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[#오늘의방탄] #방탄소년단 <THE WINGS TOUR> 자카르타 콘서트에서 만난 아미들! 좋은 추억으로 남길 바라며💕 #우리가함께하는지금 #여전히화양연화🙆🏻

[#Today’sBangtan] ARMYs that we met at #BTS <THE WINGS TOUR> Jakarta concert! We hope that the concert left you with good memories💕 #TheNowThatWeAreExperiencngTogether #StillTheMostBeautifulMomentInLife🙆🏻

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What happened in Cape Town?
  • Cape Town is the capital city of South Africa where Panic performed at the Coke Zero Fest in 2009
  • Panic seemed to have a good time, they hung out together, went sightseeing etc
  • *narrator voice* but things were not as they seemed
  • 13th April 2009 turned out to be the last concert Panic would play with Ryan and Jon
  • the relations between the band members worsened and Panic officially split on July 6th citing ‘musical differences’ as the reason
  • Ryan and Jon formed a new band called The Young Veins and Ryan wrote the song Cape Town which has the lyrics ‘I loved you, I left you in Cape Town’ and ‘I got lost in Cape Town’. People suspect these lyrics refer to him leaving the band, particularly Brendon.
  • however Ryan and Jon have said the lyrics are about a girl Ryan met during their tour. Apparently he asked her to marry him, but she already had a husband. Jon helped Ryan get out of the sticky situation.
  • Brendon And Spencer went on to release Vices and Virtues. The song Bittersweet has the lyrics ‘I’ve been to Tokyo and to South Africa…. but my favorite place is the warm embrace of holding your hair back in a bathroom stall’
  • Why would you hold someone’s hair back in a bathroom stall? a)If they were throwing up or b) If they were going down on you. Who could Brendon be talking about?
  • Also here’s something Cute!! Panic’s last pre split show? 13th April. Brendon’s birthday? 12th April. Sweet ending to this post, huh?
The King (2) (NSFW)

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T’Challa x Reader

Warning: Smut

A/N: Finally after trying to write all day, I finally got part 2 done. Enjoy more art collector, sugar daddy T’Challa since I know you guys got all these feels going on from the trailer drop yesterday. I know I do. Also, I’m pretty sure I want to do a part 3. Who would be down for that?


You were sitting in your office having a meeting with your assistant when an intern popped her head to tell you that you had a call from someone. You apologized to your assistant as you picked up the phone.

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Jughead & Reader: A Lack of Luck

Summary: As a klutz, you find yourself in compromising situations all the time. Jughead notices and tries to protect you when you and the gang go out together.

Requested by: sunshine51879

Listen to: All That We Needed - Plain White T’s

“Did you finish that paper for Ms. Barry?” You asked Jughead while the two of you walked to school together.

A fresh, new blanket of snow covered the streets and sidewalks that had barely been salted the night before. It was a challenge walking in the snow so you kept your eyes on ground, hoping you wouldn’t slip on some ice in front of Jughead. It wouldn’t be the first time you embarrassed yourself in front of him but you wanted to keep your embarrassment to a minimum.

“I stayed up all night finishing it.” He laughed. “She’s so picky about format and it drives me crazy.”

You laughed. “I know what you mean. At the beginning of the year I turned in a paper expecting to get an A+ cause I thought it was really good but she gave me a B cause I didn’t do more than the minimum.” You rolled your eyes.

Jughead laughed. “That’s shitty.”

You looked at him and laughed. “To say the least.” The second you took your eyes off the ground, you were doomed. You somehow slipped on some ice and you fell to the ground with a loud thump.

Jughead couldn’t help but laugh as he held out his hand to help you to your feet. “Are you okay?” He asked while you dusted snow off your backside.

Your cheeks were a new shade of red as you avoided looking at him. “Yeah, I’m okay. Believe it or not, I’m used to it.” You took another step and slipped but you caught your balance just in time. It also helped that Jughead grabbed your arm so you wouldn’t fall onto your ass again.

“Thanks.” You blushed, looking at him.

“Going out with you is dangerous.” He joked while he kept his hand on your arm while you made your way to school.

“You have no idea.” You laughed while kicking the snow off your shoes before walking into school.

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8. Dessert // Nurseydex

« {Part 8 of my Valentine’s collection.} » 

a/n: In which Nursey is a sap. Basically I’m giving Nurseydex their Zimbits moment. Pie is involved.

“…You don’t know how to peel an apple, do you?”

Nursey whipped his head up to see Dex staring at him, an eyebrow raised. They were in the kitchen trying to make a pie for Ransom and Lardo’s birthdays, and it was going pretty okay—but definitely not thanks to Nursey. He’d been trying to peel the same apple for the last five minutes. “Um,” Nursey said. “Well, I’ve never had to, you know, peel stuff before—”

“It’s literally not hard,” Dex said. “I’d chirp you about how helpless you are, but I really just want to get this done. Let me show you.”

He stood at Nursey’s side, took the apple and the peeler, and started to demonstrate. “See?” he said, gripping the peeler tight in this long fingers. He shucked three long strips of apple peel into the sink and then handed the tool and the apple back to Nursey. “It’s not hard—you’re just incompetent.”

“Well thanks, that’s a relief,” Nursey said. Dex hip-checked him, and he hip-checked back.

“Since when are you so good at baking, then, huh Dex?” Nursey asked quietly after a moment or two of silence. “I remember you dissing baking back when we were frogs—”

“We’re still the frogs, Nursey.”

“Yeah, I know, I know. I just… Now it seems like more often than not you’re the one helping Bitty bake,” Nursey said. “What changed?”

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I’ve been asking around people who’ve met her on her ACOWAR tour, and this is what’s confirmed by either Sarah J Maasand Bloomsbury, plus some of my own speculation. I’ll be adding to this if I find out more, so follow me if you want to keep up!

-The very loosely predicted release date from Sarah J Maas is about Fall 2018. I read a source that read September 5, but I’m not entirely sure whether it was trustworthy or not. Fall 2018 sounds about right, if we look at previous release dates, but Catwoman may mess with it.
-And, of course, if the first one comes out in Fall 2018 (it’ll definitely come out some time that year), then we can accurately predict ACOWAR 5 to come out in Fall 2019, and ACOWAR 6 to come out in Fall 2020, etc.
-Apparently, Bloomsbury has got some sort of a new director who may be changing the style of how Sarah J Maas’s book titles.
-Sarah J Maas made he editor add the “The series continues…” page at the end of ACOWAR so fans wouldn’t be confused and think, “That’s it?”

-Feyre and Rhys will definitely not be the focus. Their arc was concluded with the trilogy.
-Sarah J Maas has said that each of the books are stand-alones featuring some of the ships that were left open at the end of ACOWAR. They were be connected, however, and feature as a backbone.
-Now, I don’t think that she’s mentioned who’s going to be in each one, but she mentions that she started writing it as a fanfic of a ship she loved very much (see HISTORY). At the end of ACOWAR, all of the ships get a conclusion that is half-satisfying, and isn’t left too open – except for one that Sarah J Maas has showed repeated interest in… (*cough**cough*Nessian?*cough**cough*)
-Vassa gets a big description towards the end of ACOWAR, and some other evidence makes me think that the first book will also have something to do with hunting down the mortal queens, as their arc isn’t concluded at all.
-She’s confirmed that at least one of these 5 books will be a prequel telling Miryam, Drakkon and Jurian’s story. My guess is that this is one of the novellas and it’ll be released towards the end, but this is just a guess.

-About a year ago, when she started writing ACOWAR, she realised she wasn’t ready to say goodbye to these characters and start writing some “fan fiction” on these two characters she loved very much. She told no one.
-She also began to think about all the other characters whose story she wanted to tell and… 📝📝📝
-Then, after having some “adult beverages” with her editor she spilled about this fan fiction and her editor decided to buy it.
-She didn’t remember it the next morning, and was pretty surprised when her publisher called her up the next morning to discuss buying some more books.

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You're dating josh and become bffs w Jenna on tour and you guys do everything together to the point it's like 'where is y/n' 'Just ask jenna' and it makes the boys SO happy cause when they were younger they only dreamed of having their lovers be as close as you as Jenna idk if you've done this request before but if so sorry! (Hope this was specific enough for you !) thx

AN: I’m so sorry that it took me so long to do your request! I hope you enjoy it and that it’s the way you imagined it. If not, I’m sorry (personally, I’m not so happy with it, but I didn’t want to let you wait any longer) Thank you again for your request! xx


Long Lost Twin’s

Words: 832

Warnings: None


It was your first time being on tour with your boyfriend Josh and his band “Twenty One Pilots”. Even if it took you a few days to get used to being on the road constantly, it was great. Everyone was really nice and like a family to each other. 

To Josh’s and Tyler’s delight, you and Jenna got along very well. The two of you haven’t really met each other in person before because you aren’t from Columbus. So it was only natural that you were kind of anxious about meeting her the first time. She’s the wife of the best friend of your boyfriend. What happens if she doesn’t like you and you don’t get along? Especially when you’re on tour together, supporting your partners. 

But none of that was the case. Right in the first few minutes the two of you spoke, it instantly clicked. You already had the nickname of the long lost twins from the crew. You were really happy that you’ve met Jenna and that she toured as well, otherwise it would have been really boring for you. Even if the reason you joined them, was that you wanted to spend time with your boyfriend, you were actually more with Jenna. When we boys sound checked, made interviews, met fans or throughout the whole concert, Jenna and you were like conjoined at the hip. 

Some people might find this extremely annoying at one point, doing everything together but it wasn’t the case for you two. And Tyler and Josh liked it as well. Well, maybe to some extent.

“Hey Mark, have you seen (Y/N)?” Josh asked his friend.

“No, man, sorry. But ask Jenna, she will know that for sure.”

Josh chuckled, knowing that Mark was probably right. After walking around the backstage area for a little bit, he finally found the blonde girl, sitting on one of the couches. And surprisingly, (Y/N) was there as well, her legs tangling over Jenna’s lap. The both of them were scrolling through social media, showing each other pictures or posts which made them laugh. They didn’t even notice Josh standing there in the doorframe. 


Nothing. None of them looked up to him, either they didn’t hear him or they didn’t want to. 

“AHEM!” Josh cleared his throat again. And again. Nothing. The two girls were like in their own little world, oblivious to all the things happening around them.
Slowly growing more frustrated, he thought about what to do.

“Great..”, he mumbled to himself. “TYLER!” 

It didn’t take long until the boy jogged up to his bandmate, asking what he wants. Josh said nothing, just motioning with his head at the two girls who were still happily scrolling through their social media. Tyler nodded slowly, understanding what the ‚problem‘ was. He motioned for Josh to get his phone out, which he did. They opened the Snapchat App and started recording their two girlfriends. 

“Guys, look at that! They exchanged us for each other. I mean, it’s great that they get along, really. But they don’t even notice us.”Tyler chuckled lightly at Josh’s pouting face. 

„I feel like the side-chick of (Y/N), while Jenna is the main-one” Josh mumbled.

Right before the video ended, Jenna chimed in. “Guys? You do know that we hear you, right? Even if I would be really honored if I was (Y/N)’s main chick, I’m happily married to Tyler, sorry to destroy your imagination, Josh.” The blonde chuckled. 

“Oh really? We’re married? I wasn’t sure if my wife was actually on tour with me, as she is always with Josh’s girlfriend.” Tyler laughed as he fired back at Jenna. You knew that the boys and Jenna all joked around. The guys were so happy that Jenna and you got so well along. 

Just as Josh wanted to say something, you decided to say something as well. „C’mon guys, you’re always together, too! Don’t act like we’re completely ignoring you.“ 

„But Babe, that’s exactly what you just did 5 minutes earlier!“ Josh said.
Rolling your eyes, you couldn’t help but laugh slightly. „I did notice you standing there, I just wanted to see you grow more and more frustrated, sorry Love.“ 

You moved on the couch, allowing the boys to sit down as well. Even though it was a bit cramped with the two couples on the couches, you enjoyed being able to cuddle Josh’s side. 

„Please, tell me again why I am together with you.“ 

You kissed Josh’s cheek and whispered into his ear. „Because you love me!“ Just as he wanted to say something himself, Jenna chimed in again. 

„Josh! Are you serious about that video?!“ The boys broke out into a fit laughter, leaving you completely confused. What video? But Jenna was there to your rescue. As soon as you saw Josh’s new Snapchat upload, you hit him on his arm. „You’re such a dork!“

„But you love me!“ Josh grinned at you, knowing that he was right. Which was completely true.

Soulmate!Ashton au

Summary: When Ashton’s soulmate tattoo shows up on his arm, he wonders for weeks when he’ll meet her, and he finds out in a….unique way.

A/N: So this is my first time ever posting my writing on tumblr, so feedback would be appreciated! Sorry that it’s kinda long but I hope you guys like it!

Ashton traced the words on his arm again for the millionth time in the past 3 weeks.

“You and me up against the great unknown.”

The words were familiar to him, of course. They were from a song the band had released not too long ago with One OK Rock, Take What You Want. These words were the first words his soulmate would say to him when they finally met. It’s said that the words appear on some part of your body when you’re going to meet your soulmate soon, but Ashton had a hard time believing he’d find her on tour. They met millions of people on tour, how would he know when he found the right one? What if he walked past her without speaking to her, letting her slip away? He’d been worrying since the words had shown up on his forearm 3 weeks ago and the rest of the boys could tell. Ashton thought they were lucky, none of them had their Soul Tattoos yet, so it looked like they’d have a while before having to think about it. Why’d he have to get the words this early in life? Why couldn’t it wait until the band took a break?

After another week of thinking and obsessing over the words, the worry became something he didn’t think about as often. It was still there, just less prominent once the tour started. He started to worry less and think more about what she’s like. Where is she from? Would he meet her at one of their shows, or would he find her while the band was exploring a city on a day off? He figured she was a fan, considering the first thing she would say to him would be lyrics from a song his band was featured in.

Almost exactly a month after the words appeared, a month of creating questions in his mind, he finally got some answers.

He was relaxing in his bunk on the tour bus, watching some covers of the band’s songs on YouTube. He did this every now and then, when he had the time. He loved watching how talented some of the fans were and how much of an impact their music had. After watching a few, he came across one he hadn’t seen before. The title of the video was simply “Take What You Want- One OK Rock ft. 5SOS Cover.” He clicked on the video since this song didn’t have many covers and found that it was a band covering the song, not just one person. As he listened, he noted that they were pretty good, especially the lead singer. She was the only girl in the band and her voice was amazing, almost mesmerizing. He paused the video after the first chorus and walked to the back of the bus where the rest of the boys were.

“Guys, I found a cover of Take What You Want and it’s really good,” Ashton announced, making the other boys pause the FIFA game they’d been playing.

“Well,” Michael said, “Quit standing there and show us!” He wouldn’t admit it, but Michael liked watching covers of their music almost as much as Ashton did.

Ashton sat on the couch between Luke and Calum, eager to show them what he’d found. He backed the video up to the beginning and hit play. The girl in the video was beautiful and had a voice to match. Ashton could tell the guys agreed with him as they grew more and more emersed in the video as it went on. It looked like someone was holding the camera and smoothly moving around the band as they played, getting different angles of all 4 of the band members, but mostly the lead girl. At first, the girl didn’t look into the camera. Through the first verse and chorus, she sang to herself, squeezing her eyes closed as she sang. The boys could tell she was nervous by the way she kept her eyes shut and they each laughed a little. All but Ashton.

He couldn’t laugh because he was captivated by the emotion in her voice as she sang. The song was a breakup song and he could hear it in her voice that she was hurting. He didn’t recognize it the first time he watched the video, but now it was evident, at least to him. It almost physically hurt him to see this girl, no more than 18, he was sure, singing with so much anger and pain. By the second verse, the part Luke had sang in the song, her eyes were open but she still hasn’t looked into the camera.

“Still remember a time when you felt like home. You and me up against the great unknown.”

As she sang that second line, the line that had originally belonged to Michael, the unknown girl stared straight into the camera for the first time and Ashton felt his world flip. He was 22 years old, and yet he had never felt an emotion as strong as the one he felt when he looked into her eyes.

He let out a slight gasp, just loud enough for the other boys to hear. They all already knew about the words on the oldest boy’s arm, so they could guess fairly easily what was going on. Luke, Michael, and Calum all tried to get Ashton to talk, to pull him out of the little trance he was in, but he couldn’t stop watching the video. He watched every little movement the beautiful girl made, listened intently to every single word that left her mouth. The pain in her voice was more obvious now as she sang the bridge and it cut Ashton, cut him deep to hear how bad his soulmate was hurting. It was then that he decided he would find her as soon as he could and make her forget what was causing her so much pain.


Two months. It had been two months since he watched the video of his soulmate and he was still no closer to finding her as the day he started looking. He tried to find her online, but the cover video had nothing in the description. No social media links, no names for the band or for the individuals. Nothing. He’d been keeping his eyes open at shows, looking everywhere he could for her. He looked into the crowds as much as he could, though it was harder for him than for the rest of the boys since he was at the back of the stage.

His band members tried to calm his as best as they could and he appreciated their efforts, but it wasn’t really helping.

“Ashton, man,” Calum said one night, “you’re going to find her. She’s your soulmate, you’ll probably bump into her when you least expect it.”

“Yeah, maybe you haven’t found her yet because you’re looking too hard.” Luke agreed.

Ashton has been telling them about his idea of just posting a link to the video on twitter and asking the fans if they knew who it was in the video. Surely someone would know her. But he knew the guys were right, the perfect time would come. He was just so ready to see her in person, to hold her and hear her laugh and to learn all there was to learn about her. He knew it would come soon, but he was just so damn excited.

The next day, they were in the dressing room after sound check, waiting for their time to go onstage. Of course, without the music to distract him, Ashton was over thinking again. Would she be here tonight? What if one of the other guys was her favorite and she was disappointed that he was her soulmate? How much longer would he have to wait?

He was getting anxious and he couldn’t sit still anymore. He excused himself from the room and walked around for a while, not caring if any fans saw him. The questions swirled around in his mind until he thought he was going insane. ‘This search is going to be the death of me,’ he thought bitterly.

He was so distracted that he didn’t see the girl turning around the corner, going the opposite direction as him. He bumped into her, sending her to the ground before he could catch her. He didn’t even think to apologize, more scared of the fact that he had hurt her. When he could tell she was fine, he sighed a breath of relief, offering her a hand to help her up.

“I’m so sorry,” she apologized as she grasped his and and pulled herself up. She looked at him for the first time and smiled widely once she realized who she had ran into. She opened her mouth to say something, but Ashton beat her to the punch.

“I know you,” he blurted out, that being the only thing his mind could come up with at the moment. Because it was true. He did know her, she was the girl from the YouTube video, his soulmate.

As she processed the drummer’s words, her eyes widened slightly in shock and looked at the inside of her wrist. There, in a small font, the words 'I know you’ were looking back at her. She turned her wrist to show Ashton, a blush spreading across her cheeks as she understood what this meant. He traced the words on her wrist for a moment before smiling at her and showing her the words on his forearm.

She carefully examined the words on his arm before whispering in disappointment, “Those aren’t the first words I said to you though.” She looked down, not wanting the gorgeous boy she’d loved forever to see her cry.

He tilted her chin up anyway and smiled a breathtaking smile. “I know you. I saw your cover on YouTube, I’ve been trying to find you for weeks.” He smiled at her brightly again, happy for two reasons. One was that he had found her. She was there, in person with him. And two, as she smiled the biggest, most adorable grin he had ever seen, he realized that she was happy about being his soulmate. All his worries disappeared as he took her face in his hands. He leaned towards her slowly, running his thumb across her lips. “What’s your name?” He asked her quietly, suddenly aware that even though he knew her face, he didn’t know her name.

She closed her eyes, afraid that this was all a dream and that she’d wake up any second. “Y/N,” she whispered, afraid to talk any louder with him being so close. “Y/N,” he whispered back before closing the distance between them and kissing her softly, adoringly. He’d been waiting for this for so long. He pulled away slowly and grabbed her hand, smiling at her yet again as he lead her down the hall. “Well Y/N,” he began, “since you’re my soulmate, you should meet the rest of the band. You guys will be seeing a lot of each other, so you better get used to them.” He turned around to wink at her, continuing to lead them to the dressing room. Butterflies errupted in her stomach when he winked at her and she knew she’d never been happier than in this moment.

one of the best parts about my experience during The Wings Tour in Manila was meeting an actual army mom! She went to the concert with her daughter and she said her husband and son were fans too They watch bangtan bombs together and she’s updated with everything! and the bit that killed me was during Jhope’s MAMA stage cos she turned to me and said “This is my song! Hey Mama!” cos she’s a mom and im going to go cry now it’s the house of army in real life

ok so I hugged him, he was very warm :) then he puts his arm all the way up and goes “high five!” Even if I jumped the highest I could hit is like, his wrist (IM UP TO HIS SHOULDER) so I just kinda like, put my arm up but I don’t jump, I should have. So I can’t high five him :( he goes “oh well :/” Then we take the picture, and I go over and hug Ricky and he goes “hey how u doin :)” and IM SCREAMING and then I go in the next line to meet issues and I’m screaming still, and the guy right in front of me in line goes “lol u ok?” And I go “RICKY HORROR ASKED ME HOW IM DOING” It was,, the whole thing was beautiful and unforgettable

I can’t wait to see you part 2 // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Shawn has a side chick and Y/n calls him out over it and the truth is uncovered

Authors note: one or two swear words

It was 5:34 am when I turned my phone on again. I had slept uneasily, my dreams filled with Shawn and this new woman, causing me to wake up and cry all over again. I felt pathetic as the lock screen lit up and I waited; waited to see if he had tried to contact me.

There were 3 messages. One from my phone company and 2 from Shawn. I opened the messages, my eyes blurring with unshed tears.

Hi babe, sorry I had to cut our call off, I love you xx received 9:03 pm.

So I just got back from dinner, still missing you, by any chance are you up? If not love you xx received 1:21 am.

It didn’t make any sense. Did he not realise I knew about his other woman? Did he think I was that stupid that I would ignore the wake up call I just received about our relationship?

I didn’t reply to any of his messages that day. One, because I was mad and two, what was I supposed to say to a man who was supposedly cheating.

I had just sat down on the couch, finally having the guts to text him a short and sweet hey. What I got back however made my stomach sink.

Please don’t tell Y/n about what happened last night. Strictly between us!! you understand me Jessica!?!??

My body froze, the quick feeling of uneasiness settled through me.

Tell me what, Shawn?

My hands fiddled with the blanket as I awaited his response.

Shit, Y/n? 


I swear, I did not mean to send this to you

I huff, anger slowly replacing the hurt. Why won’t he tell me? My phone lights up with an incoming call and I quickly swipe, ending the call. It lights up again. End. Again. End. Once more.

“What Shawn?” I growl, my nails digging into my palm as I try to take out my anger on anything.

“Y/n, Baby, please you have to listen to me,” He begins but I cut him off quickly.

“I never thought I’d be this kind of girlfriend Shawn, but who the heck is Jessica?” I question loudly into the phone. “Why are you going to dinner with her? Why are you hanging up on me to spend time with her and why for goodness sake did you not want to tell me about it?”

“Y/n, please,” Shawn whimpers and I roll my eyes.

“Quit avoiding the questions Shawn and just answer them!”

“I met Jessica on tour,” He says finally.

“Oh yeah,” I try to say, void of emotion but my voice cracks revealing the hidden hurt.

“Not like anything you’re thinking Y/n, she works with Island Records and we have a mutual interest in music,” 

“Gosh Shawn everyone has a mutual interest in music,” I snap, tears flowing down my cheeks. “I thought I could trust you,” I whisper.

“Baby, no you can, please listen to me,” He rushes to say and the connection dies. I take my phone away from my ear to see he’s hanged up on me. I scoff, surprise written on my face. My phone buzzes again, warning me of an incoming face time call.

I hesitantly accept. “Yes,” 

“Y/n, alright, Jessica doesn’t like me,” he says, and I meet his eyes through the screen. His hairs a mess, all astray on his head and he looks tired.

“Sure seems like it,” I say sarcastically.

“Its true sweetie, she likes someone else, the dinner was to discuss tour and what we were planning on doing next with our careers,” his eyes plead with mine to believe him, searching for just a tiniest seed of hope.

“Why she calling you babe then like she’s into you?” I question again, my rage turning into jealousy.

“She calls everyone babe, honey, even Andrew,” I chuckle slightly at this.

“That still doesn’t explain why you didn’t want her to tell me you were hanging out,” 

His cheeks redden and his lips twitch up in a smile.

“Okay well that reaction makes me feel so much better,” I snap, the jealousy burning up again.

“I wanted to keep it a secret from you,” Shawn smirks at my enraged expression. “But you seem to keep second guessing my love for you Y/n,” 

The anger turns to confusion. “What? Shawn if this is some twisted way to say-”

“I love you Y/n,” I blush at his words as he laughs. “So much,” he drags the o out in so.

“Shawn I’m trying to stand up for myself here,”

“I know,” He grins, and he leans over to grab something out of sight of the camera. “So last night I may have got just a little tipsy and I splurged on some items,” he confesses.

“Point is?” I grumble.

“I bought you a wedding ring,” Shawn tells me, biting his lip nervously.

“Say what?” I gasp, my stomach flipping. “You did not,”

He grins sheepishly at me. “I was talking with Jessica and she was just saying how even though we’ve known each other for little under a year, it feels like we’ve known each other for decades and then I wound up at a jewelry store and a diamond ring in my pocket,”

“Shawn,” I mumble, my cheeks burning.

“I can’t help it, my love for you drives me to do crazy things,” 


Donald O’Connor and Judy Garland 

“The Judy Garland Show”, aired on September 29, 1963

These two sweethearts are so charming, lovable and blessed with such enormous talents … it blows my mind! They met as kids touring the vaudeville circuit and became lifelong friends. So sad, that they did not make a movie together …