anyone who had pain in their hearts, and chased butterflies and picked flowers. she lived a happy life.
leo: inspiring. he spoke so wisely and knew so much more than i did. he seemed so much older, not in how he acted but the way that he thought. he spoke so peacefully, like he knew exactly what his place in the world was.
scorpio: fearless. he was strong and had a powerful, demanding voice. he got what he wanted without hurting a fly. he was confident and lived off adrenaline like it was coffee.
saggitarius: entertaining. in the best possible way, he loved attention. he did his best to entertain his friends and loved making people laugh. he easily caught my attention constantly.
capricorn: independent. he needed no one and nothing. he was fun to talk to knew what he wanted in life. he didn’t need or ask for validation from anyone, and i would be surprised if he ever does.
capricorn: deep. in the most serious way, he loved so deep, laughed so hard, and did everything more intense than anyone i’ve ever met. he had such deep thoughts and hopes and dreams.
pisces: optimistic. she saw the best in everyone. she had hopes and dreams that were unrealistic, but she ignored anyone who told her she couldn’t make it. she loved the world, and saw nothing but the positive.


Noh Taehyun and Takada Kenta TongTong TV Interview


Born on this day: July 26, 1941 - Pop and R&B vocal legend Darlene Love (born Darlene Wright in Los Angeles, CA). Happy 76th Birthday, Darlene!!!