messy blankets

I was so tired, I became an easy prey for the sadness. Slowly, the feeling came, looking at me with curiosity. It didn’t look bad, it wasn’t even scary or evil. It was just there, alone, looking for company I guessed. So I sat and watched it patiently. The more I observed it, the more I got attached to it.

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Things I associate with NCT 127

Taeil: Loving gazes, late night kisses, hanging lights, rubbing circles in skin, flannel, the smell of brewed coffee, quotes, hickeys, messy blankets in the morning, t.v. static, vhs tapes, sneaking out at night, old school movies, bruises, garage bands, acid wash jeans, tie dye, black and white images. 

Taeyong: Leather bracelets, veins, denim jackets, metal trinkets, chokers, rolled up sleeves, patches, aviators, graphic tees, walks in the dark, black nails, candle lit rooms, ripped jeans, tattoos, abandoned carnivals, over grown parks, empty museums, dead trees, graffiti, train yards, bruises. 

Yuta: Sitting beside the lake, skipping stones, lost gazes, waterfalls, wicker chairs, ages books, sitting on the pier, being alone in the forest, chills down your spine, moleskine, rusted lockets, cross hatching, scribbles in notebooks,  vacant fields of flowers, type writers, polaroids, mist.

Jaehyun: Wallet chains, doc martens, leather cord, reflections, patchy jackets, silver rings, leather jackets, the sound of rain, red wine, intense gazes, ink pens, calligraphy, cassette tapes, smoke, sitting in the grass, rosary beads, black lace, over sized t-shirts, messy hair in the morning, watching the sun set.

WinWin: Floral patterns, the night breeze from a roof top, parking garages,  goodnight kisses, turtle necks, lemonade on a hot summer day, scarves in the winter, morning walks, the feeling of grass between your toes, long sleeves, cold hands, the city skyline, traveling to new places, a busy city at night, dates at coffee shops.

Mark: Paisley, suspenders, backpacking around the world, crystals/gem stones, brush strokes, melting candles, sitting under trees, writing lyrics, brush strokes, messy paint swatches, dream catchers, the smell of grapes, grand father clocks, hourglasses, lazy hugs, smooth concrete.

Haechan: Hammocks, afternoons at the pier, getting lost in the forest, broaches, the feeling of sand between your toes, the sea breeze, throw pillows, knit sweaters, blurred images, ankle bracelets, summer love, watching the sun set, potted plants, palm trees, cloud gazing, pine needles, sunlight slipping through curtains, feathers.

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Lately i've been looking at betta shops online(because i honestly feel nervous about the pet store bettas) and i was wondering; so many people ship bettas i havent even seen in stores, if i decide on buying one what kind of stress reliever coat should i use in the tank?

Any stress reliever will work, but my personal favorite is Seachem’s Stressguard! It’s probably the best (manufactured) stress coat that you can buy! It goes a long way, too, and contains ions that promote fin and gill health. Not to mention, unlike other brands, the artificial slime coat only adheres to your fish, and not all the tank decor (which is great, because it won’t clog your filter!)

You can also try API’s StressCoat, which is my second choice, if I can’t get Stressguard, but StressCoat can get messy, and will blanket everything in your tank. Regardless, it works, and if you don’t mind cleaning your filter a little more than usual, I’d go for it. :) On top of being a stress reliever, it’s also a water conditioner!

If you’re looking for something 100% natural, go for Indian Almond Leaves (IAL). IAL are said to be the best in betta health, as many breeders say that they stimulate breeding, as well as healthier fins and stronger scales. You can buy a bunch of these, and (if you want instant results), you can boil the leaves, and pour in the “tea” that you’ve made with them. Make sure to let it cool, and pour it in slow, over a period of an hour, as the change in water chemistry can shock your fish (AIL will lower your PH). If you don’t mind waiting for your AIL to do it’s magic by itself, you can drop a leaf or two in your tank. The leaf will sink in about 3 days, where it will start doing its thaanng. XD Keep in mind that AIL will turn your water an amber color!

Hope this helps!   :D

yoongi scenario | like cat and dog (pt. 2)

Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3 | Pt 4

You are a dog owner. Your neighbour, Min Yoongi, is a cat owner. The two of you are constantly arguing over your pets, bickering about how they cause so much trouble. Will the two of you ever be able to see eye to eye?

genre: fluff
word count: 2.0k

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A/N: It gets a little angsty in the middle, sorry. It’ll get more fluffy later, I promise

You blink your eyes open, and blearily drink in the blue morning light sifting through your apartment.

Sitting up, you ruffle your hair, which has become twisted and messy with sleep. The blanket which had been pulled over you slides onto the floor with a soft fwump. 

Your dog is asleep in his basket, breathing lightly.

The events of last night trickle to the forefront of your brain, muddling your thoughts. It seems distant and blurry now. Getting up, you see two empty mugs, cleaned and rinsed, sitting on your kitchen counter. The remnants of the night before.

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