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Show Bible my ass. - You know the show doesn't have one, when in the pilot Scott mentions living w/his dad and yet when Rafael returns, they act like he hasn't been in Scott's live since the divorce. So messy.

And the fact that Stiles didn’t know he lived with his dad.  Lol. 


This Little Light of Mine

When Sansa is fighting through a messy divorce with Harry Hardyng, she discovers she is pregnant. To avoid having Harry trying to take her baby away from her, she needs to find someone who will pretend to be the baby’s father.

So she asks her best friend. Jon Snow.

jon/sansa, robb/ygritte, background margarey/yara 

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Breaking Point (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

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Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Requested?: ‘Hi! I’m not sure if you would still do this but would you mind making a story using this angst prompt? “You can’t keep hurting me and then demand I apologize instead!” Bye take care and keep up the good work!”’ (@perkyelsie )

Prompt: Thomas and (Y/N)’s very toxic relationship. Then, (Y/N) can’t take it anymore.

Words: 1300+

Warnings: Yelling, Verbal Abuse, Punches



“Thomas!” You marched down the stairs and into the media room where your southern casanova of a husband was, sitting on an expensive white fur couch, drinking a glass of red wine. He was watching some stupid politics channel like he does every day he’s home. He was dressed in his usual purple and black suit. His hair was fluffy as usual. He never changed how he looked, which bored you. 

“Can’t you see that I’m busy, (Y/N)?” Thomas snapped as he motioned to the television. “I’m watching the democratic party make fools of themselves.”

“Aren’t you a democrat?” You asked, crossing your arms across your chest. Your husband glared at you and placed the wine glass on the table.

“(YN), I am a Democratic-Republican. How many times do I have to repeat myself?” He turned back to the television, murmuring something that sounded like ‘God, you’re stupid.’ 

You pretended not to hear his remark and spoke. “Maria wants to know if you’re coming to the recital on Saturday. She has a solo she wants you to see.”

Thomas didn’t move a muscle or look at you. “Tell her I’m working late as usual.” He murmured in a bored tone.

“You said that last time.” You retorted. “Thomas, this is your daughter’s last recital before she is officially done with her lessons. Could you please go to this one-”

“Don’t question my reasonings, (Y/N).” Your husband cut you off, glaring at you with annoyance. “Now please go make yourself useful for once in our marriage and tell Maria I won’t be attending her recital.”

You growled in rage as you strolled out of the room. Your fists were clenched and you were surprised the heels of your stilettoes haven’t snapped off yet from how violent your footsteps were.

How did your ten-year marriage deteriorate to a prison sentence for you? Well, Thomas Jefferson was a very successful lawyer and politician. This power and fame turned him from a sweet southern gentleman to an arrogant full-of-himself asshole with a narcissistic attitude. You two married immediately after you turned eighteen. spending your senior prom in your private ceremony at a small white chapel owned by your family. You finished high school and entered college as newlyweds. The next four years of college were wedded bliss. You gave birth to your twin son and daughter the summer before your sophomore year. After graduating, Thomas immediately landed a job in a law firm. Now here you were, six years later. living in a mansion and your husband rising in fame. You were still a happy, loving couple but soon, because of him working late hours and you being cooped up in the house all hours of the day, your marriage began to deteriorate. Your children were missing their father and you were missing your husband. But he became worse and worse. You would take the children and go visit your parents and close friends. You’d go visit your friend Eliza and her husband, Alexander. Alexander was a rival lawyer of your husband’s and Thomas was never happy when you went to visit the Hamilton’s. He thinks you were telling Alexander all of his secrets and cases, which you weren’t. Your friends would try and talk you into filing for divorce but you denied their suggestions, saying you can’t do that because you’d probably won’t get anything from the divorce. But now, here you were, in an unhappy marriage, wanting to get out with your children and never come back. You weren’t married to your Romeo anymore. You were married to County Paris. You weren’t happy anymore. You wanted to get out. But the only way out was death or a very messy divorce. 

You stomped up the stairs and stopped outside of the lounge where your children were. You opened the door and stepped in, gaining the attention of both daughter and son. Maria put her violin and Madison stood from his piano. 

“Mom!” Both children walked over to you, worried looks on their faces. You smiled sadly as you sat down on the loveseat. 

“Did dad yell at you, mom?” Madison asked. 

“Did he hit you?” Maria asked, fear and concern on her face. 

You shook your head. “He didn’t hit me or yell. But I’ve reached my limit with him.” 

“Are we leaving now?” Madison asked loudly, causing Maria to clasp her hand over his mouth. You nodded, making both their eyes widen in surprise and possible relief. 

“Tonight.” You whispered. “I need you two to start packing immediately. We are leaving after your father goes to bed.”

Both kids nodded and ran out of the room, leaving you alone. You reevaluated what your plans have been for the past month. You’ve been trying to get your kids out of this house but you knew Thomas wouldn’t allow you to leave. You three were merely visuals in his life of fame and fortune. The perfect family.

But everything perfect ahs at least one flaw. Your husband’s narcissism was the flaw in this perfect facade. And you were breaking out. Permanently.


You double-checked to make sure Thomas was asleep. You slipped a few sleeping pills in his dinner so he’d sleep soundly through your escape plan. You had packed as much clothes and supplies that your suitcase you contain and the children did the same. You called Eliza about your plan and she was now waiting outside in her car. You had slipped out of bed, changed into a sweatshirt and jeans with fuzzy boots, and grabbed your stuff before sneaking out of the bedroom and down the hall, where the children were waiting at the head of the stairs. You three then tip-toed down the stairs and padded towards the front door. Madison had just stepped out when the lights in the foyer turned on. You turned around to see your husband standing there at the foot of the stairs, his arms crossed and an irritated look on his face. You immediately ushered your daughter out of the house and closed the door. You had your back to the door and a determined but scared look in your face.

“Where are you going this late, (Y/N)?” Thomas asked simply.

“Out.” You answered coldly, trying to maintain a neutral tone. 

“Out where?”

“Away from here. Away from you.” 

Thomas raised an eyebrow. “Now what have I done this time to make you try to leave? Did I leave the seat up? Not tell you ‘i love you’ enough? What have I possibly done to piss you off, (Y/N)? Hmm?”

You gritted your teeth. “You’re an arrogant asshole.” You hissed. “All you care about is yourself and your reputation. You don’t love me or these children. So, I’m just making your life easier.” 

Thomas chuckled. “You better take back what you just said, my dear.” He walked up to you and stopped when his face was inches from yours. “You wouldn’t want to make me mad.”

“You don’t scare me.” You shot back quickly. 

“Really now?” He grabbed you harshly by the chin. “Because I can tell I do scare you. Now, apologize.”

You then snapped and your fist went flying into your husband’s face, sending him stumbling backward and falling on his backside. He clasped his cheek and looked at you with confusion and disbelief.

“You can’t keep hurting me and then demand I apologize instead!” You yelled, taking your suitcase in one hand and opening the front door. “There will be divorce papers in your mailbox next week. I am done with your shit, Thomas Jefferson! Good day!” 

And with that, you walked out of that house.

And out of that horrid chapter in your life.

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daily scream: alice, fp, and fred all ended up in adulthood exactly where i headcanon they would have been afraid of ending up as teenagers. fred, who always wanted to be a family man and have a strong loving household is going through a messy divorce and struggling with the guilt of being unable to protect his kid. fp, who had a bad home life and lived in fear of becoming his father, is an alcoholic and a neglectful dad who can’t take care of his own children. alice, who was always ferociously independent and never gave men the time of day finds herself trapped in an abusive relationship with hal. 

You Have a Daughter? » Joe Sugg

Request: Could you do 10 and 17 for Joe please? :)x

You were just 7-years-old when you met Joe Sugg for the first time; you had just moved to the small village of Lacock with your mum after her and your dad’s messy divorce. You and Joe immediately became best friends, bonding over your weirdness and love of the outdoors, and you would be each other’s confidants for years to come. Joe was always there when you needed him and in return, you would be there for him. His family became yours and yours’ his and after six years of thinking of the boy as your brother, your feelings began developing and becoming more romantic.

You were 14 when you shared your first kiss with the youngest Sugg in an empty classroom on the last day of Year 9 and you were so embarrassed that you had kissed him that you ran off, avoiding him for all of summer. The Saturday before you went back to school in Year 10, your mum forced you to go over the Sugg’s house for a BBQ. You were greeted at the door by the oldest Sugg sibling, who immediately engulfed you in her embrace.

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Hey ya’ll! So we’re nearing the end of the interview season and I wanted to share a few inside tips about what I have come to see as “good” responses to my questions. I know that this may not be valuable for many people in the current interview season but I hope that people in future cycles will find it useful! Later this cycle, I’ll make another post about “what to do if you didn’t get in”. But it’s still too early to throw in the towel!!

“Tell me about yourself”: I want to hear about the characteristics of your personality not mentioned in depth in your essays. So you can mention your research and volunteering and such, but also tell me about how tenacious, or driven, or kind, or organized you are. I want to hear that the interviewee has a sense of themselves.

“Tell me about your research”: Your opening statement to this better be less than 2 minutes long. I don’t want a presentation on your research, I want to see that you understand what you were doing, and that you can explain a complex topic to me succinctly. Because that’s literally what doctors do all day every day. If I want more details, I’ll ask and then feel free to open up!

“Tell me about a time you failed or made a mistake”: People will often tell me about times they failed a class or test and that’s fine, but not the best answer. I love it when people open up to me about times they made deeper mistakes and learned from them. One applicant told me about a time she seriously messed up coordinating a supply run for her company in Iraq and her soldiers were left without food for 2 days. Everyone was fine but she had to deal with that aftermath for literally years. Now that’s a mistake I want to hear about.

“Where do you see yourself in 15 years?”: I want to see that you’ve put thought into what kind of medicine you want to practice but have not restricted yourself to one field. This is kind of a bonus question. It doesn’t hurt if you mess it up because I didn’t have an answer for this when I applied, but it really helps if you can answer it well. Good answers include the range from: “Practicing community based medicine somewhere and finding a good work-life balance” to “returning to my home country to found a medical school catering to women and fighting corruption in healthcare”.

“Tell me about your support system”: This is a super important question. The two people in my class who have dropped out were both dealing with crazy personal lives (an incredibly messy divorce, and a family that exploded following a death). I want to hear that you have people who you can depend on, and that those people are themselves stable. Resiliency in applicants and in the loved ones’ of applicants matters much more than many other traits. This is part of the reason I love non-traditional applicants. They tend to be so dang resilient!

“What was your most significant volunteering or shadowing experience?”: If your eyes don’t light up when you tell me this, I don’t believe you. Tell about something that actually moved you, not something that you think should have moved you. I want to see passion and love for something.

A few random tidbits: I don’t mind if people tear up, or cry a little, but please try not to full-on sob. It’s hard to redirect an interview following that. Since I’m a younger student, I don’t notice slang and vernacular as often as the older interviewers do but I do notice it if it’s in excess or inappropriate to the situation. I like to hear about people’s faiths, and I feel that is a common theme with most of our interviewers. But don’t feel pressured to tell us if you don’t want to! I like it when people are married/ engaged so please do let me know about that! It shows emotional maturity (most of the time). If you mention a child or pregnancy, I’ll ask about how you will manage but only if you mention it first. There are lots of people (including women) in my class with families so it can def be done!

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How do you know / why do you think that Liam is gay and closeted? He seems so happy with Cheryl - much happier than Louis seems with Eleanor. I ship Ziam/Niam but not romantically because I don't see Liam, Zayn, or Niall as being gay. Larry, however, I believe is real.

First of all, I’m going to say that the way a celebrity “looks” is never a good indicator of anything.  Part of the job of a celebrity is to project a certain image, so anytime you see them in public, especially at work events or times when there are pap pictures or pictures with fans taken, you have to assume they may be projecting a certain image.

I intended to answer this privately like I usually do for asks that are off anon.  I hope you’re ok with me answering publicly instead.  I had to save a draft because it was so long and I forgot that takes away the option to answer privately.  I know it’s long, but do me the favor of reading the whole thing and looking at all the resources linked before you ask me any other questions about this topic.

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Honey, I Love You

For @quietgalwrites who requested Omegaverse. 

Arthur is a single parent with an energetic son to raise. Valentine’s day is his least favorite day of the year, but the anonymous gifts on his doorstep may change his mind. Especially if they’re from his downstairs neighbor. Usuk. //

Arthur turned off his tv as yet another ad for Valentine’s day flowers played, the omega’s scent souring. He furrowing his brow with an annoyed huff, crossing his arms. His show had just ended, and of course that cursed holiday had to make itself known. It was only a week away, and Arthur had enough of flowers and candies, not like he had anyone to get them from anymore.

He walked out of his apartment to pick up his son from school, and almost stepped on a heart-shaped box. The omega picked it up, and looked it over, sighing as he looked at the tag.

Surely, he thought, some poor soul had the wrong address.  But when he looked at the tag, it had his full name, so it must have been meant for him. Arthur peered down the hall, looking both ways and finding there was no one there. He bit his lip, and turned back to his apartment, unlocking his door and placing the candy on the counter. He had no time for this, he was going to be late.

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“A lot of fans come up and say ‘This song changed my life,can you tell what you meant when you wrote it?’ or ‘This song saved me when I had to go through a messy divorce’…It’s really moving sometimes”- Amy Lee

Goodbye - Jughead Jones x Reader

Alright! My first Riverdale ficlet. Whoo! 

So this is what I did. I took this post - Dialogue List  and I got a random number generator. Mixing that together I decided I wanted to do Jughead and Archie x Readers. So I randomized the numbers and picked 3 for each ficlet I’ll be doing.

Boy is this gonna be interesting because I tell you, I got some weird combinations!

I hope you all look forward to more (even though this one wasn’t all the great.)


Title: Goodbye

Word Count: 1018

Prompt Numbers: 

  • 30. “I’ve been in love with you my entire life.”
  • 63. “You left without saying goodbye……. I hate you for that.”
  • 49. “I can’t promise you that…….”

Standing there, a canvas bag slung over your shoulder, you shivered. The Andrews house had always been a warm and inviting place. But now… the very moment you stepped onto the porch, fist raised to knock against the familiar door, you knew that it wasn’t.

You knew because of the way that the door swung open, fast and hard, almost slamming against the hand you’d barely managed to snatch back. It was the way his blue-green eyes were practically burning. How his chest was rising and falling in an angry and almost painful tempo. It made your own body tense to match his.

The both of you stood there, completely unsure. You, more regretful than you thought you would be and him, a furious energy rolling off of his raised shoulders in waves.

Almost involuntarily, you took a step back. While you knew, knew, that Jughead Jones would never lift a hand to you, there was still an uneasiness in the air that you couldn’t shake and it made you scared.

He took a step forward, leaving the threshold of the house and pulling the door closed behind him. You felt the back of your heel teeter over the stairs but you held your ground and swallowed thickly. You couldn’t speak, not with your throat constricting and the look in his eyes leaving your head completely blank.
He scoffed and turned as though he was going to disappear back into the house.

“Jughead I -” You reached out to halt him, but once you’d spoken, there was no need, he was whipping around fast, the heat behind his eyes flaring up again. You recoiled in surprise, your body reacting out of instinct rather than choice.

A mistake on its part as you were tilted off balance and started a stomach flipping decent backward. You fell in slow motion. The world only coming back to its regular speed when your backside hit the pavement harshly, pulling a hiss from your clenched teeth, thanking your lucky stars that your head hadn’t smacked down as well.

You heard the thud of hurried feet slapping against the stairs, you looked up, wiping your gravel pitted hands off on your jeans. You looked up, Jughead was standing over you, the anger that had lit his eyes now only muted with sudden regret and concern. He turned his eyes from you but stretched out a silent hand in offering.

Once pulled up you sat on the steps wincing at the soreness of your rear. Surprisingly, considering how angry Jughead had been only moments before, he took a seat next to you, your knees almost knocking together.
You fiddles with your hands on your lap, the speech you’d prepared having been lost the second that raven haired boy had jerked the door open and caught your eyes with his.

A shuddering breath pushed past your lips, your eyes skirting to the edge of your vision to look at Jughead without having to turn your head. He looked pensive. You remained silent for a long beat when his voice broke the silence that clung to the atmosphere.

“You left without saying goodbye… I hate you for that.” His voice was soft, more than a whisper but still, like a hollow sadness weaved into the tone. You felt the prickle of emotion behind your eyes, irritating them and bringing unshed tears to the threshold of your lashes.

“I know…” what more was there for you to say? Fourteen years old and falling in love with your best friend hadn’t been easy then your parents added a messy divorce and an unwanted and quick move on top of that? What were you meant to say?

Another long beat of silence. You broke it.

“I didn’t want to but I know what you would have done.” A chuckle slipped past Jugheads lips as he turned to look at you.

“I’d have hidden you in the tree house.” You smiled.

“It wouldn’t have lasted long.”

You looked a Jughead, finally taking him in, more than just anger and breathtaking eyes. He looked older, his cheekbones sharper, darker circles under his eyes but still the same. He really hadn’t changed.

The both of you stayed like that for a while, just taking each other in, eyes speaking across the distance between your bodies. Yours said that you were sorry and his responded, forgiving you.

Jughead scooted closer, his knee pressing firmly to yours, shoulders brushing together, you hadn’t realized you’d been holding a tension in your body til it melted away with a sigh.

Testing the waters you placed your head on Jughead’s shoulder.

“I’ve been in love with you my entire life.” You said it as a definite because it’s true. Since you were four years old, chasing him around the park with Betty and Archie, since you were 14 crying in the back of your car, knowing it would hurt too much to try and say you were leaving. To making the choice to move back in with your dad, to stepping on to the Andrews’ porch. There hadn’t been a moment where you didn’t love Forsythe “Jughead” Pendleton Jones the Third.

Jughead didn’t say anything in return, he didn’t have to. The boy laced his fingers with yours and pressed his nose against your hairline, lips hovering by your temple.

“Promise me… promise you won’t leave again…”

“I can’t promise you that… ” And Jughead said nothing to that as well because he knew just as much as you knew, saying those words could mean that maybe, one day, they would be a lie.

You sat together like that for a while, until the sun started to set and Betty came down the street with Archie on her heels. You didn’t stand until she called out your name.

Jughead never let your hand go because you know as much as you love him, he is never going to let you leave again. Not without saying goodbye.


Summary: AJ Styles’ girlfriend works behind the scenes as a producer on SmackDown. The two have always kept personal and professional separate, but when AJ’s emotions get the best of him and he decides to confront Shane McMahon in the parking lot…will he lose more than just his job?

**Based on SmackDown Live this week! I’ve never written an AJ fic before but after seeing what happened on the show, the idea came to me and I knew I had to write it! Also there might be a part two to this, I haven’t decided for sure if I’m going to leave it as it is or continue it.**

*          *          *          *

After working for several years in different Indy promotions like NJPW and most notedly, Ring of Honor, you finally made it to the WWE. You just so happened to start working with WWE the same time NXT began to take off, and Triple H had you helping run the show. As time went on you got more and more responsibility with the brand as it became more and more successful until you were the woman running the show. You made sure everything backstage ran smoothly. You made sure Superstars were at Gorilla when they were supposed to be. You made sure the lights, cameras, and video packages were working. Without tooting your own horn too much, you basically ran NXT. 

You were one of Triple H’s original “kids” joining the likes of Seth Rollins. So he had a lot of faith in you and put a lot of responsibility on you. Eventually, he offered you a dream job, being the assistant producer of SmackDown Live after the 2016 brand split. So every week you sat behind the curtain at the control panel alongside people like Michael Cole and Road Dogg and made sure the show ran as smoothly as possible.

It was on SmackDown where you met the one and only AJ Styles. At first, you didn’t pay much attention to him. He was almost ten years older than you, and he was going through a pretty messy divorce and didn’t talk to a lot of people backstage. You would say hi to him in passing or make small talk if the two of you happened to go out with the same group of people, but it was nothing more than that.

As the weeks passed the small talk conversations turned into longer and more meaningful conversations, and before you knew it, you felt yourself falling for him. Hard. You knew it was a bad idea. He had just gone through a nasty divorce, and he wasn’t interested in a relationship, something he had stated before.

You weren’t sure how it happened. It was just another night after a SmackDown show where a group of the roster went out for a few drinks before heading to the next city. A few Jack and Cokes later and you were in his arms kissing him in an elevator and being led up to his room.

He made it official the morning after, but the two of you agreed to keep your relationship quiet. He knew what people would say if he jumped into a relationship straight out of his divorce. He didn’t want people to think the two of you had been sleeping together while he was still married. You also didn’t want your job backstage to be in jeopardy due to you being in a relationship with one of the blue brand’s biggest guys. 

It was now March 2017, and you and AJ had been public with the roster for about a month. You were thankful when most of the people backstage were supportive of the relationship. Shane and Daniel said as long as it didn’t interfere or you didn’t show favoritism towards AJ that there wouldn’t be a problem.

You sat at the control panel with Road Dogg. AJ was pushing his luck. He had been making little snarky comments at Shane and Daniel for weeks, and they had just let it go, knowing that all the Superstars were under a lot of stress because it was WrestleMania season.

But after last week when he had gotten into an altercation backstage after losing the match to Randy, therefore, losing his place in the Main Event at WrestleMania, he had pushed his luck. You were surprised Shane hadn’t lost it on AJ when that happened.

To top it off he had stormed into Daniel Bryan’s office just minutes ago demanding to talk to Shane. You didn’t know what had gotten into AJ lately, but you knew if he wasn’t careful he was going to get himself fired.
You saw Daniel walk over to the production area and sit down as he let out a huge sigh.

“Everything okay?” Road Dogg asked.

“It’s AJ. I have a bad feeling about tonight.” He said. 

“What did he do now?” You asked.

“He stormed into my office before the show and demanded to talk to Shane. Then said he was going out to the ring. I told him to think about his career and watch what he says. He looked at me and said ‘That’s what I’m thinking about. My career.’ I just have a bad feeling about this.” Daniel said.

“Do you want me to go talk to him?” You asked.

“No. I don’t want you to get involved. I don’t want to bring your personal lives into work.” Daniel said.

“I agree with Daniel. If it goes too far, we might have you talk to him. But for now, it’s best just to see what happens and hope he doesn’t say something he regrets.” Road Dogg said.

“Guys someone be sure to have their fingers on the mic switch in case we need to cut him off.” You said into the headset to the tech guy in the truck running the sound boards.

“What are you doing?” Daniel asked as he looked over at you.

“If I know AJ, this could be another pipe bomb all over again. They should have cut CM Punk off, but they didn’t. We need to cut AJ off before it gets to that point.” I said.

“She might be right, Daniel. If he uses this TV time to get things off his chest, it could be trouble.” Road Dogg said.

“Okay, but don’t cut him off until I say to,” Daniel said. 

“10-4.” The tech guy said into the headset.

You heard AJ’s music hit, and you took a deep breath as your eyes locked on the monitor. You were saying a silent prayer that he wouldn’t say something he would regret.

There was no big entrance by AJ. He didn’t stop and do his little pose thing he does. He walked straight through the curtain and straight to the ring with a serious face the entire way. He grabbed a microphone, and you held your breath and hoped for the best.

“I am sick and tired of being messed with by Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon! You would think the greatest Superstar in WWE would have the red carpet rolled out for him so that I can walk that aisle all the way to the Main Event of WrestleMania. But that’s not what happened. No, no there were hoops I had to jump through. Hoops like I’m a circus monkey! Do you think Cena jumped through any hoops like a circus monkey? Do you think that happened? No! This is what happened; John Cena went to Daniel Bryan, basically his brother-in-law and said ‘Hey I’m John Cena I want a match against AJ Styles for the Championship’ and what happened? It was done!” AJ said as he looked at the camera.

“Daniel do you want me to cut him?” The sound tech asked into the headset. Road Dogg and I both turned to Daniel, waiting for him to make a call in the split second we had before AJ continued his speech.

“No. Not yet.” Daniel said as he kept his eyes glued to the monitor. “Let him vent.”

“And yeah…yeah, yeah, yeah I got beat by the great John Cena. I admit it. I accept it. I accept it. I learned to live with it. But I expected my rematch for the championship and what did I get? A triple threat match that I didn’t get beat in, that I didn’t lose. Did I get my rematch after that? Nope! I got the elimination chamber match with five other WWE Superstars. Oh but wait! There’s more!”

“Daniel?” Road Dogg asked.

“Not yet,” Daniel said. 

“You see there was a battle royal…where I clearly won. But there was some controversy, so Luke Harper and I had a match where I beat him 1-2-3 in this ring! And what happens next? Randy Orton burns down Bray Wyatt’s house, and he doesn’t get arrested. He doesn’t go to jail. He goes to the main event of Wrestlemania!” AJ said.

Road Dogg glanced over at Daniel, but Daniel just shook his head. You wondered how far Daniel would let AJ take this promo. You didn’t know what AJ would say if they let him vent and get everything off his chest. 

“Anyone who knows this business knows that AJ Styles had the best year in 2016. I’m the one that put SmackDown Live on the map! I’m the reason that your butts are in the seats! I’m the reason why your eyes are glued to the television set. I’m the reason why everyone subscribes to the WWE Network. And what do I get? I don’t even have a match at Wrestlemania! So tell me, tell me. On what planet does the greatest ever WWE Superstar not have a match at Wrestlemania? So that’s when I took a stand. You see, I could’ve walked in there and slapped the kale chips right out of Daniel Bryan’s mouth.”

“Daniel-“ I started to say.

“No. We’re not cutting him off. This is good TV. The viewers are going to eat this up.” Daniel said.

“But we know Daniel Bryan is no more than a puppet here in the WWE. But Shane McMahon on the other hand, we’re gonna have a conversation. We’re gonna have a conversation right here tonight about my career…that is if I even have one.” And with that, he threw the mic and walked to the back. 

I took my headset off and leaned back in my seat. What was AJ thinking? Whatever he had planned, it wasn’t going to be good. He obviously knew that whatever he was about to do could get him fired. Not fined or put on a 30 day suspended. But fired!

A few minutes later you sat in the back at the control table as you watched AJ pace back and forth in the parking lot as he waited for Shane to arrive.

“Let me go talk to him.” You said.

“No. We all agreed we wouldn’t mix your relationship and business. If he wants to mess up his career, that’s on him.” Daniel said.

“Daniel, maybe letting her talk to him isn’t a bad idea. We don’t know what he has in store for Shane. What if he’s planning a mugging out there? After what happened to Ambrose last week, are you willing to risk another parking lot attack?” Road Dogg asked as he looked over at Daniel. “She’s the only one he’s going to listen to.” 

“Okay fine. Go talk him out of whatever he has planned and then come back here.” Daniel said as he looked at you. “I’m going to my office to call Shane and give him a heads up. You okay to man this for a few minutes?” He asked as he looked at Road Dogg.

“I’ve got it.” Road Dogg said.

You stood up and made your way to the back. You walked past the hallway of locker rooms following the signs pointing to the parking lot. You finally saw AJ pacing by one of the garage doors waiting for Shane.

“AJ!” You yelled. He turned and looked at you with a confused expression.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“AJ, we need to talk.” You said.

“If Daniel sent you to talk me out of this, don’t waste your breath. If Shane won’t answer my calls or emails, I’m going to make sure he hears me.” He said.

“AJ, Shane is the commissioner of SmackDown and he is your boss. What is attacking him going to do? Nothing but get you fired! You’ve already pushed your luck after last week. You push any farther and I’ll be surprised if you still have a job here.”

“I don’t care at this point. I’m tired of getting stepped on by this god damned company. I am the best wrestler this company has right now and everyone knows it. And what do I get? At best I’ll get a spot in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal with all the mid-card guys who aren’t good enough to get a one on one match!” He yelled at you.

“AJ, don’t scream. I don’t make the calls around here. My job is to ensure the show runs smoothly. But I love you. My relationship with you is about more than what happens when the cameras are rolling. I understand your frustration, but confronting Shane isn’t going to fix anything.” You said.

“Look, I know you and Shane are buddies. So I need you to stay out of this, Y/n. This is between me and him. I don’t want what I do to affect your job.” He said.

“And I don’t want what you do to affect yours! You’re going to get yourself fired if you aren’t careful, AJ. Is that what you want? Do you want to be fired? Do you want to go back to the indies?”

“It’d be better than being here right now! Besides they won’t fire me. This company needs me. That’s why they signed me a year ago! That’s why I didn’t have to go through the joke that is NXT. I debuted in the biggest match of the year at the Royal Rumble. This company is nothing without me!”

“First of all that ‘joke’ is what I built practically from the ground up. I helped grow that brand, so I take offense to you calling it a joke. Second, newsflash, you aren’t the only Superstar this company has. They will keep making money with or without you.” You said. You didn’t want to argue with AJ but he wasn’t thinking clearly and somebody needed to put him in his place. “And you may not care what Shane or Daniel or anyone else thinks, but I hope you care about what I think. I’m not talking to you as the assistant producer of SmackDown; I’m talking to you as your girlfriend. If you want to flush your career down the toilet, that’s fine. But I’m not going to stand around and watch you do it. If you hurt Shane in any way tonight, don’t bother coming to find me after the show. So make sure you think about your choices carefully.” You said.

“So you’re going to take his side?” He asked.

“I’m not taking sides. I’m trying to talk some sense into you! You aren’t thinking clearly! Attacking Shane or whatever you have planned isn’t going to solve anything, AJ. If you want to talk to Shane one on one, I’ll set up a meeting for you once you’ve calmed down-“

“I’m not going to calm down anytime soon1 I’m pissed and I’m tired of being treated like crap! If they won’t listen to me, I’m going to make them!”

“AJ I mean it. Don’t do something stupid. You know it’s not just Shane that makes the calls.” You said.

“I can’t just sit here and get treated like this, Y/n. I’ve worked too hard to be walked on by this company. I have to make a name for myself and prove to them what kind of talent I am. And if I need to get Vince’s attention, what better way than to go through his son?” He said.

“You don’t need to make a name for yourself, AJ! You’re AJ Styles! You’ve already made a name for yourself! You had a name before you even walked into this company. Everyone knew who you were! Now please…come back inside the arena with me.”

“I’m not going back in there until I talk to Shane. Go back to Gorilla and make sure the show runs smoothly. I’ll see you at the hotel.” AJ said, this time much more calmly.

He leaned in and gave you a quick kiss. You sighed, knowing that you had said all you could. It was in his hands now. He could lose more than just his job tonight. But that was a decision only he could make. 

“I mean it, AJ. You touch Shane, don’t bother coming to find me. I won’t stand by your side if you attack him. I can’t stand beside you if you attack your boss.” You said.

You waited for him to say something, anything. But he didn’t. So you turned and headed back into the arena, just hoping he would do the right thing.

I Don’t Know What Happened

“I don’t understand.” Conor says, glancing between his parents.

Jack sits next to him, wanting to say something similar, but his entire body is numb and his mouth feels dry. He doesn’t know how to react.

“We’re really sorry, dears,” Helen says softly, glancing between her three children, “It’s been coming for a while though.”

“No!” Anna jumps to her feet, “You two love each other!”

“I do love your mother,” Gary nods.

“And I your father.”

“But we aren’t in love with each other.”

“Things have been quite tense between us for a while now,” Helen admits, sharing a quick look with her husband, “And we’ve discussed it at length, and have decided this is the best option.”

“Divorce can’t be the only option!” Conor bursts out, and Jack flinches slightly at the sudden harsh tone in his older brothers voice.


“This is bullshit!” The eldest sibling declares, rising to his feet, “You can’t do this to us!”

“Don’t use that tone with your mother,” Gary scolds, “And watch your language!”

“Jack?” Helen says softly, staring at her middle child.

“I…” He starts before shaking his head, “I can’t do this.” With that said, he’s quick to his feet and out the door, ignoring the small cries of protest that follow him.

His mind is racing as he walks in an aimless direction, letting his feet carry him away from the now broken household.

When Jack hits the beach, he sits heavily on the rocks, staring across the water.

He still doesn’t quite know how to react, but he does know there’s one person he wants to talk to right now.

Pulling his phone out of his pocket, he quickly pulls up the contact number, hitting the button to start the phone call as he lifts his phone to his ear.

“Hey, babe!” Joe’s warm voice greets him, and it takes everything in Jack to not burst into tears right then.

“Hey,” He replies with a shaky voice, “I know you’re meant to be visiting your sister, but, can you come to the beach?”

“Is everything okay?” Joe’s voice turns concerned, and there’s shuffling in the background.

“I just need you right now,” Jack manages to get out, “Please.”

“I’m already on my way. Which part you at?”

Once Joe is told where to go, Jack lets the phone fall to the rocks beside him, pressing the heels of his palms to his eyes, willing himself to not cry.


He turns his head to see Joe hurrying towards him.

It’s only been ten minutes, but his phone has been going off non stop with texts and phone calls from his siblings, although Jack has ignored all of them. He only wants Joe right now.

“I’m sorry,” Jack tells his boyfriend as he takes a seat on the rocks beside him, “I didn’t mean to take you away from your sister…”

“No, it’s fine.” Joe replies, his blue eyes dark like the water as he stares over at Jack, “What’s going on?”

“My parents are getting a divorce.” The younger man chokes on the words, and the tears he had been holding back finally break past his barrier, as if saying it out loud finally makes it real.

“Oh, Jack…” Joe says softly, pulling his boyfriend closer, allowing Jack to bury his face into the older man’s shoulder, “I’m so sorry.”

“I don’t know what happened,” Jack clutches at Joe’s jacket, his words muffled against the collar, “They’ve always been fine!”

“Not all divorces are messy and loud,” Joe tells him, working his fingers through Jack’s hair gently, “They can creep up and out of nowhere.”

“They’re supposed to love each other.” Jack whimpers, “I just want them to love each other…”

“I know, babe, I know.” Joe sighs, thinking back to when his own parents split up. “But this doesn’t mean they love you, or Conor or Anna, any less. You need to remember that. One of the reasons they’re doing this is because they love you.”

Jack’s head snaps up at that, and Joe’s heart breaks a little at the redness in the younger man’s usually bright blue eyes.

“How?! How is it because they love me? Or Conor or Anna?!” Jack bites out, “If they loved us, they’d stay together!”

“No,” Joe speaks quietly, reaching up to brush the hair out of Jack’s eyes, “Because they’d be living a lie. Their feelings would turn dark and bitter, and they’d snap at each other or you guys. Any love they still have would turn to hate, and it would make an uncomfortable home.”

“Is that…is that what happened with yours?” Jack’s voice is a lot smaller sounding as he leans into Joe’s touch.

“Not my parents, no. They got close, though.” Joe’s free hand finds Jack’s, their fingers tangling together, “Trust me, Jack, they know what they’re doing.”

“I don’t know how to react, or what to do about it.”

“You will. Give it time, you’ve only just found out, haven’t you?”

“Yeah,” Jack nods, “They told us before I came here.”

“See, you haven’t even really processed it yet.” Joe smiles softly at Jack as his hand moves to cup his cheek, his thumb brushing away a tear, “I promise though, everything will be fine.”

“Can you,” The younger man hesitates briefly, but at the encouraging look sent towards him, he continues, “Can you stay here with me a bit longer? Will Zoe mind?”

“I’ll stay here as long as you need.” Joe reassures him, leaning in to kiss him softly, “And Zoe will understand that you needed me. She’s good at picking up on stuff like that.”

“Thank you,” Jack mumbles, leaning in to Joe.

“No need to thank me, love. I’m always here. And I promise, things will be okay.”

Try and Stop Me

AH AU Klaroline fic. Chapter 1/3. Also on A03 (x)

Inspired by the Tumblr story: ‘I’ve seen this guy every day for two weeks and he always beats me to the lights. This morning I was in front of him and he literally jogged to get in front of me, turned and said “I’ve been winning for two weeks, can’t stop now. Have a good day, I’ll see you tomorrow’ - TOMORROW I’M WEARING RUNNING SHOES”

This may be Caroline’s competitive side speaking but there’s no way she’s going to lose on her morning fucking commute.

Elena and Bonnie just don’t understand. This isn’t just some random member of the general public making a nuisance of himself. This is war.

Every day on her way to work, Caroline sees the same faces that she always has for the past two years, since she started working for The New York Times. People who get on or off at the same subway stops she does, or buy coffee at the same vendor on Eighth Avenue just before she enters the lobby. There’s Louboutin Lady, who has an array of the to-die-for-shoes, the beautiful Ballet Dancer who gets off three stops before Caroline does and the Coffee Traitor, who works at Starbucks but always has a Dunkin Donuts cup.

Then there’s him.

Up until today he’s just been another New York commuter in the great city’s rich landscape. She’s never been able to come up with a name for him because there’s no stable characteristic. Sometimes he’s on the phone or has a folder under one arm. Once she saw him with a load of Fifth Avenue bags telling his friend that he loved his sister but he’d cut up all her credit cards if it got her to leave town. So at least he’s a family man. He’s damn good looking too; toned muscles, tight blonde curls and blue eyes. He’s just a little taller than her, with long legs which are always encased in dark wash designer jeans. She’s often got tickets to New York’s Fashion Week, she knows these things.

Carrie Bradshaw eat your heart out.

But anyway. It’s the long legs that Caroline blames. It’s why he’s been in front of her every morning for the past two years and its always why Caroline’s determined to win. He joins the sea of people headed to Eighth Avenue a little ahead of her, but Caroline due to her shorter stature and trying to push past tourists walking at a glacial pace in high heels is always three steps behind him. Meaning she gets stopped by the lights and he doesn’t.

But this morning something must have disrupted him because as she’s walking along having already counted off Louboutin Lady, Ballet Dancer and Coffee Traitor, the blonde speed walker is nowhere in sight. She’d looked left and right and hadn’t been able to see him. It was only when she’d felt someone whiz past her that she’d noticed the familiar blonde curls and leather jacket beside her left elbow.

The bastard had actually ran to get in front of her. Once he was a few paces in front he’d turned and stopped. She can still remember him clear as day winking at her and saying “I’ve been winning for two years, can’t stop now Sweetheart. Have a good day, see you same time tomorrow” before jogging off again.

So. War.

As she recounts this to the girls, who are lying around the living room in various states of exhaustion, she waits for their strategic advice. Elena, who is entirely horizontal on one of the sofas, her feet resting in her elder sister’s lap is the first to speak.

“Care, I think you might be overreacting”

Caroline glares at her in response. Honestly she doesn’t know what she was expecting. Elena was always the peacemaker ever since they were babies. She always feels bad but Kat’s nickname of ‘Saint Elena’ does make her giggle, even if she always does leap to Elena’s defence. And, in fairness, Elena has just finished her rotation for the day in the ER, so Caroline can’t expect her to be at full fighting fitness. Instead she turns to Kat, who miraculously has stopped texting for once. In the city that never sleeps, Elena’s big sister makes full use of every avenue. She sleeps with her phone, although from all the A list parties she gets invited to, and the parade of guys she’s brought home at 5am, none of them are actually sure Katherine ever does sleep.

“Is he good looking?”

Elena snorts at Katherine’s priorities and gets her toes pinched in reaction. Before the Petrova sisters can completely ruin the evening by descending into their trademark bickering, Bonnie intercedes thank God.

“I think what we’re all interested to know is, why are you reacting so strongly to what was obviously just some jackass being cocky on his way to work? If you see him tomorrow just ignore him”

Caroline looks around at the three girls who have known her for her entire life. Have gotten her through every grade at school, every break-up, her parents messy divorce, even that whole thing with Tyler last fall. She should have called Enzo, she thinks petulantly.

“Because Bonnie, the guy has never spoken to me in two years but he’s noticed me. He initiated a challenge. No strike that, the guy has been beating me at a challenge I didn’t even know I was part of. I didn’t win Travel Journalist of the Year for the last three years straight by being some push over”

Caroline sits down once more, feeling her point adequately made. Taking a hearty sip of her vodka and lemonade she mentally reviews her wardrobe, mapping out an outfit she can wear that will work with her trainers and a pair of actual work shoes she can change into in the ladies restrooms at work.


Enzo [8.40 am]: Slow and Steady Gorgeous J xx

Caroline knows Enzo’s being sarcastic but she can’t help but appreciate the text all the same. She’d called him last night to ask his opinion. Given that it was all harmless really and she wasn’t about to take up her best friend’s offer of getting her laid to relieve the evident tension she must be feeling (the asshole was lucky he was in Chicago with his band so she couldn’t physically punch him) he’d been more supportive than the girls.

Gorgeous [8.41am]: Already on the starting blocks coach xx

Gorgeous [8.42am]: Now stop distracting me. I can see Luscious in Leather now xx

Enzo [8.43am]: Luscious in Leather?! Are you sure you don’t want to shag this guy?! Xx


Gorgeous [8.44am]: XX

Tucking her phone back into her bag, Caroline picks up the pace, jogging along the two blocks it normally takes her after the subway to spot Blonde and British. Sure enough, she sees him swanning along at his regular pace. He’s just about to hit the street lights so Caroline puts a spurt of speed on and dashes past him. For a minute she thinks it’s a wasted effort beyond her own satisfaction (which is important but it isn’t enough. She needs this guy to know he’s been beaten) and that he hasn’t seen her.

That is until Caroline hears a roar of laughter down the street and the sound of rapid footfalls coming closer.

“Wait! Wait love!” Caroline turns – the runner’s cardinal sin – and spots her intended victim dashing after her. There are several commuters staring at them in mild interest over the outburst from the typical quiet shuffling of a morning. As much as she’s enjoying proving him wrong, she does hope she hasn’t started something she’ll have to continue doing for the foreseeable future. Hell please say she doesn’t have to jog to work every morning from now on. Elena must never know or there’ll be no living with her after this.

The guy practically blurs past her she stops so abruptly. Ducking his head with an embarrassed smile, he wheels round and trots back over until they’re standing face to face.


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“A lot of fans come up and say ‘This song changed my life,can you tell what you meant when you wrote it?’ or ‘This song saved me when I had to go through a messy divorce’…It’s really moving sometimes” - Amy Lee

The Vinyl of the Day is ‘Rumours’ by Fleetwood Mac, 1977. I completely missed that February 4 was the 40th anniversary of the album’s release, so here’s a one day belated recognition! 

Fleetwood Mac had been a fairly successful band for years with their original lineup, but after Bob Welch left for a solo career it was the addition of Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham that really created a creative spark that lifted the band to a whole new level. The first record with the new lineup was ‘Fleetwood Mac’, and it was a huge hit on it’s own - but then ‘Rumours’ became a worldwide sensation and turned them into a megagroup, becoming one of the greatest hit records of all-time. The recording and history of the album makes a long story on it’s own, with the band having enormous personal problems at the time on a Beatles-esque scale - the McVies had just gone through a horribly messy divorce, Nicks and Buckingham were in a tempestuous on/off relationship, and even Mick Fleetwood had just found out his wife had an affair with his best friend. But even the band members eventually felt that all this drama and angst brought out their best music, and helped inspire this once-in-a-lifetime collection of masterpieces. The Mac went on to record many other albums, and Stevie Nicks has had a giant solo career, but ‘Rumours’ is their pinnacle of work, and what they’ll all be remembered for. 

From Wikipedia;

Rumours is the eleventh studio album by British-American rock band Fleetwood Mac. Largely recorded in California during 1976, it was produced by the band with Ken Caillat and Richard Dashut and was released on 4 February 1977 by Warner Bros. Records. The record reached the top of both the United States Billboard chart and the United Kingdom Albums Chart. The songs “Go Your Own Way”, “Dreams”, “Don’t Stop”, and “You Make Loving Fun” were released as singles. Rumours is Fleetwood Mac’s most successful release; along with winning the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 1978, the album has sold over 45 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling albums of all time. Rumours has received diamond certifications in several countries, including the US, Canada, and Australia.

The band wanted to expand on the commercial success of the 1975 album Fleetwood Mac, but struggled with relationship breakups before recording started. The Rumours studio sessions were marked by hedonistic behaviour and interpersonal strife among Fleetwood Mac members; these experiences shaped the album’s lyrics. Influenced by pop music, the record’s tracks were recorded using a combination of acoustic and electric instruments. The mixing process delayed the completion of Rumours, but was finished by the end of 1976. Following the album’s release in 1977, Fleetwood Mac undertook worldwide promotional tours.

Rumours garnered widespread critical acclaim. Praise centred on its production quality and harmonies, which frequently relied on the interplay among three vocalists. The record has inspired the work of musical acts in different genres. Often considered Fleetwood Mac’s best release, it has featured in several publications’ lists of the best albums of the 1970s and the best albums of all time.

Rumours has been acclaimed by music critics since its release. Robert Christgau, reviewing in The Village Voice, gave the album an “A” and described it as “more consistent and more eccentric” than its predecessor. He added that it “jumps right out of the speakers at you”. Rolling Stone magazine’s John Swenson believed the interplay among the three vocalists was one of the album’s most pleasing elements; he stated, “Despite the interminable delay in finishing the record, Rumours proves that the success of Fleetwood Mac was no fluke.”

In a retrospective review, AllMusic editor Stephen Thomas Erlewine gave Rumours five stars and noted that, regardless of the voyeuristic element, the record was “an unparalleled blockbuster” because of the music’s quality; he concluded, “Each tune, each phrase regains its raw, immediate emotional power—which is why Rumours touched a nerve upon its 1977 release, and has since transcended its era to be one of the greatest, most compelling pop albums of all time.” According to Slant Magazine’s Barry Walsh, Fleetwood Mac drew on romantic dysfunction and personal turmoil to create a timeless, five-star record, while Andy Gill of The Independent claimed it “represents, along with The Eagles Greatest Hits, the high-water mark of America’s Seventies rock-culture expansion, the quintessence of a counter-cultural mindset lured into coke-fuelled hedonism”. In 2007, BBC’s Daryl Easlea labelled the sonic results as “near perfect”, “like a thousand angels kissing you sweetly on the forehead”, while Patrick McKay of Stylus Magazine wrote, “What distinguishes Rumours—what makes it art—is the contradiction between its cheerful surface and its anguished heart. Here is a radio-friendly record about anger, recrimination, and loss.”

Family Problems (Phillip Hamilton x Reader)

Originally posted by johnlavren

Pairing: Phillip Hamilton x Reader

Requested?:  ‘Hi doll! Could I please request a Philip x reader with angsty prompt 8 (“Everyday, I need you more and every day, you push me further away.”)? Thank you!’ (@fangirlwithasweettooth )

Prompt:  “Everyday, I need you more and every day, you push me further away.”

Words: 1200+

Warnings: Family Arguing, Angst, Crying, Screaming, Swearing, Physical Violence


To say you had a rocky relationship with your mom was an understatement.

Since you were ten, your mom shifted all her adult responsibility onto you. Paying the bills, grocery shopping, laundry, housekeeping, even making sure she was taken care of. Since your parents’ messy divorce, your mom became a depressed and lazy drunk, always drinking alcohol, taking drugs, and smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. Most of the time, you had to drag her out to the backyard and hose her down with the garden hose. You sometimes left her in bed where she didn’t move a muscle. You had to go to school every day and worried constantly about your mom, knowing she wasn’t going to take care of herself while you were gone during the day.

This also led to you two constantly arguing and disagreeing. Sometimes, when she was drunk or high, she’d lash out at you or throw things. You’d usually end up staying the night at a friend’s house or locking yourself in your room until dawn. You grew to resent and hate your mom.

The only good thing about your horrible world was Philip Hamilton.

You didn’t know what but there was something about Philip that made you keep going. You hadn’t nothing to live for and you were certain your mom wanted you gone, but Philip made you keep going. He was your one and only friend. He helps you and makes you feel special. He makes you laugh and smile. He’s always there when you need him and you’re always there when he needs you. You two did almost everything together; shopping, dining, road trips, video games, movie marathons, you name it. You two were inseparable. Even when Philip’s dad put him on that inhumane studies schedule, which left almost no time for you in his life. But, you managed to stay friends.

You two actually are currently dating. It all started when he asked you to homecoming in Freshman year of high school. You were reluctant to accept and you ended up having a wonderful time. This led to Philip leaving anonymous love poems in your locker and sending you flowers every weekend. You had an idea of who was your secret admirer and you ended up being right when Philip kissed you at the spring fling that same year. He asked you to be his girlfriend and you accepted without hesitation. Since then, you two have been closer and very much in love. Philips’ family adored you and you were always accepted in the Hamilton household. Philip was a big softy when it came to showing affection. He’d hug you from behind, kiss your neck, steal kisses when no one is looking, and even just hold your hand whenever he felt like it, which was very often. Every kiss left you breathless and very in love. He loved holding you and showing everyone that you belonged to him by leaving bite marks and hickeys on your neck, collarbone, and shoulders. He also like to make you flustered with poetry and cheesy pick-up lines. You’d do it in return but it didn’t have a big impact on him.  

It was now a year after you graduated high school. You were still waiting for your letters from King’s College or Juilliard School, the performing arts school you really wanted to go to. The only reason you wanted to King’s College was that Philip was going to that school so he could follow in his father’s footsteps and become a lawyer. You were still living at home but you were slowly moving your stuff into Philip’s apartment. Your mom doesn’t seem to care that you’re moving out. She never cares.

You were hanging out with Philip at your house one cool summer day. You were just aimlessly watching Criminal Minds when your mom stumbled in from the back porch after her smoke break. She was disoriented like usual, holding onto the kitchen counter to support her curvy-almost-chubby body as her drugs wore off. She looked helplessly confused but you didn’t spare her a glance. This was her normal state of mind before she would force you to leave the couch so she could laze around and watch game shows while doping back up again.

You excused yourself from the couch and went to the fridge for something to snack on. You planned on having an early dinner with Philip’s family before moving the last of your things into his apartment and leaving your mom to fend for herself. You were mere hours away from being free from the stressful hell your mother has put you through since you were young.

“Why are you all dressed up for?” You heard your mother’s judgemental nasally tone ask from behind you.

“I’m going to have dinner with the Hamiltons, mom.” You answered flatly, not sparing her a glance. “I won’t be home until seven or eight. Don’t wait up for me.”

“You’re always leaving, (Y/N).” Your mother muttered. “You have things to do here too. What about your chores? The bills?”

“You can do that on your own, mom. You’re a functioning adult.” You took a bag of chips from the cabinet and went back to your place on the couch.

“Don’t talk to me like that, young lady.” Your mother hissed, hobbling to the couch. “I am your mother.”

You stood up again, glaring daggers at the woman you don’t see as your mother. “You can talk to me like that but I can’t talk to you like that? I’m an adult, mom! I can do whatever I want.”

“You’re sixteen, (Y/N)!”

“I am nineteen, you deranged alcoholic! You’re too drunk or high to even remember the day of the week it is! Stay out of my shit, woman!”

Philip stood up, placing his hand on your shoulder. “(Y/N), maybe we should go-”

“You’re right, Philip.” You said with an angry smirk. “We should go. Let’s go get my stuff.”

“You’re leaving me?” Your mother asked with wide terror-filled eyes.

You glared at her from the base of the stairs. “Yes, I am. I no longer want to be here.”

“You can’t leave me! Who will pay the bills?”

“You, mom. You’re an adult. Figure it out.”

“(Y/N), please don’t leave me! I’m your mother!”

“No, you’re not!” You were basically screaming. “A mother cares for her child, not the other way around! A mother supports and loves her child. You don’t love me! I’m nothing but your servant and I’m sick to death of your bullshit!”

Your mother said nothing but watched in shock as you stood your ground and yelled at her.

“Everyday, I need you more and every day, you push me further away.” You say, clenching your fists. “I no longer love you as my mother. You’re just an unwanted housemate. Eliza Hamilton is my mother. She actually gives a fuck about me and makes sure I’m fed, clean, and healthy. She’s the mother you can never be and I’m blessed and very happy to have her and her wonderful family in my life. The Hamiltons are my family, not you!”

“(Y/N), please, don’t leave me!” Your mom- no, housemate cried. “You’re all I have left.”

“Well, not you have nothing.”

You stomped upstairs and you and Philip grabbed all your stuff before marching out of the house and putting your stuff in the backseat of Philip’s car. You retrieved your bag and phone and didn’t spare your former housemate another glance before getting into Philip’s car and driving away. You watched with a relieved smile as your childhood home faded farther and farther away.

Not just in the rear-view mirror.

But also, in your heart.

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