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Fairy Tail Chapter 541 Review

Wow, it took a while for this chapter to come out. Well, lets see if it was worth it…

Our cover page is the Tartaros arc, the last arc of Fairy Tail many can say was overall good. But y’know, given a certain development this chapter, this is a very fitting cover page.

We open on the DS in the space between time, and they’re ready to take Acnologia. I joked on another post that Wendy’s spell, “Deus Eques”, sounded like deus ex and that it was just a matter of time before we an enchantment called that. But honestly I saw the fight going this way, with Wendy just enchanting them and it’s not a bad strategy. So we’ve got Sting, Rogue and Gajeel charging Acnologia…

And Acnologia knocks them on their ass… Hey there’s still Cobra and Laxus!

And Acnologia knocks them on their ass…

Yes Acnologia you’re the strongest. We’ve had so many chapter of just posturing can we actually have a fight here?

We cut back to Magnolia and we see everyone trying to discuss how to beat Acnologia and…

The best thing in the chapter happens…

Yep Lucy has taken charge of the guild and given an actual strategy. You don’t know how happy I was to see this, because this is finally rectifying a problem I’ve had with this arc and that’s the major misuse of all the main characters. Lucy this arc has gotten nothing, either related to her character development or progression. She has been sitting on the sidelines majority this arc either being used as a tool for other character’s development or just made to stand there and look sad. But this, this right here is something that is relative t her own character development. She’s always been the “heart” of the guild, the person who embodies the ideas of fairy tail and will never lose it, so it makes sense for in the time of need she is able to finally take control of the guild and lead them in the direction they need. Also this plan, well already Lucy is a better fairy tactician than Mavis because Lucy’s actually using established things from the series to come up with her plan, unlike Mavis who seems to just pull it out of her ass.

If I had one complaint, and it’s minor, it really seems like Lucy should be leading but what undercuts all this is she doesn’t. She ends just leaving with Levy and Freed to look for the fairy sphere, but what we’ll see is she it not really needed for it. It feels like with this being her plan she should probably oversee it. I guess what I’m to say is, you have really cool moment for Lucy, go all the way with it. Have her have total control, what we get is good I’m not denying it, but it feel like there could be more extension with this scene. Or if she is going to leave, have like a line of dialogue saying she wants Erza or Gray or whoever to take the reigns. I know this sound minor but it’s only because there could be more of this moment with Lucy.

So we go back to the Space between time.

We see that Acnologia is solely motivated by destruction…. Hmm… Look some people would be okay with this as all Acnologia has been is a giant force of destruction since his intro, so this is really just keeping to character. But then there are others who would hate this saying that if you bother giving human shape and personality to this character you want to have more dimension than solely craving destruction. So is something that comes down preference on how you stand with this reveal.

But I do know something I’m going to get angry at.

Natsu… Shut up… No! I refuse to here “the world is stronger than that” speech from you of all people, why? Because your own damn creator said the difference between you and Haru is, Haru fought for the world since the begining, Natsu only cares about his guild not the world. When your own creator says that, then I’m not in the mood for you to act like Haru.

So we cut to Hargeon

This page pisses me off… Oh not the Gray and Juvia stuff, though I find it funny how see’s going gaga over teleporting with Gray (and Mest) like it’s so romantic when back in tartaros, the two rode on the back of a tiger beast together (with no Mest) while clutching hands. I don’t know, that seems a little more romantic to me.

But what pisses me off is Lamia scale right here. “I thought the fighting was over” first, where did you here that? Did Warren send a signal out? Second, are you so oblivious that you pissed the eternal flare coming down and laying waste? Magnoia and Hargeon aren’t that far away so if people were noticing destruction from there why aren’t you noticing it? Third, why didn’t you go to Magnolia? All the guilds went there. It couldn’t be to hold down the fort after the liberation of hargeon because universe one scrambled all of you, and even being fair, saying that everyone went back to where they were before universe one was activated, Mermaid Heel was in that fight in Hargeon, if all of them went back to hargeon after universe one wore off and went to magnolia, why didn’t Lamia follow? There’s no reason for this

so we cut to team Minerva ready to lead Acnologia to Hargeon…

Well let’s see how can you lead him there? Well, you have territory which if you open a big enough space bubble you could just keep teleporting him. Use Orga’s pinpoint blasts to get Acnologia’s attention, then use Racer has slowing magic to mess with his perception of time. Midnight could just keep reflecting his blasts getting him to just get angry and keep trying. This doesn’t seem to hard.

We cut to the guild library…

Oh boy… See I said Lucy really doesn’t have to be here, and see really doesn’t. Freed and Levy make sense as letter pages, magic books stand in their profession. Whereas, I know Lucy likes books, and she had that moment way back in daybreak figuring out the letter magic spell, but that hasn’t really been apart of her character outside of wanting to write a book (All that crap with END not withstanding). So I think Freed and Levy could manage with out her, and she could still be actively leading.

Also this goddamn book. I like Lucy’s plan, especially since it actually uses established things from the series, but to fully execute the fairy sphere she needs this book that has never been mentioned till now. Whereas they are actually 2 great solutions to this, to make this scene make sense…

The first is, Hiro should’ve introduced the book before this point. Because it’s not crazy to believe that a book exists containing 3 magic that were pioneered by this guild. But maybe you could’ve introduced when Mavis wanted out of the crystal. Instead of Mavis just loaning Cana the power of fairy glitter, break out the spell book and give Cana the power permanently. We saw she used Fairy glitter against August, so she had not just for breaking the sealing lacrima.

And the second, Mavis knows all the 3 fairy magic, and we’ve seen with Cana that she can transfer the magic, how about having the reason Makarov came back, is Mavis’s magic flowed through him giving him all the three magic to carry it on to the next generation and not have them be lost.

It just seems like this could’ve been fixed so easily.

Post Chapter Follow Up: As you could probably guess I thought this was a good chapter. But first I want to talk about the negatives. First off is scenes like the Acmnologia posturing, the lamia scale in hargeon, and the book of spells are these moments that weigh down the story. It’s over all solid but these scenes feel very disconnected from what’s really going on and don’t make sense in context.

Another thing, is something that I didn’t get into but it is a problem, Acnologia is still unbeatable! Hiro has this great setup where he can have his cake and eat it too, you have Acnologia in the real world who we know on physical terms the guilds are not going to stand a chance, but we also have spirit Acnologia, and while i’m not saying he should be weak, but you have him in a position where he has to exert extra power to help control the magic for his real body, use that as a way for the DS to get equal footing with him. I seems like you have this great opportunity to have unbeatable Acnologia and vulnerable acnologia.

But on to the positives, Tartaros was a fitting cover because, god damn, like in Tartaros, Lucy gets this badass character moment. Even the minor problem I had with it is still minor and that clearly many were satisfied with what they got. I know there are those who don’t like Lucy and that’s understandable but what I will give her, is she one of the few characters to progress in terms of character. She’s different now from when she started.

Also the fight with Acnologia from what we get is honestly what I expected so I can’t really fault it for that. Wish there was more equal footing but hey we still have 5 chapters to go.

This is a chapter I thought should be really good, and for the most part, it is. But it’s just weighed down by these stupid, disjointed moments, and minor fumbles.

Final Verdict: 6/10

  • Solid Chapter
  • Good character bits
  • Weighed down by some stupid moments

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💩 ✌ 👅 👎 💘 💣 👀

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Wendy x Mest

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Wendy x Chelia 

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  • Ship you’re curious about: 👀 Lucy x Juvia