messy hairstles


Another hair Tutorial (yay!)

1. Start by separating the hair closest to your scalp in to two clumps on each side of your part. 

2. Braid these. Now you should have two braids on each side of your face (I know. It looks a bit it weird :P)

3. Take the rest of your hair (excluding the braids) and draw it back.

4. Separate from this, two clumps of hair on either side of your scalp that are relatively the size of the other clumps you braided, at the very nape of your neck.

5. The rest of your hair that neither the braids nor the two clumps are apart of should be twisted into a bun at about ear height

6. take the two clumps and braid them. You should now have six braids and look kind of like you have a weird looking hairy insect on your head.

7. Prepare plenty of bobby pins. take each braid and draw it towards the bun. Pin it towards the bottom of the bun. Then if you have enough braid left, draw it over the bun and pull it tightly, pinning it to the other side of the brain. You can either let the ends go, or if they’re still too long, wrap them around the bottom of the bun and pin it. Repeat this process for each of the six braids.

8. Remember, this is a classy but messy hairstyle: it’s okay to have whispies and such! In fact, I purposely left some whispies lose, specifically the ones right in front of my ears. If you’re afraid of the hairstyle falling apart just spray it a little.