messy wrap

  • Shakespearean Characters vs. wrapping Christmas gifts
  • It's perfectly wrapped in proper giftwrapping: Ophelia, Juliet, Mercutio, Richard II
  • It's perfectly wrapped in aesthetically pleasing non-giftwrapping: Benvolio, Laertes, Viola, Othello
  • The giftwrapping has been done at the shop the gift was bought at: Benedick, Lucentio, Cordelia, Aumerle
  • There is no giftwrapping: Beatrice, Kate Minola, Hamlet
  • The wrapping is messy and clumsy but someone obviously tried hard: Tybalt, Hotspur, Hero, Bolingbroke
  • The wrapping is messy and clumsy and done carelessly: Hal, Romeo, Count Claudio
  • It's a gift that doesn't need wrapping: Petruchio, Orsino, Richard III
  • There is no gift, only evil: Don John
  • There is both a gift and evil: Iago
  • Gifts are evil and sinful: Malvolio

guess who finally found their stylus :D

jumping on @boopliette ’s “Sonny does not wear appropriate winter clothing” headcanon like there’s no tomorrow because I love it (and her, and all her art) with a practise sketch!

What Hufflepuff Holidays Look Like
  • A warm fire crackling with hand knit stockings hanging with care on the mantle
  • Candles spotting the mantle, lighting up treasured photos and collected holiday heirlooms
  • The heart of the activity is in the kitchen, the soft clatters of pans and dishes, the warm laugh of cherished family telling that stupid story for the hundredth time
  • Presents wrapped to near perfection, other than the messy wrapping of the little ones who wanted to help, nested perfectly under the tree
  • In another house, a menorah lights up a mantle as the chatter of children warm the house
  • Family comparing their gifts and joking about who is the favorite in the family
  • Excitedly telling the story of Hanukkah for the millionth time to the kids who are waiting to hear it, while the older kids roll their eyes and fight the smiles on their lips that show they still love the little things in the holiday
  • Another home shows candles of various colors all lined up in a row in a beautiful kinara, red ones and black ones and green ones, vibrant and full of life like the people inside
  • Songs are sung and new traditions become old
  • Distant family joking about the ears of corn piling up on the table as older kids start having kids of their own
  • A family of Hufflepuffs drying oranges for garlands, baking sweet bread for the old Gods, and preparing for the biggest Yule ever
  • Laughing out in the snow as you look for the perfect log to burn and killing time telling stories of how the Gods lived their lives
  • Listening to the elder of the family say the traditional spell for yule and making the offerings to the Gods in hopes of a less tragic year

Hufflepuff holidays are full of warmth and family, no matter what you celebrate!

  • *midnight, at Hinata's room*
  • Naruto: *knocks the window*
  • Hinata: *surprised, opens the window* Naru-
  • Naruto: *hugs Hinata* Happy birthday!!
  • Hinata: *blushed, hugs Naruto back* Thank you..
  • Naruto: *kisses Hinata's forehead* I have a gift for you *gives her a messy wrapped box*
  • Hinata: You.. you don't have to..
  • Naruto: Open it *grins*
  • Hinata: *carefully opens the gift* Thanks for.. uh.. this basket.. ball?
  • Hanabi: *opens the door* Nee-chan have you seen my- oh, hi Naru- what the hell is that??
  • Naruto: *cheerful* Hi, Hanabi! It's my gift for Hinata! And it's all thanks to you
  • Hanabi, Hinata: What?!
  • Naruto: You see, I accidentally heard you guys talking the other day, I was not eavesdropping I swear, and you asked what Hinata wants for her birthday, and her answer was "a ball", and I just.. you know.. I'm guessing if she's into sport maybe it's a basketball cause I think it fits her image..
  • Hanabi, Hinata: *looks at each other*
  • Naruto: *worried* It's not the right ball, is it?
  • Hanabi, Hinata: ...
  • Hanabi: *laughs*
  • Hinata: *chuckles*
  • Hanabi: It's "a bowl" silly, a BOWL, there's an antique bowl nee-chan likes at the shop near The Academy *laughs*, and she asked me to go buy it with her *laughs*, sorry I just *laughs*
  • Naruto: *goes pale*
  • Hinata: *looks at Naruto, worried* Hanabi, stop it
  • Hanabi: Right.. sorry, sorry, I leave you two alone *giggles, closes the door*
  • Naruto: ...
  • Hinata: Look, I-
  • Naruto: *sad* I'm taking the basketball back, sorry for being an idiot, I'll buy you another-
  • Hinata: No!
  • Naruto: *surprised*
  • Hinata: It's fine
  • Naruto: Then.. then, let me make it up to you
  • Hinata: ...
  • Hinata: You know, basketball seems fun, let's play it sometimes *smiles*
  • Naruto: *touched, hugs Hinata again* Hinataaa you're too kind
  • Hinata: *pats Naruto's back* Thank you for the gift, Naruto-kun
  • *12 years later, at hokage office*
  • Shikadai: Aunt Hinata, please do it again
  • Shikamaru: *opens the door* Shikadai? What are you doing here?
  • Shikadai: You're finally here, Dad.. you forgot your bento, here *gives the bento to Shikamaru*
  • Shikamaru: *pats Shikadai's head* Thanks
  • Naruto: *from behind Shikamaru* Hinata?
  • Hinata: You also forgot your bento *smiles*
  • Shikadai: Dad, Dad, you have to see what Aunt Hinata does with my basketball.. not even you can do this
  • Shikamaru: Huh?
  • Shikadai: Go Aunt Hinata!
  • Hinata: *spins the basketball on her finger, does various tricks with her hands*
  • Shikamaru: !!!
  • Shikadai: Cool, huh?
  • Shikamaru: Yeah, it's very cool.. I never knew you have such skill, Hinata
  • Hinata: Well, *looks at Naruto*
  • Naruto: *blushed, tries to cover his face*
  • Hinata: *chuckles* It's a long story..

The 12 Zodiac Signs When They’re Angry

Pisces: When pushed, they are down and out fighters. They aren’t afraid to jump in headfirst and get physical. They will undoubtedly have a few key points to make as well, but either way, they will NOT hold back.

Aries: Easy to ignite, Aries doesn’t like people stepping on their toes and interrupting them from doing what they know they can do. They are likely to fly off the handle and let you have it, insults, put-downs, and rage.

Taurus: Their temper has a long fuse. And it won’t go off until the little last straw (that can be anything) sets them off. And they are loud, obnoxious, and all over the place–very emotional and it will take them a great while to calm back down.

Gemini: This sign keeps their more “messy” moods under wraps, and they’re more likely to internalize it all, but you can visibly see their anger with shaky hands, narrowed eyes, and watch out for that silver-tongue that can cut you down without a moment’s notice.

Cancer: When it happens, you hardly notice until it hits you with SILENT treatment, ignoring, and if they MUST speak, it will be short and passive aggressive. They will eventually forgive you, but will never forget and most likely hold a massive grudge.

Leo: Their anger has a short fuse because they are more sensitive than you’re aware of; and they HATE public displays, but, if it is reduced to that, they make a scene, and you won’t be able to get in a word at all. You will feel about 1 inch tall.

Virgo: They will get quiet but extremely fierce and verbally kick your ass. They are much more HURT, but will express it as anger. And most likely, they will never want to speak or see you ever again.

Libra: The most passive aggressive of all the signs, they make remarks, belittle you, and act as if everything is okay, because they know they are getting underneath your skin.

Scorpio: They don’t want you to see them during their weak moments, so although they feel a deep rage when angered (usually because someone has lied to them), they calmly (scarily) cut you down to nothing with bitter, biting, and hurtful words.

Sagittarius: As fast as they’re mad (their fuse is almost as short Aries), they’re over it. But you better believe you will catch “the cold hard truth” coming out of their mouth. Offensive, blunt, and haughty, but then once calm apologizes about the WAY they said it, but not the actual words.

Capricorn: Steely gaze, disgusted look, emotional (inside), they let their anger come out in their actions and how they treat you. You will feel like you never mattered, nor will you matter ever again to this sign.

Aquarius: These people either get rebellious and loud when mad or withdrawn and quiet. The loud will rip you apart and have people on their side while doing so, and the quiet will come for you later and let you know what a disappointment you are. Don’t attack the people in their lives, nor what they stand for.

Wrench made his way to the hackerspace from his garage, he had made an effort to find a Christmas sweater. He had a messy wrapped Christmas present under an arm and held a 24 pack that he dropped to enter the code to get in, already hearing the music blasting from down the stairs and walked down as soon as he was allowed in. He looked around the place and soon found Marcus in the crowd and walked up to him. “Hey M!” he called with a smile, he was wearing his Starwars Christmas sweater, this was fitting. “Merry Christmas!”