messy bun type thing

made crepes for the first time today… absolutely failed at it so my boyfriend finished it for me & made them perfect 👅also pardon my hair it’s in a sleepy-messy bun type thing hahah

preference #6 // the first “i love you.”

requested. hope you enjoy it, babe!

michael 🐱
you guys were hanging out indoors. it was raining cats and dogs outside and it was the perfect day to just hang out inside together. so you two made a small blanket fort with spare pillows inside and curled up together inside while michael brought a couple controllers inside the fort. so you watched for a little bit as he played and soon you wanted to play. he added your character and handed you the control, showing you what controlled what and let you loose on the opposing team.

at first, you really didn’t get the game and were starting to get frustrated, but then you got your first kill. you were so excited you immediately started getting a little cocky. and as you concentrated more and more on the game, michael concentrated more and more on you. you had your hair up in a messy ponytail/bun type thing, you were wearing michael’s sex pistols sweater and just a pair of your underwear. your tongue was sticking out and your eyes were trained on the screen, lighting up with every kill.

he spoke up, always one to speak his mind, “i just realized something,” he told you, bringing your attention from the game for a moment.

“what, babe?” you asked, curiosity lacing your tone.

he gave you the biggest smile, “that i love you.”

suddenly, the game was forgotten and your eyes widened. this was the first “i love you,” of the relationship.

michael started to feel uneasy with your silence, but right as he was about to say something, you threw the controller to the side and turned fully to michael, putting your thighs around his hips and kissing him pulled away, the biggest smile on your face, “i love you, too, mikey.”


luke 🐧
today was the day that luke, and the rest of the boys, were leaving on tour for a few months. you both hadn’t gotten any sleep and had stayed up talking about everything, but there was one thing that he really, really wanted you to know but still hadn’t told you.

that he loved you.

you two waited at the airport for a couple hours, curled up together in one of the chairs. when they called his plane’s number, you started to tear up, whispering to him not to forget you while he was away.

he hugged you tightly near the gate, not wanting to let you go. but the plane was going to take off in a few minutes and he had to go before they left without him. he left a lingering kiss on your lips, looking deep into your eyes before telling you honestly, “i love you.”

you froze, thinking about what he said for a few seconds. just as he was about to leave, you kissed him back despite the tears falling down your face. he cupped your cheeks, savoring the last moment before he went away for a few months. “i love you, too.” you told him. he gave you one last kiss, whispering those same words again and left on the plane.


calum 🐶
you two would be rocking out to a playlist of both of yours favorite songs ranging from chris brown and bring me the horizon to a couple pop songs and all time low. you guys were jumping around screaming the lyrics to each other, loving how carefree everything was. and as the music slowed, so did your dancing. 

“thinking out loud” by ed sheeran came on, and he smiled, “may i have this dance, miss?”

you laughed at his posh accent and nodded, copying his accent as you replied with a, “yes, mr. hood. it would be an honor.”

and he’d put his hands loosely on your hips slow dancing with you, as you put your arms around the back of his neck. you guys swayed to the beat, calum whispering the lyrics under his breath as he leaned in and pressed a kiss to your lips.

“i… i have something to tell you,” he muttered.

you hummed, encouraging him to go on.

“well, we’ve been together for a few months, right? and everyday with you is a new adventure, and every time i’m around you, my heart starts beating fast and my stomach fills with butterflies, and you make me feel things and i think…,” he took a deep breath, “i think what i’m trying to say is that i’m in love with you, (y/n).”

you grinned, “i’m glad you said that, calum, because i have something to tell you.”


“i’m in love with you, too.”


ashton 🐨
you and ashton would be out and about the town, seeing the sights and taking plenty of pictures when a group of fans approached you. knowing they wanted some time with their idol, you backed off a little bit. you watched with a smile as they interacted and you loved the look of adoration on ashton’s face as he talked with the fans. you knew he loved his fans with all his heart – in fact, that’s one of the reasons why you loved him.

suddenly, a couple fans approached you asking for pictures and autographs. you were surprised but complied with a huge smile on your face. ashton told the fans that you were probably waiting for him to finish up and told them goodbye. luckily, they were nice and understanding, wishing that you and him and a nice rest of the day and he told them that it was nice to meet them.

when he looked up, he didn’t expect to see you occupied with your own group of his fans. he laughed and watch you interact with them. as he observed, he started to realize how lucky he was to call you his girl. not that he possessed you like an object, though. he thought about how he loved how your smile lit up a room and how your eyes twinkled when you talked about something you loved and how your laugh sounded like heaven to him. and he realized then that he loved you.

you looked up, noticing ashton waiting for you and told the fans that it was nice talking to them and that you wished they’d have a good day. they left and ashton came over, taking your hands in his and leaning in to kiss you.

“how did i get so lucky with you?” he mumbled against your lips.

“i ask myself that everyday.” you replied.

“hey, (y/n)?”

“yeah, ashton?”

“i love you,” he replied with a small smile on his face.

you smiled back, your heart swelling, “i love you, too, ashton.”