messy ish


                                                             this was fate
                                                            i think it was

im rereading the original percy jackson series and i was trying to avoid everything in the titans curse because i knew i just knew i would go all out di angelo


Platonic valentines complete with comic s ans font from your local ace/aro goober

This was the first year I’ve eVER felt like making something for today, namely cause of all my messy-ish self discovery I had last year .;,,D

I finished these about a week or so back to send to friendos, but was too impatient to wait until now to actually give em out >:,P

For any folks like me that tend to feel really funny on this day, I hope you all still find lots of love from your familes, friends, pets, or chocolate boxes <3

here’s to femmes who

  • don’t wear dresses or skirts every day
  • have short hair
  • don’t wear makeup
  • dress with comfort as a priority, not style
  • aren’t soft or dainty
  • play sports or do other “tomboy”ish things
  • look messy or unkempt most days
  • don’t have “feminine” figures

i love you and you are so very femme and so very beautiful ur all stars !!! 💫💫💫💫💫

2016 in review: Blonde Footballers

2016 being the year that it was, many footballers decided to try their hand at blindingly platinum blonde hairdos. And as with any trend, some pulled it off. And some…….. not so much.

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I just. Want them to hug. At some point. Please.

3am thoughts

What if Calvin one night before going bed or whenever his bored, scrolls through some tumblr accounts ? What if he sees someone and falls in love ? What if one day you wake up and see that he messaged you ? What if a few months later you become friends? What if after those months you two become something more? What if you wake up the next morning and you see the soft yet messy brown ish black haired boy laying next to you, slowly opening his eyes… those perfectly shaped eyes that shine as bright as the stars… What if… You was his, and he was yours ?

A very quick sketch for this little gem by Mirzy - chapter 4 but not really…

Well, I´m using all the excuses to draw Bo with his hair down and he´s a badass merc in that fic so yeah… aged up is the best… 

Darling, I´m sorry but I had to draw it in case you decided not to write it in detail! 

oh yeah and spoilers I guess