messy divorces

So in summary:

They were asked why there are so many elephants, and dodged the question.

They were asked about their favorite villain (obviously Mary), and dodged the question.

They were asked whether Sherlock said I love you to John, and didn’t answer directly but said “I should think not” unless there was a mirror in the room, which there obviously was (look at the distortion in the clip).

They were asked about Mary dying in canon, and went out of their way to say that it never says that she died, or exactly what happened, and that she and Watson could have had a messy divorce (a theory that’s all theirs).

They were asked about fandom, and said that it provides friends that last for a lifetime.

They were asked about show speculation, and said they’re writing the story they’ve been writing since the beginning.

They were asked about coffee and tea (the drinks code; coffee=straight, tea=gay), and said Steven (the straight one) likes coffee and Mark (the gay one) handles the tea.

They were asked what Sherlock fears losing most, and dodged the answer.

They were asked what their favorite eps were, and said ASiB (when Irene says John loves Sherlock, and Moriarty rehearses burning Sherlock’s heart), and TFP (where Moriarty will finally do his best to burn Sherlock’s heart out, which is presumably the source of the “I love you” clip).

They said we should never trust what people say about themselves, and that “obviously” Sherlock’s capable of falling in love.

They were asked if John and Sherlock would be together, and gave a rehearsed answer (which when filtered through the skip code says the opposite, which is probably coincidence, but?).

And in the trailers/previews: We got a clip of John and Greg teasing Sherlock affectionately, in which Sherlock is coming down from John’s never-once-shown room and John talks about fatherhood in the same strained false cheer that he used about mourning Sherlock in MHR and early married life in HLV.

We got a clip of Sherlock entirely out-of-character trying to get Mary away from John and the baby and with him on a case, acting as though John’s not useful to him, in total contradiction to everything we know, and Mary trying to not be alone with Sherlock and bring John along; and Sherlock has his animal mirror for the season, the bloodhound.

We had Sherlock people joking on twitter about naming a shark “Wary Matson.” Mary’s animal mirror for the season is the shark. The cast shirts show a bloodhound chasing a shark.

We got a clip of lots of danger, a deep secret, and Sherlock, John and Mycroft in the room all the promo photos have been shot in; Sherlock cries with Mycroft, gives John a gun, and says, “I love you.”

To conclude, I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m feeling great.

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gatiss: hm how do we combine our two theories on mary, the first one being that the watsons had a messy divorce and the second being that mary never existed at all

moffat: oh you’re going to love this

What I really love about Berena as a ship is the dynamic. They’re so alike in so many ways: both strong-willed women, experts in their fields, messy divorces behind them, not terribly close with their children, unafraid to speak their mind etc.

And yet instead of using these similarities for a cat-fight trope, the writers have moulded a delicate relationship out of their differences. From the trivial things such as Bernie’s mess and Serena’s order, very early on it was highlighted that their differences were the main focus of this relationship.

Bernie is chaos in Serena’s ordered life.

Serena is steadiness in Bernie’s changing world.

Bernie is practicality when Serena gets emotional.

Serena is kindness when Bernie feels alone.

These two should, by all accounts, argue constantly. But they don’t. They bicker, yes, but they also love one another fiercely. And it isn’t because they’re so similar, and they appreciate finding a ‘professional equal’ at this stage of the game. No, the qualities they truly appreciate in one another are the little opposites. It is their differences which bring them together.

the key paris/rory episodes are

  • season 1 episode 2 - the lorelais’ first day at chilton - paris steals rory’s old report cards from the principal’s office and then corners her outside a classroom to tell her, “you’ll never beat me. this school is my domain.”
  • season 1 episode 9 - rory’s dance - paris pays her cousin to go with her to the school dance and then melts down about it in front of rory
  • season 1 episode 11 - paris is burning - paris’s parents are going through a messy divorce that’s being written up in the papers and, desperate to stop being the focus of gossip, she leaks the news that rory’s mom is dating one of the school english teachers, and when rory confronts her about it she says, “you’re not going to kiss me, are you?” and then rory is empathetic and says “if you ever need to talk, i’m here” and paris is very moved by this kindness
  • season 1 episode 13 - concert interruptus - rory’s mom takes rory and some of her school friends to a concert and the other school friends run off with some guys leaving rory and paris alone for most of the concert and then at the end of the night paris says “you know rory i think this is the best night i’ve ever had”
  • season 1 episode 18 - the third lorelai - rory tries to set paris up with a boy in their class and paris comes over and rory helps her get ready for the date and paris feels like she looks ugly but rory repeatedly tells her she looks great and amazing
  • season 2 episode 7 - like mother, like daughter - rory gets into a secret society at her school and paris really wants to be a part of it so she lobbies for paris to get into the group 
  • season 2 episode 9 - run away, little boy - paris is directing the school production of romeo and juliet and she refuses to let anyone but rory play juliet and then minutes before the performance decides that none of the boys are good enough to play romeo and she puts on the romeo costume and goes out and plays romeo opposite rory as juliet and there’s a scene where she goes “thus with a kiss i die” and then sort of leans in for a kiss but chickens out and just faceplants in rory’s boobs
  • season 2 episode 16 - there’s the rub - paris begs rory to tutor her one on one in chemistry and she invites herself over to rory’s house on a friday night to study chemistry and later literally no exaggeration intervenes to prevent rory’s boyfriend from physically abusing her and then rory asks her if she wants to have a slumber party and there’s a deleted scene where they’re lying on the living room couch together eating junk food and watching tv and paris keeps asking prying questions about rory’s dating life
  • season 2 episode 18 - back in the saddle again - rory and paris get paired together for their business fair project with rory’s grandfather mentoring them and he loves paris and thinks the world of her even though he hates all of rory’s bfs makes u think
  • season 2 episode 22 - i can’t get started - paris asks rory to be her student council vice president and tells her “you look like little birds help you get dressed in the morning” she also makes handmade buttons that say VOTE GELLER GILMORE with little pictures of her and rory on them
  • season 3 episode 1 - those lazy hazy crazy days - a boy asks paris out on a date and paris has a full panic attack about it, rory helps her get ready for the date and calms her down and combs her hair and they talk about what they want “in a guy” while paris makes love eyes at her, then the boy knocks on the door and paris literally no exaggeration asks rory to go hide in a closet while she greets the boy like she literally physically walks rory over to the closet, shuts the door, and tells the closed closet door “thanks for helping me get ready” this is satanic
  • season 3 episode 11 - i solemnly swear - this one bitch on the student council has been trying to sow discord between paris and rory since the beginning of the season and in this episode her tactics finally Work and paris thinks rory has betrayed her and they have a sexually charged fencing match which ends with paris ripping her helmet off and shouting “i can’t believe i ever considered you my best friend” before running off crying
  • season 3 episode 12 - lorelai out of water - the principal drags rory and paris into his office and asks if they’re fighting over a boy and paris is like “OOHHHHHHHH OF COURSE… WE’RE GIRLS SO WE COULD ONLY BE FIGHTING OVER A BOY… YOU SEXIST WHITE-HAIRED…” real dialogue from a real heterosexual character
  • season 3 episode 16 - the big one - paris goes over to rory’s house after they’ve been fighting for five episodes and explains that last night she had unplanned sex with the boy she’s been seeing “because when you’re with a boy for a certain amount of time intercourse becomes inevitable” and she and rory sit on rory’s bed as paris tells her that she didn’t enjoy the sex and doesn’t know how to feel about it and rory tells her she’s never had sex and paris says “well if it’s not the right time for you then it’s not the right time for me” OH and the end of this conversation is paris going, “rory, i’m…” and rory interrupting with “it’s okay” so it’s entirely possible she was about to come out to rory like it is not a reach in the least lol and THEN paris gets rejected from harvard and has a mental breakdown on national television where she repeatedly shouts “i’ve had sex but i’m not going to harvard” and then rory pulls her offstage and holds her in her arms and paris sobs on her shoulder saying things like “what if my boyfriend doesn’t think i’m special anymore how do i tell him i didn’t get into harvard” and rory says things like “you are so smart and so special and you are going to get into so many great schools” honestly amy sherman palladino literally owes me money
  • season 3 episode 22 - those are strings, pinocchio - it’s the high school graduation episode paris tells rory “i’m so glad i found you” and rory says “most of the time i really hated you” and paris says “I really hated you too” and then they hug
  • season 4 episode 2 - the lorelais’ first day at yale - rory walks into her dorm room at yale and paris is standing there and races across the room to hug rory and rory is like “this is a big surprise” and paris says “i didn’t want you to know i was going to yale i wanted to surprise you” and rory is like “aight” and paris is like “i told my life coach about our history and he felt that our life journeys weren’t over yet so i had my dad make a call and put us in the same dorm” i’m so tired
  • season 4 episode 17 - girls in bikinis, boys doin’ the twist - paris proposes a solo trip to spring break for her and rory and then kisses rory on the mouth in the middle of a dance floor and acts all heartbroken when rory freaks out about it and then one of their friends tells rory and paris “you two would make a good couple” and rory’s like “ew no” and paris is like “why not” again i cannot stress how much i hate this show and how much amy sherman palladino owes me money

A messy divorce, hm? That’s interesting… because as you can see - episode 1: John is wearing his wedding ring (screenshot taken from
the video about the filming of the first episode), but in episode 3 (as we can suggest from the teaser) there is no wedding ring anymore… how very telling…

Always (7 and 41 w/ Peter Parker)

7. “I hope one day you’re as happy as you’re pretending to be.”

41. “My life is my own to ruin.”

Requested by @doodlegrunge

You were spiralling out of control and Peter knew it.

He watched helpless, as you went from being bright and happy to a shadow of your former self. He didn’t know what to do. He should have seen the signs. 

Your parents were fighting. A lot. At first it was over petty things, like leaving the odd items of clothing everywhere. Then it escalated. They were arguing 24/7, over anything and everything. They didn’t split up though. They just said that it would be a messy divorce and they didn’t want that. But their arguing had forced them to stop paying attention to you, their only child. So you started doing things to grab their attention; staying out late, partying, drinking.

You tried to act like everything was fine when you were at school and round your friends. You didn’t tell them what was happening at home. You didn’t tell Peter.

But he still found out. That’s why he was on his way to pick you up from a party that Flash was holding. He hated Flash, but he was doing this for you.

As the taxi pulled up outside Flash’s house, Peter jumped out and beckoned for the driver to wait, to which the driver nodded.

Peter pushed his way past the teenagers making out on the lawn and into the house. He spotted you straight away. You were hard to miss. He had known you his whole life and he knew you like the back of his hand. He would spot you anywhere.

Peter made his way over to you and grabbed your arm, which made you turn your head to face him, a confused look on your face.

“Peter, what are you doing here?” The smell of alcohol on your breath.

“I’ve come to take you home.” He shouted over the music. 

You pouted like a child. “Don’t wanna. I’m fine here.”

Peter sighed. “Please, Y/N? It’s getting late. What will your parents think?”

“They don’t care about me, Peter.” You stated, you were drunk, but not drunk enough to forget your problems.

“But, I do,” He smiled. “Please?”

You smiled back. “Just for you.”

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Ok but not one single member of the crew knowing that Bones is a father. He avoids talking about the life he left behind and people just assume it’s only because of his messy divorce. Then one day the Enterprise rescues a little boy as a sole survivor and Jim doesn’t want to try to explain to the kid that his parents are dead until they can try to connect him with other relatives. Of course a kid wandering around the Enterprise is not an ‘illogical idea ’ as Spock points out with his sly Vulcan sass and Jim just tells him to go find someone suitable to watch the kid. When Spock returns to the bridge, Kirk of course inquires about which motherly crew member the commander chose. Spock tells him and Jim looks at him like his first officer is insane. “You left Bones with a kid!? Of all people! Spock, he doesn’t even have enough patience for me half the time.”

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Katya (Trixya) pt 7/? - Skyline

AN: Long time no fic, AQ! Yeah, I know its all my fault. I’m fully aware I lied through my teeth earlier this month when I said I’d work on this. But yet again, school got the better of me, though I wish it didn’t. But here we are with a new chapter :) I made it longer for guys too! (I heard you anon, don’t worry ;)) I hope ya’ll enjoy, leave me your feedback I live for it <3 The next chapter should be A1, so get ready for that :) -Skyline

Summary: Lesbian Trixya AU based off the incredible movie Carol, set in New York during the 50’s. Katya, a mother struggling through a messy divorce meets young, inexperienced Trixie at a department store and they hit it off.

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HC: Why Bones tends to feel crummy around the holidays

No, McCoy isn’t just grumpy and hates holidays. He has reasons for not being a big fan. It isn’t all Terran holidays but certainly quite a few. There are still some he enjoys but in general his views on holidays are a bit abysmal.

Valentine’s Day: It is no secret that McCoy is still bitter about his divorce. He has gotten past it enough to get past the ‘love stinks’ stage but he certainly doesn’t think he’d be able to commit himself to someone like that again. Relationships in general make him anxious. Naturally he doesn’t want to get hurt again. Bones can be a big sap so he actually used to like the holiday. He really did but after spending over a decade celebrating it with a woman who he then went through a messy divorce with—he’s lost the fondness for the day.

Father’s Day: It is pretty obvious why this day would be especially hard for Bones. In the first place it reminds him of his own father and the guilt from his actions weigh heavily on him on this day. Secondly, he is a father himself and being so far away from Joanna isn’t easy.

Mother’s Day: Most people would assume Len’s relationship with his mother is great by the way he talks about her once in while. Bones adores her and he didn’t even glare when Jim called him a mama’s boy. Sadly, Leonard isn’t the only one who hasn’t forgiven him for his father’s death. Mother’s Day is one of the few days of the year he musters up what he needs to give her a call. She rarely takes his calls anymore and the last Mother’s Day she did was to tell him to stop calling her. He still tries. This one is loosely based on this.

Others: Holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are crummy for Bones for the same reason. Joanna. Family. Ect. Each year it is just a reminder of another important day in her life he isn’t there for (He is a wreck on her birthday).
Even though with the wonderful diversity of religions and cultures on the Enterprise these holidays aren’t exactly celebrated the same as on earth, he has gotten better with these days. Reason? He’s found family again on the ship. Jim and Spock are huge with getting him through these days whether they know it or not. Jim certainly does and he is great at keeping Bones busy and thoroughly distracted. Spock is good when Bones just needs some company but not necessarily someone who will talk his ear off. Though one of their debates allows Bones let off some steam too. Plus all three of them have their problems with mother’s and father’s day so it is nice to be together. Leonard has certainly gotten better. He even let his staff decorate Sickbay for Halloween this year without complaint. 


  Oh! Hello again! I know, I know, you are all probably sick of me by now! It’s been a long time that you all have been with me but now that time has come to an end. Don’t worry, I’ll live a happy life I think! Despite my messy divorce, I think I’ve lived a good life! I mean, yeah my music career never really kicked off but I did really enjoy it! 

Christina El Moussa Welcomes New French Bulldog to the Family in Revealing Bikini Pic

Way to welcome a Frenchie to the family!

Flip or Flop star Christina El Moussa took to Instagram on Thursday to celebrate the arrival of Cashie the French Bulldog.

EXCLUSIVE: Christina El Moussa Says She and Ex Tarek ‘Are In a Good Spot’

And, rather than post just any old pet pic, the reality star and her daughter, Taylor, donned mauve bikinis to match the cute canine then posed against a perfectly in-theme wall.

“Welcome to the family!! @cashiethefrenchbulldog 🐶,” wrote the gorgeous blonde, who also has a son, Brayden, with ex-husband Tarek.

Welcome to the family!! @cashiethefrenchbulldog 🐶 Click link in my bio!! 👙🍩

A post shared by Christina El Moussa (@christinaelmoussa) on Mar 23, 2017 at 12:01pm PDT

Cashie is sure to bring some extra joy to the mom-of-two following her messy divorce.

With the pair now working on season seven of their HGTV home makeover show, El Moussa recently told ET that she is in a good place with her ex.

WATCH: Christina El Moussa Shows Off Bikini Bod While Spending Time With Daughter

“Honestly, I’m doing really good. I’m in a really good place,” said the renovation queen. “The kids are happy, they’re healthy, Tarek and I are in a good spot. We have a lot of things that we’re working on, cool things coming in the future, so we’re just looking forward.”

See more on the couple’s split, including El Moussa’s plans to write a book, below.

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Why Love Is Poison For A Heartless Gold-Digger And A Guide To The Antidote

 Hello everyone, my name is Makeitrainsugar and I’ve been in love.

 “Hello, Makeitarainsugar!”

 I think I’ve stated before with a condescending sniff that I’ve ‘never been in love’ or ‘I don’t do true love’. I’m the child of one hopeless romantic (dad) and one staunch realist (mum), both of whom went through a messy, bitter, memorable divorce which has put me off marriage for life (the old cliche).

 But I have fallen in love. I have dated countless rich men/hot men/interesting men, many of whom have confessed their undying love to me and I have subsequently broken their hearts. In secondary school I had love poems written for me and slipped in my locker, I’ve had men making millions asking me to move in with them. I’ve had crushes before, but never anything like what I’m about to describe.

 There was a boy. We met almost two years ago now, I was already a sugar baby and already used to male attention and to this day I have no idea what it was.

 He was good-looking, very good-looking, but not really male model material. He had these sweet, unassuming brown eyes, he was a little dim and had a strong East London accent with a voice that was too deep for him. He was just some broke, scrawny, slightly arrogant, thought-he-was-so-funny-but-he-wasn’t white boy. Nothing special. A dime a dozen.


 He had a way of talking to you that made you feel wanted and listened to, he needed a little help but not a lot, he was independent but enthusiastic and willing to go along with anything. He was so easy to manipulate, but I just didn’t have the heart.

 There was one night in London he kept his arm around me all night when I said I was cold and I had never felt so much like I belonged somewhere. I spent the next few months agonising over whether he liked me or not. I acted like a total idiot around him. I specifically recall one night picking up shoe after shoe to launch at my bedroom wall because I hated him I just hated him (but I didn’t).

 I thought this was the universe paying me back for treating men like trash for the past, well, pretty much every year of my life. 

 And of course, he found this girl. This girl who he got drunk and cried over, who had talked about constantly, who he bought little presents for. And my heart quite literally broke. I was so ashamed and embarrassed about loving him, but I couldn’t help it. There was no way to stop.

 And it was poison for my self-esteem. It fell to almost nothing overnight. Why didn’t he love me when I was prettier than his girlfriend? When I was always there for him? When I loved him so much? So many men ‘fell in love’ with me because of my appearance and it felt like I had nothing left going for me.

 So here is my handy-dandy advice points for people who desperately want to be out of love because it is akin to a virus if you want to eat, sleep and breathe self-confidence.

- Think of all the times they were problematic with their opinions/choice of words/unsaid prejudice.

- Look at bad photos of them on Facebook.

- Go to their girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s Facebook profile and come to the conclusion that you are: a) Better looking b) Have better-looking friends c) Have a better life/ more money d) They deserve each other because you are ABOVE them.

- List all the things you would be unable to do if the two of you were to get serious. For example, I would have been unable to sugar as much, I would be unable to make as much money, I would have been unable to travel…

- Buy yourself things. MANY THINGS.

- Think of how your differences would have come between the two of you. Eg: He wanted to live (here) and I want to live (there)…


- List at least three little habits that annoyed you. Eg: He smoked too much weed, he lazed about all day in a onesie (These are true btw)

- He’s probably a dumb white boy with white boy tendencies that are bound to creep through. Cue the ‘sexting’.

- There is definitely at least one sexual fantasy of yours he wouldn’t participate in.

- You deserve better.

- You are a bad bitch.

- He is one of the many fish in the sea and if he couldn’t make it work, he would have hurt you even more at some point down the road.

 I’m not sure what inspired me to make this post, but I caught myself thinking about him again today and writing this has made me feel better.

 Steer clear of love.

 You don’t need that shit in your life.

It’s okay.

Hey! I was wondering if you could do a fredxreader please? :) could it be that the reader’s parents are going through a messy divorce and she calls Fred (like every night from the phone Ron got for Harry) and tell him everything, but refuses to cry/ laughs it off (“cause crying is for the ‘weak’”). So he floo powder to her and takes her to spend the rest of the summer with the Weasley’s. Thanks a million! I love your blog but realized I hadn’t followed your till now 🙊🙈

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A/N I know it’s hard, living with parents who are going to divorce/ are divorced, so if you need help, I’m here for you! Also I’m back writing, and if you like this please let me know, it’ll always make me smile, even if it’s just “I liked your imagine/one-shot, …, or just a little heart () it makes my day. I’ll try to post as much as I can and I’ll try to do every request.So if there ever might be a problem, send me, I’ll try to help/ cheer you up/ …, I love you all, we’re family! Family doesn’t end in blood

It was hard, living with parents that were close to divorce. Y/N’s mom refused to sign the papers, while her dad didn’t want this life anymore. Every night, every day, every second, the house was filled with screams, cries and things shattering. But Y/N didn’t cry, cause ever since she was young she was taught that crying was for the weak only. And today wasn’t any difference. “I can’t live like this anymore”, Her dad said as he sat down at the table. “am I that bad?”, Her mom snapped back. “I never said that! Stop putting words in my mouth!”, Her dad said, raising his voice. “Y/N did I ever say that?”, Her dad said, looking at her. Y/N””s E/C eyes scanned both the two parent figures standing in front of her. “Don’t use her against me!”, Her mother said when Y/N was about to answer. “I’m not! I’m just asking her a question!”

And with that Y/N walked towards her room, soon hearing both her parents scream. She sighed as she closed the door, looking around the room. The light of her phone brightened up the room as somebody called her. Slowly walking towards it, she stretched out her hand to grab it. The cold material felt familiar in her hands. “Hello?”, She answered, without looking who was calling her. “I Think I have her Ron! What now?”, Fred’s voice screamed through the speaker of Y/N’s phone. “Just talk? Do I have to scream? How do I hold it?”, Fred yelled again. “just like you’re doing now”, Y/N laughed as she heard Fred go silent. A little smile formed on her lips, feeling already better after hearing Fred’s voice. “oh, Like this?”, Fred asked. Y/N hummed a yes and sat down on her bed. “everything okay?”, Fred asked after he heard her respond. She would normally laugh at how stupid he was and how clumsy he is with Muggle stuff. “what? Oh yeah, everything is okay”, Y/N said quickly “Are you sure? You don’t sound okay, Do I need to come over?” Fred asked “No! please, don’t, it’s not a great time now”, She answered. A million thoughts went through her head, how would Fred come here first of all? He couldn’t fly here, what if somebody saw him? And what would Y/N’s parents say? They don’t know about her and Fred! Mostly because she never had the time to tell them, since they are always fighting and bickering over each other. And because her mom wouldn’t accept a wizard boyfriend, she wanted Y/N to meet a ‘decent guy’ and with that she mend a Muggle.

“then at least tell me about it”, Fred said, his voice sounded so calm. Like he knew that she needed somebody to talk to, somebody who wouldn’t judge her. “My parents … oh Merlin they are fighting … again, my dad found out about my mom seeing other men and my mom thinks my dad is stealing money from her and they want me to choose a side and I can’t do that Freddie, they are both my parents. And besides that my mom doesn’t want to sign the divorce papers, which doesn’t make sense if she thinks my dad is stealing money and if she sees other men beside him, why doesn’t she just sign then?”, Y/N sighed. Fred stayed silent for a while. He was listening to Y/n’s breath finding out if she’s crying. But no, nothing. “are you crying?”, Fred asked. Y/N scoffed, “Of course not!” “why not? I would if my parents went through all of this and I would be alone there”, Fred said. “do you want me to cry?”, Y/N chuckled. “NO, of course not, I just mean that uh, you know what, never mind.”, Fred answered. It was silent for a while, until Y/N’s mom screamed that dinner was ready. “Listen I’ve got to go, I’ll call you soon okay?”, Y/N said to Fred. “okay, be safe, yeah, I lo-“, but Y/N had already ended the call before he could finish his sentence.


“Y/N”, Her dad stopped her from walking back to her room. “I know this isn’t easy now, but listen I’m still your dad, so if you want to talk-“ “I know dad, it’s cool”, She said as she ran up the stairs. The door of her room closed once again, shutting out all the outside noise. Y/N took her phone, looking at the screen and noticing all the messages she got from Fred. “Pack your bags, Mom wants us to pick you up, we’re coming with Floo powder, we’ll be there in 10”, The last said. Noticing he only send this message 5 minutes ago, Y/N called him. No use, Fred didn’t answer. “Listen Fred, don’t come, it’ll make everything worse, please, listen to me, don’t come!”, Y/N said to the voicemail. Another 5 minutes passed, Fred didn’t call back, no messages, nothing. The house was completely silent, even her mom and her dad didn’t say anything, like they felt something was coming. 

After another 5 minutes there was a scream. Her mom’s. Y/N ran downstairs, seeing Arthur Weasley standing in their lounge. “Mister Weasley”, she said as she saw Arthur trying to calm Y/N’s mom down. “Oh, Y/N dear, lovely to see that you’re okay”, He said, the flames behind him turned green and Fred walked out the fireplace. “Hey love”, Fred said, wrapping his arms around Y/N, who quickly reacted by walking backwards. Both mister Weasley as Fred gave her a confused look. “we’ll take care of Y/N for a while, until things here are okay again”, Mister Weasley said as Fred tried to get Y/N into the green flames. “You’re not taking her anywhere! Who do you think you are!”, Y/N’s mom finally said. “Amy, I think it’s better they take her along for a while, it’s not healthy for her to stay here-“ “so you’re letting some random freaks take my daughter along?!” “They are not freaks! She’s one of them and she’s not your daughter, she’s our daughter! So I can agree or disagree on this!”, Her dad said, raising his voice again.

Mister Weasley signed Fred to leave already, but that was easier said than done. “let me go Fred, I don’t want to! No”, Y/N said as Fred flipped her over and unto his shoulder. “Fred no”, She said as he walked in the Green flames. In seconds she stood in the Burrow. Fred dropped Y/N on the ground. Immediately she straightened herself up and hit Fred’s chest. “why did you do that?!”, She said angrily. “Y/N calm down”, Fred said. He took her wrist before she could slap his chest again. He pulled her into his chest, holding her tightly. A lump formed into Y/N’s throat. Tears blurred her vision. “you’re stressed, it’s hard, I know, you’re safe here, nothing will happen. You’ll see them again, but first they need to sort their situation out and then you can go back, not now, it’s not a good environment for you now”, Fred said as he ran his hands through her hair, slowly down her back and back up again. A sob left her mouth as he held her tighter. Fred sat down on the couch, pulling Y/N with him. 

“great, you made me cry”, Y/N murmured as she rubbed the tears of her cheeks. ”why is that so bad?” “cause crying is for the weak”, Y/N whispered, “and I don’t want to be weak” “you’re not, Crying is an emotion, it’s just the same as laughing except that they are at opposite ends of the emotional spectrum. There is nothing wrong with crying. It means that there is new hope after the bad things, it’s good, it’s okay to cry, it’s okay”, Fred said as he hugged Y/N tighter. “Thank you”, She said as she sniffled a bit. “want me to make some hot chocolate and watch a movie or so?”, Fred said, trying to make her smile again. She nod and pushed herself of Fred’s lap. “I love you”, Fred said, kissing her forehead. “I love you too”, She said, grabbing the collar of his shirt and pushing his lips against her own. “I love you so fucking much”, she said with a smile.

Red and Green Make Brown: The Color of a Swamp (Shrek x Elmo fanfic)

Red and Green Make Brown: The Color of a Swamp (Shrek x Elmo fanfic)

Chapter 1
(Shrek’s POV)
After his awful, messy divorce from Fiona, Shrek sat alone in his swamp hut. Desperately reaching for another bottle of lizard blood to drink away his problems, a thought crossed Shrek’s mind: how lonely he was without Donkey.
Yes, Fiona had gotten custody of the children and Donkey. No more waffles for Shrek. Or nice boulders, as Donkey took those when he left to live with Fiona.
‘I need a change.’ Shrek thought. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his OgrePad, a handy tablet he kept around for various, non- suspicious reasons. He opened up the internet app and typed in 'vacation destinations’
The first result filled Shrek with rage. 'Visit Far Far Away’ it said.
'Humph’ Shrek grumbled, scrolling to see the next result.
'Sesame Street: Everything’s A-Okay’
Curious, Shrek clicked the link. A video played immediately.
Garbage, weird rooms, letters, numbers, grouchy people? This place had it all.
“That’s the place,” Shrek said out loud, “now, where does it tell me how to get to Sesame Street?”

–(Elmo’s POV)–

Dorothy had been sleeping on her back for quite a few days, and Elmo was starting to worry.
“Dorothy?” He tapped the glass on the fish bowl. No response. Elmo poured another shot of vodka into Dorothy’s bowl.
“Don’t worry Dorothy, I asked a baby and he recommended this for you.” Elmo glanced over at the baby he had asked. The baby cooed in agreement.
Everything had started going wrong when Mr. Noodle left. The noodle shaped gap somewhere in Elmo made it almost unbearable to live without him there.
'Elmo needs to move on.’ Elmo thought to himself, pouring himself a shot of vodka. He downed the shot and coughed from the burning sensation in his throat. This is how he’d spent the last few weeks.
'Elmo needs to move on.’ He thought, 'Elmo needs to find someone who won’t leave.’

A few more shots of vodka and Elmo was very drunk. He stumbled outside of his scribble apartment on Sesame Street, and onto the sidewalk.
“Elmo is okay!” Elmo cried, but there was nobody around to hear him. Or so he thought.

To be continued…
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