Starships were meant to fly
Hands up and touch the sky
*I wanna line the pieces up, yours and mine*
Let’s do this one last time.

This costume is proof that it’s completely dangerous when two of my unrelated interests collide.

It also proves that I have no idea how to do casual cosplay lmao. When I first decided to scrape together a costume based off of the flawless memes of Nicki’s Met Gala dress, I envisioned a project that would take me maaaaaybe a week, and be something fun/not serious to wear at this past Otakon.

A month, 15+ yards of belting, endless amounts of Velcro, and 24 distinct buckles later, Keyblade Master Nicki Minaj had kicked my ass, but she was finally done.

getting to cosplay Nicki again was worth all that pain ;A;

Lucky lucky for me, ChezPhoto @chezphoto was willing to take some shots of this joke-I-swear-oh-gOD-why-this-is-too-much-i-have-so-many-regrets cosplay.

It was wonderful as always to work with her, I never get tired of how sweet and considerate she is, and ofc she was able to turn my completely embarrassing memelord project into something stunning and magical. That’s Talent, people. Skill and Talent.

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