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u know what i hate abt fuckin,,, sayin shit like “i love u all” its that ppl take it as generalised positivity that doesnt extend to them specifically,,, but when i say, i love u all, i mean it. bc if i didnt fuckin adore u i wouldnt follow u. smth abt u or ur blog made me fall in love w/ u so i followed bc i wanted to keep u around n its all,,,, so genuinely applicable to u. when i say “ur all beautiful” its bc i genuinely think so, but u wont think its abt u, bc its generalised. but rlly. i have sm love for u all, as individuals, who make my dash fun n sparkly n all that good shit n ilu

Headcanon #5 (Part 2)

Bruce’s Morning Routine:

*wakes up after only 3 hours of sleep*
*breaks the clock*
“All right, Bruce. Another day, another random body pain.“

-Worrying misc. bone cracking.

-Looks in the mirror and only sees messiness and disorder.

-Hops in the shower only to fall asleep again under the spray for 43 minutes until Alfred comes to wake him up.

-Grumpy and doesn’t talk much until he gets his coffee and manages to get a few sit-ups in.


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kamui + litchi for lightyagamemes, takasugi + plum for kih8ai and takamui + peach for hopeasielu!!! just an excuse for me 2 draw them in the 3z au 


first of all, I had to make this into two parts, I just had to much fun writing this one. Second, I spent three hours searching for the Joker gif. 

Requested: Can you do a Joker x reader imagine where he leaves the reader because he thinks she’ll be safer without him in her life but she ends up being taken hostage and she comes close to dying but he saves her?  

The king of Gotham was used to getting threaten, he dealt with mob bosses and criminals, of course, it was bound to happen. Every king had a queen, King Francis had Mary, Arthur had Genevieve, and Joker had you, (y/n). It all changed when his enemies began to threaten you, no one would ever say those threats outload. God forbid the fool to disrespect his queen, however like every villain in love he believed that you were simply better off without him.

 The break up was messy, you threw bottles hopping to hurt him. As for J, he laughed throwing your things in the fire place. The sight of you crying broke his heart, but he had to get you away even if it meant hurting you in the process. His last words to you still haunted him, “I never loved you Doll, now scram before I skin you alive”. It had been a long time since he felt pain, but that day hit him like a ton of bricks as he watched you walk away crying. It had been two months since he last says you and the moment you left so did the last bit of sanity.

“hey Harvey, I’m leaving.” Y/n, jolted him from his trance, looking up at her he began to grab his keys. “let me walk you to your car.” He offered her, y/n looked around his office, case fills filled his desks, she shook her head, “its fine I have mace.” She joked, Harvey returned the smile and continued to work on the case. A part of her hoped if she ever was in trouble J would still come rescue her, but that dream died long ago. “God why does it have to be so fucking cold.” She cursed, pulling out her car keys when she heard a kid yell, she looked around to see were the scream came from. Before she could even let out a yell, y/n felt a needle stab her neck. When (y/n) woke up she let out a gasp, taking in her surroundings. Hands bounded behind her back, he was strapped in a metal chair; when she looked down her heart broke, copper wires tied her legs together and in front of her stood a camera pointing directly at her. Panic finally set in, the room grew cold by the second. 

“Boss.” Frost’s voice seemed panic as he began to knock on the double of the bedroom, “what” J let out a groan, his hair was a mess, the purple under his eyes darkened, and his once bright blue eyes were dull. J came closer to Frost, “Someone just sent this in.” J opened the computer, there stood his queen tied in a chair unconscious. J’s blood ran cold, he did everything to keep her from harms way, but it wasn’t enough; his sadness so was replaced with anger. How dare anyone disrespect his queen! “Find her. – “, the men in the apartment stared at him, to many he resembled a rabid animal thirsty for blood. “NOW!”

Dinner? (Part III)

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Language. Fluff. Mentions of Sex.

Word Count: 3609

Author’s Note: It’s a long chapter!! Forgive me please!! Based on a conversation with @pleasecallmecaptain. So glad you guys enjoyed this fic. There will be one more part after this I believe.

Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI/Epilogue

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You woke up feeling disoriented. What happened last night? Why am I still wearing yesterday’s clothes? Eyes closed, you began your usual morning routine, only to become more disoriented. Is my bed this big? Wait. Is my bed this soft? Wait… You opened your eyes when you tried to roll off the bed but couldn’t find the sides.

This. This isn’t my room. Where the fuck –

And then it all came rushing back. Meeting Seb, getting his number, meeting Hayley, calling Seb, going out with Seb, kissing Seb… Holy mother of God it wasn’t a dream?? You stared incredulously at the ceiling and smiled ridiculously wide. You couldn’t believe going on a pizza date with Sebastian wasn’t a dream.

Your peaceful thoughts were interrupted by a pan dropping somewhere else in the room. What the fuck? Wait. Is that? Do I smell…? Is that bacon? Your stomach growled at the thought. Who could be making breakfast in a hotel? Don’t you get room service?

You stretched, hearing your back pop, and stood. Making your way to the bathroom, you briefly debated a shower. I need to shower because I smell like shit. On the other hand, what the fuck do I change into?

That’s when you spotted one of Sebastian’s shirts thrown haphazardly onto the back of a chair. It seemed to be large enough to fit comfortably as a t-shirt dress so you grabbed it. You figured you’d just change back into your current clothes before you left.

You picked up your phone and unlocked it, getting your shower playlist ready. Reaching the bathroom, you proceeded to blast music and stripped out of your clothes. Forgetting where you were, you started singing along to the music loudly.  You pulled your hair up into a messy bun and hopped into the shower, letting the hot water hit your skin. It stung but you relished in it, feeling the grime of the previous bad morning wash away. After quickly washing your body, you stepped out of the shower and grabbed a fluffy hotel towel. Wrapping it around yourself, you turned off the music playing from your phone. You dried yourself and debated putting on underwear. On one hand, they were dirty from yesterday’s activities. On the other hand you didn’t have any clean ones.

Grabbing your phone, you opened your phone browser and googled “what to do if you don’t have clean underwear”. You pulled down the toilet seat cover and sat on it as you clicked the first site. Yelp. What the fuck? Okay… You scrolled through the site and many options did not apply to your current situations. And then you saw it.

Go commando.

Could you do it? You could wash your underwear and go commando until it dried. Hmm. That’s not a bad idea.

You quickly picked up your underwear from the floor and threw it into the sink. You filled the sink with water and, seeing as the soap was in a bottle, you pumped a large dollop into your hand and proceeded to wash your underwear. You scrubbed until you deemed it clean. Unplugging the sink stopper, you let the soapy water drain before turning on the tap again to rinse the soap out of your underwear. You wrung it out and hung it over the vent, hoping it would dry faster that way. You pulled on your bra and Sebastian’s shirt.

You found that his shirt reached about two finger widths below your ass. Picking up your belongings off of the floor, you realized you had a belt from yesterday. You decided to wear it around your waist to add some flair to the outfit. However, it pulled up the shirt about a finger width, leaving you quite bare. This shit better dry fast.

You left the towel on the toilet seat and spotted an unopened toothbrush in a cup on the sink counter. On it was written in messy writing: For when you wake up – Seb. You smiled. He’s so thoughtful. You quickly opened the package and located the toothpaste. After brushing your teeth, you grabbed everything except your underwear and stalked out of the bathroom. You placed your clothes on the bed and walked aimlessly into the room where you had pizza the previous night. You unlocked your phone and checked your messages, finding your friend Victoria had left some messages in your Tumblr.

Yo, how was it? Did he kiss you? Did you have fun? What did you guys do? I need details omg!!



(Y/N) are you having so much fun that you’re ignoring me now? I know there’s a time zone difference but honey what the fuck??

Should I be worried?


Reply to this when you read it omg I need all the details. I’m going to sleep now. Night. Love you.

Vic!! Ohmygod it was amazing!!! We went for pizza, a local store that doesn’t have any seating. He took me back to his hotel room and he kissed me!!! He fucking kissed me at the pizzeria and holy fuck was it amazing. When we got to the hotel lobby, I kissed him and it was just. Fuck every time I kiss him it’s like I see stars. I mean, technically he’s a star but like, you know what I mean! I just can’t even deal right now. I just woke up in his bed, fully clothed mind you, but still. It was amazing. I’m sobbing now holy fuck. I don’t even know what to do! I took a shower, and I’m wearing his shirt now. I’m washing my underwear so that I can wear it again today before I shower again at home. Fuck me Vic, he’s just perfect. I met Hayley Atwell too. She had some pizza with us. I can’t really remember much after that. I think I passed out once the adrenaline left my system.


What happened to going to sleep?

That was like 5 hours ago. Pftt. Besides, I flit in and out of sleep anyway and I just happened to check my phone. Now I’m wide awake because Seb!!! SO SPILL THE DETAILS!

Okay! Chill! We didn’t have sex

What? Aw fuck! : (

Nah, it was fine. He was really sweet. I think I slept in his arms. If I remember correctly, I fell asleep on the couch as we were watching some sort of movie. I don’t know what. Anyway, I woke up in the bed and his side of the bed was still warm so.


I know omg.

Oh wait, I smelled bacon earlier. Now I’m hungry. Gonna go see what’s up. I’ll talk to you later yeah? Go back to sleep. Love you my goddess. <3</i>

What BITCH YOU CAN’T JUST LEAVE ME LIKE THAT WHO’S MAKING BACON IS IT SEBASTIAN IF IT’S SEBASTIAN FUCKING KILL ME OMG stfu you my goddess just take it you’re in a hotel room with Sebastian fucking Stan. If you aren’t goddess level right now, there is no such thing as a goddess then.

Go to sleep. I’ll tell you when you wake up ok? Love you goddess don’t fight me on this. Good night <3</i>

Ugh fine bye (Y/N) you better not leave out any details! I want all of it; the good the bad the small the big ;) if you know what I mean

Oh shut up, just sleep I’m leaving your ass for him right now. Bye. <3</i>

You exited out of the app and locked your phone. Leaving it on the coffee table, you went in search for bacon.

What you were greeted with surprised you immensely.

There, in front of the stove, holding a frying pan with sizzling bacon on it, was a shirtless Sebastian Stan, looking hot as fuck and totally domesticated. Holy shit. Is he? Is he making breakfast?

You shyly cleared your throat as you tried to rid your mind of your thoughts. Don’t think about him fucking you against the kitchen counter. Ohmygod. Shut up (Y/N). You hadn’t thought the room was so big that you would have missed him standing in the offside kitchen, but you realized that he was in one of the biggest rooms with all the accommodations. Besides, you had just woken up and was still dazed from realizing going out with Sebastian hadn’t been just a dream.

You cleared your throat once again, but louder this time. Without turning around, Sebastian gestured with his free hand to the small table.

“Breakfast will be ready in a sec. Hope you like bacon and toast. No eggs though, sorry ‘bout that.”

“Did you… Did you make everything?” Sebastian nodded, still focused on not burning the bacon. As you moved to the table at the other end of the offside kitchen, the toaster went off.

“I’ll get it. You focus on the bacon.” You said with a smile. I can’t believe he made breakfast!

“I- Thank you. Here,” he said, grabbing a plate, “put the toasts on this and bring them here so we can put jam or butter or whatever on it.” He turned to look at you, and nearly dropped the plate.

“Is that- are you- is that my shirt? Are you wearing my shirt? As a dress?” His jaw dropped in surprise.

“I- Yeah. I’m sorry. Do you want me to change? I just- my clothes are dirty so. I’m sorry.” You turned to leave, but his arm shot out to stop you.

“No, don’t worry about it.” He said, his voice lower than before. “It uh, what I mean to say is, you look good.” He retracted his arm in embarrassment and rubbed the back of his neck in an effort to hide the heat rising up his neck in the form of a blush.

“It’s not like you need a shirt with that body.” you commented. Your eyes widened in surprise. “Oh my god. Tell me I did not just say that!” You covered your eyes in embarrassment. You felt a pair of strong arms pull you close. A hand pried away the hand you used to cover your eyes. Sebastian wrapped his arms around you, and you pressed yourself into him, hoping to erase this embarrassing moment from your memory. You could feel the outline of his hard body through the thin material of Sebastian’s shirt and his scent filled your nostrils. It wasn’t helping your concentration at all.

Sebastian leaned his head down and whispered in your ear. “Don’t be embarrassed love. If you would be mine, properly, as in my girlfriend, I’d give you all of my shirts to wear.” Raising his head again, he ran a hand through his hair, cheeks beginning to flame hot. “Besides, I don’t know what you’re freaking out about. I know plenty of guys that have nicer bodies than me. For example Chris Evans. Chris Hemsworth would be another.” Sebastian looked away from you, pretending to be busy making sure the bacon wouldn’t burn.

You reached up and placed your hand on Sebastian’s cheek. He leaned into your touch almost subconsciously.

“Seb,” you started. He didn’t turn to you. “Seb. Look at me.” Slowly, he raised his head and lowered his eyes to look at you. “Don’t start comparing yourself to them. They aren’t who I want. You are.” You stood up on your tiptoes, placing your hands on Sebastian’s shoulders for balance. He gripped your waist for extra support, and also because he wanted to. Smiling, you looked into his eyes and said, “And Seb, I’d love to be yours if you’ll be mine.”

With that, Sebastian’s lips came crashing down onto yours. Your tongues tangoed with tangled limbs, fighting to be the leading partner. Sebastian pulled you flush against him, bacon and toast long forgotten. You could feel your body reacting to the heat and passion of the moment. Shifting your hips, you felt Sebastian’s response against your hipbone.

Cautiously, you pulled away. You had only just met Sebastian in person. Even though you knew you had fallen for him completely, you weren’t quite ready to give yourself to him fully. He seemed to understand as he shot you an apologetic smile.

“Can’t quite help my body’s natural reaction to scoring a beautiful girlfriend, love.” You smiled and leaned into his body again. You took a deep breath, trying to fill your nose with his scent.

Instead, you smelled something else.

“Seb, do you? Is that? Do you smell something burning?”

“Shit! Fuck I forgot the bacon! Damnit. I just wanted to surprise you.” Turning towards the stove, Sebastian heaved a heavy sigh. He carefully threw out the bacon and turned off the stove. Thrusting his hands into his hair, he groaned. “I can’t believe the first thing I try to do for my girlfriend turns into a huge unsuccessful mess.”

You wrapped your arms around Sebastian’s waist from behind. “Shh. Don’t worry about it,” you cooed. “I was plenty surprised when I saw you standing shirtless and cooking me breakfast.”

“But now it’s ruined.” He whined. You smiled into his back.

“No it’s not! We still have toast! And if all else fails, we didn’t finish yesterday’s pizza.” Sebastian turned in your arms and smiled down at you.

“You’re so positive. And amazing. And I’m not sure I deserve you even though we literally just met.” You only beamed up at him, thinking of all the little things he’s done for you in the last 24 hours.

“I’m definitely sure that I don’t deserve you. For fuck’s sake you’re a celebrity and I’m just a normal girl from a normal city with a normal life. I’ve got nothing on any of the girls you could have.” Your smile faltered. What if he realizes how boring your life is? What if he realizes he doesn’t want boringness? What if he realizes that he’s too good for you? What if, what if, what if. A million thoughts raced through your head and every emotion you were feeling briefly showed on your face before flitting away.

Now that you were thinking about it, how were the two of you even going to be able to make this relationship work? You lived in different cities, had different schedules, had different lives… Eyes downcast, you frowned and slipped your bottom lip between your teeth subconsciously.

Sebastian tugged your lip out using his fingers. “What are you thinking about love? Tell me what’s on your mind.”

You loved that you’ve only known him for a day and yet, it was as if he already knew your tells.  He knew you bit your lip when your mind was in overload. He knew your blush would rise from the base of your neck when you were embarrassed, but would splotch on your cheeks when you were feeling other things. He knew your emotions would flit across your face and he could tell what they were. It was like he was made to know you before you knew you.

“I just- I.” You looked up at him. “Do you really want to make this work?” You expected him to chuckle, or to crack a joke to lighten the suddenly tense atmosphere.

Instead, he just stared into your (Y/E/C) eyes with his steely blues.

“Yes. Yes I do. I know it’ll be hard considering everything, but I want to try. I – I really like you (Y/N). And yes, I know we just met, and this is actually ridiculous but I just, I don’t know. I feel this connection. I feel happier, lighter, when I’m with you. I don’t know how I lived without you before because now that you’re in my life, I can’t imagine my future without you. And I know that I’m rambling now, and everything I’m saying is fucking cliché as shit but I just - . This feels real to me. I need this to work. Even though I’ve only known you for under 24 hours, I feel like I’ll be lost without you. This morning, when I woke up with you in my arms, it felt natural. It felt like something I could see myself doing every day for the rest of my life. None of the relationships I’ve been in before could compare to the one day that I spent with you. I just…” He trailed off. Voice cracking, he continued. “Please tell me you want this as bad as I do.”

You gazed into his eyes, as your brained kicked up another gear, thinking of ways you could solve your problems. Sebastian watched as each emotion, idea, and thought flitted around.

“I do want this,” you said with a small voice. “Only, I don’t know how to make this work. How will we see each other? Long distance relationships are hard for the people directly involved in the relationship as well as the people who are indirectly involved. Your schedule is ridiculously packed as an actor and I can’t just uproot my entire life and follow you everywhere you go, no matter how much I want to. I don’t know what to do.”

One of Sebastian’s hands came up to cup your cheek and you leaned into it. His thumb drew soothing circles on your check bone as he contemplated what you said. On one hand, he knew you were right. On the other, he wanted desperately to make this work. What he had said, while rather cliché, were thoughts that really were swirling around in his head. He just knew that he needed you.

“We’ll make this work. I swear we will. Maybe… I don’t know. I’ll think of something. I swear to you that I will. You’re worth it. Please don’t cry.” You didn’t notice you had tears of frustration leaking out of the corners of your eyes until Sebastian pointed it out and smoothed his thumb under your eyes to wipe them away.

You mustered a watery smile and gave Sebastian a kiss. He deepened it, licking the salty tears off your lips, breakfast long forgotten. You wrapped your arms around his neck and he snaked his arms around your waist. You couldn’t get enough of each other, two bodies pressing into each other like a perfect mold. He backed you into the table and trapped you there, one hand now holding your head. The hand that was still on your hip held you tight as he moved from your mouth to your collarbone, leaving hot and wet open-mouthed kisses along the way. You moaned, unable to stop your body’s reaction to him.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

You groaned. Who the fuck keeps interrupting us? However, you made no move to push Sebastian off of you. Sebastian also made no move to let you go. He had moved up your neck and was now licking and sucking on the sweet spot right under your ear. You moaned involuntarily. As he licked and sucked at your neck, your moans became louder.

“What the bloody hell are you two doing in there? Sebastian, I swear to God you better not have called me early in the fucking morning to listen to the two of you have sex,” came the voice on the other side of the door. Neither of you understood what was being said. Neither of you were able to place a face to the voice.

The pounding on the door became louder and more impatient.

“Sebastian! You better open this door right now! You didn’t wake me up at seven in the morning to make me bring makeup over for no reason! Hurry up!”

“Shit! Shit!” Sebastian pulled himself away from you, giving you a long kiss before turning to the door. “I’m coming Hayley!”

Sebastian had called her when he woke up so that he could ask her to bring down some makeup for you to freshen up if you needed to. At the very least so you could wipe off the remnants of yesterday’s makeup.

“Holy hell! Look at the hickeys on your neck (Y/N)! And you!” Hayley whirled around to face Sebastian. She sighed heavily, but not without a smile on her face. “Come on. We’ll have the two of you fixed up in no time. Cute shirt by the way.” You chuckled, feeling comfortable enough with Hayley not to be embarrassed.

You walked over to her and gave her a hug. “Thank you,” you said, “I’m sorry you were woken up at seven because of this one over here.”

Hayley only smiled at you. “Don’t worry hon. I would have had to wake up soon to get ready to go back to the convention centre anyway. How did breakfast go?” This last sentence was aimed at Sebastian as Hayley rummaged in her bag, looking for makeup wipes for you.

“Aw fuck. Clearly, not as planned.” Hayley laughed, the sound filling the room.

“Figures. Sorry for interrupting by the way.” You could practically hear Hayley smirking.

“Twice Hayley. You interrupted us twice. What the hell?” Sebastian said.

“Sorry hon. Can’t help it!” You chuckled.

“Aww Seb, don’t be sad! Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty later.” You said, a shy smile gracing your features. You weren’t usually this bold and suggestive. But, with Sebastian, you felt carefree.

The three of you bantered back and forth as you all got ready for the convention. Eventually, you would order room service and head to the convention centre.


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For my lovely face, enjoy :)

“Hey Princess” your boyfriend says to you smiling ear to ear when he sees you in his big T-shirt and panties and nothing else.

You pull your hair into a messy bun and hop into bed beside him.

“Whatcha doin?” You ask as you put his arm around you, curling into him.

“Golf. Rory is killin it” he says smiling.

“You and that damn golf” you say laughing.

He just smiles at you and goes back to watching tv.

You sigh heavily.
No response.
You sigh even heavier

“What’s all tat about?” He asks laughing.

“I’m bored.” You say pouting.

“Awww poor baby, watch golf with me” he says smiling.

“Nooo Niall you know I hate golf, it’s so boring. Like how do you even see where the ball has went when you hit it? It like dissappears into thin air.” You say sighing.

He chuckles. “It’s really interesting when you learn it”.

You roll your eyes.

“Ah that’s how it’s gonna be, insulting my favorite game?” He asks and before you know it he’s tackling you tickling your ribs.

“Niall stop stop!” You say in a fit of laughter.

He laughs his wonderful hearty laugh and then suddenly he presses his lips to yours taking you by surprise.

You pull away after a minute and look up at him. His bright blue eyes burning into your eyes as he smiles that perfect smile right into your face.

You pull him into another kiss, this time more passionate. You grab his hair and he lets out a slight moan. You can’t help but smile under his lips and he can’t either.

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100 Ways To Say ‘I Love You’

9. I saved a piece for you

 It had been a really long day, my boss didn’t let me lave until 6:00 and then my car broke down and I had to walk home. By the time I got home it was about 6:45, so I decided it would probably be best if I just had a shower. But I thought I should probably see Michael first.

“Hey babe, did you have a good day?” my boyfriend Michael asked me as I walked into the living room.

“No, my car broke down and my boss is a dick.” I told him flopping down on the couch next to him.

“Awe, well I’ve already ordered pizza so you don’t need to worry about dinner. You can just go upstairs and have a long shower and then we’ll eat okay?” Michael said tucking some of my hair behind my ear.

“I will do just that,” I told him starting to get up, “you are the best boyfriend anyone could ask for.” I whispered leaning down to kiss him.

Once id left the room I quickly ran upstirs and got into the shower, letting the hot water wash away the troubles of the day. I got a bit distracted in the shower, pretending I was part of a new girl band and absolutely rocking out, finally leaving the hot and steamy roman hour and a half later. I dried off and pulled my damp hair up into a messy bun, joyfully hopping down the stairs excited for the pizza that was inevitably waiting for me.

“Where’s my pizza?” I asked Michael as I walked into the living room, still standing just in case it was in the kitchen.

“About that…” He trailed off not looking me in the eyes.

“What did you do?” I questioned him worrying that he didn’t even order the pizza and I would have to cook dinner and 8 in the evening.

“I kinda ate it…” He said barely loud enough for me to hear.

“Are you kidding me?” I said crossing my arms and standing right in front of him now.

“Yea but I saved you a piece,” he said standing up and grabbing the pizza box and handing it to me. I opened the box to see a full pizza.

“What?” I whispered looking up at Michael who was now looking at me.

“Ha I was kidding, of course I wouldn’t eat your pizza.”  He said laughing and sitting back down on the couch.

“You’re such a butthole I thought you actually ate my pizza.” I said now laughing with him and starting to eat my pizza.

“So what are we watching?” I asked as I shoved another slice of pizza into my mouth.


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