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How do you stay so positive? I love arsenal but I'm starting to believe that we won't win the league this year or anytime soon :((( I admire the belief you have in the team but I just don't know if I can do it

Idk, it’s they way i am i guess. I enjoy seeing the bright side of every situation :) especially when others can’t. Nothing is perfect in life and nothing is perfect in football, there is always going to be something  terribly wrong or something that we could have done but we often ignore the things we happened and  we did well, that’s why i always remain hopeful after we lose or tie. For example today, ok we ended 0-0 but no one got injured ✔️ , lolo is finally back …sorry CAPTAIN lolo is back ✔️ , mesut and Oli also played ✔️ , Xhaka started from the beginning ✔️ , chambo is showing us some amazing skills ✔️ , Petr doing the thing again ✔️  etc :) . We are only 2 game in the season there is no need to lose hope, besides it’s better if we make mistakes early on so we can improve them faster and not at the end of the season like last season. The team still needs time to adjust and to recover  key players. there is still time.

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Soooooo, I really don’t know what I want to tell you with this message but I’m just gonna go ahead word-vomit a bit if that’s okay.

Oh, the love you have for Mesut, the love /all/ of the Madridistas have for him, is really breathtaking. He is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever come across, and one of the most interesting football players as well.

And.. you know.. him not playing as good as last season is really breaking my heart. I know that he is a strong person, and that he’ll get over this rough-patch so to speak, but that doesn’t mean it “hurts” any less.
As you have already discussed with other people here, I don’t really think Mou’s tactics will work as good on Mesut as it did on Karim. Karim and Mesut are two different people, and I’m afraid Mesut is gonna give himself a hard time if is coach is gonna criticise him.

Yeah idk. I just feel like he isn’t in his best form, and you can see it when he plays. He doesn’t look satisfied with himself, and sure, you cant expect him to run around smiling on the pitch, but compared (and yeah, I really shouldn’t compare him with the others) to his team mates he doesn’t look… as happy.

Maybe I’m just being ridiculous but it does make me sad seeing one of my favorite people in this entire world being criticised and not playing his best as I know he can.

I’ve practically written you a whole essay, when I should be studying. But I needed to rant a bit and I thought that maybe you’d understand.
Mesut growing and getting better, both physically and mentally, is my Christmas wish too.

Thanks Sharon :) I agree with you so much, you can word-vomit all you want. I’ll hold your hair. :D

I (and my lovely Anon) also worry that Mou’s tactics might not work on Özil as well as on Benzema. The difference between them is that Mou criticised Benzema because he didn’t show up at practise on time and was lazy.

Özil however is a completely different person. It has been reported by numerous sources and by Mesut himself that he trains hard and constantly to become better. He wants to be more and like you said, will give himself a hard time if he isn’t playing well.

I agree that he doesn’t always look happy when playing for Real, whereas he shines in die Mannschaft (where everyone works for each other and where you know that if you give a pass you will also receive one). Real is a great team with great players but it doesn’t work like Germany nt and Mesut needs to find a way to shine also by these big stars.

You can rant at any time. It always feels better to let it out of your system. And Good luck with your studying. I’m sure our Christmas wish will come true. ♥