Poetry is your head on my chest as we watch the stars,
poetry is us on the balcony at 5am as you sing to me and strum on your guitar

poetry is your sleepy voice and messy hair in the middle of the night,
poetry is your lips touching mine when nothing feels right

poetry is you taking me to your hometown and telling me your childhood stories,
poetry is us making pillow forts and then snuggling in to watch our favourite movies

poetry is walking on the beach with you and holding hands as the sun sets,
poetry is me looking at you and realising I am at peace with no regrets

—  Poetry is what you make me feel

anonymous asked:

Why you like too much Lana Del Rey? Why is she so special for you?

Her aesthetic old/current aesthetic; I loved the retro waves and short sundresses, and I loved the smudged eye-makeup and ripped jeans and messy beach wavy hair, and I love the retro-touch to everything mixed with a bit of modern. 

I also love her music (obviously) and how her lyrics were in her BTD album and Paradise were perfect. And, from what I can see of her personality, I love it, too!


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