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Not only does the Wonder Woman movie not sexualize Diana, it also doesn’t sexualize Steve. Compared to the female gaze fan service provided in the second Thor movie, where the camera lovingly pans up Chris Hemworth’s water-beaded chest as he bathes himself, a moment that was met with a theater-wide sigh of feminine appreciation (and then a giggle), Steve is shown from just the shoulders up for much of the scene. Even when you are shown his whole body, it is shot from a distance. There are no loving close-ups of his Adonis belt or his flexing biceps.

When Diana sees him, she asks if he is a typical example of his sex, and while Steve automatically thinks of his penis, she isn’t thinking that at all. The camera shows Steve the way Diana sees him, which is as a man, but not as a sexual object.

1 year ago today Avi picked me for Misbehavin and I’m still crying about it. I don’t know what my favorite part of this video is. Me screaming in Avi’s face, the fact that he doesn’t seem to mind that I’m screaming in his face or how he says “Oh this is going to be tough” and then literally walks right up to me without looking at anybody else


Just wanted to note that last night at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz in Austin, TX we were treated to an amazing 35mm print of Keita Amemiya’s 1195 film Mechanical Violator Hakaider. According to our host it had been struck to make the US DVDs and only screened once before at a private event.  This was the first time this gorgeous print had been screened publicly and it was flawless. I loved this movie before but I found an utterly new appreciation for it after seeing it as it was intended, on a big screen. There were moments when I found myself grinning from ear to ear.

Also, I just wanted to note that I met @cooldownnow at the theater and he was a really cool guy!  It’s so awesome to meet other tokusatsu fans who live in the Austin area! It’s even more fantastic because his first viewing of this film was the best way to see it!

Popcorn Perpetrator- A Killian Jones and Henry Mills One-Shot

Title: Popcorn Perpetrator
Request: Can I have an imagine where your dating Henry and your kilians daughter so it’s like your on a date with him and he’s not so secretly stalking you guys and like when your at the movie’s if he gets to close he will throw popcorn at you guys then hide
Pairing: Henry Mills x Reader x Killian Jones

“Dad can I talk to you?” Y/N asked walking up to her father, Captain Killian ‘Hook’ Jones.
“Of course love. What’s on your mind?” Killian responded. They sat at a table below deck of his pirate ship.
“So you know I’ve been friends with Henry for a while right?” Y/N said.
“Aye.” Killian responded.
“Well he asked me if I wanted to go to the movies with him tonight. Can I go?” Y/N asked.
“As a date?” Killian asked raising his voice.
“Um, yea duh.” Y/N laughed.
“Sure.” Killian said with a devious smile on his face.
“Thank you!” Y/N said, hugging her father.
“What movie is it, and what time?” Killian asked.
“Paper Planes at 7.” Y/N said.
“Ok. Have fun, don’t be stupid.” Killian said.
“I’ll try.” Y/N laughed, as she walked to cabin.
“Paper Planes at 7, aye? Well I like movies too Y/N.” Killian said laughing to himself.

That night, Y/N and Henry met at the movie theater.
“Hey Y/N!” Henry said.
“Hey!” Y/N said hugging Henry.
“I got the tickets, we can go get popcorn and sit.” Henry said. He then lead Y/N inside the theater.
From behind a bush close to the theater, Killian was watching his daughter, “Hug on the first date, bad start already Y/N.”
He slowly walked into the theater, going straight to a seat a few rows behind Y/N and Henry.

As the movie played, Killian focused on watching his daughter.
Henry put his arm around her, and Y/N put her head on his should.
“Damnit.” Killian said, picking up a piece of popcorn and throwing it at them. Y/N turned around, and Killian ducked.
“What was that?” Henry asked.
“Popcorn.” Y/N said, “It’s ok, let’s just watch the movie.
A few minutes later, Henry put his arm around Y/N again.
Killian threw a handful of popcorn at them this time.
"What the hell?” Y/N said turning around. No one was there, Killian had ducked once again.
To stop the popcorn from hitting them, Henry and Y/N put there popcorn in-between them guarding there heads. They couldn’t even see each other.
“That’s better.” Killian said, as he sat back in his chair to enjoy the movie.

After the movie ended, Killian hurried home.
He wasn’t fast enough though.
“Dad!” Y/N called, seeing him running.
“Oh damnit.” Killian said, turning around to face Y/N, “Oh hello love.”
“You were in there weren’t you.” Y/N said, “The mysterious popcorn thrower.”
Killian smiled, “Just making sure that Henry boy didn’t get to close.”
“You almost ruined my date!” Y/N yelled.
“But I didn’t.” Killian said, “Y/N I was just worried about you. You’re my only daughter, my everything.”
“Don’t come with us next week. We are going out to eat and I’m not saying where.” Y/N said.
“Fine. Just don’t you dare kiss him Y/N.” Killian said.
Y/N laughed, “I can do what I want.
Killian poked her in the stomach with his hook gently, making her laugh again.
"I was pretty good with my aiming right?” Killian said as the walking back to the ship.
“Good with aiming, not good with getting away.” Y/N said.
“Well next week I’ll do better.” Killian said.
“NO!” Y/N yelled.
“Fine, fine. Then when you get back you’re telling me everything that happened.” Killian said.
Y/N rolled her eyes, “You’re lucky you’re usually the coolest dad ever.”
“I know am I.” Killian laughed, “You’re the coolest daughter, most of the time.”
“Oh shut up.” Y/N laughed.
Killian put his arm around Y/N, and they continued walking to the ship in the midst of the moonlight.


Much love to you all!


Two Worlds Part Four: John Laurens x Alexander Hamilton’s Sister Reader

In collaboration with: @desperatepenguin722

Word Count: 1157

A/N: It’s getting real. Buckle in for a wild ride everyone.

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four

You both walked into class where Alex was already sitting. “Alex! We were just discussing how I’m going to kick both of your asses in this class.” You raised an eyebrow at him and smirked a bit, taking a seat next to him with John on the other side of you.

Alex leaned over and looked at John. “Is she serious?”

“I think so,” John laughed. “Remember, she is related to you.”

“I’m serious,” you announced, but then leaned over and whispered into Alex’s ear, “Hey can you come over after class? There’s some stuff we need to talk about.” You tried to keep the smile on your face, but it just wasn’t all there.

Alex nodded, his eyebrows furrowing, then he looked over to John who began to talk to Lafayette who had just walked in. “Everything okay?” He asked quietly.

“Yeah, everything’s fine… I think. We just need to talk,” You assured him. Alex nodded in response.

Lucky for you, the professor walked in, cutting your conversation short. “Good morning everyone!” He bellowed, taking control of the whole room in a split second.

“Whoa, is that actually George Washington?” You whispered, marveling at the man. His eyes sparkled. He knew more than you ever hoped to learn in a lifetime.

“He’s our professor,” John nodded, whispering back.

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Throwback Thursday

I remember when the movie Godzilla vs the blob came out. I rode my bike to the theater, met my friends, paid a quarter to get in, bought popcorn and a Coke for ¢35. I did the cents sign for @pushingdaizys. Afterwards we rode home and we got stopped by a train. Of course we put pennies on the track and hoped train didn’t turn over. Those were the days. Carefree, didn’t have to lock bikes up. It didn’t cost a fortune. Somewhere the world got knocked off track by kids putting pennies on the track.

itstheyoutubemaster  asked:

Okok so we went on A PICNIC DATE this time and it was all thanks my friend, we went to this lil children's playground and they met my theater friends, we all fun ate some chick-fil-a and ate some BOMB ASS FRIES, we played blind hide and seek, climbed on little rock walls, played with cute little kids, sang a bunch of musicals and then we sat at a bench and watched YouTube videos together. 💙 I love my boys, we are the poly squad and this has been a PSA.

this is so pure,,, what a cute date 💛

im a sucker for picnic dates

Michael Arden, man of the moment in L.A. theater, stages a revival of a famously ‘troubled’ musical

“I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Director Michael Arden is addressing his cast and crew, assembled in a large circle on the first day of rehearsals for “Merrily We Roll Along” at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills.

For the next five weeks, these people will gather in the confines of a black-box theater for eight hours a day, six days a week in preparation for their opening Wednesday.

Arden does, in fact, know what he’s doing. He’s been thinking about “Merrily” for a long time. In high school, he played the small role of the club pianist and understudied the show’s lead character, Franklin Shepard. Now, nearly 20 years later, Arden is staging a revival of the famously “troubled” Stephen Sondheim-George Furth musical, which opened on Broadway in 1981 and closed after only 16 regular performances and 44 previews.

Many, including the critics, found the show’s structure confusing. “Merrily” revolves around three friends — Franklin, Mary and Charley — beginning in 1976 as jaded adults and playing backward to 1957 when they were just starting out, full of hope and optimism.

“I think it was ahead of its time,” Arden says. “People absorbed information through entertainment in a different way than they do now. We soak up information in a way that is not as straightforward and linear as it once was.”

Interest in the musical has never waned. It’s been staged around the world, and its songs, including “Not a Day Goes By” and “Old Friends,” are regularly performed in cabarets and concerts. A new documentary, “Best Worst Thing That Ever Could Have Happened,” directed by original Broadway cast member Lonny Price, premiered at the New York Film Festival in October and hit theaters Nov. 18.

For Arden, it was the music — for which Sondheim received a Tony nomination — and the musical’s message that drew him back to the show.

“I fell in love with it,” he says. “What it has to say about how and why we sacrifice our ideals to achieve our dreams is really important and something worth examining for audiences now.”

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Behind The Scenes (2/???)

Author’s note: Okay, this series is going to be long, pretty long. Since I have it written out already and I have it divided how i’m planning on posting it, I might update this series very often. I am going to try to update it every day or at least every other day. Hopefully I can count how many parts this series is made up of. Since there are alot of parts to this, I will have a link to a different post where it’ll have all the parts. I really hope you guys enjoy series. I apologize for any errors.  

Genre: Fluff (jungkook x reader)

Word count: 2542

Other parts: HERE

This GIF is mine. I made it based off of this scenario series.

It was noon. You decided that this time was the best time to try and call Jungkook. You chose this time because chances were, he was taking a break and is probably about to eat. You type the phone number in, but before you press “talk” you take a deep breath and try to collect yourself before coming of as a nervous idiot.

You called the number and after 3 dial tones a guy pick up. It sounded like Jungkook! When you hear him ask “Hello?”, out of nerves you respond with, “Hello? Who is this?”. He responds with, “This is Jungkook… Who are you and how did you get this number?”

You hold your breath again and try to not scream into the phone. You did your best to speak again without sounding weird. “Um, Hi. This is Y/n. I met you at the fan signing. I had seen a number on the back of my poster and I decided to call it… I’m sorry if this is weird! I don’t want to freak you out. I’ll just let you go.”

“Wait!”, he let out a nervous laugh. Don’t worry, you aren’t freaking me out. I’m really happy you called! I was really nervous that you weren’t going to see what I wrote on the back of the poster. Then I got a bit scared that if you did see it, you weren’t going to call because you thought the number was fake… or that you didn’t want to talk to me.”

After getting past the awkward introduction, he tells you he actually got the afternoon off from practice. You two begin talking, like in actual conversation!  You start talking about how your days are going so far and some other superficial stuff. After about an hour and a half of talking Jungkook asks you out on a date, so you two can talk in person. Obviously you say yes! He’s your ultimate bias for crying out loud!

“Really?!? You’ll go on a date with me?!?” he asked in disbelief. “but I have to warn you. we would have to meet really late at night and on a weekday… if you still want to meet it would also be best that you hide your face when we meet. Like, wear a beanie and a scarf or something…”

Despite all this, you still agreed to go on the date with him. He decided on you two going on a movie date because there will be less of a chance for you two to be seen.


For your date with Jungkook you wore your cutest dress and a matching pair of shoes. You debated on whether to not you should go all out with your make-up or keep things simple, because he wasn’t really going to see much of your face anyway. You took a look at the clock. You were already running late! You took too long choosing an outfit that you were forced to go with a simpler make-up. Then you grabbed a scarf and a beanie like he advised.

You met Jungkook behind the theater, where he told you he’d be waiting. As you walked closer to him you could see he was wearing a jean jacket, black jeans, a beanie and was covering his face with a mask. He happened to look over in your direction. When he saw you he pulled his mask down and he gave you a, “Hello Beautiful!”, along with that cute smile of his. He kind of blushed and he got nervous when he realized what he just said, but then he quickly tried to regain himself. You couldn’t help but blush and try and hide your face from him again.

“Aww, you look so cute when you get shy like that, but please don’t cover your face!” he said gently moving your hands away from your face. “I’m glad you could meet me! But I feel bad that we have to meet like this… I’m sorry, but you’re gonna have to go buy us the tickets and the popcorn. I don’t want anybody to recognize me. Don’t worry I pay for everything!” he said, handing you the money.

“Don’t worry about it! I figured that things would be this way. The last thing I want is for you to get in trouble with your company or with armies. I just surprised that we are actually meeting in a public place… or actually meeting at all…” you said reassuringly.

When you bought the tickets you ran back and gave him his and told his to save a spot for you in the theater. You went off to get in line to buy the food. After getting the food, you ran to the theater and looked out for his beanie. You spotted him way in the back, right under the projector. When you got to him, he apologized again about things being this way. Once again, you reassured him you were okay with everything.

The movie in general was great. But being with Jungkook was amazing! He was really cute throughout the whole date. He would find excuses to hold your hand and would whisper little comments to you throughout the whole movie. Things like, “You know ‘so and so’ actor was in ‘so and so’ movie.”, “I bet if Rap Monster was in this movie, he would have dropped the bomb by now!”, “Is it just me or are you way prettier than the actresses in the movie?”

After the movie he told you, “I had a lot of fun seeing you, Y/n! Um, originally I wanted us to go out to eat, but it seems pretty late already.” He sounded a bit disappointed. It was already past midnight at this point. His phone buzzed and he said it was a text from his manager, that he was already here to pick him up. You were surprised to hear his manager was here. You thought maybe they would not have let him even go on a date with you, let alone bring him to the date!

You gave him a small bye as you saw him step away from you and go towards the parking lot. You turned around to head home, but he called you before you could take another step. “Um, Y/n… Considering how this date went, would you want to go on another date?”. Immediately you said yes! “ha, that’s great! But I was thinking the next date should be a bit different. If it’s okay with you, would you want to have a date with me at the BTS dorm? I’m sacred fans will see us if we go out in public again. If you still want to come, you’d have to arrive with your face covered again. Don’t worry, the other members shouldn’t be there. It’ll just be you and me, we could just watch movies and play video games…”

You didn’t answer him right away. You weren’t too excited about the whole thing. You were relieved that the other members wouldn’t be there, but you were even more nervous about it for the same reason. You looked up at him and he stood anxiously, waiting for your answer. You gave him a smile, “How can I say ‘no’ to Jungkook?”. A smile grew on his face and gave you a small hug out of excitement. Then you two said your good-byes. You walked away, you looked back to wave bye and watched as he headed to the manager’s car.

Over the next few days, you both texted back and forth regularly whenever Jungkook had free time. The more you two talked, the more of a flirt he was with you. He was still cute, but he was coming off as more of a flirt.

On the day of the dorm date, he texted you the address to his dorm and told you to show up at around 11. When you arrived at the door, you knocked and were greeted by a grinning Kookie. He gave you a quick hug and pulled you in the dorm as if he were smuggling something in.

You couldn’t help but feel awkward as you entered the BTS dorm. It was weird that it was just you two. You didn’t really know what to say. You took a quick look around the dorm as Jungkook helped you take off your jacket. “Wow! This place is huge!” you said.

The living room was twice that size of yours. The kitchen and living room were separate by a breakfast bar. The kitchen was beautiful and just as spacious as the living room. There was enough space for them to have a large table in there too.

“Yeah, this place is pretty big. It wasn’t like this a few years ago. Before, this was a regular apartment and we all had to share rooms. Then the company had enough money and they bought out the apartment next door. We used that one to make one big apartment. So now we each have our own rooms.”

He brought you over to the couch and started putting the movie on. As the intro was playing he turned off the lights and went into the kitchen to go bring some snacks. When he came back, he sat right next to you.

You asked him what movie it was and he said it was a scary movie. Unfortunately, you weren’t a lover of horror films and never heard of the movie before. This made you more scared because you didn’t know what to expect.

As the movie intensified and you grew more and more scared. You were too engulfed in the movie to notice that Jungkook moved himself closer and closer to you. At one point you slightly took noticed and he claimed he can “protect you”, but then you got distracted by a jump scare and hid yourself in his arms. Halfway into the movie he already had one arm wrapped around you and the other hand on your thigh.

At the most intense part of the movie, the door to the dorm swung open. You automatically let out a really loud scream. Someone turned on the lights, revealing the rest of the BTS members bunched up at the entrance. They were all staring awkwardly at you and Jungkook.

Jungkook immediately paused the movie and you jumped off the couch. Jungkook stood up in front of you and introduced you to the rest of the members. They still looked confused and you further introduce yourself, “Um, hi! You might not remember me, but I was at the fan meeting a few weeks ago at your last concert…”.  They all looked back at Jungkook, then back at you and said “oh okay” and they all dispersed to their respective rooms.

Jin and V gave you a cute little wave as they passed you. Suga gave you a sleepy head nod as he stumbled to his room. Rap monster and Jhope were too busy whispering to each other to acknowledge you. Jimin was subtly glaring at you. He was scanning you up and down as he walked past you and to his room.

After that embarrassing and awkward introduction, Jungkook led you back to the couch to see the rest of the movie. You two didn’t exactly go back into the same position you were previously. It took almost the rest of the movie for Jungkook to get back to having his arm around you. With the guys now over, you were pretty paranoid and you felt really awkward about it now. You felt more aware of everything now that the rest of BTS was back at the dorm.

At the end of the movie you told Jungkook that you were really sleepy and thought that it was time you go back home. He said “Fine, I guess I’ll let you go home now, but you have to let me go with you to the first floor. I want to see you as much as I can before you have to leave!”

You blushed again and agreed to his proposition. He helped you gather your things and fixed your scarf to cover enough of your face. Then, he walked with you to the elevator with his arm wrapped around you.

When the elevator doors opened, he pulled you to one of the corners, so that he was able to lean at the corner and hug you from behind. At this point you were basically a dead fangirl. You were already holding your breath from the entire walk from his door to the elevator, now you were just dead from all the feelings. You were relieved that he couldn’t see how red your face was getting.

Since the BTS dorm was on the highest floor, the elevator ride lasted a good while. Every second was heaven to you. Half way down, Jungkook whispered into your ear, “You smell really nice!”. You froze. How was all this even possible? This was a dream come true. Never in a million years did you think you’d go to a BTS concert, meet your bias, go on a date with your bias, go on a second date at the dorm, and be getting a back hug from him. This was all too good to be true.

“So, um, Y/n. Next week we are going to have a party to celebrate the tour being over. It’s going to be here in the dorm. Do you want to come?”, he whispered into your ear.  You were still in shock over this whole situation. It took you a while to process what was going on and it took you even longer to decide whether you wanted to come over again after you embarrassed yourself in front of the other guys. You were also scared that the guys all got a bad impression from you, especially Jimin. Plus, your place was pretty far away from the dorm.

Jungkook noticed you taking your time to answer him again. He soon became impatient and playfully said, “If you don’t give me an answer by the time we get to the first floor, this invitation will be revoked!”

You gave a little gasp and said, “YES! I’ll come for the party. Don’t you remember that I can’t say no to you!”. Out of excitement he gave you a quick squeeze.

When to elevator finally reached the first floor, he turned you around, pulled down your scarf, and gave you a kiss. You were so in beyond in shock, you just stood there looking up at him and blushing extra hard. He pinched your cheeks and told you it was time to get off. You still didn’t move, so he ever so gently pushed you towards the doors saying “Goodnight, I can’t wait to see you next week Y/N”

About half an hour later, you were back at your place. You honestly had no idea how you got yourself home. You were on too much of a love high to process what was going on. You still can’t believe that any of that actually happened. You were to in shock to fall asleep. All you did was replay everything in your head.

I will try posting the next part tomorrow.

just landed a Sweet house/dogsitting gig for this women who volunteers at the theater. just met with her and met her Very pretty and nice dog Lil and her old “crochety” cat Oliver.

im so excited to spend some time with elza in a house alone too, as we never really have been able to.

and it pays! like it just sounds really nice and we’re gonna be doing it on and off all summer!

First kiss with Astro

Masterlist: x


You two had been dating for a week or so and it was the third or forth date when he made his move. The kiss happened when your eyes wandered to his phone that had lit up since he got a text message.

“What is it?” You whispered, leaning in to see the display on his phone. He looked at his phone, replying to the message, then back up to you when your eyes met. The theater was really dark but you could still see the reflection of the movie in his eyes. He looked from your right eye then to your left eye and leaned in, tilting his head left. You leaned in as well and your lips crashed onto each others.

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