met loot

So what about it, stalker?
“All of the time I’ve been stationed in The Zone, I have never met a more slimey scumbag than that of Valentin Walczak. A man who in The Zone goes by the nickname of Grave Robber. Mind you, he doesn’t personally dig up graves, but he’s responsible for many dug graves.

A man like Valentin wouldn’t have survived if it wasn’t for his connections. Merchants are a rarity in The Zone and they are a necessity for all factions and loners in this god forsaken place. Not to mention of his relation to the varying bandit strongholds in the area. Unlike the majority of merchants, Valentin deals with bandits as well. Making him a valuable asset to them, in times of no loot.

I met the man once. Not because of free will, but because my superiors are crooked and Valentin pays top dollar to get his wares smuggled in, having patrols look the other way. When I met him, he was brandishing a bloodied bat, talking tales of violence and superiority. Having had my share of combat, I deducted that the snake was full of shit.
He was busy on his smartphone, rarely looking up at me, but every time he did look up, it was a cold stare, lacking any sense of empathy, with a crooked grin, sending shivers down my spine.

The thing that I did notice the most was how his bodyguard stood in a pose that you’d only see of soldiers. Which was odd to me, as the only military deserters I’ve witnessed in The Zone has been that of Duty. Why someone with military training would follow this loud mouthed shitstain is beyond me, but I suppose survival is survival.“
What’s this? I’m doing SFM again? Oh boy.