met my first goal!

Me: I met my goal the first day and got almost 600 words yesterday, that’s not too bad, even though I have less than 100 words today that’s still more than I usually get done in a month when you put it all together
Someone else: Hey, day three and I already hit 10k!


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I met my Daddy on MySpace when we were 17. I thought he was sso handsome and I went for it, gave him my phone #. We’ve talked to each other almost everyday. It’s been almost 10 years later, we’ve watched each other go thru relationships and still have stuck by each other. Recently in like the last year and a half I confessed my feelings (I had held back due to our v separate & diff lives ) He calls me his queen and totally obliges /feels the same.-are poly &casual w all the love for each other.

PT. 2 we met and so so many things went through me. I was nervous that after dreaming of him so long that maybe he’d be different in person. He was everything and more! Never let me go :) He cooked for me and was a perfect gentleman and and omg time does so much bc as teens he was always so skinny but at the airport I was like “damnnnn “. He has gains, I love his arms and he has a big ol bubble butt. Nothing was weird once we united, he picked me up and kissed me instantly. Xoxo LDR =REWARDING

💕💕 Okay so thank you so much for sharing! I love love love hearing stories like this about couples closing the distance/ meetings going super duper well and expectations being exceeded and stuff. It makes my day! Seriously reading this just makes me want hop on a plane and hug my daddy. 💕💕

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ps. omg you are so preeettyyyyyyyyy

185lb. GOAL MET

10/26/2017-I met my first goal and now am going to set goals for every 10 pounds lost since it takes so much longer to lose weight. So I’m down 72 pounds and one 250 pound husband since I started this journey! Honestly don’t know which one I’m more excited about. Hehehe!

summary of my art from 2015!! i’m super happy to have achieved my art goal of drawing at least one portrait a month ヾ(´ヮ`)ノ

some other notable achievements: 

☆ started experimenting with backgrounds 

☆ started drawing more than head-shots (more full-body/waist-ups/etc)

☆ continued to rely less on refs and changed things up 

☆ slightly increased realism with less use of outlines

you can see more of my improvement compared to last year’s art here! {x} thank you for staying with or joining me this year!! i look forward to another great year with you all~❤❤

When I was a kid I told myself I would be published by my 20s. In my head I always wanted it to happen before I turned 21. I don’t know why. In my nine year old mind that was an “adult”, and at the time there was a lot of hype around younger authors such as Christopher Paolini (who I adored and admired, btw). It was an achievable goal. But when I started college I was diagnosed with clinical depression and generalized anxiety disorder. I veered off course. The only thing on my mind was getting through each day; inch by inch, one day at a time. It was the only thing I had the energy, focus, and general capacity to do. I missed my goal of publishing by the time I turned 21. In fact, I barely wrote for years. Like I said, survival became my number one thought. At 23 I am still in recovery, but I’m happier than I’ve been in years. And I met my goal. I published my first book in my twenties. And now I get to hold that book, which documents, through poetry, my journey of growing with and in spite of my depression and anxiety. To everyone who has ever felt like tomorrow isn’t worth meeting: it is; I promise you, it is.

Perhaps we spent so long in the dark because we were supposed to learn how to make our own light.

You can read the title poem on my writing blog and you can buy the full collection here! I want to take a moment to thank all of my amazing Tumblr friends for all of their encouragement and support. You guys are incredible. 

Stash Shot! 

I have finally met my first goal of having over 30 diapers! Now let’s see how long it takes me to get to 45, lols. (;
After doing my research at the beginning of my pregnancy over all the different types of cloth diapers, I decided one-size pockets would be best and most convenient. They last the longest in terms of a growing baby into toddler-hood and if I have a heavy wetter, just double-stuff! 
I also have a variety of brands ranging from BumGenius to Soft Bums to WAHM diapers and more, but my favorite [so far] is Charlie Banana. The adjustable elastic for the leg holes just seem much more convenient and reliable, but I can’t judge anything just yet until I’ve tried them all on my son! 
I have water softener, vinegar and the detergent needed for all the dirty cloth loads, and I have the wash routine printed out and hung up next to the washer until my husband and I get the hang of the new settings. (You can see our wash routine for cloth diapers on a previous post I made here)
All of these diapers are prepped, stuffed and ready to go! Now I just need my little boy to arrive so he can sport a colorful, fluffy bottom.

Na(rwhals) No(rmally) Wri(ggle) Mo(notonously)

Just an update: I met my low-bar goal for NaNoWriMo at least, completing my first draft of the Humble Mage’s Companion with about 15,000 words written in the month (there were a few pages written prior to November). I may post a few more cryptic snippets here, but at some point I’m just going to make the whole thing available for anyone who would like to read it. The whole book is under 20,000 words so it should make for a quick read.

Of course, it’ll also whet your appetite for the 40,000+ word novel it accompanies, so look forward to that hopefully sometime in mid-2018.

Scorpion Headcanon -- Ralph

Years in the future, Ralph is asked about how his parents managed to connect with him as a mentally enabled child. Ralph gets a small smile on his face as he thinks about his mom and his step-dad….

“My step-dad is mentally enabled, like me. When he and my mom first met, his main goal was to help my mom and I connect, even though she is an extremely tactile person and I can’t process physical contact well. Even as he and my mom grew closer, his main focus was still on helping Mom and I connect. To this day my step-dad still carries a small notepad in his pocket so he can write notes to my mom of facts or riddles for her to share with me. I have always known the riddles’ original source but I don’t mind. It makes Mom happy that she still can connect and share with me and it makes my step-dad happy to see my mom and I happy.…”

[Inspired by “Single Point of Failure”]


I 100% love my boyfriend. He calls me beautiful, adores everything I do with my hair, and doesn’t want me to lose anymore weight (I’ve lost 30 pounds since we first met and I’m close to my goal of 115 pounds-), and apparently I have “Eyes more beautiful than all the stars”. He helped me feel better about myself through out these last few months we have been together, and the two years we have know each other. I adore him. There are challenges, but I love him and he constantly stays he loves me- and he gets upset when I talked to other guys. He’s protective, what can I say. XD The only weird thing about the relationship is people telling us how cute our kids would be because they would be mixed/more white passing. Uh. No. They would be cute because both of us are cute. :)

But the point of this confession- I hope all of you wonderful ladies will find someone that makes you happy. You’re never to old to fall in love and meet someone that makes you feel wonderful. Sending good relationship vibes all around!


I’m in a huge money pinch due to having to spend around $350 or so on both photography and art supplies for classes this semester. This time around I am only offering sketches and doodle pages!! More examples can be found here and here! All slots are first-come first-serve until my $350 goal is met! Big thank you to Coy for helping me set prices!!! ;o;

These are paypal-only. No cash/e-check/money order/whatever is accepted, so please be aware! All payments should be sent to
Prices are in USD as follows: 

  • BUST UP SKETCH: $8 sketch  
  • WAIST UP SKETCH: $10 sketch 
  • FULL BODY SKETCH: $18 sketch
  • DOODLE PAGES (around 1000x1000 in size; always include at least one knee-up, fullbody or chibi plus various headshots and waist/bust ups): $25-30, depending on character complexity
  • CHIBI (these are always full body!): $12 

I will do up to three characters per image for sketches only! All prices are multiplied by 1.5 times the base rate per character! (For example: a waist up couple piece would be $10 times 1.5 = $15!). I also include the paypal fee in the price which will be included in all estimates. <33

I’ll draw p much anything, but things that i will not draw include homestuck, night vale or anything else requested as non-profit by creators (this also includes fan trolls though, sorry), fetish stuff, porn, and mechas! Generally though, if you don’t see it in my art tag or doodle tag, it’s probably out of my skill level and it’d be a sad attempt from me anyhow. I want y’all to get your money’s worth!! uwo 

Please send all inquiries to to get an estimate and to discuss further details! Signal boosts are always extremely appreciated! Thank you so much!!

Update on my progress
February till August -25lbs!

I cannot describe how good it feels to see the picture I took today. I don’t even remember looking like the first picture. I already met my -20lb goal for the summer and now I’m 5lbs from -30lbs!! The best part of this whole transformation (other than my health/mental health) is fitting into ALL of my clothes! Everything fits, and it fits right.