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Steve Bannon reportedly tried to make a movie about “blood purity” and wanted Mel Gibson to fund it

  • Steve Bannon once attempted to make a dark film that painted scientific advancement as a new eugenics movement, the Daily Beast reported.
  • And this was going to be one weird film. The movie, according to the report, covered a wide array of topics, including but not limited to: mutants, abortion, cloning and “designer humans.”
  • Bannon — who was a Hollywood producer in the 1990s — even met with Mel Gibson, the actor infamous for an anti-Semitic rant, about the project, according to the Daily Beast’s report. Read more

If ever there was an utterly useless and tragic waste of a life, it was when Jeffrey Dahmer murdered 23-year-old David Thomas purely to avoid getting into a fight with him.  On September 24, 1990, Dahmer met Thomas at the Grand Avenue Mall and used his typical offer of drinks and money in order to lure him back to his apartment.  However, after Thomas passed out from his drink laced with sedatives, Dahmer realized that he was no longer attracted to him and thus had no desire to kill him.  Still, he knew that if he allowed Thomas to wake up, he would certainly be angry about being drugged.  To avoid that conflict, Dahmer strangled the young man and later dismembered his body, preserving none of his remains.  He did take photographs of the dismemberment process, though, which would later aid in identifying Thomas as one of his victims. 

kajuned  asked:

Do you ever get this feeling in the earlier seasons (like one or two) that Sam and Dean haven't really done much? Like, they're not the prestigious and highly experienced hunters they are said to be nowadays? They didn't know about vampires or rugarus, were barely equipped and rarely ever encountered a demon. Later seasons portray them as always hunting, always busy when young, but season one makes me feel like they were studying 70% of the time and not much else besides a ghost or three.

Yeah, I think they were really, truly sheltered from a lot of the reality of what’s out there as kids.

I mean the few cases we do see from their childhood, it seems like even Dean was getting left behind as Sam’s caretaker more often than he was actively participating in larger hunts. Off the top of my head, notable mentions/flashbacks to their younger days. Note, I am not a fan of John Winchester’s parenting skills (or glaring lack thereof):

1.18: The shtriga case where it essentially seems like John was using 5-year-old Sam as bait for the thing and trusting 9-year-old Dean to follow his order to shoot first, ask questions later and hope he was able to kill the thing before it killed Sam >.>

3.08: it’s never even mentioned WHY John missed Christmas, just implied he was hunting something… and he’d left his journal behind for Sam to find. Kinda makes me think he WANTED Sam to find it, again leaving the hard work of trying to explain everything to Dean…

4.13: Even though Dean had to be too old to be hanging out in high school if SAM was also in high school >.> he still got left behind on a longer, theoretically more complicated or dangerous hunt…

4.19: We know John had been hunting a ghoul when he met Adam’s mother in 1990, so Dean would’ve been about 11 and Sam would’ve been about 7. They obvs weren’t with him on that case. No idea why, or where they were. They probably did know about ghouls in general though. Like ghosts and vengeful spirits and things, John probably thought of them as safely distanced from the demon to tell them about.

7.03: We see Sam accidentally make friends with one of the monsters Dean and John were hunting. Not a common monster, either. I don’t think we’ve seen another kitsune (or even heard of another one in passing).

9.07: Dean claims he’d received his injuries from a werewolf (but in 2.17 he was all excited about a werewolf case because he hadn’t seen one since they were kids, meaning it wasn’t something they’d run across often at all)

11.08: We know Sam was largely left behind on his own while John and Dean were going on hunts. 

It largely seems like John deliberately kept them out of the Major Monster hunts, and kept them informed about these “one off” sorts of hunts. The rare things that didn’t have vast networks or social hierarchies, you know?

Even in 1.06 we learn the shapeshifter may have even been the first one of its kind they’ve encountered, and we’ve seen them quite a bit over the years now.

Plus John said he’d never told them about vampires because he’d thought they were extinct. >.>

Then explain Gordon Walker. :P

A lot of hunters DO seem to specialize in a specific monster (like Gordon with his vampires he was so precious about not letting Sam and Dean help him with, and the implication that Wally spent most of his time hunting rougarous, and even Bobby at first was presented as a “demon expert” before we discovered the true breadth of his scholarly knowledge of the lore). Like that’s their “comfort zone,” in a manner of speaking. But even Gordon eventually branched out from vampires in s3 and began hunting the “special children” like Sam. 

But even still, even when they have their specialties, there is that loose network of support, or “hunter gatherings.” In s2 we had the Roadhouse, then Bobby, then Garth, and now everyone who attended Asa’s funeral in 12.06. They do share info, but Sam and Dean had largely even been kept out of THAT network as kids. John really did try to keep them as much in the dark as possible, while still training them in the basics of hunting, lore, and research.

They’ve just been honing all those skills over the years, and like Dean said in 12.16, you put on a flannel and pick up a gun. Either you get good fast, or you get dead faster. They got good. (and heck I mean they got dead a bunch of times too, but that just seemed to drive them to want to get even better… what, hunting is strange like that :P)

Billie Joe Armstrong and Adrienne Armstrong (Nesser) . Billie and Adie met in 1990 at a Green Day gig when Billie was 18, she lived in Minnesota and he in California but they managed to have a great relationship, they got married in 1994, had a ruff time broke up for a bit but got back together, got their first kid, Joseph in 1995, got their 2nd kid, Jakob in 1998, she stayed with him through all his hard times, he stayed with her through all her hard times, now 23 years later after their marriage they’re still together and still in love like they were when they first met.

Their relationship is what gives me hope for the future. Happy 23rd anniversary Billie and 80!