Imagine Harry and Draco going to visit Teddy together and little Teddy hears Draco complaining about Harry’s hair, then saying how his own hair was always perfect and incapable of being as messy Harry’s. Keep in mind that Teddy, the young metamorphmagus, is old enough to consciously change his face and hair to accurately match someone else’s, so little Teddy descretly changes his facial features to match Draco’ s while the two love birds squabble over some trivial thing and changes his hair as well.

So when Draco and Harry turn back to little Teddy, they are greeted with Draco’s smug smirk on Teddy’s face and the most unruly, curly, messy blond hair they’ve ever seen.

Draco just gapes and haughtily mutters about his hair while Harry just about dies from laughter.

Baby, can I?

Yoongi is your friend, but all it takes is one wrong move of his hand for you to start thinking of him as something more than that.

Originally posted by strawberrie-kookie

i’m a slut for yoongi these days, so here we go again 

thanks for the feedback, i appreciate it so much!

word count: 5.5k

genre: smut


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You Deserve Punishment (M)

Description: You never wanted to see them again, you couldn’t bare facing them in the eyes. Not after what you witnessed. It would forever haunt you. Why? Because you discovered their dirty little secret; Park Jimin was the lover of Min Yoonji, who was actually a man.

Pairing: Jimin x Reader x Yoongi

Genre: Smut (M), angst, university!au

Word Count: 6,350

A/N: Extreme vulgar language use. Name calling, and heavy dom/sub undertones. There is also a lot of yaoi (boyxboy) action. Graphic descriptions of sex (oral, etc…) This is a mature read! You have been warned!

Originally posted by bellahasjams

Never in a million years, would you have expected to walk into a full 500 student lecture, only to easily spot the two people you never wanted to see again. There was a big lump held in your throat, as you quickly ducked your head down to find an empty seat. Unfortunately for you, the only empty seat you found was exactly a row behind these certain individuals. Trying to sit down as quietly as possible, you mentally screamed, You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! Since when did they come here?!? How could I not have known?!?

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Adorable floof making fun of Changkyun’s face

Pretty Good

@chaoticbong You sent this to me quite a bit ago and I am sorry for the wait! Don’t quite know if this is how you imagined it but I had a lot of fun with it! Longer than I thought it would be. 


               “Come on!” Scorpius begged, pulling on Albus’ arm. “If we hurry, we might finish before they wake up.”

               “Just because the sun is up, does not mean that I should be as well. It’s way too early for this.” Albus retorted, keeping his eyes closed, hoping his brother would go back to bed.

               Scorpius scoffed harshly. “It’s noon not five in the morning!” Honestly, he didn’t even know how they were related, let alone twins. Albus was so different than him.

               “It’s just that they both worked late last night and it’s only the first day of summer break. I wanted to make breakfast for them!” Scorpius continued, hoping to plead to the softer side of his brother. The one that Albus tried to pretend didn’t exist.

               Albus sighed heavily, throwing his blanket off him in a huff. “I swear it’s a miracle you were placed in Slytherin. I think Hufflepuff was robbed of you.”

               “It’s not nice to generalize.” Argued Scorpius. “You have Gryffindor tendencies, but you don’t hear me saying anything.” He barely withheld a smirk at the outraged expression on his brother’s face.

               “Hold your tongue.” Albus barked, not bothering to change out of his Slytherin pajamas. “Besides, only other Hufflepuffs care about the generalization of Hufflepuffs.”

               “I’ve got to be adopted.” Scorpius mumbled, leaving their bedroom and going down the stairs. “It’s the only explanation.”    

               “Are you speaking about me?”

               Scorpius looked up to smile at Teddy, who was at the bottom of the stairs with a wicked smirk on his face.

               “I’m the only adopted one here.”

               “That remains to be decided.” Scorpius countered. “Albus and I just can’t be real twins.”

               Teddy shook his head fondly as he ruffled the already messy mop of blonde hair. “I was there when you were born. Granted I was only four at the time, but I distinctly remember there being two babies.”

               “Maybe my real twin got switched at birth.” Albus yelled from the inside of the bedroom, causing both Teddy and Scorpius to roll their eyes. “I should start a search party.”

               “Be quiet.” Scorpius whisper yelled. “I don’t want to wake them up!”

               “What are you up to?” Teddy asked, suspicion heavy in his tone. “I don’t want to have to clean up after either of you nor will I lie on the stand if a murder is committed.”

               “What kind of brother are you?” Albus asked in disbelief, coming down the stairs, black hair neatly in place. “I would lie to the Wizengamot for you. It’s called brotherly love.”

               “No.” Retorted Teddy firmly. “It’s called self-preservation. I refuse to be an accomplice to any of your schemes. The last time I covered for you, I was somehow evading the Canadian Minister at the yearly Survival Remembrance ball.”

               “In my defense—.” Albus began, lie already on the tip of his tongue.

               “—We aren’t doing anything bad.” Scorpius interrupted quickly. Not allowing his brother to blame him in what was no doubt a lie to cover his horrible plan to convince the Canadian Minister that the next Dark Lord was actually Mister Longbottom in disguise. That hadn’t ended well for anyone.

               “I just want to make breakfast for father and dad.”

               Teddy backed away with a haste that surprised Scorpius. “No way. Remember the Father’s Day debacle of 2012? I want no part in this.” He turned around and quickly fled.

               “I don’t know what his issue is.” Albus scratched his head. “It was only a small fire.” There was an indignant pause. “And it only happened once.”

               “Twice!” Teddy called from somewhere in the house. “Don’t forget when you tried to make tea for father when he was sick.”  

               “I thought we all decided that that didn’t happen.” Albus argued, folding his arms across his chest. It was an accident. Cooking just didn’t work with him. Somehow disasters happened every time he even bothered.

               “It was water Al.” Scorpius whispered with a shake of his head as he made his way towards the kitchen. “You were boiling water.” His silence heavily suggested that this shouldn’t have happened.

               “I resent your silent accusations.”

               “If they were silent, then you didn’t hear them.” Scorpius pointed out, pulling out the requirements for pancakes. That was simple, right?

               “Twin magic. I heard them all.” Albus countered, sitting on the table and watching his brother combine everything needed.

               “You do realize that’s just a lie we tell people, don’t you? Twin magic has never been established as legitimate.” Scorpius worried about his brother sometimes.

               “I knew it!” Teddy’s faraway voice could be heard, and it had Albus snorting.

               “Are you going to help me or not?” Scorpius asked Albus, turning on the burners.

               “Oh god.” Teddy whispered from his hiding spot behind the couch, hoping that they wouldn’t burn the house down.

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But seriously look. If they’re poses were swapped it’s THEM. Obviously Ezra Miller is a fan favorite to be Baz but look at Cole Sprouse. The boy has messy blond hair and moles EVERYWHERE. In conclusion, Cole Sprouse is my new favorite fancast Simon.

One Rule | stripper!jennie | M

Originally posted by zelosgf

Summary: “You have one rule, no touching allowed.”

Word Count: 9,951

When your friend had told you to let loose, you figured she meant for you to take a week off of work, go outside and soak up Vitamin D, maybe have one more drink than you usually did at the bar.

You did not, however, think that she meant anything remotely close to a strip club.

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Running in Place

I was very touched and inspired by @jonghyunslisterine’s “running in place” (: One scene in particular was so beautifully and vividly written I had to draw it~ Here’s a little exctract:

Some time passes before he looks to Yoongi, but when he does, he sucks in a sharp breath. Yoongi leans on the wall by the window, head turned to gaze out. His jaw is a sharp line, the tendons in his neck apparent. Strands of messy blond hair fall into his lidded eyes. He brings the cigarette to his lips and inhales. His eyes drift shut, lashes playing across smooth skin, and he exhales. Smoke curls around his lips and dances among flecks of dust in the air, catching the sunlight that bathes him. Shadows move across his face but the light brushes the edges of his body like a halo.

Yoongi is so beautiful it hurts.

Close up here :)

Tired (Reaper76)

Title: Tired
Chapter: Oneshot
Description: Gabriel just wants to get some damn sleep… but Jack is cold and practically begging for attention. For Reaper76 Week.
Pairing: Jack Morrison x Gabriel Reyes. Soldier: 76 x Reaper. Reaper76
Word Count: 458
Rating: Teen and Up

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There’s a difference between Gavin Free, Geoff Ramsey’s (not legally) adopted son, and the Golden Boy, hacker and frontman for the Fake AH Crew.

The Golden Boy is wild dark brown hair with golden tips. A pair of golden aviators always resting on his face, hiding his observant eyes. The Golden Boy is heavy gold jewelry and golden high top sneakers. He’s sugar coated words and dark promises. All designer clothes and money to spare. Flashy cars that showcase his lifestyle.

Gavin Free is messy brown hair with blonde tips that hang in his face when decides not to style it. Bright green eyes that seem to always hold a child-like curiosity. Gavin is salmon colored shorts and stupid graffic tees that make him look like a college freshman. He’s stupid midnight confessions and dumb questions, drunken dares and bets. He carries a camera practically everywhere with him to film anything from a cat, to one of his friends doing something absurd.

No one is able to figure out how these two are actually the same person, but when questioned about it they either get a “well what do you do on the weekends?” from Gavin, or a “I can’t have a civilian life? Pity” from the Golden Boy. Each response has the same amounts of Gavin and Golden Boy that’s just enough to confuse whoever is asking him.

The one thing the two have in common? They both squawk like a bird if you startle them.


Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins/Female Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Thirsty crew! This is some self-indulgent, romance-novel levels of hurt/comfort, touchy-feely shenanigans. I hope you like it! Tagging @toxiicpop, @oraclegazes and of course, @hardcorewwetrash! Enjoy!

(Also apologies on this being a little late, the wifi was not cooperating)

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Cas could hear the sound of the waves seeping through the windows. The sun was starting to come up, but only just barely, and Cas fought the urge to sneak out to the beach for the first time. He frowned, looking at Dean’s sleeping form, wishing he could sleep, too. Or just that Dean would wake up so they could finally go to the water—they had gotten in too late yesterday to go see the beach.

As if in answer to his wish, the blankets started to stir next to him. Cas stretched, his eyes landing on the mound of comforters and sheets wadded up and heaping. The angel’s chin dipped to his chest as he viewed his naked toes where his own blankets were missing.

With a smile, Cas propped himself up on his elbow to investigate the thief. Smirking, he poked at the mound of fluff, feeling his finger dip until it hit something solid:


Quickly, Cas pulled at the blankets, freeing a messy head of blonde hair, groaning against the small amount of sunlight as his fingers covered his eyes.

“Ha!” Cas said, climbing up to straddle Dean, pulling his hands away from his eyes as the hunter blinked to adjust to the light.

“What the hell, Cas?” Dean whined, taking on an overly grumpy look.

But his words were lost as Cas started peppering his face, neck and chest, taking the argument out of him.

“You.” Kiss. “Stole.” Kiss. “All.” Kiss, Kiss. “The blankets.” Kiss. “Last.” Kiss. “Night.”

Dean grabbed the angel’s face with a smile and brought him in for a deep kiss on the lips. It lasted until Cas felt flushed, starting to breathe hard.

“It’s not like you need them,” Dean said. The hunter’s face was equally sheepish and devious when he finally pulled away, and Cas had to hide a blush.

Cas flopped back to Dean’s side with a sigh, landing on his back. “Ok,” he said. “Forgiven.”

Cas looked at Dean’s face when he’d calmed down, and even though it had only been a matter of seconds, the hunter’s eyes were already closed again. And, somehow, Dean had managed to gather an even larger portion of the blankets.

Dean had gone still enough, that Cas was starting to wonder if he’d fallen asleep again.

“Dean?” Cas asked tentatively, and the edges of the hunter’s lips turned up, if only slightly.

“Yeah, baby?” the hunter replied, his voice already sleepy.

Cas furrowed his eyebrows, crossing his arms. “I thought we were going to go to the beach today. It’s our honeymoon, we’re not supposed to stay in bed the whole time!”

Then, in a second, Dean’s eyes were open again, and this time, he was tugging Cas into his arms, resting him against his bare chest.

“It’s only been four hours, Cas. I need at least five” Dean whined, wrapping an arm across Cas’s chest, finding the angel’s left hand with his, and lacing their fingers together, letting the gold on both their wedding bands touch.

“Ok,” Cas said in resignation, relaxing against Dean. Cas twiddled his thumbs. He counted the tiles on the ceiling. He even briefly considered sneaking out without Dean, though he felt guilty about the thought.

About ten minutes in, he heard Dean sigh through Cas’s fidgeting.

“You really want to go now?” Dean asked finally. Cas turned to see the hunter staring down at him, already looking defeated and a little exasperated. The angel nodded enthusiastically. Dean leaned forward, giving Cas a small peck on his forehead.

“Ok, fine. Lead the way,” he finally grunted, rolling out of bed, his feet thumping on the floor.

The condo shared a beach with the neighbors, but no one was bound to be up at this time of the morning, so when Dean tugged at the blankets, wrapping himself deep inside them and stumbled out the door pajama-clad and barefoot with messy hair, Cas didn’t complain. He simply grabbed Dean’s hand and pulled him enthusiastically toward the sound of the water, knowing he probably looked the same.

Their footsteps slowed as their feet moved from the hard stones of the walkway to the soft resistance of sand. Still, Cas held Dean’s hand as they walked toward the water. When they were only a few feet away, Cas stopped, inhaling.

His hand tightened around his husband’s as he took in the full effect of the sunrise. Orange and red bled in every direction across the water, rippling as the surface movement played with the light.

Cas took in every corner of it pretending it was his first time seeing nature’s miracles and not like he’d been around at practically the time of their creation. But really, it didn’t take much imagination. Because he’d never had the opportunity to enjoy it like this. Unfettered and unrestrained by duty and devotion.

“It’s beautiful,” he breathed, letting the warmth of the sun heat the tips of his skin.

“Yeah,” Dean echoed the sentiment. Cas looked at Dean’s wrinkled, blanket-mummified form. But the hunter wasn’t looking at the sand, or the ocean, or the sunrise. His eyes were fixed on Cas and filled with awe and admiration. “Beautiful,” he said quietly.

Cas blushed and smiled, sitting down. He pulled Dean down with him, laying the hunter’s head in his lap as they both adjusted to get comfortable. After a moment, Cas’s hand found its way into the hunter’s hair, playing with it in slow patterns.

“Dean,” he said quietly as he watched the sun continue to rise. “I love you.”

He could feel Dean smile against his leg, though Cas could see that his eyes had closed again.

“Cas,” said Dean in reply. “You can wake me up early any time.”

held on as tightly as you held on me

andreil au in which neil has a nightmare

Sometimes Neil dreams of the past. Sometimes the dreams are so vivid he can smell his mother’s corpse as it burns, so vivid he can hear wit absolute clarity the clang of his father’s ax, so vivid he can see the metal glint off Lola’s knife as she carves his arms to ribbons.

Sometimes he can feel Riko’s knife as it slips beneath his skin, as he hits him until blood fills his mouth, as he makes him run plays until Neil is past the point of pain. It’s like he’s paralyzed, unable to move, unable to fight back.

He doesn’t realize he’s dreaming until his eyes are snapping open, his gaze landing on a hardened face with messy blonde hair, steady hands on his shoulders.

He’s pretty sure someone is screaming, and it takes a moment for him to understand that it’s him, but then Riko’s knife is back, his matches are back, his fists are back, and Neil is powerless beneath him, just as he was the first time, and he can’t stop. He can’t stop his own voice, just as he couldn’t stop Riko’s torture. It lasted so long, god, it lasted so long. Days and days and days and weeks, time running on and slowing down and stretching out.

Then strong arms are wrapping around him, and he’s being pulled against someone’s chest; he knows from the feel of them it isn’t violent, that it’s meant for comfort.

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Author: the-princejinyoung

Pairing: You / Jackson

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 4,960

Summary: At this year’s marketing conference you only have one objective: get your really hot co-worker, Luke to notice you. It’s all going well - truly, it is! Except for that Jackson Wang, who won’t stop interrupting your plans.

Author’s Note: This is a part of the Welcome Back, Wang! project started by got7snet . @jinyoungsbum and I did a collab project where we each picked writing prompts for each other and wrote a piece. Please enjoy and check out hers as well - here - because it’s amazing! Oh, and follow her :)

Prompts: “I don’t think you could get any less romantic.” / “I’m not here to make friends.”

Originally posted by j-miki

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Irreplaceable (Pt.1)

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Pairing: Jimin X reader

Fandom: BTS

Summary: “Would you do whatever it takes to make someone fall in love with you?”


Originally posted by softjvngkook

Your eyes laid heavily on the white wall behind the sleeping body next to you. As they scanned their way down you stopped, catching a glimpse of his sleeping face. The face you could practically stare at for hours, analyzing every crease and little mark. His eyes peacefully laid shut, puckered thick lips closed shut, and his messy blond hair, were all things that came together in what seemed like a masterpiece. A masterpiece wrapped up in the most beautiful white sheets and the sun just barely shining through the windows onto his bare upper body.

A small crack of a smile was placed on your lips as you reached a hand out to stroke his face with the back of it. 

“I had to fall in love with you, didn’t I?” You whispered to yourself, moving up to his hair.

Your hand collapsed onto the bed as you continued to look over at him. He was close enough that you could feel his body heat, but at the same time you felt as though he couldn’t have been further. You let out a sigh, sitting up in the bed, searching for your clothes that had to be somewhere on the ground. You threw the blanket off of you, standing up as you spotted them. 

The movement from you waking up must have woken Jimin up as you heard a low groan midway through sliding your dress back on.

“Morning, babe.” Jimin let out, stretching his arms over his head as he still lazily laid in his bed. 

You turned your head only slightly over your shoulder, smiling over at him. 


Jimin tried his best to sit up, resting his face on his palm as he used the other hand to rub his eye. 

“You’re leaving already?” He questioned, seeing you fully dressed, clutching the same pair of shoes from the night before.

“Well, it’s not like you won’t ever see me again. Just call me whenever you miss me~ I’m only a few minutes away.” 

Jimin sat back, smirking. “What if i’m missing you already?”

The obvious lie struck you so hard you had to stop yourself from clutching your chest. With a fake smile you walked over to him, feeling his soft hand grabbing at your wrist. His thumb gently caressed over it as he stared at you lovingly.

“Jiminie, I promised Yoongi I’d hand out with him for lunch. I was going to head over to the studio and we woke up late. It’s already 11:00.”

“Do you like him more than me?” He pouted, giving you his best puppy dog eyes.

The string of jealously in his tone stuck out to you, you knew he was the jealous type but he never acted that way towards you. You wondered if he had been hiding it this whole time, falling for his trap once more. 

“You know I don’t like anyone else more than you.” You assured him, dropping the shoes that were in your hands. 

He bit his lip,holding back his smile as you propped your body above him, allowing his hands to find their way comfortably on your sides. 

“That’s good to know.” He whispered before pulling you into a kiss. 


Yoongi sat at his desk, scrolling through the same bullshit on his Twitter feed for the past hour. It wasn’t until he heard you call out his name that his head snapped up, finally relieved from what felt like his eternal wait. 

“Y/N. You’re late.”

You pulled the bags of food from behind your back, smiling at him brightly.

“Yeah but I got your favorite~” You sang, setting the plastic bag of food down on the coffee table. 

Yoongi lazily sat up, taking his feet off of his desk as he turned in your direction. 

“Where were you this morning? I texted you a few times because I thought you blew me off.”

The question had you rethinking about the events of this morning, still being able to smell the scent from Jimin’s room as you wore a shirt you may or may not have taken with you. It had your lips already perking up into a smile, biting your lower one. 

“I was busy trying to pick out what to bring you and then traffic was really bad-.”

“Bullshit.” He sighed, opening the containers of food.

It took seconds before he stopped mid- setting the lid down for him to look up at you again. The glare in his eyes was enough to make your shoulders flinch but you looked away, pouting. 

“Y/N. Seriously? You said you’d stop.” 

“Maybe I changed my mind.” You defended, still avoiding his gaze.

“This is toxic and you know it. I’m not trying to control you, I’m trying to help you. This is only going to make things worse, I already told you how he really feels. You’re just something to keep Jimin busy.” Yoongi warned, finally placing the lid down on the clear coffee table.

“You’re wrong. I confessed to him like a year ago and he wouldn’t be saying the things he does now if he didn’t actually mean them. He sounded jealous when I told him I was hanging out with you. Then, he told me he would miss me when I left.”

“Because who else would he fuck? Look, he’s not a bad guy but he thinks you both have this weird mutual friends with benefits sort of thing. You actually falling in love isn’t part of it. Plus he knows I’ve been telling you to stop messing around with him.” He groaned.

You sat there quietly, watching as Yoongi snapped apart his wooden chopsticks from the wrapper. He was already digging into the food, probably starving from waiting so long for you to show up. You knew he was right but it felt wrong to even admit it in your mind. You didn’t want to give up.

“Y/N. We both know he says a lot of things to make you happy but he’s still seeing other people isn’t he? He’s not in love with you.”

“Yet.” You mumbled under your breath.

“He just doesn’t want to settle down and I respect that. I’m fine with things the way they are now, anyway. I just want him to know that i’m there for him even if it’s like this. He’s really stressed lately.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes. “Yeah, well who isn’t? Respect yourself and stop giving him whatever he wants like a child. I don’t care if he’s out there hurting other people but I don’t want him hurting you. You’re important to us even if he doesn’t care.”

It was hard for you to even picture cutting it off with him, he was there for you when things got hard, just as you were for him. You were friends with all of them so long you could barely recall the first day you had met, knowing that it was in fact because of Yoongi. Jimin just had this feeling that engulfed you every time you met eyes or heard him speaking your name out loud. You refused to think that he would even think of throwing your friendship away because he thought you were easy and part of you was right. He didn’t think you were easy but sometimes he would end up using you on days that felt the hardest. But who didn’t do that? 

“I care about you too. It’s just hard…Yoongi. I seriously, think i’m in love with him. I’ve never wanted to be around someone so much. I never wanted to do things like I would with him. I miss him when he’s not around me and I jump at any chance to go over and see him. I know it must look pathetic but I just- I’m afraid if I let him go, it really will be over.”

Watching you start to tear up made your best friend grudgingly put down his plate, coming over to sit next to you. Yoongi slung his arm over your shoulder, letting you rest your head on him. 

“I know. I’m sorry I can be harsh sometimes. I just don’t want you to get hurt, you know? You deserve someone you can actually give you what you want. It’s his loss and he’ll realize it sooner or later.”

While Yoongi attempted to comfort you, you felt your phone vibrating in your lap. As you leaned your head down to see the same, you realized what perfect timing he always had. Jimin’s name could be read on the screen as well as his text. 

 Jiminie ♥ : 

               “I know you said you were headed to see Yoongi but I’m also at                             the company if you wanna come see me”

Listening to Yoongi, for once, you placed your phone face down on your lap instead of answering right away. You sat up, having Yoongi’s arm slide off of you, wiping the tears off of your cheeks.

“You’re right. I’ll make him see how much he wants me even if he doesn’t right now.”

talk shit, get hit

genre: delinquent!au

star of the show: NCT’s Jaehyun

word count: 3,021 words

author’s note: part of a Johnny/Jaehyun collab with @chipsandwaffles . Go read Johnny’s part here it doesn’t disappoint. 

And remember, Say No to Double J™ 

*explicit language, read at your own discretion*

Originally posted by wonwoosvt

opening line: “Rules are simply restrictions passed down from past generations to limit us from doing what they couldn’t do in their lifetimes.” 

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Roommates : Jack Maynard Smut

(basically y/n and jack are roommates but one day jack really needs y/n to help him out)

You had just got back from a busy day at work, feeling strained and frustrated. Don’t get yourself wrong, you loved your job - being a make up artist had been your dream since you could imagine. But, living in London means you’re always non-stop busy at work and it was even worse when you had to work on someone fussy.

As you got your uber home, you looked out the window whilst thinking about what your plans were when you get home. Currently, you shared an apartment with your best friend Jack - who you had known for years. It was a Friday night so the chances were Jack was going to drag you out with him and his friends. You didn’t mind though, you always had fun with them.

Grabbing your bag off of the seat next to you, you thanked your driver before heading up into your apartment. When you unlocked the door, you couldn’t hear or see any sign of Jack so you guessed he was at his brother’s - who lives just around the corner.

As you took off your coat, you heard a strange noise. It kind of sounded like a whimper, coming from Jack’s bedroom. When you realised it was a moan, you started to panic - was Jack with a girl right now? Your heart started to tug in your chest.

The thing was, you liked Jack. You always had liked Jack. Ever since you were little, it started off as just a little crush that you thought was going to pass. But no, as every day you spent with him you felt yourself falling more and more for those beautiful blue eyes and messy blond hair. The way his eyes would light up when he laughed and the way his eyebrows would furrow when he was concerned. He was the mot beautiful person you had ever known.

Not just this, but the way he acted towards you also made you like him even more. Always harmlessly flirting, and he would always get protective if any guy tried to hurt you, or even try to get to know you. He was always making sure you’re OK and always cheered you up when you were down. Jack had helped you through some of the hardest times in your life, yet you had both had the best times of your life together.

Yet, even through all of this, you had to suffer whilst Jack always brought home random girls to fuck. Or even in the club, when he would kiss them right in front of you. You couldn’t say anything - if Jack knew that you liked him, your friendship would probably be destroyed from awkwardness.

You heard it again - a low moan from his bedroom. You were waiting for the dreadful moment that you hear a random girl moan out Jack’s name, but it was weird, you couldn’t hear one. Jack wasn’t that bad in bed, was he?

“Ohhh… Y/N.” Your eyes widened as you heard Jack moan out your name. OK< now you were confused. Jack probably was with a girl that had the same name as you, right?

But then why couldn’t you hear anyone else?

You creeped over to his door, which was cracked open a tiny bit. You felt rude and sneaky and a bit weird about spying like this, but you were confused.

You looked through the crack to see Jack with his head back against the headboard, eyes screwed shut as he slowly pumped himself up and down. You felt yourself grow wet at the sight.

Jack was huge, to say the least. He wasn’t wearing anything, his hair was down, sprawled over his forehead. You could see the veins in his biceps pop out as he picked up the pace with his hand.

“Fuck, Y/N…” He moaned.

You gasped as you realised he was thinking about you. You were extremely turned on already, just from the sight of Jack in this state, but now - knowing he was thinking about you was making you ache for him.

“Y/N?” Jack’s eyes shot open as he heard you gasp. He looked over to you, still pumping himself.

You were expecting him to stop and cover himself up in shock, but no. He hummed in pleasure as he looked at you, still touching himself.

“Jack.” You breathed out, rubbing your legs together to try and get some friction to your core.

“Babe…” He moaned, his hand sliding up and down on his length.

“Were you…” You didn’t really know how to word it.

“Thinking about you?” He grinned. “Yeah.”

You swallowed.

“Can I…” You were nervous, scared you were going to go too far. But as Jack was sat there, jerking off whilst watching you kind of broke all the boundaries.

You looked at his member, trying to get the message across to him.

Please.” He cried out.

You didn’t waste any more time. Walking over to him, you kneeled on his bed before situating yourself so you were straddling his thighs. You had imagined a moment like this for so long, you couldn’t quite believe this was happening.

You wrapped your hand around Jack’s length as your licked your lips. His tip was bright pink, obviously very sensitive. Your thumb brushed over the tip, making him squirm.

“What… What was you thinking about?” You asked him as you began to pump him up and down.

Both of his hands went to the back of his neck, showing off his biceps as he bit on his bottom lip.

“I was imagining what it would be like to fuck my best friend on our kitchen work top.” He breathed.

“Is this weird?” You asked, trying not to show him how much you were turned on even though continued to pleasure him with your hand.

“No, is it?” He asked. “I’ve wanted this for so long, I’ve just been a pussy.” He admitted to you.

“Same.” You breathed.

Suddenly, Jack grabbed your wrists, stopping you from touching him.

“Y/N,” He looked at you with warning. “I need you so fucking bad right now, but if this is actually going to happen, I need you to promise it won’t ruin our friendship.”

“I promise.” You said immediately before leaning forward and crashing your lips onto his.

He kissed you hungrily as he attempted to get your clothes off. He started to undo your shirt but as he got to the third button, he realised it would take long. With skilful hands, he yanked at it, ripped all the buttons off.

“Jack!” You squealed, leaving you in just your bra.

“I’ll buy you a new one, just get your fucking clothes off.” He growled.

You stepped off of the bed, deciding to tease Jack as much as possible. You turned away from him as you pulled your trousers down slowly.

You heard him groan as you were only in your bra and underwear. When you got rid of your underwear, you still didn’t turn around. As you unclipped your bra, you felt Jack’s hand slap your bum harshly.

“I’ve always loved this pretty little ass.” He growled into your ear, pushing you up against his bedroom wall. You could feel his hard length against your thigh, making you moan.

Jack helped you out as he yanked your bra off of your body, throwing it the floor. His lips went right under your ear, sucking at your neck. His hand trailed down, rubbing at your bum before going further down, his fingers lightly dragging along your soaked centre.

“Fuck, Y/N, bet you never thought that your best friend could get you this wet, hey?” Jack laughed.

You could already tell, Jack was quite rough in bed. The way he handled you - even though you could tell that he knew what he was doing, he was being quite rough.

Jack went to his knees behind you, making you whine as he was no longer touching you. However, he grabbed your waist, pulling you back a bit before pushing your back forward, making you bend over. You were totally exposed to Jack right now as you were bent over in front of him.

He grabbed your legs, making you open them a bit. Without warning, you felt his mouth go to your soaked core, sucking harshly. You moaned, the feeling of Jack’s mouth was incredible.

You could feel Jack’s hair brush against your skin. His tongue entered you, Jack performing wonders, making you moan out his name. as he continued to tongue fuck you, you were impressed by what this boy could do with his mouth.

“Jack…” You cried. “I need you inside me.”

Jack heard you, pulling away from you as you turned around. He was still on his knees, looking you up and down as he grinned.

“You’re sexy as fuck.” He licked his lips.

“Jaaack.” You whined, stepping forward and putting your hands on the back of his head, pressing a quick kiss to his lips.

“Against the wall or on the bed?” He asked you as he stood up.

“Take me wherever you like, Randy.” You grinned at him, calling him by his nickname.

“How the fuck do I deserve this?” Jack breathed out with a smile on his lips, running a hand through his hair.

He walked over to his bedside table, opening the top drawer.

“Babe, i’m on the pill.” You told him, realising how weird it is that your best friend didn’t know that.

“Why?” He asked you with his eyebrows furrowed. “Who have you been fucking?”

Was he really jealous right now? Here you were, against the wall, naked and ready for him. Yet he’s worried about who else you’ve been sleeping with.

“Jack… Really?” You crossed your arms.

“Well, what if you’ve been fucking around?” He asked.

“Are you fucking serious?” You asked in disbelief. Jack sleeps with a different girl almost every week.

“You tell me.” He shrugged.

“You’re a fucking dick head! You know i’m not like that!” You raised your voice at him before walking out of his bedroom.

When you were almost at your bedroom door you felt Jack as he grabbed your hips.

“I’m joking, baby.” He laughed before kissing you desperately and pushing you against the wall in the hall way. You were still angry, but that just made you want him more.

“You’re a dick.” You mumbled against him lips but you couldn’t help but smile.

“You want my dick.” He said back.

“Mmh… True.” You laughed.

“Jump.” He told you and he caught you as you wrapped your legs around his waist.

He kissed you eagerly as he pressed into you. You moaned at the feeling as your arms wrapped around his neck.

“Fucking hell, you’re tight.” Jack said as he broke the kiss.

“Fuck!” You hissed at the pain. “Jack, you’re too big.”

You were honestly convinced that he was way too big to fit inside of you without ripping you open.

“Sorry.” He laughed, moving slowly. “Are you OK, babe?”

“Yeah,” You breathed out, resting your forehead against his. “Go.”

Jack started to move in and out of you at a steady pace, the pain soon disappearing as the feeling got a lot better.

“Babyyyy.” He moaned into your neck.

“Randy baby.” You giggled.

Jack laughed as he picked up the pace soon slamming in and out of you.

Your grip got tighter around his neck and your whole body moved up and down as he fucked you like this.

“I’ve waited so long for this.” Jack admitted.

“Me too.” You told, breathless.

His hands gripped tighter onto your bum. Jack Maynard fucking you against a wall of your shared apartment was way better than you imagined. His length filled you up and hit you in all the right spots, making you cry out in pleasure.

“This is so embarrassing, Y/N, but i’m about to cum.” He told you.

“Don’t worry, me too.” You told him.

As Jack moaned your named into your ear, you hit your high.

“Jack, that was so hot.” You moaned right as he released inside of you, within seconds it was running down your leg - it was so dirty but just turned you on even more.

You bit down on the skin of Jack’s shoulder as he made you orgasm. Jack hissed but he head already told you before that he had a pain kink, so you knew he liked it.

“Y/N fucking Y/L/N!” Jack breathed out as he put you down.

“Randy is good at fucking, i’ll give you that.” You admitted, patting Jack on the chest as you tried to catch your breath.

“Good luck walking tomorrow.” He laughed as he pressed one last kiss to your lips.


OK I REALLY WANNA DO A PART 2 TO THIS !!!!! send in your requests of what you want me to write next xx