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A and B and C are roommates. A is very messy and a night owl who needs to get their life together. B is a neat freak rise with the sun has a life plan type person. C is A's sibling who tries to fix their marriage.

1. B: “It’s two in the morning, why the hell are you up?” 

A: “Why do you care?” 

C: “Why are you being so loud! It’s two and the mornining and one person in this house actually wants to be asleep!” 

2. B: “You’ve been asleep for hours, come on, get up.” 

A: “Screw off, I am tired.” 

C: “If you get up, I’ll make breakfast french toast for breakfast” 

A: “I am up! I am up!” 

3. B: “Can this room get any messier?!”
A: “I mean.. I havent tried… but probably..”

C: “oH MY. Please just clean your space before they kill you.” 

4.  B: “I am sick of having to always clean up after you!”

A: “No one said you had too!” 

C: “You guys literally fight like an old married couple it’s hilarious.” 

5.  C: “At this point, it would probably be best for all of us if you guys just got married.” 

B: “True, they’d honestly probably die without me.” 

A: “Rude.” 

Hope you like them! 

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Chocolate to my Vanilla

I can’t believe I was able to write this! Ayeee so birthday fic for my fave Akaashi! And this is a submission for Day 1 of @bokuakaweek

Words: 1297

Rating: G 

“Bokuto-san,” Keiji said, brow raising in slight amusement, “I don’t understand the need for me to come over for cake when we just had some in my birthday celebration with the team.”

Koutarou pouted. “Akaashi! Don’t say that! Are you full?”

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