messy little shit

When I die I want Marlene king to lower me into my casket so she can let me down one last time


Photon: I am the last female Centaurian. He is a crude, despicable, annoying little worm who deserves everything he gets.

Yondu: And then what?? ;)

(She gave him the name of her tailor in exchange for being left alone)


Merlin au Hijack 

because why not

well i kinda love this idea long long time ago and i rewatch merlin today so i sketch these based on some screenshot

and if anyone done this before please tell me,i need this *scream

and i will never get toothless right

Quiet [EruRi]

[rated light M, ~3.5k of fluff and gentle angst] Ao3

More catdads and catbabies. What can I say? My heart wants what it wants. I think I crave these AUs because, to me, SnK was essentially a gory tale of two dorky dads trying really hard to raise some fucked up kids and save the world.  

¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Probably from the same ‘verse as Knead.

And so, here, have some dorky dads trying to raise little balls of fluff:

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What d'ya think taking a shower with Bucky Barnes is like? 🤔😏

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Much like Steve’s shower times, it would be uncomfortable in a small shower, but at the time rather relaxing. Showering with Bucky is a therapeutic experience, mostly for him. The warm water washes away his fears, worries and tension from the day, you are that added bonus of being there to hold him.

Sometimes you’ll find him sat under the water, not even undressed, letting the water soak through his clothes as he has his head bowed. You’ll slip in and hug him close, silence and holding him is what he needs most.  
Other times, normally starts off this way, it will be actual shower activities. Helping one another wash away the dirt/ sweat of the day, laughing when really scrubbing Bucky’s hair. 

Shower sex is rough, it’s rarely soft and “loving”, Bucky will be pressed into you from behind; holding your wet hair. His now, warm, wet metal hand adding a new sensation to your already heightened nerves. You favour giving him blow jobs in the shower cause he’s a fucking disgraceful, man, who is a messy little shit! - Ro

(Send in drabble prompts/ smut/angst/fluff for the Avengers or Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan. Also, latest part of Alternate is up now, HERE, read my latest fiction also The Electrifying Neighbour. - Ro)

@monsterbaiit IS A SHIT.

His boys flank him quick enough but he holds
up a hand, the familiar mop of messy hair
giving the LITTLE SHIT away all too quickly.

Dejalo, el MOCOSO tiene mi baro

And he nears him, eyeing the rags her called
clothes as their eyes meet, his green eyes
dark as he gestures towards himself.

❛ Y’got my money, or what? 

This kid RUBBED HIM WRONG. Always had.

About Luhan shadiest comments/rant....

I’m not the one to bring the drama to my blog, or even become phased by the little messy shit that goes in k-pop because I really enjoy k-pop and it’s music and the Korean culture that surrounds it. It’s relaxing and no lie, helps me get through some tough times. With that said, I don’t think I’ve ever become disappointed so much in my life with a member from one of my favorite k-pop groups, EXO until now when I saw this gif set of Luhan making comments on what he thinks looks “better” as far as skin tone. 

Now you’re probably going to read this and be like, "why should she even be bothered by Luhan’s comments?“ or ”Asian’s do this all the time when it comes to skin tone and there’s so much history“ and blah blah blah. I "get” the history behind the skin tone and Asia’s obsession with having brighter skin. I understand the stigma’s related to skin types in Asia and I understand why friends would make such jokes to each other and laugh it off like it’s nothing. (Trust me, as an African American dark skinned woman, I’ve endured the same jokes and stigmas attached to our culture but this isn’t about me and our history of shadeism.)

What I don’t understand is how Luhan could just sit there and generalize that light skin “looks better” and then to go on and praise Tao for having healthy skin but looks at the color of skin as a “problem” It really disappointed me a lot.

If you noticed in the gifs, when Luhan said that  having lighter skin looks better, it was dead ass awkward and Tao could only respond “Oh….Really?”

This isn’t the only time this has happened in EXO. And as much as I feel bad for Tao for having being put on the spotlight, I can never forget when he blasted Kai in front of a huge audience on having darker skin tone than him (and that audience laughed about it btw) or when any given chance comes up to describe or talk about Kai, they use his skin tone as a quick go-to-joke. It’s just tiring

I think Luhan was wrong putting down his member like that. And if not just what he thinks of his member, then what the hell could he be thinking of his fans who maybe aren’t “light skin” and have darker skin tones like Tao or Kai? I’m just fed up with the thinking that having dark skin tone is a “problem” or a “flaw”.

All this time, I’ve come to understand why their thinking of having light skin is seen as a good thing and why darker skin could be seen as someone of low status or  negative. Trust me, Asian’s culture stigma of skin tone types is not to far from what African American’s dealt with back during the U.S. Slavery days and still deal with today. But I think it’s time for you all to understand why this is so frustrating. Because even if your faves aren’t talking about you per say, their way of thinking, could just maybe be applied to you or just affect people like me who think that no matter what you’re skin tone is, you’re beautiful.

I love EXO. I love all members dearly. Have there been many times where I’ve been disappointed or turn off by them? Yes. Do I think Luhan could be racist? No, not at all. But I do believe Luhan could better. And today Luhan just happens to be one of the members that has really pissed me off today. I’m sad because I really think Tao is handsome, talented and a good kid who still has maturing up to do. For Luhan to just say what he did say about him and Tao’’s reaction to it (which he seems to be affected by it)….what can you say when someone is looking down on your skin color? Put yourself in Tao’s shoes for a minute and you’ll find out.