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Part One, Part Two

A/N: So it took me some time to post this because I always forget about it 😭 Somebody smack me in the face (photo is not mine.)

Word Count: 1,029

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You tell Luke that someone likes him, when it'a actually you. 

After texting Luke, you let out a heavy sigh and slammed yourself to the bed, facing the ceiling. The events happening are going through what you expected. You reached for your phone and called your bestfriend. 

You rubbed your forehead with your fingers, waiting for Y/B/N to pick up. When you were about to end up the call, she suddenly answered. 

“Oh hey what’s up, I’m really sorry, I wasn’t able to pick up eagerly. I was giving our dog a bath." 

"Dude, I’ve been giving him clues and he still has no idea who it is,” you groaned, “and yeah, he’s going to come over tonight." 

"I told you, you should’ve told him this the much easier way,” she grinned over the phone, “see who’s having a hard time." 

You giggled, "It’s fine you know, besides I don’t have the guts,” you paused for a bit, remembering that you still have school work to do. “Oh my shit I’m sorry I remember I still have tons of stuff to do, talk to you later. Bye!” and when she said goodbye, you ended up the call quickly and ran to your study table. 


It’s been hours since you started doing your homeworks, and thankfully, you’re already done. You stretched your arms up and get back to bed, craving for a short nap. 

But when you were about to close your eyes, a loud beep from the outside have woken you up from your sanctuary. You checked out your window to see Luke walking out of his car. 

“Oh shit,” you fixed your hair up into a messy bun, put lip balm on your lips and dashed some thin eye liner above your lashes and ran to the main door. When you pulled it open, you found Luke smiling from ear to ear, carrying a massive bag of food, DVDs and soft drinks. 

“You didn’t tell me we’re going in for a movie night,” you chuckled, grabbing the food out of his hands. “Well since I missed you, I’m going to make it up to you,” he grinned. “It’s only been a day, you know,” in the back of your mind, you were definitely freak out. You put down the food in front of you and patted the spot next to you, signaling Luke to sit beside you. 

You guys picked a movie together and lay on the carpet with the pillows. While the movie was ongoing he asked out of nowhere, “How does she look like?” picking up some popcorn from the bowl, still looking at the telly. 

You laughed at his question, “Haha you know I can’t tell you,” your hands are becoming sweaty because you don’t know what to answer. 

Everything was doing fine, until the movie ended. He stood up, “So, what are we going to do now?” I randomly suggested, “Uhm, do a twitcam maybe? I don’t know,” he chuckled, “Oh I know!” he sits beside you and pulls out his phone, “I’m gonna put up five questions and you’re going to the same, but we have to turn away from each other and afterwards we’re gonna answer it up, how’s that?” “I’m in!” You smiled. 

You put up some really personal questions he’s never answered before. And you were nervous because you have a great feeling he’ll ask about ‘the girl that likes him.' 

“I’m done Luke, you alright there?” “Yep, so leggo,” he turned around and asked his first question, “So the girl that likes me, how does she exactly look like?” you groaned, facepalming yourself, “You really want me to be killed, eh?” he looked at you with puppy eyes, oh god damn it, you thought to yourself. 

“Alright, she’s my size, messy hair and prefers sneakers over heels,” you paused, looking at him, “so now I’ve answered your question, answer mine. Do you like anyone right now?" 

"I do really, since we’ve met. I do-” you cut off his words, “I thought you were interested with my friend?” you tried not to sound hurt, but he noticed it in the change of your expression, “Why are you all into this? I’m sorry Y/N but you’re going too overboard for us both,” he frowned. 

There was a moment silence deafening the both of us and you decided to fake a laugh, “Ha-ha, so let’s continue the game,” when you were about to get a grip on your phone, Luke pulled you in and looked you straightly in the eyes, “Tell me it’s you,” you were trying your best not to break out some tears to fall to your cheeks, “Alright, okay! It’s me,” you wiped your cheeks with your hand, “I’m sorry Luke, I’m sorry I fell for you, I’m sorry I wanted you to be part of my life, I’m sorry that I wanna make you happy, see you laugh. I’m sorry for everything,” you were sobbing so hard so you stood up, planning to run into the balcony but he held you down and draped you with a tight hug. “Why didn’t you tell me before? I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time,” he was looking at you with those blue eyes that you could literally drown in them, and pulling your chin up to face him, “I was terrified you won’t love me back because I’m not as perfect as you, there are millions of girls who fit to be with you, unlike me looking like a complete trash,” he gently held your cheeks, rubbing them, “I don’t care about them. You mean the world to me, and it hurts so much seeing you talk to other guys. I should be the one saying that because I don’t deserve someone like you,” you grinned, breaking the drama and wiping your eyes to remove the remaining tears, “I kinda remember your song, I’ve got this friend?,” he stared at you with his elbows propped, “We’re kinda the characters described in there,” he laughed, “Yeah, I thought you liked Calum because he plays the bass,” “Oh no, it’s always been you,” he stood up and kissed you deeply, “I’ll never disappoint you,” bringing you in again for a big hug.