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What I want from Fairy Tail this arc

I’m not asking for much, just:

  • Lucy having the “Aquarius Talk” with someone (doesn’t even have to be Natsu at this point)
  • The guild finding out that Wendy almost sacrificed herself to stop Face
  • Zeref’s threat to “bring more despair” to Natsu being brought up
  • Erza, in need of having her Superman complex fixed, getting saved and letting someone else take down the enemy in her stead. (I’m cool with it being either Jellal or Wendy, but this needs to happen)
  • Gray being on the frontlines in regards to END, should he so appear
  • Juvia having a serious fight that’s independent from Gray (contrary to popular belief, she loves the entire guild, not just him)
  • Lucy going all Celestial Spirit King Stardress on some poor son of a bitch
  • Cana pulling off another BAMF moment like she did back at Tenrou with Fairy Glitter
  • The bomb that is “Zeref- fucking- Dragneel” being dropped
  • Crime Sorciere coming in and being badass af
  • Wendy getting pissed off and beating the ever-living shit out of someone again
  • Gajeel’s motherfucking Dragon Force
  • Mest either explaining or learning why he needed to spy on the Magic Council in the first place
  • The Twin Dragon Slayers. ‘nuff said
  • JELLAL- GODDAMN- FERNANDES. (I don’t even care if it’s related to Erza at this point. He just needs to get his ass involved.)
  • Laxus in general. Meaning epic amounts of badass-ery

That’s all I can think of at the moment. Though I’m sure I’ll think of more demands later.

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“Enough with the sass fairy tail

“Enough with the sass fairy tail

“That’s enough,” Lahar hissed through gritted teeth, whirling around to glare at the occupants of the largest cell he could find. “May I kindly remind you that you are all under arrest at the moment and shouldn’t be attempting to make your situation worse by provoking the arresting officer?”

“I’m sorry, are we being too crude?” a female voice cooed, and he was willing to blame the drunk card mage, even if he couldn’t spot her. “Officer sir, I’ve got a problem~”

“You can make your complaints to the council when they see you,” he called, fleeing the holding area with the shreds of his dignity gathered around him like a cloak.

“But officer,” the woman called as he opened the door to the room where his Rune Knights were waiting for him. “You left your personality at the place you got that stick up your-”

“Enough of your sass!” he snapped, but it was too late. Several of the younger Rune Knights were already snickering, and Doranbolt, the traitor, was rolling on the floor laughing.

He would make sure that they waited much longer than was usual for their court appearance. It was the least he could do. Doranbolt and the others would be a different matter, but he’d make sure they knew not to cross him…

50 cards made for Hiro mashima 

First 25 :

26. Rogue as frosh

27. Lector as dragon

28. Frosh as neko

29. Yukino as nurse

30. Minerva as paddock girl

31. Lyon as superhero space

32. Shelia as Demon

33. Ichiya as robot// mecha ichiya

34. Flare as cowgirl

35. Mavis as bee

36. Jenny as hawaiian

37. Jellal as pirate

38. Meredy hip-hop dancer

39. Zeref as Santa Claus

40. Igneel as igneel

41. Acnologia as Acnologia

42. Kagura as siren

43. Milliana as….i dunno

44. Ultear as teacher

45. Cobra as vampire

46. Sorano as mummy

47. Mest as soldier

48. Mard as playboy

49. Jura as chinese soldier

50. Plue as Haru from Rave master.

+ Bonus

I’ll post this one with high quality, when it comes out!

I hope you liked those 50 cards that mashima made because of 50 tomes of fairy tail!♥. 


What was your favorite?

And also, can you tell me of what is milliana doing cosplay? ((shes the number 43))


Attack on ti…Fairy Tail 489 Spoilers

Natsu, Mest and Lucy face off August 
Brandish considers Lucy as an enemy 
A giant foot appears out of no where and squishes August
Brandish is also squished
Giant foot = Happy
They live happily ever after
Elsewhere Gajeel survives and marries Levy
Jellal and Erza have 33 babies
Gray confesses to Juvia 
Juvia melts


Irene/Eliene bitch slaps Acnologia
Acnologia cries and runs home 


We all get a Happy ending.
The E.N.D

For those who are really  gullible - this is just a joke.