messy pencils


So… following the thing I was talking about yesterday about forgetting to draw Ford’s coat all the time and saying that the coat just makes him look way more serious and that without it he looks more home-y … well I wanted to make the coat fluffy and so this happened…

Toddler twins make yet another appearance! Yay ??

Bonus that doesn’t really connect with the rest:

Today I had other stuff planned but when I finally sat down all i could think about was sasusaku so I gave in and took this as an opportunity to try new textures and brush settings :)


Had a bit of a sh*tty day today, so have a grumpy doggo and some wierd wolf/boar hybrid I came up with ^w^


I finally caved into this au bandwagon orz
Inspired by @jen-iii‘s breakdance AU comic.
I really liked it and then it made me think there should be a rap battle involved. That and I’ve been listening to too much Hamilton.

I hope you guys like my silly rap and Nino’s random shouts, haha.

AU by @starrycove

《 23 nov 2016 》i’ve been using up my stash of freebie notebooks alarmingly quickly… lately my notes are messy scribbles in any notebook i can find in my house… i probably cant live up to my cute periodicity notes from 2015