Boxing Day Fixture

ok I apologize if I’m not sending in a request right because I kinda new to tumblr but can I have a Christmas imagine about mesut özil?
- The person who requested this has since deactivated their account!)

It was Christmas in the football world. The one time where players loved playing. Boxing Day were always the traditional fixture to play, it was one which the fans absolutely loved. I for one couldn’t wait and experience my first trip at the Emirates at Christmas.

“You ready?” I looked up and saw Mesut dangling his car keys in front of me. “I am ready” I smiled as he pulled me up from my seat on the sofa. “You look great baby” Mesut said as I blushed. “Mes you are so sweet. I don’t think I look that great. But it is sweet of you” I laughed as Mesut shook his head.

I walked to the car and Mesut opened the door for me like a gentlemen. “Thanks” I smiled at him. I loved football, but I wasn’t feeling up for todays game. I just wanted to stay in the warm with a mug of hot chocolate. I wasn’t feeling great, I couldn’t put my finger on why I felt so rubbish.

The car journey was pretty quiet. Mesut wasn’t saying much, he was pretty relaxed. I on the other hand, felt strange. I felt car sick which I never felt. Mesut must have noticed how I was feeling as he placed his hand on my thigh. “You okay? You don’t seem yourself” He gently asked me. I shook my head.

“I just don’t feel too good. I am not sure why” I sighed. “Oh sorry babe. I don’t like it when you feel great, we will be home soon.” Mesut smiled as I took a deep breathe. “Its okay. I should be fine” I mumbled as I placed my hand on top of his. Annoyingly we got the ground and Mesut wasn’t able to play due to getting 5 yellow cards meaning he was suspended.

I walked up to the stand to sit with the other girlfriends. “Hello” I said to Isabel, Nacho Monreal’s wife. “Hey sweetie” She smiled as she gave me a little squeeze. “You alright?” I nodded even though I didn’t mean it. “Good, is Mesut not playing today?” I shook my head. “No he’s suspended, been a naughty boy” I laughed.

Mesut come back and handed me in a cup of hot chocolate. “Here babe, hello everyone” Mesut waved to the other girlfriends and wives. “Thanks” I said as I sorted out my beanie hat. It was a great game, ended 2-1 against West Brom. It was a good game and a great win.

We were on the way home. “Mes, would you be able to pull over in the shops? I need to get something” I asked Mesut. “Yeah sure babe, you okay?” Mesut pulled the car over as I jumped out. I quickly bought a pregnancy test. I knew Mesut would want to know what was wrong. so I knew I needed to tell him.

“What did you get?” I showed him as he was half way through his sentence. “Oh you think you are then?” I nodded. “Yeah I haven’t been feeling great and we’ve been at it. I mean this would be the greatest Christmas present wont it” I said to Mesut. “It really would be. Wow” Mesut smiled the whole way home.

As soon as I got home I rushed to the bathroom to take the test. It took three minutes. “Mesut, will you look at it please?” I asked him politely. Mesut glanced at it. “We are going to be parents in 2017. I am so so proud of you” Mesut kissed the top of my head. “Wow, I am so shocked. You aren’t annoyed at the timing?” I asked him. “Never, you are holding my child never” I smiled as I kissed him again.