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Not only does the Wonder Woman movie not sexualize Diana, it also doesn’t sexualize Steve. Compared to the female gaze fan service provided in the second Thor movie, where the camera lovingly pans up Chris Hemworth’s water-beaded chest as he bathes himself, a moment that was met with a theater-wide sigh of feminine appreciation (and then a giggle), Steve is shown from just the shoulders up for much of the scene. Even when you are shown his whole body, it is shot from a distance. There are no loving close-ups of his Adonis belt or his flexing biceps.

When Diana sees him, she asks if he is a typical example of his sex, and while Steve automatically thinks of his penis, she isn’t thinking that at all. The camera shows Steve the way Diana sees him, which is as a man, but not as a sexual object.

Submission #2

You boys asked and here’s another story for u. A long one, but it’s worth it for sure. Well done again cuck @jomothehomo


When I first told my husband that I was into cuckolding, I don’t think he understood it. I had watched him nail the fuck out of the stripper at the Rooster, but he was hesitant to fuck someone else behind my back. He is a devoted husband, after all, and he wanted to make sure that I was also sexually satisfied. I started telling my former fuck buddies and boyfriends about what I wanted to do, and they encouraged me to go for it anyway. An ex told me that any top would be turned on by the idea of his partner encouraging cheating, so he told me to pursue it.

When Christmas rolled around, we drove back up home to Pittsburgh to spend it with our respective families. My husband dropped me off in the city, but he drove down to West Virginia to spend the night with his father and stepmother. I was staying at a friend’s house, but she was out of town. I had the entire house to myself.

I was settling into bed that first night, when I started a casual conversation on Facebook Messenger with a friend named Cameron. My husband and I actually met doing theater, and Cameron was a teenage kid in the ensemble in some of the shows.  He was always a sweet kid, but now he was a confident, fit, 19 year old twink. We flirted a little bit, but then we started talking full on about sex. His boyfriend was also out of town for the holidays and Cameron was staying at his parent’s house. We started talking about how Cameron should bring his boyfriend, Lucas, for a visit in Miami…and then we talked about what would happen if we heard each other having sex…and then it evolved into us both into the idea of swapping boyfriends. I would bottom for Lucas and Cameron would bottom for my husband.

(Cameron’s ass)

We were getting each other pretty hot. We had swapped some pictures of our cocks and even sent each other Snapchats of us jerking in bed. I never thought of Cameron in any sort of sexual light before. Then I had an idea. I asked Cameron if he was actually interested in my husband. He said yes. I then probed further and asked if the opportunity arose, would he want to bottom for him. After a few minutes, he replied, “I’ve wanted your husband to fuck me for a long time.”

It was late—around 1:30 in the morning, but my husband was also online. I encouraged Cameron to talk to him the same way he and I did. Get each other horny but then find out if he’d be down for some extracurricular play. After a few minutes, Cameron confirmed that they were chatting, and they were immediately flirting. Cameron told me that he was going to set something up with my husband, and once he had all the details he would tell me what was going to go down. He didn’t talk to me for 2 solid hours, and I frantically kept looking to see if they were both online. At almost 4 am, Cameron sent me a massive amount of screenshots—it was their conversation from beginning to end. They did everything. After a few mindless moments of flirting, they sent each other pictures, videos, and they even admitted to fantasizing about each other. Cameron added that they chatted on the phone for a few minutes. I thought waiting for a response was torture. I had the hardest time not cumming before I read the entire conversation. The hottest part, however, was the very end. Cameron told my husband that tomorrow Lucas was going to be out of town and he wanted him to come over. My husband confirmed a time and they said goodnight to each other. That’s when I blew my massive load. I am a big shooter anyway, but I had never shot that hard in my entire life.

When I woke up the next morning, Cameron told me that he wanted me to come over in the early evening. I had told him about my desire to be cuckolded and he wanted to make my fantasy a reality. My husband was coming over at 7, so he told me to get there at 6:30. Cameron shared a cute little apartment with Lucas, and I was instructed to hide in the living room closet. He would keep it cracked the tiniest bit, but I could also look through the slats to get a good view. He went into the bedroom to change, and he came out in just a tshirt and basketball shorts.

Cameron is about 5’11 with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. Despite having toned arms and legs, he still has a round baby face. When I say Cameron has the nicest ass I’ve ever seen, I am not exaggerating. It’s the type of ass that I have no idea how one gets it that perfect. My ass is definitely nothing to scoff at, and I do squats every day to retain a bubble ass. Cameron’s ass is something else entirely. It has the tiniest amount of blonde fuzz on it, but his hole is furry as fuck. When I grabbed his cheeks, it was firm but had enough give to make anyone want to play with it further. It is seriously perfect.

(more of his ass)

I took my place when the 7:00 rolled around. I took everything off in the closet to avoid making any noise when I was watching. From my view, I could see the back of the couch and the entire living room from the entrance hallway.

From the moment they walked in the door, they were on each other. They each downed a glass of wine quickly, but they were constantly touching each other. The drinks were a formality. They tenderly started kissing each other near the back of the couch. Cameron was obviously trying to get me the best view possible. My husband pawed at Cameron’s ass and they took off each other’s shirts. They stood there making out, bare chested, for 10 solid minutes. Just kissing slowly and sensually. I noticed they were grinding their cocks together through their pants. Cameron’s was more noticeable through his mesh shorts, but since my husband is so hung, you could see his through his jeans.

“You’re bigger than I remember,” Cameron said as he rubbed my husband’s chest and arms.

“I’m a big guy,” my husband said playfully before kissing Cameron harder. At 6’4, my husband towers over almost everyone.

Cameron reached down and started unbuckling my husband’s belt, and my husband replied by reaching into Cameron’s shorts. They both started moaning and kissing harder. My cock was dripping so much precum by this point that I had to stop touching myself and hold my hands behind my back. Within seconds, Cameron and my husband were both naked before me. Cameron broke the kiss to look down at my husband’s cock.

“Holy fuck, that’s big,” he moaned out.

“Bigger than Lucas?” my husband asked with a smile.

“Ohhh yes. Waaaay bigger,” Cameron replied. He immediately got on his knees and my husband into his mouth. He shot me a smile as he licked up and down the shaft. He was much more adept at handling his cock than the stripper was. Cameron was hungrily deepthroating my husband in record time as my husband rubbed both of his hands in Cameron’s hair. When I looked at his face, it was a mixture of pleasure and surprise. I don’t think he expected for Cameron to suck cock that well either.

After a few minutes, my husband pulled Cameron up by his armpits back to a standing position and they kissed hard. He wrapped his arms around Cameron’s waist and grabbed his perfect bubble butt. My husband had a hand on each cheek, and Cameron’s ass was more than a handful. My husband moaned as he rubbed Cameron’s ass around, and you could tell he wanted to claim that ass as his own.

Cameron led him over to the couch and forced my husband to sit down. All I could see was the back of my husband’s head as Cameron disappeared on his knees again. Cameron’s head started bobbing up and down into view and he went down on him, and my husband interlaced his fingers behind his head and truly relaxed. Cameron then stood up and started lowering his ass onto my husband’s cock. I couldn’t see anything since the back of the couch was in my way, but the horniness on Cameron’s face was evident. This was no longer about me fulfilling a fantasy for me—he wanted my husband inside him. They struggled for a few minutes, because of his size.

“Fuck that’s the biggest I’ve ever had,” Cameron whimpered out as he gained a rhythm.

“That’s only a couple inches.” I heard my husband say.

Determined to take it, Cameron lowered himself more and really started to moan. My husband reached down to have his hands on his hips to pull him back onto it more. Cameron then, without pulling out, swiveled around to face my husband. “There ya go” he said as Cameron took it deeper. The pleasure on Cameron’s face was insane—his mouth was hanging out, his eyes were shut, and he kept throwing his head back as he jerked his cock. I could see his twink-y biceps flexing as he stroked.

They were sweating. I could see it sliding down between Cameron’s pecs and my husband’s back was slick. Cameron hopped off for a few minutes and told my husband to get behind him and fuck him doggie over the back of the couch. He looked me dead in the eyes as my husband slid back inside him.

“Mmmm it feels bigger,” he whimpered out. He never broke eye contact with me.

“I’m going to fuck you like you always wanted,” my husband grimaced. I love his cocky alpha top smile. “Fuck your ass is perfect” he added.

“Better than Joey’s?” Cameron asked.

“Better than Joey’s. By a fucking mile,” my husband said, throwing his head back. The tuft of chest hair between his big pecs was soaked.

“You’re deeper than Lucas could ever be. I’ve never had a man that deep…mmmm…fuccckkk meeee…” he whimpered.

The sounds of my husband’s hips smacking Cameron’s ass was so loud that I didn’t have to worry about making any sound. My hands was soaking wet with precum. I had to cover my mouth with my free hand to keep my heavy breathing down.

They both had incredible stamina—it was like they didn’t want it to end so they kept slowing down, speeding up, slowing down, speeding up. My husband flipped him onto his back onto the couch and all I could see was my husband’s beefy chest flexing as he spread Cameron’s ankles wider and wider. I was edging in that closet for a solid 45 minutes.

After they slowed down, Cameron unexpectedly got up, grabbed my breathless husband’s hand and led them out of sight. What the fuck was going on? I stood there, cock in hand, for a few minutes in complete silence. Then I heard moaning again. They moved to another room. Cameron and Lucas shared a bedroom off the main hallway, so I assumed that’s where they were. What the fuck was I supposed to do?

“Fuck me harder, baby. Gimme that huge cock!” came from the hall.

Fuck it. I sneaked out of the closet, completely naked and sneaked down the hall. I had to go slow in order to make sure the floorboards didn’t creak. I could hear the smacksmacksmack growing louder and faster, but I needed to stay completely silent so I wouldn’t get caught.

Cameron only had a sheet acting as a bedroom door. If it wasn’t there, you could see straight into the bedroom. It wasn’t fully pulled back. All the motion in the bedroom was making the curtain waft soooo very slowly….back…and forth…baaaack…and forth. One minute, I could see my husband’s ass flexing as he drilled Cameron’s hole, but then the next, I could only hear their incredible sex. I stood there with my dick in my hand as I was only afforded the quickest glimpses into their fucking.

They were getting close. It was passionate, hard, sweaty, long-awaited fucking. Cameron was beating off hard with one hand as he grabbed my husband’s ass with the other. I could see them occasionally kissing, but they were grunting deep. Animalistic fucking, by this point.

My husband grabbed Cameron’s ankles and spread him wide again.

“Where do you want this cum, baby?”

“In me!”

“Ohhh…you want me to fill up that hot hole, baby?”

“Yes…I’ve wanted your cum since I was 16…gimme that cum…”

As soon as those words came out of Cameron’s mouth, my husband thrust into him so hard that Cameron’s eyes almost bugged out. His ass kept convulsing as he shot spurt after spurt of cum into him, pulling him into a sweet embrace as Cameron shot a big load on his own chest. He moaned very softly and gently.

I had to tiptoe back into the closet as they laid there. I thought they would cuddle, but my husband came out after a few minutes. His chest had some of Cameron’s load smeared across it. They must have been making out for a while. He got dressed and they made small talk. As he was ready to go, they kissed a little bit more and he left.

Cameron opened the closet door and said, “That was the best fucking I’ve ever had.”

At the same time, he realized I didn’t cum yet. We started making out as I jerked off. We sat on the couch and he talked dirty to me.

“After he came, he told me that he was going to fuck me again…his cock is so big…I can still feel him…his cum is so deep in me…”

When he said that, he grabbed my free hand and put it between his legs. He guided my fingers to his wet hole and I could feel some of my husband’s load on the hairs on his ass. I started to finger him and I could feel how hot his hole was. It radiated heat and it was so wet.

I stood up, got between his legs and guided my dick inside him. He wasn’t expecting it, and instinctively grabbed his cock. I slide into very slowly.  I wanted to feel just how open and warm his hole was from my husband’s cock. Amazingly, it was still kind of tight, but the wetness got me so hot. As soon as I got balls deep I started getting close. Feeling my husband’s handiwork, I started exploding rope after rope of cum inside him. I couldn’t stop. I grabbed Cameron’s ankles and started thrusting into him deep. His cock was hard again. “Harder, baby” he said as I finished cumming inside him. I collapsed on him and we made out slowly. We laid on the couch cuddling for a few minutes, and I helped him cum a second time. We talked dirty and how we wanted to do this again.

I got dressed, thanked him, and left. When I left Cameron’s apartment building, I had a text from my husband that said, “When you said you’d let me fuck other guys…how serious were you about that…?”


Damn! How did u boys liked it? It got me hard here for sure.

Who’s next? Or what should my little cuck @jomothehomo write about this time?

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Imagine- Surprising Tom at an Interview
  • <p> <b>Interviewer:</b> So there has been a lot of rumors circling you and Zendaya's relationship. Are you two dating or-<p/><b>Zendaya:</b> What on- absolutely not! Have you seen Tom and his girlfriend? They're the cutest thing on the planet.<p/><b>Tom:</b> *blushes* Wh- wha? We are?<p/><b>Zendaya:</b> *lightly shoves his arm* Tell them how you two met! Please!<p/><b>Tom:</b> Well -uh- Y/N and I met at a musical theater camp in New York, that was before I got casted to be in Billy Elliot. The group was small, definitely under fifteen people, it was upstate. We didn't really hang out that much, she had her group and I hung out with the only other guy there.<p/><b></b> *you start creeping across the stage behind Tom and Zendaya's chairs, you hold your finger over your lips to the audience*<p/><b>Tom:</b> Then, the next year, we both went back to the same camp. There were mostly new kids, we knew one other person in that cast, so that's when we sorta became actual friends. We started dating a couple years later, and-<p/><b>You:</b> *wrapping your arms around him from behind* love you, too<p/><b>Audience:</b> *cheers as you and Tom hug and you hug Zendaya before sitting down*<p/><b>Interviewer:</b> So I'm taking that you're Y/N?<p/><b>Tom:</b> *laughing* Yeah, I'm crazy blessed to be her boyfriend.<p/><b>Interviewer:</b> And I'm sure you're blessed to be dating Spider-Man?<p/><b>You:</b> Honestly, I'm trying to get over the fact that he's Billy Elliot!<p/><b>Audience:</b> *laughs*<p/><b>Tom:</b> I love you, Y/N<p/><b>You:</b> Love you, too.<p/></p>

1 year ago today Avi picked me for Misbehavin and I’m still crying about it. I don’t know what my favorite part of this video is. Me screaming in Avi’s face, the fact that he doesn’t seem to mind that I’m screaming in his face or how he says “Oh this is going to be tough” and then literally walks right up to me without looking at anybody else

Popcorn Perpetrator- A Killian Jones and Henry Mills One-Shot

Title: Popcorn Perpetrator
Request: Can I have an imagine where your dating Henry and your kilians daughter so it’s like your on a date with him and he’s not so secretly stalking you guys and like when your at the movie’s if he gets to close he will throw popcorn at you guys then hide
Pairing: Henry Mills x Reader x Killian Jones

“Dad can I talk to you?” Y/N asked walking up to her father, Captain Killian ‘Hook’ Jones.
“Of course love. What’s on your mind?” Killian responded. They sat at a table below deck of his pirate ship.
“So you know I’ve been friends with Henry for a while right?” Y/N said.
“Aye.” Killian responded.
“Well he asked me if I wanted to go to the movies with him tonight. Can I go?” Y/N asked.
“As a date?” Killian asked raising his voice.
“Um, yea duh.” Y/N laughed.
“Sure.” Killian said with a devious smile on his face.
“Thank you!” Y/N said, hugging her father.
“What movie is it, and what time?” Killian asked.
“Paper Planes at 7.” Y/N said.
“Ok. Have fun, don’t be stupid.” Killian said.
“I’ll try.” Y/N laughed, as she walked to cabin.
“Paper Planes at 7, aye? Well I like movies too Y/N.” Killian said laughing to himself.

That night, Y/N and Henry met at the movie theater.
“Hey Y/N!” Henry said.
“Hey!” Y/N said hugging Henry.
“I got the tickets, we can go get popcorn and sit.” Henry said. He then lead Y/N inside the theater.
From behind a bush close to the theater, Killian was watching his daughter, “Hug on the first date, bad start already Y/N.”
He slowly walked into the theater, going straight to a seat a few rows behind Y/N and Henry.

As the movie played, Killian focused on watching his daughter.
Henry put his arm around her, and Y/N put her head on his should.
“Damnit.” Killian said, picking up a piece of popcorn and throwing it at them. Y/N turned around, and Killian ducked.
“What was that?” Henry asked.
“Popcorn.” Y/N said, “It’s ok, let’s just watch the movie.
A few minutes later, Henry put his arm around Y/N again.
Killian threw a handful of popcorn at them this time.
"What the hell?” Y/N said turning around. No one was there, Killian had ducked once again.
To stop the popcorn from hitting them, Henry and Y/N put there popcorn in-between them guarding there heads. They couldn’t even see each other.
“That’s better.” Killian said, as he sat back in his chair to enjoy the movie.

After the movie ended, Killian hurried home.
He wasn’t fast enough though.
“Dad!” Y/N called, seeing him running.
“Oh damnit.” Killian said, turning around to face Y/N, “Oh hello love.”
“You were in there weren’t you.” Y/N said, “The mysterious popcorn thrower.”
Killian smiled, “Just making sure that Henry boy didn’t get to close.”
“You almost ruined my date!” Y/N yelled.
“But I didn’t.” Killian said, “Y/N I was just worried about you. You’re my only daughter, my everything.”
“Don’t come with us next week. We are going out to eat and I’m not saying where.” Y/N said.
“Fine. Just don’t you dare kiss him Y/N.” Killian said.
Y/N laughed, “I can do what I want.
Killian poked her in the stomach with his hook gently, making her laugh again.
"I was pretty good with my aiming right?” Killian said as the walking back to the ship.
“Good with aiming, not good with getting away.” Y/N said.
“Well next week I’ll do better.” Killian said.
“NO!” Y/N yelled.
“Fine, fine. Then when you get back you’re telling me everything that happened.” Killian said.
Y/N rolled her eyes, “You’re lucky you’re usually the coolest dad ever.”
“I know am I.” Killian laughed, “You’re the coolest daughter, most of the time.”
“Oh shut up.” Y/N laughed.
Killian put his arm around Y/N, and they continued walking to the ship in the midst of the moonlight.


Much love to you all!



Just wanted to note that last night at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz in Austin, TX we were treated to an amazing 35mm print of Keita Amemiya’s 1195 film Mechanical Violator Hakaider. According to our host it had been struck to make the US DVDs and only screened once before at a private event.  This was the first time this gorgeous print had been screened publicly and it was flawless. I loved this movie before but I found an utterly new appreciation for it after seeing it as it was intended, on a big screen. There were moments when I found myself grinning from ear to ear.

Also, I just wanted to note that I met @cooldownnow at the theater and he was a really cool guy!  It’s so awesome to meet other tokusatsu fans who live in the Austin area! It’s even more fantastic because his first viewing of this film was the best way to see it!

Throwback Thursday

I remember when the movie Godzilla vs the blob came out. I rode my bike to the theater, met my friends, paid a quarter to get in, bought popcorn and a Coke for ¢35. I did the cents sign for @pushingdaizys. Afterwards we rode home and we got stopped by a train. Of course we put pennies on the track and hoped train didn’t turn over. Those were the days. Carefree, didn’t have to lock bikes up. It didn’t cost a fortune. Somewhere the world got knocked off track by kids putting pennies on the track.

things that have happened to me because of falsettos (in no particular order)

-met my idols andrew rannells and tracie thoms
-met my new idol betsy wolfe and saw her in tl5y and waitress
-met @whizzer and @imhongwherethesunalwaysshines (who was dressed as whizzer like i was at the movie!!)
-got a playbill signed by the full cast!!!
-told an old woman that andrew rannells is a gay icon
-bonded with a girl over how tall andrew rannells is
-met a middle aged theater manager who pranced around with a pink fan for a good minute
-saw some elderly lesbians and a young gay latino couple
-made art that got onto anthony rosenthal’s wall
-got to meet up with my friends @smol-baby-sleep-cat and @jasontoddtacular

First kiss with Astro

Masterlist: x


You two had been dating for a week or so and it was the third or forth date when he made his move. The kiss happened when your eyes wandered to his phone that had lit up since he got a text message.

“What is it?” You whispered, leaning in to see the display on his phone. He looked at his phone, replying to the message, then back up to you when your eyes met. The theater was really dark but you could still see the reflection of the movie in his eyes. He looked from your right eye then to your left eye and leaned in, tilting his head left. You leaned in as well and your lips crashed onto each others.

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Honestly ludwig ii’s whole building of neuschwastein around his favorite operas isnt all that… weird. Have u met a theater kid. Those fucks WOULD build a fucking rent or cats themed castle if they had unlimited money