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I just want to share that I’m already a fan of TW since May last the PHILIPPINES. ANd I sometimes think that I’m the only fan there. XD 

I’m sure you’re not the only one, there’s so many fans from around the place on here haha! Although if you are the only one… how amazing would that be?! If TW ever went there, you could go meet them all on your own and have your own special ten minutes with them haha! That would be amazing :’) Xx

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52. something i’m talented at

- I’m talented at being a lil’ shit and drinking too much coffee

But I’m also good at music and writing

53. 5 things that make me happy

- 1) traveling
2) the exhilarating feel after finishing a last concert/ theatre performance
3) lighthouses and foggy water
4) reading about new scientific breakthroughs and discoveries
5) music and art festivals

54. something thats worrying me at the moment

- will my acne ever go away

55. tumblr friends

- the cool cats clan on Tumblr consists of I, messyponytail, chupaca-bruh, n7nightingale, locococopuff, akrose99, wiliferd, and nejixtenten. Some of you guys I don’t talk to often, but you are all so cool.

56. favourite food(s)

- Mexican, Japanese, and Caribbean cuisine. I also like salad and I loves fruit of all kinds, especially berries and mangoes

57. favourite animal(s)

- elephants, owls, DOGS, and politicians

Thanks messyponytail, you’re the bomb

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1-17 Just kidding All of them

Lol okay, sorry these are so late I’ve been super busy and I hate doing long ones like this on mobile. Answers under cut:)

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