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Fluffy Bun

Fluffy Bun?  Fan Bun?  Slinky Bun?  I’m still struggling to figure out the perfect name for this look!  No matter what it’s called, I love this hairstyle because it is a unique bun that only takes 5 easy steps to complete.  Another thing that is great about the style is that it creates a big, voluminous bun, even if you don’t have a lot of hair.


1) Brush

2) 2 Hair Ties

3) Bobby Pins


1) Begin by brushing your hair into a high ponytail.

2) Re-tie your ponytail with a second hair tie on top of the first, but do not pull all of your hair through on the last loop.

3) Wrap the loose hair (not pulled through) around the base of the ponytail and bobby pin into place.

4) Take the top loop of your bun and fluff it out.

5) Bobby pin the ends of your bun down and to the shape of your choice and finalize with hairspray.

Purple Slime || Taehyung

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Overview: Your date with Taehyung gets ruined by the weather, so Taehyung comes up with a messy diy project.

Genre: fluff

Words: 1,078

Heavy rain pelted against the windows and loud thunder crashed in the distance.

You sat staring out the window, lips in a pout and brows furrowed in a frown. What was supposed to be a warm and sunny day, drastically changed within an hour of the predicted forecast. The sounds of the television were intermixed with the sound of the gloomy weather. You sighed. “So much for that romantic park date.”

A pair of warm hands gently rubbed your bare shoulders and you smiled slightly. “Don’t be so glum, we’ll find something to do.” You turned and saw the reassuring face of your boyfriend, Taehyung. The lights of the dorm were all turned on due to the darkness outside and yet, nothing seemed as bright as his smiling face.

“As much as I would love to play and kick your butt in Overwatch, that’s all we’ve done for most dates, aside from taking Soonshim for walks,” you mused. Taehyung pouted.

“Are you saying that you don’t enjoy those kinds of dates?”

You shook your head quickly. “Not at all! I was just really excited to go the park, I’ve been wanting to do this for weeks and of course we get rained out.”

You two sat in silence for a moment, then Taehyung took out his phone and began typing. “What are you doing?” you asked, peering over his shoulder. Taehyung rolled over so that you couldn’t see and you growled in annoyance.

“Oh hush, I’m looking for things to do. Hey! Wanna make slime?”

You instantly scrambled over to your boyfriend and laid on his back. Taehyung laughed. “Heck yeah I want to make slime. Do we have the stuff for it?” you asked, excitedly.

“Hold on, I’m looking at the recipe,” he replied, sticking his tongue out as he scrolled down the webpage. You rested your chin on his shoulder, and he gave you a soft nudge with his head.

“It says we need contact solution, do you have that?” You inquired, rolling off Taehyung’s back so he could get up. Taehyung helped pull you up so that you were both standing.

“We should, we have a lot of costume contacts from our various performances. I’ll go check the bathroom,” he said. He was about to take off when he turned around and scampered back to you. “You’ll probably want to change into a different shirt so that one doesn’t get messy,” he advised. “You can borrow one of mine.”

“One of yours? Boy, ninety-nine percent of your wardrobe is Gucci. What do you expect me to wear?” you scoffed, crossing your arms. Again, Taehyung pouted.

“Fine, borrow one of Jungkook’s shirts.”

“Won’t he get mad?”

“He has like fifty white t-shirts, he won’t notice if one is missing,” Taehyung shouted as he left the room. You rolled your eyes as you made you way into Jungkook’s room. Sure enough, he had plenty of white shirts. You grabbed one and threw off your current attire. You then pulled over the white shirt and grabbed your discarded one and headed for the kitchen.

Taehyung was already getting the necessities. A large bowl, baking soda, glue, food coloring, all the works. He looked up and motioned for you to join him. You sauntered over, throwing your hair up so it was out of the way. Taehyung looked at you excitedly. “So what color should we make it?”


“No, how about green?“



“Purple, and that’s my final offer,” you crossed your arms and raised your brow.

Taehyung groaned and grabbed the purple food dye. As you two measured out the items, the slimy mixture started to form. You smiled at your progress. “Okay Taehyung, add the dye,” you exclaimed. Taehyung squirted a few drops of the dye into the bowl and you mixed it in. “It’s done!” you shouted, and Taehyung laughed. You both stuck your hands in the bowl to grab some of the sticky solution.

“This is some weird shit, but I love it,” Taehyung grinned. Then he got an idea. Hey, can you put the baking soda and food coloring away please?“ he asked, handing you the two items. You nodded and turned around to place them back in the cupboards. As you did this, Taehyung grabbed a little bit of slime and aimed for the back of your neck and threw it. It hit spot on with a SPLAT! You turned around with a scream, the sticky goop sliding down your back. Taehyung was laughing and slapping the countertop. You narrowed your eyes at him.

“Oh, you think that’s funny do you?” you taunted, reaching into the bowl and grabbing a large amount of slime. Taehyung stopped laughing.

“You wouldn’t.”

“Oh I think I would.”


“Practice was a nightmare today. Next time, Taehyung doesn’t get to skip for a date,” Namjoon groaned. He walked into the kitchen and stopped suddenly, his jaw dropping to the floor. The other members walked in the door and stood behind him.

“Hyung, what are you do- oh my,” Jimin gasped, peering over Namjoon’s shoulder. The other members looked too, and they also gasped. The kitchen was a disaster. Slime of every color imaginable was dripping off all the surfaces and onto the floor. Taehyung and his girlfriend were mixing more slime up and throwing it at each other while chasing each other around. Jin was the last member to walk in.

“What are you guys doing, would you please look out so that I can-” At that moment, a giant ball of pink slime hit Jin square in the face. You and Taehyung froze.

“Oh shit,” Taehyung muttered.

Jin slowly wiped the goop from his face. “You two had better clean this kitchen from top to bottom, or she is banned from this dorm for eternity.” And with that, Jin left the room, the other members trailing quietly behind him.

Jungkook poked his head back inside the kitchen. “Is that my shirt you’re wearing!?”

You gulped, slowly hiding behind Taehyung. “Noooooo…” you trailed off.

“Hyuuuuung, why did you let her wear that?” Jungkook whined. Taehyung made an apologizing motion and Jungkook stomped away. You came out from behind your boyfriend and poked his cheek.

“C'mon we gotta start cleaning unless you don’t want me stepping foot in this dorm ever again.” Taehyung smiled and kissed your nose. You felt your face grow warm, and you smiled a big smile. After he pulled away, Taehyung gagged.

“Bleh! You had slime on your nose!“