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hey!! This year is almost over and I can consider it the best of my life. I think it’s a good time to look back and give a shoutout to those who made my 2014 extra special. It’s a hard task since most of you changed urls and I also spent less time on tumblr but… I’ll try (SORRY IF I FORGET SOME OF YOU) 

THE QUEENS: Valeria (She saw me in the worst fangirling state of my life. She was there when Tomas gave me his jersey and we met Alex and Chiara and wow best weekend ever!! ♥) - Caro (my bro, BASTIANA shippers forever and yeah ♥) - Chiara (we also met in Basel and she’s super sweet and supports FCB and ♥♥♥) - Katja (she loves the same bands I do and she supports FCB and she’s just super nice ♥) - Marine (I met her in Paris after the Kodaline show and she’s great! ♥) - Juliana (we met at the Bercy tennis tournament. She’s AMAZING. And we love the same tennis players soooooo ♥) - Carolina (we met in Lisbon. SHE’S THE NICEST and her snaps are great ♥) 

and now a full list of my faves (+ my sideblogs):

admirs-beard - amasiuncula-inproba - andreas-wellinger - astoldbyginguravidanimebarethgalebaselboys - bastian-oczipkabayern-dfbberesfordsboooo12 - brandonsvictim - breel-embolocasillasclandestinyandmagic - dimitrov-nowechelonsyndromeeuropeansoulfedererblogfootball-matters - funsteigerfussballfieber - fygarrigan - fy-grigor-dimitrovfypirminschwegler - fy-valentin-stockeredenhazardashiangalactiscosgarrigans - germanybypapemari - gibbbo - gilles-simongoretzkas - groundstrokesheneveroldhildefreca - his-last-bowtieholtbylewishorchatarzeindiebandskingpoldilarsbender - littlerockettemaxielinimesut-inmydreams - mk11thelegend - music-source-of-happinessmyfussballjournalnorogernopartynusica - oliver-kahnolliren - orestis-karnezisraininginlondonrakibitch - robertosergi -  rockiticrowyourboatengrunningthrujugoslavijaritzyrubbleseventeenlovesthreesiehdievergessenenkids - stan-wawrinkastern-des-gallifreytheflowershopthe-king-of-the-wing - thescienceofdreamingthomasfrickinmuller - tonimykroostonikrostoni-kroosunendliches-verlangen-nach-dirweihrauchswie-ichwhoopigoldblum - yann-sommeryannsommers

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY ♥ (and sorry if I forgot someone) 

Going to make this short but I’ve finally decided to make a follow forever, mainly because this was probably my favourite year on tumblr. So here’s my list & Happy New Year! :) ♥

#a-c:  7mo9,  9-sernando-15alvaroarrbeloaana-madridista benzemassbluearmybluetorres,  chelsearealmadrid

halam4dridhala-ramosiguainhkeep-the-football-going,  kkerli

l-m:  ladystylesz,  lfc-anfield, lovintheramosmadridesunafamilia,
miss-football, moooratamrs-casillas 

o-r:  ohh-my-fernandoonelifeoneloveoneclubozilrealozilspussy,
pizzadelwingspraylovefootball, realmadridchristmasrealmadridnumerounoronaldoinmypants

s-z: salutethekingcrissergio15ramos, sergioisthefinest, suarez-isco
 vamosramosvamosrealmadrid, wantafairytale,white-bloodinmyveinsxabieralonso

 I might have forgotten a few - but either way Thank you for making dashboard amazing this year!