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I met him! I REALLY met him!! OMG I still can’t believe it…
Ok, so this was yesterday night after the ready player three show in London, we where waiting at the back door and after two hours of waiting they told us that they had already gone asleep… A lot of people left but we didn’t believe them, so we were only like 8 or 9 people left, it had past nearly a third hour already, we where sitting in a circle listening to Jack, Game Grumps and Mark songs, and suddenly there he was, the first thing I said was “you are real!” (and I’m a bit ashamed of it) but he just​ said “I AM real!” And that I asked him for a hug, and holly shit, he really gives the best hugs ever!! I think I gave him three in total😂 But we had a lot of time talk to him, and he is just the nicest person I’ve ever met!! I told him I came all the way from Spain just to see him, I showed him the picture I drew for the #septicart event, he even wrote down “I believe” in my notebook so a person that had already left could get it as a tattoo and he made a video for them! And I told him that I brought him coffee from Ibiza, and he had already seen it!! And that I had written him a letter, and he just was really nice and funny, and we even took group pictures,…

And he really is a small bean, he’s not much taller then I am, but he is just so cute and nice and he talks to you like a friend and ahhhh, I still can’t believe this has happened…

I just love him so much, and it was definitely worth it to come all the way from Spain!! 💚💚

Thank you so much for everything @therealjacksepticeye !!

the fact that taylor can walk into a random store on a tuesday night & run into so many people who she has impacted in so many ways -one person who met her on her first tour like 7 years ago, another wearing her t shirt, another going out to buy her album, and another who was inspired to move to nashville to chase their music dreams because of her….like…it’s just…so beautiful

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It’s another hard time in the fandom, with tour dates and the party, so some reminders:

  • Take care of yourself. Make sure your homework is complete, that you’re hydrated, that you eat. Cry if you need to but don’t let this overwhelm you into a state of inability.
  • Be kind to others. It can be easy to lash out when you’re upset, but focus your rage elsewhere. It will only hurt them and you if you don’t. My inbox and IMs are open if you want to vent.
  • You aren’t less of a fan. Not for not having met her, been to her tour, bought her merch, bought her albums…not all of us have such luxuries. You are just as much of a fan as anyone else.
  • You are not worth less because you haven’t met/seen Taylor. Your worth isn’t determined by this at all. The people who have met her multiple times aren’t worth more than you, either.

171021 BTS_official’s Tweet

[#오늘의방탄] 대만에서 만난 #방탄소년단 과 아미!! THE WINGS TOUR in TAIPEI 오늘을 기억해줘요✨✨찌쭈~ 쭈미😘

[#Today’sBangtan] ARMYs and #BTS who we met in Taiwan!! THE WINGS TOUR in TAIPEI, pleas remember today✨✨Remember me~😘

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By Heart [ I ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst

Length: 4.4k

Pairing: Kyungsoo x Reader

Summary: Getting over him was the most impossible thing in the world because part of you couldn’t believe it was really over.

By Heart Masterlist

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The hardest part about giving someone else your heart, is that it then belongs to them. Even if things end, they will forever own a piece of you. A piece of the most important part of you, no less. It’s a piece of yourself that you can never get back, not really, not fully.

Six months. One hundred eighty two days. Four thousand three hundred sixty eight hours. That was how long it had been since you felt whole.

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Degas originals and Degas recreations

It’s said every move and pose in the Degas scene in “Phantom of the Opera” was inspired by Edgar Degas, through his sketches, paintings and sculptures. I have yet to sit down and find a match to every single pose in photos. But what I can say is that it’s easy enough to find a corresponding artwork to the stage photos in existence. Here’s some of them.

Gillian Lynne made the choreography for “Phantom of the Opera”.

What happened in Cape Town?
  • Cape Town is the capital city of South Africa where Panic performed at the Coke Zero Fest in 2009
  • Panic seemed to have a good time, they hung out together, went sightseeing etc
  • *narrator voice* but things were not as they seemed
  • 13th April 2009 turned out to be the last concert Panic would play with Ryan and Jon
  • the relations between the band members worsened and Panic officially split on July 6th citing ‘musical differences’ as the reason
  • Ryan and Jon formed a new band called The Young Veins and Ryan wrote the song Cape Town which has the lyrics ‘I loved you, I left you in Cape Town’ and ‘I got lost in Cape Town’. People suspect these lyrics refer to him leaving the band, particularly Brendon.
  • however Ryan and Jon have said the lyrics are about a girl Ryan met during their tour. Apparently he asked her to marry him, but she already had a husband. Jon helped Ryan get out of the sticky situation.
  • Brendon And Spencer went on to release Vices and Virtues. The song Bittersweet has the lyrics ‘I’ve been to Tokyo and to South Africa…. but my favorite place is the warm embrace of holding your hair back in a bathroom stall’
  • Why would you hold someone’s hair back in a bathroom stall? a)If they were throwing up or b) If they were going down on you. Who could Brendon be talking about?
  • Also here’s something Cute!! Panic’s last pre split show? 13th April. Brendon’s birthday? 12th April. Sweet ending to this post, huh?

So how was everyone elses’ nights might was pretty cool.

He loved that I remembered Cascoon was his favorite pokemon.

After waiting in line I was going to go buy the luau poster, but the merch stuff was all closed so @commandermeouch got back in line and asked Brian about it and I spoke up about wanting the poster too so

Brian actually,, went and dug out the poster for me,, and signed it,, and didn’t ask me to pay for it at all,,,

(Foleh slapped a 20 on the table and ran though)

The King (2) (NSFW)

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T’Challa x Reader

Warning: Smut

A/N: Finally after trying to write all day, I finally got part 2 done. Enjoy more art collector, sugar daddy T’Challa since I know you guys got all these feels going on from the trailer drop yesterday. I know I do. Also, I’m pretty sure I want to do a part 3. Who would be down for that?


You were sitting in your office having a meeting with your assistant when an intern popped her head to tell you that you had a call from someone. You apologized to your assistant as you picked up the phone.

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BTS- How they started dating a non celebrity

(for anon)


- you guys actually met on the streets.

-you bumped into him on accident and him being the sweetheart he is, asked if you were okay and held onto your arm to make sure you were steady.

-the second your eyes met, you fell in love.

-the boys could immediately tell he felt something with you.

-asks you for your number and if he could take you on a coffee date anytime soon.

-his celebrity status is sometimes complicated but that doesn’t take away the love you have for your mr. worldwide handsome.


- met you at a coffee shop.

-ordered what you ordered just cause he couldn’t stop staring at you when you walked in and he wanted to see what you liked.

-namjoon and Jin has to convince him to go talk to you.

-they also had to convince him that you were absolutely staring at him.

-you noticed the mood in the shop immediately shift once he pulled his mask down and revealed himself to be the one and only suga.

-ignored it and sits in front of you anyways, enquiring for your name.

-he absolutely loves having a low key love who can handle his status.

-you are his muse now.

J- Hope-

-actually met you while on tour in the US

-him and the boys watched a group of b boys on the street that had attracted a crowd.

-his eyes were first on the moves until they traveled to the side of him and saw you standing beside him.

-swore he’s never seen such a beautiful smile.

-suga pushes him into you to force you two to communicate.

-falls in love with your voice.

-absolutely loves and spoils you the way he thinks you deserve.

-always assures you that you’re his favorite ARMY.

Rap Mon-

-met you at a book store.

-you both reached for the same book.

-instantly recognized him but kept your calm and cool about it, as to not scare him away.

-loves how easy you were to talk to and your brains.

-loves taking you everywhere and showing you off.

-laughs once you reveal that you knew he was from the beginning.

-“I know. I saw your phone screen babe.”


-saw you at a restaurant, eating with your family.

-payed for the check before you guys had the chance.

-when you came to thank him and jungkook, he smiled that sweet shy smile and politely asked for your number.

-adores you unbelievably much.

-begs for you to come to practice so you can watch and praise him afterwards.

-gets stressed out due to his celebrity status a lot.

-but loves that you make him feel calm and at home.


-met you at a clothing store you worked at.

-he kept asking obvious questions just because he wanted to talk to you.

-“do you get off anytime soon? Would you like to go for a drink?”

-his rectangle smile brings you nothing but joy.

-begs you to quit your job and assures that he can take care of you.

-remind him that you like your job and can take care of yourself.

-spoils the shit out of you instead.


-legit met you at a McDonald’s late at night while on nugget run with Jin.

-kept watching you laugh and have fun with your friends in line.

-payed attention to when you ordered just cause he wanted to hear what you sounded like.

-Jin had to go talk to you for him at first.

-love you unconditionally now.

-treats you like a queen.

-loves how you keep him grounded.

Do you remember when Taylor Swift bought pizza for the fans waiting for her outside of her hotel in London just because she couldn’t stop by cause she was going for a dinner? Do you remember when she visited hospitals a lot of times, without the cameras? Do you remember about the fact that she doesn’t take money for meet and greets? Do you remember about all those times when she invited her fans to all of her houses and bake them cookies?? Do you remember how she spent her Valentine’s Day with the fan and their family?? Do you remember all those quotes she has said about us so far, like for example the one that we are the best and the longest relationship she has ever had??? Do you remember how she chose fans online and sent them Christmas and Valentines packages and then she met them all during the tour?? Do you remember how she stalked the fans going to award shows and how she met them there?? Do you remember when she went to the Taylor Swift Education Center to meet a fan from Tumblr?? Do you remember how she donated money for fans in need?? Do you remember how she donated money for different causes?? Do you remember all those times when she gave advices to the fans online?? Do you remember when she went to the fan’s Bridal Shower and took a huge basket of gifts with her?? Do you remember when she went to the fan’s wedding and played the couple’s favorite song??? Do you remember when she visited a terminally ill fan at their house?? Do you remember how she visited a fan so she could give a Christmas gift to their little son?? Do you remember how she used to go through the crowds during three headlining tours because she wanted to greet the fans??? Do you remember about 13 hours meet and greet?? Do you remember all those time when she stopped a car cause she had seen a fan wearing her merch shirt so she wanted to take a picture with them??? Do you remember that she does her best when it comes about stopping by when fans are waiting for her on the red carpet, outside the television building etc?? Do you really remember that she played All Too Well at the Grammys because we wanted her to do it?? Do you remember when she visited a 96 years old veteran on Christmas Day?? And what about painting pictures for fans?? What about painting guitars for ill children?? What about all those things she does for the people in secrecy and we have no idea??? There are so many reasons we should be thankful for her. She really goes above and beyond for us. Never forget that. 

2015 for me, played a MAJOR role in the progression of a romantic relationship between Camila and Lauren. Their harmless/platonic behaviour shared during X-Factor was replaced by a flirtatious tension underlying in their interactions. I’ve re-watched several interviews from 2015 and C and L’s body language simply confirms to me that there was a romantic involvement between the two. I think mid 2014 to early 2016 C and L were together. At times, there’s an obvious negative tension between the two but thinking practically, any disagreements or arguments they had their actions were picked apart by fans. Naturally, at some point we’re bound to see a difference in their behaviour and interactions towards each other. In the post, I’ve filtered out a few key points that happened in 2015 and tried to explain the exact moments that personally confirmed to me certain aspects of ‘camren’. I’ve skipped a few months in which I didn’t think anything too necessary happened, enjoy!

January 2015

Fifth Harmony Spills ‘Reflection Tour’ Secrets & Shares Embarrassing Valentine’s Day Story! -

Okay, so the girls begun the year promoting the ‘Reflection Era’ in an interview with Chelsea Briggs at the 2015 People’s Choice Awards. Those in the 5H/Camren fandom will know Chelsea is not one to shy away from the idea of C and L being together, even going as far to favourite pictures (including manips), retweet and reply to fans encouraging her as being the “captain of the ship”. Overall the interview was pretty neutral, there was no ‘serious’ interaction. However, something L mentioned caught my attention. Check out 3:27 to 3:44, Camila mentioned after NEW YEAR she got the flu and was “knocked out in bed for 3 days”. Bear in mind, the girls were home from the final week of December through to the first week in January. Lauren mentioned she also go the flu, saying “Camila, Normani and I” then proceeded to mention the rest of their team. What’s very interesting is Normani NEVER agreed with L, she just continued laughing, looking at C as if she knows exactly what’s going on. L and N wouldn’t have seen each other until the girls met early January for Reflection tour rehearsals. So L and C been sick at the same time must have meant they were together during New Year, possibly after spending NYE together?

February 2015

Fifth Harmony Behind The Scenes | Scoopla -

Feb 2015, the girls are promoting their upcoming Reflection tour in Australia. For me, I don’t think the girls knew the cameras were still rolling, the interviewer (who I thought was SO rude to the girls) is engaging in small talk before he starts his actual interview. At 0:41 we have C singing one of L’s notes in sledgehammer. L responds “I love that by the way” with C replying “thanks sweets”. The reply seemed so natural to me, they had a little flirty banter going back and forth which appeared to be the norm between the two. Diving a bit deeper, “sweets” is a term of endearment shortened from “sweetheart”. By definition: a pair of lovers in relation to the other, especially when both partners are young. Interesting. The girls then continued casually chatting and interacting during the background before the interview commenced. Nothing too major in February.

March 2015

Fifth Harmony Backstage Reflection Tour Interview-

A lot of Camren going off in this one. First to mention the very close proximity the girls are sitting in, yes it’s a small sofa they’re sat on but N, A and D all have enough room without their legs touching. Anyway, 1:16 C asking L if she has anything in her teeth, any excuse for Lauren to stare at C’s lips longer than 5 seconds haha. 2:40, I genuinely think L forgot she was in the middle of an interview. C was leaning into her and you can see L about to knock her head onto C’s. Also, L’s “woo” was a little unnecessary, you could tell she was disguising the fact she was so close to her ‘girl’ in public. All throughout this interview you can see C attempting to rest her left arm on L’s leg, but L’s arm blocking her. However, in the following interview: taken the same day, C’s arm is resting firmly on L’s thigh for the majority of the video. For me, that’s a very intimate position to sit in and we definitely do not see L complaining. Back to the previous interview though, at 5:15 the interviewer talks about the “Suga Mama body roll’ being the perfect opportunity to “look back at your man”. L agreed, however whilst the girls did the body roll facing forward, L turned into C’s direction whilst C looked round to L and smiled. I found this one especially interesting.

May 2015

‪‪Fifth Harmony Dancing With The Stars Live Chat -

This is a suspicious one for me. The great thing about live streams is little moments like these, they can not go unseen. 5:08 C reaches for Normani’s leg, but L seems to gently reach for C’s forearm as she does so. Like for me, that interaction is definitely not platonic. It’s almost protective, definitely a slip up on L’s behalf. 5:27 C interacts with Normani again, however this time places her hand over L’s. She also reaches out for Normani’s leg AGAIN, but ends up resting her arm across both L’s. Again a completely unnecessary touch on C’s behalf. Its only at 6:39 when L moves away from the camera do we see C and L were actually sharing a chair together. These secret touches from this interview reminded me of one in 2014, C blatantly grabbing L’s hand with L noticing, looking down and pulling away SO fast. Caught red handed.

Another in May 2015

Fifth Harmony tell Sugapuff how to be a “Boss” lady – Entertainment Wise -

This interview gives us a little moment between the two. 1:17 the famous “thanks buddy”.  However, it’s Dinah, Normani and Ally’s reactions that confirm something to me. N and A are smiling at the two, A leans into N whispering “what did they say” (presumably Ally thought they said “baby”). N replies “buddy”, but her face says it all. She raises her eyebrows smirks whilst the two are giggling at each other. C is oblivious to what is going on, she’s just sat smiling to herself after her little compliment from L. After, we see Ally whisper “camren” to Normani, prompting her to playfully slap her on the leg. Now, look to your left you’ll see Dinah realising EXACTLY what is going on. 1:27, D takes a breath and mouths “camren” to Ally. The three then casually continue listening to L. This little interaction with the D,A and N is very suspicious to me. Why would they react like this if nothing romantic was going on between C and L?

July 2015

Meet Camila and Lauren’s Family and Friends in Miami - Fifth Harmony Takeover -

The whole title speaks for itself, enjoy.

August 2015

Frankie P shows Camila of Fifth Harmony the Austin Mahone Video -

I was debating whether to put this one on here but I’ll just briefly touch upon it. Just quickly for me, the Camila/Austin relationship was PR. There’s no doubt. I know in previous interviews back in 2014, C mentioned being “heartbroken” from her first love. In this interview, she mocks and humours the situation, like fans humoured their managements poor attempt of a PR relationship. To me she doesn’t look AT ALL hurt. In this interview, Camila and Lauren seem to find the whole situation hilarious. Especially L, who’s giggling away to herself throughout. What’s interesting is Ally, Dinah and Normani barely laugh, so why does L find it THAT funny? She knows.

October 2015

Fifth Harmony: The Bandmate Game -

Okay, I’ve either taken this one out of context and completely misunderstood or I’ve got it right.  The little game is playing out accordingly until one question at the end. See 3:58 “What is something, besides brushing her teeth, that Camila does every night before brushing her teeth”. When I first saw this my mind went straight in the gutter. Replacing the “brushing teeth” part, with Lauren. Anyway, besides the scarily in sync “particular” at 4:17 and the girls throwing out super random things, Ally gets the “put on your socks” prompting L to say “untucking the bedsheets”. This I find VERY strange. I completely understand the girls have lived with each other for 3 years prior. HOWEVER, untucking the sheets is like a routine. For me, you don’t pick up on something like that unless you’re a part of that specific routine. If your partner does something often it becomes part of your routine. It’s SO specific as well, that specific that none of the girls got it apart from L. Also, L’s reaction. She’s so proud she got it, and you can tell that C’s impressed too. That 4:26 high five is also interesting. The little clap they do before is so in-sync it’s SCARY. They regularly mirror each other’s behaviour. It’s a subconscious imitation of the other person’s gesture and is super common in intimate relationships. If you watch a lot of interviews with the girls, it seems to ONLY be C and L who show these types of behaviours towards each other. This is something confirming some sort of romantic involvement to me.

December 2015

Fifth Harmony nos cuentan sus secretos-

Finally guys, this is one of my favourite ever interactions between the two. You can see how comforting they are to each other. Firstly, 2:03 L’s little giggle into C, is the cutest thing. 2:14 L asks C “something that I like about you?”. C nods but her body language is timid. She’s grasping her hands super tight on her legs and she subconsciously licks her lips. For me, it’s a nervous tendency, like she’s intrigued in what L is going to say about her. When Lauren says her mind, you can see C visibly relax. L knows C’s passion for her craft comes from her expression through writing. After hearing C’s solo music, she doesn’t hold back from speaking directly from her heart. She’s honest, genuine and we feel that in her words. You can see how appreciative C is of L’s comment. She replies “that means a lot to me” insisting L’s opinion matters, it comforts her knowing L finds her work “beautiful”. The little hug at 2:44 is also super cute. You can tell L didn’t expect it but the way she holds the side of C’s head is extremely loving/protective. Just look at their smiles, you can’t fake that. When Dinah starts speaking, C whispers “thanks” to L, prompting L to turn around and smile at C. Not just a little smile, but a genuine smile. A smile you’d gibe to your partner after they just complimented you. After this little interaction between the two, you can see they are both genuinely buzzing for the rest of the interview. Don’t you just love the tea.

do you ever just.. remember all of dan and phils history n just.. cry