met someone special

How they react to your death - The Mikaelsons

Klaus Mikaelson:

You were the only person who was there for Klaus unconditionally, regardless on whether you believed he was in the wrong, you would never turn your back on him, you loved him and in his millennium on earth he had never met someone as unique and special to him,as you. Klaus reacted as expected when you were taken from him, initially he lashed out at those close to him, he blamed himself for what had happened for you and for introducing you to the danger and chaos within his life. But eventually Klaus began to see that his destruction and rage would not be what you wished for him, he began to support those who were close to you and carried out your wishes as you would have done had you been around to fulfill them yourself.

Elijah Mikaelson:

Elijah considered you a sister, he felt he could turn to you whatever his situation, whether it be an oh so often rist with Klaus or your opinion and advise regarding Haley he knew you would be there for him to offer your support and your honest opinion. For this reason when you died Elijah felt lost, he no longer had anyone to turn to, in fact when he learned of your death it was you he needed to talk to, to seek refuge from the horror which had occurred, it was clear to him not he nor his family would recover from your loss for quite some time. While he maintained his strong and collected manner within the public domain, behind closed doors he let himself go. Elijah would turn to Haley to relive his experiences with you and keep you alive within his memory.

Rebekah Mikaelson:

You were Rebekah’s best friend, you offered her someone to vent to when Klaus had stepped out of line, a shoulder to cry on during a feud with Marcel, but more importantly, someone she could go out with and let go of all of her worries regarding New Orleans and the Mikaelson family drama which.seemingly followed her around wherever she went. After your death Rebekah no longer went out, she couldn’t let got because she felt she was betraying your memory, she had pushed Marcel away and for a time, blamed Klaus for your death.

Kol Mikaelson:

When Kol had returned to his vampire form you helped him to control his hunger and bloodlust, you were an ear to listen to him when he felt excluded from his family and he also looked to you for advise when it came to making Davina happy, When you died he became further estranged from his family as you helped to unite them so without your support he found himself alone. Kol became a monster. With no one to keep his bloodlust in check he devoured entire towns full of people with little remorse.


Send me one of the following for a journal entry from my muse.

♔ - An entry about a day my muse felt particularly good on, perhaps because they won something, learned something, met someone special, etc.

☢ - A day my muse felt incredibly bad on, because they let themself down in some respect (e.g. they failed at something they tried very hard for).

☤ - An entry my muse wrote on struggling with a physical or mental illness.

☠ - Mourning the loss of someone dear to them (either to death or other causes).

✈ - My muse has just moved houses, jobs, schools or is staying somewhere new for a while and describes how this makes them feel.

✉ - An angry message my muse wrote down after a heated argument with your muse. (Either directed at your muse or not.)

♒ - A conflict my muse had while dealing with their family, either resolved (and written in retrospect) or unresolved (and written in frustration of the event).

✂ - A message my muse wrote after not having written for a while, possibly because they lost the journal or because they have been busy with other things. (Feel free to include part of the previous entry for perspective.)

♋ - My muse writes about yours. Perhaps the first time they met, or an event that was particularly important to our muses’ relationship.

✆ - Someone read my muse’s journal and my muse rants about how that made them feel and whether they knew who it was and have confronted them etc.


❤ Soulmate Drabble (8/13) ❤

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Member: DK/ Seokmin
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 529

When you meet your soulmate, a gray world turns into beautiful colors.

For the past so and so many years, you’ve experienced the world in various shades of gray, just like everybody else on the planet. It hasn’t bothered you in the least; it’s actually made you excited. Ever since you were little, you’ve heard stories of people’s world becoming colorful when they found the one that was made for them. It was like a fairy tale, and you wanted an ending just like one. That’s the way it’s been for years, until now.

Lately, some of your friends actually met their soulmates, their worlds now full of vivid colors and pure joy. Needless to say, it made you bitter. Of course you didn’t show it; you didn’t want to appear jealous over something that was bound to happen to you in the future, but you just didn’t know when. You were immediately transformed into a lowkey salty third wheel whenever you hung out with a friend and their newly found soulmate, and you could see the connection instantly. It was amazing actually, seeing how the universe basically “shipped” people together. Everyday you wondered if it would finally be the day where you met that special someone, but no luck has come yet. You wondered at times if they were even alive or just lived somewhere else far away. You hoped that it was the latter.

Then, to your absolute surprise, the day finally came. Your school decided to take its students on a special trip, so now you were in Seoul, Korea, surrounded by fellow students and friends. Of course, the couples wanted to go sightseeing together and go out to cute cafes or fancy restaurants, but all you wanted to do was stay in your hotel room and sulk by yourself. The hotel itself was nice and had a restaurant or two attached and it had a pool, so you took that as a good sign and maybe you wouldn’t be completely bored when you were alone.

Your roommate left the instant they set their suitcases on the floor, leaving you completely alone. With a sigh, you crossed over to the window and pushed aside the curtains, the light gray sky greeting you. Your eyes scanned down over the sight of the humongous pool and the people gathered around. Your eyes locked on a particular large group of guys that were sitting by the pool, but your attention was pulled to the one sitting in the middle. You blinked at him a few times, and it just happened.

A sharp gasp slipped out into the silent atmosphere as you observed the colors around you. The room you were staying had colors. The sky was gray anymore. Everything was colorful. In your shock, you unlatched the window and pulled it open to stick your head out and cried out in joy when it was true. You then looked back down at the group to see the one in the middle staring up at you. The light shined down on him in such a perfect way that it made your heart skip a beat. You’ve never seen anything so beautiful. He smiled brightly, his eyes crinkling.

Everything was colorful. 


I Wish I Had Better Words For You Besides Lovely But I Tried

You said, “the best compliment you can ever give someone is to call them a beautiful soul,” but I think the beauty of your soul compliments mine. I don’t know if there’s a God but it is holy ground where your eyes lay. I am wholly grounded now that I know I crash landed into you. For every book on your shelf, I have another way to remind you how much you have come to define for me. For every smile  obtain, I can always trace you out on the path. For every day we live, we close the distance between our hearts by even a decimal because mine beats harder for you than anyone else. I want to work harder, be happier, and live kinder for you than anyone else. If my soul had a mouth, it would cry out for you. If it had any concept of art, it would draw your face. If it had its way, it would bring me to you. I don’t hesitate to feel trepidation in tandem with adoration. I keep waiting for you to let me down and find another, but because you have never done it once, I consider you the highest angel if there ever were any. Nothing brings me pain or pleasure, melancholia or ecstasy, fear or love quite like you do. I live in dreams where we face the sunsets and thunderstorms together. Back then, they crept up on my sleep and I could never piece together why. But now more than ever, I could touch your hand in these dreams. I could see your smile in these dreams. I could hold you in these dreams. These might cease to be just dreams. I woke up from the dreams with light in my face and your wonderful face behind it. If I am ever a believer in anything, it will be because of you. It will be you. I love you.

Like In The Movies

Author: @dylan-trash-tbh

Pairing: Stuart x Reader

Words: 3147

A/N : and now everyone: ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE AND THIS IS NOT EDITED. Please keep that in mind. There are probably some mistakes.

the lovely @lovelydob and @morethanonefandom sent me some promts 💕😊I really hope you aren’t disappointed with this.. 

Thank you for giving me the courage to post this piggie  🐷💖you already know how much I love you @golddaggers


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do you have favorite old ah/rt videos that are like mavin classics? I'm sort of new and I don't know which old videos to go back and watch

i do!! this list is probably gonna be all over the place timewise bc my definition of “old” goes from 2012 to 2015, and i’m gonna try to separate it into general series/videos that are good, and specific moments that are good. links will be in the name and direct to playlists when available, specific vid if not. and, fair warning, i’m gonna throw a couple of links to tweets/pictures in this too. replies should be enabled if anyone has something they want to add! readmore for length

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Saved by an Angel

gif is not mine

Title: Saved by an Angel

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word count: 1,911

Warnings: Angst & Fluff

A/N: Oh look, a Castiel fic that I have all ready for all of you! I hope you like this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3

The wind blew through your hair as you sat on a bench in the park.  It was delightfully breezy and not too cold.  You had your earbuds in, listening to music as the wind tousled your hair softly.  You dipped your head as a single tear escaped your eye.  As the tear fell you felt a small rush of wind behind you.  You figured it was just the wind so you had ignored it.

You almost fell of the bench startled at the sudden figure that sat down beside you.  You had not seen him before.  You almost got the knife that you had always carried in your pocket out, but you were suddenly wrapped in this man’s arms.  You almost fought the strange man off, but you oddly felt safe.  You wrapped your arms around him, resting your head on his chest.  He had on a trench coat and a suit, but his tie wasn’t on right.  You thought that it was odd, but you liked it oddly enough.

“Who are you,” you whispered thinking he wouldn’t hear you.

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CORRECTING CHRISTMAS: A woman/man (Muse A) travels back in time to last Christmas, before her broken engagement and tries to repair what went wrong. However, in the process, she/he re-discovers her/his childhood best friend (Muse B) and starts to realise that perhaps her/his former fiance isn’t who she wants after all.

GUESS WHO’S COMING TO CHRISTMAS: Muse A is a jaded rock-star with a tarnished reputation for drink-driving and bad behaviour. Muse B is a small-town female/male who’s had to move back home after her/his engagement was called off, where her/his father is the local parish priest and doesn’t allow a single drop of alcohol in the house. To repair his damaged image, Muse A decides to fulfill a child’s ‘Dear Santa’ Christmas wish, which Muse B’s sibling enters and wins. Now, Muse A must spend the whole of December in a small, secluded town and perform in their local Christmas show, sleeping in Muse B’s spare room.

THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS: Muse A, a workaholic solicitor, has just twelve nights to get a bed and breakfast appraised, but the owner is uncooperative because he claims a spirit (Muse B) lives there and would not approve. As Muse A’s promotion rests on accomplishing this task, she decides to check in for the winter and haggles with Muse B, a spirit who is cursed to never move on until he/she solves their own murder. Muse A agrees to help.

A PRINCE FOR CHRISTMAS: Muse A escorts her/his niece and nephew to spend Christmas with their grandfather, an English Duke. Here she/he meets Muse B, a charming European prince who has travelled to America for an arranged marriage.

A CHRISTMAS TREE MIRACLE: Muse A, a single parent, is the kind of person who offers a homeless person their coffee and has done on several occasions. Being made redundant from their job, he/she then finds themselves and their children homeless for Christmas. Muse B is an eccentric Christmas tree farmer who, once upon a time, Muse A bought a coffee for on a cold morning and offers them work (and accommodation) on his/her farm.

A GOLDEN CHRISTMAS: When Muse A was a child, he/she met someone special while both were walking their dogs. Vowing their love for one another, the pair put together a box of memories and buried it in the woods. The relationship, however, ended when he/she moved. Now a successful business woman/man, Muse A is moving back to her childhood home. The problem being? Muse B is bidding on the same house, starting a war between them, unaware that Muse B is, in fact, that someone special from his/her childhood.

A BRIDE FOR CHRISTMAS: Muse A makes a bet with his/her friends that he/she could get married before Christmas. Muse B, recovering from a broken engagement after being left at the alter, is their target.

AN ACCIDENTAL CHRISTMAS:  Muse A and Muse B are separated, but their scheming children are determined to get them back together in time for Christmas.

PAPER ANGELS: Muse A leaves his/her alcoholic and abusive husband/wife and moves to another town with their children, where he/she works as a waitress/waiter to make ends meet. Knowing their mother/father can’t afford presents this Christmas, their eldest child puts their letters to Santa on the local Angel Tree (a scheme where other people pick a paper angel and purchase a stranger’s presents for them). Muse B, a successful workaholic who lost both their wife/husband and a child in a car accident, is dreading their first Christmas alone. In an attempt to keep themselves occupied, Muse B decides to take part in the Angel Tree scheme, picking Muse A’s name.

HOLIDAY IN HANDCUFFS: Muse A is a struggling artist distraught at the idea of going home for Christmas without a significant other. So, in a mad moment, Muse A kidnaps a customer (Muse B) from their local diner and persuades them to be their 'fake partner’ in exchange for cash.

UNDERCOVER CHRISTMAS: Muse A is an uptight FBI agent assigned to protect Muse B, a low-class cocktail waitress/waiter who was witness to a murder. In the name of the law and order, the pair must pose a couple to fool their friends and families until the case Muse B is involved in is resolved.

THE CHRISTMAS CARD: Muse A is a soldier in the midst of war. Knowing Muse A has no one to write to him, a fellow solider gives him a Christmas card sent to them from his hometown. When this friend is later killed in battle, Muse A takes leave and decides to return their dog tags to a grieving widow. Here, he/she meets Muse B, who’s father hires Muse A to work for him. The pair begin to fall in love, unaware that Muse B was the original sender of the Christmas card that kept Muse A going throughout his/her time in war.

THE CHRISTMAS WISH: Having been told this could be their sick mother’s last Christmas, Muse A has hired Muse B, an actress, and their child in an attempt to give his/her parent their last wish; to see Muse A get married.


Author: @dylan-trash-tbh

Pairing: Dylan O'brien x Reader

Words: 2871 

A/N: this is a promt request I’ve got from @nic–nack ❤️ I hope you like it!

It’s not edited and English isn’t my first language.

Thanks for proofreading Piggie 🐷💖💕 @golddaggers

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The Bride

Written for: Bev’s Milestone Celebration ( @chaos-and-the-calm67 )

Words: 4541

Relationship: Dean x Reader, Reader x OMC (Only mentioned)

Prompt: Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Queen

Warnings: AU, plus size!reader, Fluff, Slight Angst, Negative Self-Image, language, SMUT, NSFW gif, Just Dean being perfect. 

A/N: Happily written for Bev’s milestone challenge! Congrats darling! I couldn’t get this idea out of my head so I hope you enjoy it! All mistakes are my own and I own none of the included images or gifs. Feedback is greatly appreciated. 

Tagging: @chaos-and-the-calm67 @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms @supernatural-jackles

Summary: Dean’s determined to find someone to distract him from the fact that he hasn’t met the one and his little brother Sammy is getting married tomorrow. When a Bride in full gown strides into the bar Dean can’t look away and from there the rest is history…

  Dean’s drinking a shot between his beers looking around the bar for a little company. Tomorrow Sammy will be getting married and tonight he wants to forget that he still hasn’t met that special someone. So yeah definitely in need of company just to make it through tomorrow. However, the pickings in the bar are slim to none. It’s a newer bar than Ellen’s bar that he usually frequents. He didn’t want his Aunt Ellen or cousin Jo to see him sulking, but from the looks of it, he figures it’ll probably just be him and his hand tonight.

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DR1 bois celebrating their one year anniversary with S/O?

Of course :D Here you are Anon

DR1 Boys celebrating one year anniversary with S/O

Makoto Naegi:

- He tried to think of something really special

- But truth be told he was kind of broke

- So in the end, he decided to do something simple

- “S/O - san/kun, let’s go somewhere together!”

- He smiles as he takes your hand

- “Hm? What’s in the basket?”

- “Oh don’t worry about that haha you’ll find out soon!”

- He takes you on a nice walk talking about all the good times you had so far

- “Ah we’re here!”

- He took you to a nice open field, colourful flowers blossoming all around

- “I… Don’t really have money to buy you any impressive gifts but I just thought that as long as we spend time together that will be okay right?”

- He has a faint blush on his face as he says that

- You smile before leaning in to kiss his cheek

- “You’re as cute as always, Naegi - kun”

- The two of you then enjoy a lovely picnic

Byakuya Togami:

- Oh you know he’ll spoil you

- He booked the fanciest restaurant for the two of you

- And he even got you a new outfit for that night

- It wasn’t hard, he knows all your measurements after all ;)

- “S/O, you ready to go?”

- “Of course!”

- You walk into the room, and you look absolutely stunning

- He chuckles before taking your hand and kissing it

- “My my, looks like I’ll have to keep a close eye on you, wouldn’t want anyone to steal you from me”

- He offers you his arm and you gladly wrap your arms around it

- You spend a lovely evening together discussing several fond memories of the past year

Mondo Owada:

- “Oi S/O!”

- “Hm? What is it?”

- “Put some warmish clothes on and meet me outside in 5 minutes”

- You’re about to ask him why but he already left

- You do as he asks and quickly throw on some clothes

- “Erm, Owada - kun? What is going on?”

- “You’ll see, you’ll see”

- He gets on his bike and pats the seat behind him

- You roll your eyes before getting on

- As soon as he’s satisfied you’re holding on tight enough he begins speeding off

- “AH! Owada - kun?! Where are we going?!”

- “Hehe, just hold on”

- He eventually comes to a stop in a place that seems awfully familiar

- “Wait… Is this-”

- “One year ago, I met someone special here”

- He places his hand on your cheek before continuing

- “And would you look at that, I was able to bring ‘em back here a year later”

- You smile before leaning up to kiss him

Kiyotaka Ishimaru:

- He was already preparing for it a whole month prior

- He needed everything to be perfect, it was for you of course!

- When the day finally arrives he greets you first thing in the morning

- “S/O - kun! Happy One Year Anniversary!”

- He bows as he hands you a bouquet of flowers

- “Aw… Happy one year Ishimaru - kun”

- You accept the flowers and kiss his forehead

- His face turns bright red as he stutters out his plan

- “Erm, I - I made a plan for today!”

- He begins giving you a ‘brief’ explanation

- But after 10 minutes you just cut him off with a kiss

- “Say… Ishimaru - kun, would you mind if… We improvised instead?”

Chihiro Fujisaki:

- You were looking for him

- But it almost seems like he vanished 

- “Fujisaki - kun? Where are you?”

- “S/O - san/kun!”

- You turn as you hear a familiar voice…

- But it turns out it’s just Alter Ego

- “Oh, hello. Do you know where your Master is?”

- The AI head nods 

- “…Can you tell me?..”

- “Master gave me specific orders to show you this before I reveal his location”

- Before you can ask, the screen changes to show something like a slide show

- There are several pictures and video clips of you and Fujisaki smiling and laughing together

- When the show finishes you feel a pair of hands on your shoulders

- “Did you.. Like it? It took me a while to get all those photos”

- You nod and he just wraps his arms around you resting his chin on your head

Leon Kuwata:

- You thought he forgot

- And honestly you wouldn’t be surprised

- So when he told you he was taking you to one of his games you didn’t really suspect anything

- “Kuwata - kun… Do you know what day it is today?”

- “Er, Thursday?”

- “Forget it.”

- You mutter a ‘good luck’ before going to find your seat

- For a while, the game seems perfectly normal, just some people hitting a ball and running around nothing unusual

- But then he just gives you a grin and runs over to you

- “K-Kuwata - kun?!”

- He pulls you into a kiss before you can ask him anything else

- “Hey S/O, look at the screen”

- The screen shows a selfie of you and Kuwata with the words ‘Happy One Year!’ written across it

- “Oh you”

- He winks

- “Oh me”

Hifumi Yamada:

- He told you that you’ll meet up later

- But first you’ll have to wait for a package

- This sounded awfully fishy to you but you couldn’t really do anything to change it

- And so you waited

- Once your mysterious package finally arrived, you were rather hesitant to open it

- He didn’t send me… Doujins did he?

- You carefully unwrap the package to find a manga with the title

- ‘L/n F/n - dono and the Great Quest!’

- You begin reading only to realise that it’s actually just the key events that happened in the past year only set in a fantasy like land

- “Yamada - kun did all this for me?”

- By the time you finish reading, it’s almost time to meet him

- You smile as you take the manga with you and start walking

- When you get there he’s already waiting, he gives you a small wave

- You just run and tackle him into a hug

- “Thank you thank you thank youuuuu!”

- He wraps his arms around you as he giggles

Yasuhiro Hagakure:

- “Hagakure - kun”

- “What is it S/O - chi?”

- “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

- He gives you a blank stare

- “Um…”

- “It has something to do with today…”

- “OH!”

- You smile but that smile instantly drops as he picks up an astrology book

- “Duh, I forgot to read your horoscope for today”

- You just kind of sit there

- “Let’s see. Says here you’re gonna get pleasant surprises today!”

- “Oh really. How nice.”

- “Also says to look under the bed”

- You frown at him

- “Look under the bed?”

- “Woah don’t give me that look! I’m just reading”

- You let out a sigh as you reach down and pat the area under the bed

- “Oh? What’s this”

- You manage to pull out a small white teddy bear with the words “1 YEAR!” written on its stomach

- “For… Me?”

- “Told ya you’d get pleasant surprises”

- “Hm? There’s more than one?”

- He gives you a quick wink before pulling you into a kiss

A Broken Heart and a Boy in a Car

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Chanyeol & Kyungsoo scenario | Angst/Fluff

PART 1 | PART 2 

Summary: Where Chanyeol cheats on you and you find comfort in someone else..

A/N: This is my first one-shot scenario thing but I really just wanted to write it so I hope you like it :)

A year ago, you had met Park Chanyeol, fallen in love, and had experienced a whirlwind romance like no other. A regular, working girl like you had met him by chance when he’d come by your office, which happened to be the same as his cousin’s. After that, everything had been a blur. Two weeks of casual dates and all of a sudden you were dating a massive K-pop star.

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Dime for your thoughts

Professor!Genevieve x student!Reader

Word Count: 2.3K
WARNING: Cuteness and adorable fluff and heart eyes
Summary: The lucky dime around your neck holds a special place in your heart. It is a reminder of the first day you met that special someone. No one knows what it means to you except for the professor that is the object of your affection.
A/N: This is my submission for  @teamfreewill-imagine 21st Birthday Professions AU Challenge. This is my first fan fic ever and I hope it doesn’t suck XD Happy birthday!

People at school had always called you weird for carrying around that silly dime on a chain. Not many saw it because you always had it tucked under your shirt, closer to your heart. It probably was a silly thing to do with the dime but you couldn’t help it. The coin had special meaning, significant value, far more precious than just ten cents. It wasn’t just a dime, it was like your own personal luck charm. Every time you held it or felt its weight against your skin, you were brought back to one special memory.

It was a Monday, four years ago. It was your first day at the university and you were beyond stressed and panicked. You didn’t want to be late for any of your classes and so you had rushed across campus several times throughout the day. You didn’t make time for breakfast and you had skipped lunch to buy some text books that you hadn’t gotten yet. So it was safe to say before your final class that you were hungry. This was only the first day, you couldn’t imagine what the rest of the semester was going to be like.

Shuffling through your bag, you were getting frustrated that you couldn’t find your money. You knew that you had put your wallet in your bag this morning before leaving your room. Your roommate had even commented on it, the pattern on it unique, because you had painted it yourself. Relief washing over your face, you had finally found it. In the process of pulling it out though, coins fell from its pockets and rolled across the floor. Some slid under the vending machines while there was one dime that had other ideas.

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“So, in November I met someone that is very special in my life now. She goes by the name of Anna Campbell. You know how people always talk about meeting that one person where you don’t even really have to know them, but as soon as you meet them you just feel like you’ve known them for ten lifetimes. And when you reunite it feels like you’ve just missed them forever. That’s how I felt when I met Anna for the first time.”