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People really hate you for loving yourself 🤔The #bodypositive movement has been mocked by so many and I’ve felt almost embarrassed by it and never thought I’d make a post explaining my journey to self love and positivity.

Ofcourse as a fat darkskin women I’ve heard my fair share of hate and ridicule in my everday life, but never online. I’ve learned to surround myself with like minded people who understand media manipulation and marketing targeted at women to make them hate themselves for corporate greed. 💅

A few days ago I was getting dressed to go to the park with my five year old neice and she asked me “why are you so fat?” Ofcourse my first reaction was to laugh because it was hilarious! Why am I so fat!? But then she processed to say “you used to look normal and know you’re so big”.

Normal. I was never “normal”. I’ve been fat my entire life except for two years in high school when I spent half the time starving myself and the other half purging my food. It was the word normal that triggered such an intense emotion. I tried to figure out a away to explain to this little five year old girl that fat is normal. It’s my normal and it’s ok. Because in just her five years on earth she’s already been taught that it isn’t. And all of my life I have been taught that it isn’t until I switched my narrative and realized that for me it is.

Screw all the “but your health” creeps. No one gave a damn about my health when I went days without eating and had a ‘healthy" bmi. No one cares until you choose to live your life without the “rules” that have been engraved in us like stone. So yea I think my fat stomach, stretch marks and flabby arms are beautiful and you know what you can kiss if you don’t!🍑

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Can you when you have enough time write an imagine for Remus x Reader (dating? maybe? up to you) where the reader overworks themselves and Remus gets annoyed/ tries to help? Love your writing btw xxxx

A/N: Please please remember that requests are closed! I wrote a short imagine from that because I feel myself inspirated lately, and have enough time on this week, but I still have some other request to finish.
Thank you, and hope you’ll like this. :)

They were halfway through their dinner, but Y/N didn’t show up. Remus put down his fork angrily and jumped up from his seat, leaving the Great Hall and his friends. He didn’t have to think much about where his girlfriend probably was; he headed straight to the library, and wasn’t surprised at all when he saw her, standing between the shelves.

She almost dropped the books that were in her hands, scanning the top shelf with her eyes when she felt a hand on her lower back. Slowly, she turned around, seeing Remus’ upset face.

“Remus? What are you doing here?” – She asked, her voice husky from tiredness.

He sighed, but her features softened, seeing her weary eyes. He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “I didn’t know I need a special reason to see my girlfriend, who disappeared after our last class and missed dinner.”

She quickly raised his wrist and glanced at his watch. “Oh, I haven’t realized… well, it doesn’t matter, I still have a lot to catch up.” – She’d already step away, but Remus’ closed his arms around her waist.

“No, what you need is some rest. You’re working too hard, it isn’t good for you, love.” – He took the books out from her hand and put them down on the nearest table.

Y/N ran her fingers through her messy hair. “Listen, I really appreciate you’re trying to help, but…”

“Just give me an hour.” – He said, cupping her cheek. – “Trust me, a little break will help you to study more affectively later.”

She pressed her forehead against his chest for a second with a quiet growl. “One hour. Then I have to study.”

“Okay. I’ll even help you.” – Remus replied with a grin, though he had no intention to letting her back into the library.

He took her hand and walked down with her into the dimly lit dungeons, stopping in front of the painting with the pearl. Y/N looked at him with a tired smile after he tickled it. “I’m not hungry.”

“You will be.” – He said, leading her into the kitchen, full of house elves. It seemed they all know Remus very well, and she wasn’t surprised. If Remus loved something more than sleeping that was food.

He quickly made her a coffee, flavoured exactly how she loved it before walked into the back of the room with a playful grin on his lips. She followed him, sipping the strong but sweet drink, stopping next to a huge sink. She leaned against it, watching Remus as he was searching for something in a cupboard. “What are you doing?”

“Well, you said you’re not hungry.” – He straightened up with some bowls in his hands. – “But I’m sure you won’t say no for my cookies.”

She bit her lower lip to hide a chuckle. “You can bake?”

He shrugged with a smile. “I can. You can help me, though.”

She sighed and put her mug down, searching for the ingredients in the large kitchen – with the help of the elves. Every bit of her moves were strained at the start, but more and more minutes that she spent with Remus, the more and more she started to feel herself calmer and brighter. His little jokes, his compliments, every of his attempt as he tried to make her laugh. He wiped a bit of flour away from her nose, only to smearing the melted chocolate on her cheek a moment later. He made her dance while they waited for the cookies to be done, stopping and just hugging each other in silence for long minutes too.

The kitchen was much quieter when they came in; there were only a few house-elves on the part of the room when Remus took the cookies out from the oven. They sat down next to a small table in the corner, eating them in silence; he only smiled on that she eagerly ate one after the other.

They left the dungeon soon, stopping only on the first floor. “So I guess my time came to its end.”

She chuckled softly. “I guess I can give you one more hour. Or two. Or… the rest of the day.” – He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer, pressing a short, soft kiss on her lips. – “Thank you, Remus. I don’t know where I would be without you.”

“Probably in the Hospital Wing, suffering with severe exhaustion.” – He said, her hands resting against his chest. – “Promise me you won’t do this to yourself again.”

She put her hands around his neck, smiling up at him. “I promise.” – She answered honestly, buying her face into his chest.

The First Time In Forever - Three

Okay okay. No biggie.

It was just Spencer, it wasn’t like this was a date or anything. Was it? He’d made it clear what was potentially going to happen later.

Shit. Were you and Spencer Reid dating? In some fucked up way?

No. Friends with benefits. Or something.

In the three hours you’d been home you’d changed your bed sheets, cleaned the rest of the apartment and then taken a bath. You took extra care to remove all of the body hair you’d allowed to accumulate over the past week, making sure you paid extra attention to your nether regions. Short of slapping a welcome mat on it you’d made your vagina look as welcoming as you possibly could. Now you were fixing your hair and make up, applying more make up than you ever normally would in an effort to achieve the natural look. You’d selected a casual day dress that you’d bought ages ago. It stopped just above the knee but had a two way zip that ran from the neckline to the hem. You’d messed with the zips for ten minutes trying get to that magical place between just enough cleavage and leg and far too much cleavage and leg. You wore the dress with ankle socks feeling that if you threw your Vans on, you’d be able to get away with wearing this whilst out and about. Spritzing yourself with your favourite scent, you heard the doorbell sound. Making yourself walk slowly, you opened it.

“Hey Y/N. Have plans changed? Are we going out?” Spencer looked you up and down, taking in your dress and make up.

“No why?”

“You just look really nice is all. And it’s rare you wear a dress. ”

Crap. Too much effort.

“Oh. Well, erm… You look nice too.” He did. His usual work atire was gone and he was in well worn jeans and a checked shirt with the sleeves rolled up and the top few buttons undone. Although… You’d seen him wear similar things out of work a million and one times.

“Drink?” you said brightly, changing the subject from appearances.

“Drink,” Spencer agreed.

Two hours later and you were sitting together on your couch. One full bottle of white had been consumed, although you got the feeling you’d had more than Spencer, and you were halfway down the next. The first Avengers movie had just finished and you’d clicked the button to start the next one, not that you were paying much attention to it.

You’d been sat with your legs tucked underneath yourself and you shifted uncomfortably, flexing your leg out in front of you.

“You wanna put them up?” Spencer patted his lap and you hesitated slightly before swinging your legs over onto his lap and settling your back against your arm rest. Next payday, you were buying a bigger couch.

You went back to not paying attention to the movie as Spencer’s fingers started slowly tracing a circle on your ankle, just above where your socks ended. It tickled but not in a way that made you want to laugh.

“You have really nice legs, Y/N. You should show them off more often.” He spoke softly, not taking his eyes off the screen as his hand started to slowly drift higher. You wiggled in your seat, edging your butt a little closer to his, your legs moving further across his lap as you made a mental note to go shopping this weekend to pick up more skirts and dresses.

Spencer’s hand was now stroking behind your knee, the soft sensitive skin in the crook.

“Did you know that the backs of a woman’s knees are one of the most overlooked erogenous zones? There’s so many nerve endings here but everyone forgets about this area.”

“Uh huh,” was all you could say. You one hundred percent believed what Spencer was saying, the little motions his fingers were making were sending shivers up your spine.

“The inner thighs are also neglected. Some women enjoy it when a man starts at the bottom of the legs and slowly kisses their way up. It’s really quite handy that you’ve worn a dress tonight Y/N.”

“Mmm hmmm.”

“Your couch is kinda small.. Do you want to…”

You didn’t even let him finish, you just pulled your legs away and hopped off the couch, taking his hand and leading him to your bedroom, ignoring the soft chuckle that escaped his lips at your eagerness.

“I see you don’t need too much convincing this time.”

“Shut up. This is your fault anyway. I was quite happy before.” You sat on the side of your bed, frowning when Spencer knelt on the floor in front of you.

“Haha. Course you were. Lie back please.”

You did as he asked and felt Spencer lift one of your legs in his hand, his fingers gently circling your ankle bone as he started to trail wet, open mouthed kisses from your ankle, slowly up your calf and to your knees. He moved your legs apart so he could settle between them, pushing your dress up as he started to kiss and nip the inside of your thighs, his fingers stroking behind your knee again.

The feeling was sensational, so soft and sensual and when he removed his mouth and fingers, you whimpered at the loss of contact, looking down at him.

He met your gaze and moved his fingers to the bottom of your dress. “Is this zip just for show or does it actually work?”

“It works.” You bit your lip as he pulled on the fabric and then slid the zip all the way up to your tummy, moving aside the two halves as he did. Reaching with his arms, he did the same with the top half, exposing your black lace bra to him.

“I definitely like this dress, Y/N,” he grinned at you and settled back on his knees, caressing the tops of your thighs with his fingers.

“Last time, you wouldst let me use my mouth because you wouldn’t be able to do that to yourself. What about this time?”

“You can use it.” Your breathing was starting to become much heavier as he stroked your inner thighs, every so often passing a finger over the soft fabric that covered you.


Lowering his head once more, he placed his lips directly to your underwear, catching you by surprise. You could feel his lips through the thin fabric, feel his tongue as his licked a thick stripe from back to front, glazing over your covered clit and making your hips buck.

“I can taste you through the fabric Y/N,”
he murmured.

“If you tell me I taste like fucking honey or something then I’m kicking you out.”

He laughed, low and sexily, and moved his fingers to the edge of your panties, tugging them down your legs.

“We both know that’s not true… Such a cliché to use that line. If guys and girls are honest, I imagine the two secretions we produce don’t actually taste that dissimilar. Warm, slightly bitter and salty, but not unpleasant. The only difference with girls is that for the majority, it doesn’t come out in huge bursts at the end.”

Spencer started stroking his fingers up and down your now uncovered centre. You could already feel how wet you were becoming and he’d barely started anything yet. You couldn’t help but wonder if he talked all the way through actual sex too. Maybe…. you’d find out one day. But right now, you were curious.

“Have you ever actually had that happen with a….. Ugh… fuck…. a girl, Spencer?”

You raised your head slightly to see him smirking at your moans which had slipped into your sentence.

“Made them…. I hate the word but I’ll say it anyway. Squirt?”

You nodded, not really too fond of that word either.

He shook his head, stroking his thumb over your clit gently.

“Nope. I don’t think it would particularly add to it either. I’ve read into it and a lot of people claim that what’s actually being expelled isn’t…. erm, well not come. And I don’t really feel like finding out if that’s correct or not.”

You knew exactly what he’d was getting at as you’d read the same thing too.

“Now… If you’re done with your questions?”

“I am.”

“Good, cos I kinda need my mouth for this.”

Yes! Fucking yes.

Spencer gently pushed on your legs, spreading them wider apart and you felt him place his hand flat on your groin. Using the thumb and finger on that hand, he lightly pulled on the skin opening you to him. Lowering his mouth, he first blew slowly on the sensitive area making you shudder, and then his tongue flicked out, swiping over your hardened bundle of nerves.

He repeated the motions, alternating pressure and directions until he worked out which ones elicited the louder gasps that were leaving your chest.

You’d been eaten out before, numerous times, but no one had paid quite as much attention to that area as Spencer was now. He’d focus on the clit for a few minutes and then he’d turn his head, peppering your inner thighs with kisses and nips, you’d then feel his tongue moving between your lips, tasting the fluid that was gathering there. He’d move back to your clit again, flicking it quickly with the tip of his tongue and then placing the flat of it to the bud and massaging it gently.

Your hands clutched at the bed covers as your moans got more frequent. On the few occasions you’d glanced down, the sight in front of you was one you knew would fill your wet dreams for weeks to come. Spencer’s messy hair between your thighs, appreciative grunts coming from him every so often. You wondered if he was doing something down there too, to himself. Fuck that would be hot if he was. Although that theory went out the window when two fingers from his free hand slipped inside of your slit, curling upwards and thrusting against your g spot.

“Oh god… Oh fuck… Spencer… ”

He adjusted his lips, now using them to suck your clit into his mouth, his tongue pressing on it with each suck and moving it from side to side. You could feel light headedness fast approaching. The combination of his mouth and his fingers working together had your legs shaking and your hips bucking off the bed in no time at all, with Spencer using the flat of his hand to push you back down as you came.

“Jesus fucking christ…. ” you panted out as his mouth and fingers retracted from you and you looked down to see a satisfied looking Spencer leaning back on his haunches.

“I take it that did the trick.”

“You are the bestest best friend anyone’s ever had, you know that.”

“So that’s a yes then.” He stood up slowly and came and sprawled out on the bed next to you lying on his tummy and propping himself up on his arms.

“That’s a huge yes.” You adjusted your dress slightly, pressing your thighs together and rolling onto your side to look at him.

“Spencer…. I need to tell you something.” The high from the orgasm seemed to be making you want to reveal the truth.


“I lied. I had managed to do it myself since that first time.” You winced, waiting for his reaction.

“I know.”

He knows?

“How?” you were confused. Could your vagina somehow tell him how many times it had come recently.

“Two weeks ago, that case in Texas where we couldn’t get clearance to fly home and had to spend a final night. My bedroom was next to you remember. And the way the rooms were set out meant that our beds were against opposite sides of the same wall. I heard you. God damn, it was hot listening to that. I had to take matters into my own hands.”

Shit…. You hadn’t been able to sleep so you’d well….. tried it out. You thought you’d been quiet. Apparently not. But… What? Fuck.

“So…. Erm. If you heard that, then why did you offer to do it again?”

He shrugged, “Because.”


“Yep… Because.”


“Anyway, roll over. Payback time.”

Spencer grinned and rolled onto his back, although he stilled your hands as they moved to his jeans.

“Y/N. There is something else you could do to pay me back you know.”

“What is it? Wait…. It’s not anal is it? Because I don’t care how many orgasms you give me, I am not going there. You can put it anywhere else but there.”

He laughed, running a finger up your arm as he did.

“It’s not that. Trust me. That doesn’t interest me at all. I was thinking you could pay me back by maybe agreeing to go out with me?” He blushed suddenly, which considering how confident he’d been when he was between your legs, was just adorable.

“You mean like…. go on dates and be your…. erm, like your girlfriend?”

“Yes. You don’t have to say yes right now. It’s just…. I like you, a lot. And I think there’s more to our friendship. Plus… It really wouldn’t be that much of stretch from what we’re doing. We already spend most of our time together outside of work and given the recent addition to our friendship, the only thing we’re not doing really is kissing.”

“Let’s do that to then. We can kiss now, and we can kiss tomorrow and the next day. And then we can go out on dates.”

“So you’ll be my girlfriend?”

“Yes, I will….. Does this mean that I don’t have to pay you back the other way?” You smiled at him, loving how happy he looked right how. You imagined you looked the same.

“Well….. ”

“Hahaha. Pants off then, boyfriend.”

“Can I have a kiss first?”

Scooting closer, you both leant in feeling that magic spark as your lips touched for the first time. The first time of many.

the bailout

pairing: jimin x reader

genre: fluff

length: 3.6k words

summary: In which your parents insist you need a boyfriend to survive in the harsh world, while Jimin takes it upon himself to rescue you from these arranged dates.

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