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Cuddling A Nightmare

Fic Request: 

“I am so supper sorry I know u have a ton of requests and u did something kinda like this in bitter p.02 but can u pls do one were anti wakes the reader up from a nightmare and just snuggles and cuddles cause I have been having nighmares that won’t leave me alone? thank you o very much!”

*Screams* ANOTHER ANTI FIC! Woohoo! 
Hope you guys enjoy! 

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His hand made you jerk into reality. You gasped, tearing away from Anti as you clawed at the phantoms that followed you from your nightmare. 
“Whoa,” Anti said, “Easy, it’s just me.” 
You shivered, suddenly cold. You felt the goose-bumps on your skin as you rubbed your arms, trying to get some warmth into them. 
“S-Sorry,”  You muttered, gazing around the room. “Bad..Bad dream.” 
“I could tell,” Anti said, irritation biting at his words. “I could hear you down the hall.” 
You winced, “Sorry. They’re getting worse.” 
Anti hummed, watching you with a slight glow in his eyes. The light from his gaze illuminated the room, scattering the shadows that started to mock the edges of your imagination. You sighed, finally calming. 
“Thanks for waking me, Anti,” You said with a small smile. “This is the third time you’ve done this.” 
“Don’t mention it,” Anti said, “But with this third restless night, I’m staying in here.” 
“Huh?” You replied. “You..You don’t have to.” 
“I know,” Anti said, gathering the messy blankets and throwing them over you. “But I can’t be bothered walking back to my room, now.” 
“Fine, but if you’re sleeping in here, we’re cuddling!” You snapped jokingly. 
“Deal,” Anti replied. His answer took you off guard, but you settled back into the blanket and snuggled against his side. 
Anti slept on his back, cradling you against him with one arm and the other resting over his chest. 
He was so much warmer than you were. He made a noise when you nestled against him. 
“Jeez, you’re freezing!” He exclaimed. 
“No turning back now!” You told him, hugging his side. “You’re committed to this.”
Anti grumbled and laid his head on your pillows.
With your head resting on his shoulder, you could faintly hear his irregular heart-beat. His breaths were slow and deep, a slight whistle slipping from his nose when he exhaled. 
He was already asleep. 
You closed your eyes, trying to sooth yourself into a slumber. But you found that sleep wasn’t ready to have you yet. 
You tossed gently, rolling so your back was against Anti’s side. You tried to find a comfortable spot, but no matter how you positioned your legs, they felt wrong. 

You sighed softly, trying not to wake the sleeping entity beside you. 
After another careful roll, you settled in the same position a few turns ago. With your back squashed against  Anti and your head on his forearm. 
It would have to do.
You felt Anti move behind you, he rolled against you, his right arm draping over your waist and pulling you flush against his chest. 
His face buried itself into your hair, his whiskery chin tickling your neck as he nuzzled you. 
“If you don’t stop moving, I’m gonna wrap you up in this blanket and make you into a burrito.” Anti mumbled drowsily into your hair.
You smiled a little and stirred in his arms, enough to make yourself comfortable again. He made a quiet growling sound and tightened his embrace around your middle. 
“I’m comfortable now,” You notified him. You were answered with a sleepy hum and a little less restraint on your stomach.
You closed your eyes, concentrating on the warm breath that washed over your cheeks. You found yourself slowly drifting off, but deep sleep played at the edges of your consciousness.
Mocking you. 
A pleasant sensation opened your eyes again, to find Anti’s hand caressing your upturned palm. He drew circles on the smooth skin, running his fingertips long the lengths of your fingers and then grazing his thumb over your wrist. 
You closed your eyes again as he continued the pattern. 
He started drawing designs on your arm, the tips of his fingers fluttering over the skin. His legs tangled with yours, somehow drawing you closer as you started to fall back into the nightmare. 
“I’m here,” He whispered into your ear. “Those creatures in your mind are no match for me. Sleep now, and I’ll keep them away.” 
He watched your face relax, slacken with sleep as the shadows in your head dispersed into empty sleep. 
He settled back into the pillow, maintaining the same movements with his fingers until he too fell into sleep.

Daring (Short)

Note: Just something I literally put together because I’m having so many feels right now omg. (Credits to gif owners)

To say you were excited Kai was back was an understatement. He showed up at your door last night. The night was filled with crying so hard you ran out of tears and laughing and screaming in excitement to the point you lost your voice. Five years. Five years you went without him next to you, holding you at night. And here he was, without explanation back from the dead. And you were pretty sure he didn’t have a head…

But you could only focus on the fact he was here with you. Your night was filled with sex and lots of it. There you were, in your bed with one of his old shirts draped over your body messily. Kai was using the shower, he offered for you to join but you needed time to reflect how happy you were. Without him questioning the smile on your face. Because believe it or not, Kai was a very curious guy.

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Simple Man (Part 3)

Originally posted by justjensenanddean

Summary: Reader and Dean might finally be starting to get along?…

Part 1 Part 2

Pairing: cop!Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,900ish

Warnings: language

A/N: Last part later today!…

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Love Woo - Remus Lupin Oneshot

Character: Remus Lupin.
Era: Marauders Era.
Gender: Female.
Warnings: Talk of scars.
Info: No house or blood status is mentioned. Just some short fluff.
Summary: When you and Remus decided to miss out on the Quiddich celebrations, you find it hard to debate whether to go and retrieve your friends or not when you’re so comfortable.
A/N: You should read this because it had drunk Sirius and James near the end, and that part is actually one of the favourite things I’ve ever come up with.

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Despite it being 2 in the morning, you could still here the whoops and mull of the Gryffindor house in celebration, despite them celebrating the quidditch success since 5:30 the previous evening.

Remus came out of the bathroom and admired you for a short moment. The dull flicker of the lights made the dimly lit room cosy as you sat with your legs crossed on his bed, his Gryffindor jumper wrapped warmly around you, joggers and fuzzy socks as you turned your head and smiled at him.

He walked over and jumped onto the bed, leaning over to kiss your cheek before slumping back to lean on one of his arms.
“We should try and drag Sirius and James up to bed.”
“What about Peter?”
“If he’s been trying to keep up with those two, he’ll be passed out already. And if we don’t do something soon, then so will Sirius.” You explained as he groaned, giving you a cheeky smile.
“Can we not leave them?” He suggested as he shifted closer to you.
“No, we can’t.” You said, giving him a pointed look but not being able to hide your smile.

“Just for a minute? Or ten?” He suggested, placing his forehead on yours, pushing his lips to yours as you giggled, wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you back with him, his head hitting his pillow as you squealed and his grip on your waist tightened.
“Oh no, looks like we can’t go get them now, what a shame.” He said with mock disappointment, moving his foot to try and move the covers further up the bed.

“And I thought you’d be the one to help your friends.” You teased back as he finally managed to stretch his free arm to drag up the duvet to encase you both.
“I am not my brothers keeper.”
“Wow. Quoting the Bible. I didn’t know you read anything other than DADA textbooks.”
“Well, it might as well be fiction.”
“Says the magical werewolf who won’t go get his friends from a party where they were celebrating chasing an enchanted ball on flying broomsticks.” You retorted, sliding off his body to lay your ear on his pillow and your body to the side, inviting the warmth from the duvet.
“Touché.” He replied with a chuckle as you kissed his collarbone before laying your hands on his bare chest before quickly retreating them backwards.

“Merlin Remus, you’re freezing.”
“Noooo, your hands are warm.” He complained like a child before gently taking your wrists and placing the warm palms on his cheeks as he closed his eyes and kept them there whilst he soaked up the warmth.

“Maybe if you didn’t walk around shirtless so much you wouldn’t be so cold.”
“It’s hard when you’ve taken my jumper, isn’t it?” He said, raising his eyebrows cheekily.
“This isn’t the only piece of clothing you own!” You exclaimed as he laughed and pulled you closer, his nose against yours.

“You’re beautiful, you know that?” He whispered as you smiled up into his eyes.
“So are you.” You mused.
“Yeah. The scars are real beautiful.” He said sarcastically as your hands trailed their way down to the dips in the skin by his ribs.
“They are. They’re a mark of how strong you are. Of how you’ve survived. It lets me know that you can be hurt and safe when you’re out there.”
“You shouldn’t be worrying your pretty little head about anything when I’m out there.” He said, placing his lips on your forehead for several seconds.
“I like worrying. I’m very good at it.” You informed him as he laughed, looking down before he put his lips against your, your heart thumping as his lips moved slowly against yours, his bare chest pressed up against you and his arms pulling you in by the small of your back.
It was beautiful. It was loving and sensual in the most innocent way.

“Mmm. I don’t like you anymore.” You sighed against his lips softly as his eyes dragged open as he chuckled, staring gently at you.
“Because now if I want to get the boys up here, I need to get out of here, where I’m warm and snuggly.” You complained, pushing your cheek against Remus’ chest where he now lay on his back.

“Or… We could just lay here, allow them to be teenagers and allow them to make their own mistakes.” He shrugged as you looked up and met his eyes.
“Oh God. We’re an old married couple already, aren’t we?” You joked as he tightened his grip your body and kissed the top of your head.
“It’s not the end of the world.” He said, and if on cue, the duo stumbled in.

“Hey look. Moony. And Mrs Moony.” Sirius beamed like he’d just discovered something amazing.
“See. Now you don’t have to get out of bed.” Remus whispered in your ear.
“James! James, Moony is whispering, they’re talking about us.”
“We weren’t Pads.”
“Promise?” He asked like a four year old.
“Promise.” You confirmed as he giggled and flopped into bed.

“I’m a Dementor. Oooohhhhhhh.” A figure shaped like James said, running around the room in a blanket.
“Prongs, please go to sleep.” Remus asked as Sirius went:
“Moony. Moony. Moony. Moony moony moon moons.”
“Yes?” He said unimpressed.
“Make sure Y/N doesn’t watch me getting changed.”
“I won’t Sirius.” You told him.
“I don’t trust you.” He stated simply as Remus chucked the duvet over your head.
“See. She won’t look.”
“Thanks Moony, love wooo.” He said blissfully.
“Ha. Love woo.” You mocked as Remus kicked your leg.

“Why doesn’t Lily love me?”
“Oh God. He’s that type of drunk.” Remus muttered as he pulled the covers back to let you see again.
“Omigod! Prongs, Y/N was here the entire time!” Sirius gawked, now in a different shirt and his boxers, stumbling through the room.
“Maybe it’s not that she doesn’t love you, she just doesn’t realise it yet.” You told him gently as his pout and the sad flop of messy hair with the blanket around his shoulders made him look like the sad kid who was told to stop playing superheroes.
“But will she ever?” He asked, pouting.
“I tell you what James, why don’t you go to sleep and we’ll go to the Astronomy Tower and look in the crystal balls tomorrow morning?” You said. Neither of you had the talent or ‘the gift of sight’ as it was put but Prongs usually forgot this in his drunken state and nodded thoughtfully as he got under the covers fully clothed.

Sirius, however, was still skipping around the room.

“Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Hoggy Hogwarts, teach us something please!” He sang, jumping about the centre of the room.
“Yes dearest?”
“Will you pass me the map please?”
“It’s for Moony.” He looked at you suspiciously before waddling over and handing you the paper before you grabbed his hand and told him:
“Beddybyes now.”

“Yes Mummy Moony.” He muttered, letting your hand fall as he climbed into bed and turned your head to Remus.
“Peter okay?”
“He’s in the common room, he’s fine.” Remus said, muttering:
“Mischief Managed.” Whilst you brought the dim lights to darkness and placed your wand on the windowsill next to the bed.

“How do I get Lily to love me?” James asked, Sirius already snoring as you found a comfy position in Moony’s arms and began to drift off.
“Give good hugs.”

Cabin || Jughead Jones

Prompt: Omg pls do 2,3,7 with jug oleasssse

Jughead and the reader decide to spend their anniversary in the reader’s aunt’s cabin but don’t realize she’s there as well. She’s keeping the two of you apart because she’s worried about what the two of you would do if you’re alone. The two of you get frustrated one cold night after no contact and Jughead sneaks into your room.

A/N: This is not smut! Just FYI. 

2.) “Please, put some pants on, you’re embarrassing me.”
3.) “Oh, love, I don’t think you understand the meaning of sarcasm.”
7.) “Honestly, if you wanted sex this bad you could’ve just told me!”


Maybe spending time in your aunt’s cabin in Vermont right in the middle of winter wasn’t  a good idea after all. You were there with your boyfriend, Jughead Jones III, for your two year anniversary. Jughead didn’t like the cold, so you nearly had to beg him to go north with you. You thought you and Jughead would have the cabin to yourselves. At least that’s what your parents said. Oh, were you wrong. Unbeknownst to you, your aunt had also decided to spend that weekend up in the cabin as well. Why she wanted to get away from her comfy, cozy mansion in New York to go to a shabby cabin in December was beyond anyone’s understanding. Imagine your surprise, and Jughead’s deep displeasure, when you saw your aunt standing in the doorway of the cabin waving at the two of you. She had separated you and Jughead into bedrooms across the hall from each other and had situated herself smack in the middle of the two of you. Her message was clear. No hanky-panky.

The first morning and afternoon in the cabin was the worst. Your aunt had made poor Jughead chop firewood (despite having more than enough in the house to last for three days and nights) and had made you wander the woods around the cabin looking for sticks and branches. Worst of all, whenever you tried to approach Jughead or vice versa, your aunt would always tell you to get back to work. As if the two of you would bang right there and then in the snow (who did your aunt think she was? Seriously.)

It was now nighttime on the first day and it was even worse than that morning and afternoon. The heater had broke, leaving the cabin feeling like the North Pole and the four blankets on top of you weren’t helping you whatsoever. The electrician said he could come in first thing tomorrow so for tonight, everyone in the cabin had to try to fend off hypothermia. Your teeth chattered as you looked at the clock. 2:43. You groaned in frustration. This was ridiculous. You threw off the covers, ready to sneak into Jughead’s room and snuggle with him. You’d deal with your aunt later. Just as you reached your door, you heard a tentative knock on the door.

“Y/N? You awake?” Jughead asked from the other side.

You opened the door immediately and were greeted with the sight of Jughead with messy hair and a blanket around him. You snorted at what you saw and he glared at you.

“What? I’m cold.” he mumbled.

You rolled your eyes at him and let him into your room, closing the door behind you.

“Couldn’t sleep, huh?” you asked.

Jughead scoffed.

“Obviously. I’m freezing. Can we make a fire or something? In the living room?” he asked.

You shook your head.

“Not without my aunt knowing.” you said.

He growled.

“How do you suggest we get warm, huh? Take our clothes off and do that skin-to-skin contact?” Jughead asked, pulling his blanket closer.

Deciding to humor the whiny baby that is your boyfriend, you began to take your clothes off with a straight face. Jughead’s eyes widened as your quickly dropped your pants and took off your shirt, now only wearing your underpants. You crossed your arms and looked at him.

Honestly, if you wanted sex this bad you could’ve just told me!” you said.

Jughead swallowed at he took in your appearance and you could tell he was trying very hard not to get aroused. He dropped his blanket and cleared his throat.

“Is this supposed to make me feel something?” he dead-panned.

You rose your eyebrows at him before you began to put your shirt back on, knowing he would object.

Jughead quickly held his hand out, effectively stopping your actions.

Oh, love, I don’t think you understand the meaning of sarcasm.” he said, crossing the room.

You giggled as Jughead reached you and claimed your lips. The both of you were so involved in your making out that you didn’t notice the door opening.

“What’s going on in here?!” Your aunt nearly screamed.

You and Jughead sprung apart, cheeks bright red.

“Oh, my—“ Your aunt looked away and did the Holy Trinity sign. Jughead stifled a snicker and you bit your lip to stop from bursting out into laughter.

Y/N, put some pants on, you’re embarrassing me.” Your aunt said as she shook her head almost like she was trying to remove the image from her brain.

Jughead looked at you in disbelief. Seriously? he mouthed. You shrugged as you began to pull your pajama pants back on. At least the two of you weren’t cold anymore. You looked up at Jughead who was smirking at you and you couldn’t help but smile back. It was going to be a long weekend, but with Jughead by your side, maybe, just maybe, it wouldn’t be as bad as you thought.


A/N: Let me know what you thought!

Nosey - Dylan O’Brien

Rating: MA (17+ for Explicit Content)

Pairing: Reader x Dylan O’Brien

Word Count: 3,236

Warning: Voyeurism(ish), Oral, NSFW

A/N: So, I’m back from my hiatus because today is my birthday. It’s currently 1:04AM and I decided to post this imagine now. It’s a little more simpler in terms of how it’s written compared to my more recent imagines because I started this one back in December of 2015. But, nevertheless, I liked it enough to not just delete it. So, enjoy.

P.S. The gif doesn’t have anything to do with the imagine but I just love Stalia and loOK A DYLAN’S JAWLINE.


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sick days

pairing: polyhamilsquad x reader

You had just gotten out of your last class at Colombia. You couldn’t stop coughing and your head was spinning. Clumsily, you reached for your phone in your pocket. You tiredly scrolled through your contacts and finally landed on one.The only boy you knew that would be home would be Lafayette so you called his phone and headed out towards the front of the college.

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Wake Up Call

Originally posted by sensuous

Pairing: Leonard ‘’Bones’’ McCoy x Reader

You gently help your boyfriend complete your little morning routine for waking up for yet another shift on the Enterprise.

Warnings: None? There’s fluff

Word count: 470 (this is still a drabble right)

This is a pretty spontaneous drabble thingy that just wanted to be written because I absolutely adore early morning/lazy morning fics. Have fun!


You snap your eyes open at the sound of your alarm and let your right hand skim your face, pushing back the stray hairs from your face as you wake. Meanwhile you recognize the quiet snoring of your boyfriend next to you, happily continuing his sleep. With one short glance at him, or more specifically his bare back, you hit your alarm until it shuts up.

After another groan you get up, leaving the blanket messy behind you as you get your clothes and get ready in the bathroom for your shift. As you turn on the coffee machine you hear a groan coming from the mattress. Your eyes follow the sound to where Leonard is currently turning onto his back and then his right side, almost as if he noticed that you had already left bed. His hair is mussed from sleep, the upstanding wisps of hair the only thing outside of the sheets he had tugged up almost over his face. There’s no noise except for the slight snoring and the coffee machine, creating a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere. You hum as you fill up the other cup.

A loud beeping disrupts the peace.

Followed by a loud and angry grunt.

You keep humming and grab the second cup of coffee.  Leonard opens one eye while you shut off your second alarm and set down both cups of coffee. After toeing your boots off, both of them landing on the ground with dull thuds, you climb back into bed. One of your hands immediately finds Leonard’s hair, carefully playing with the strands and massaging his head. Your other hand grabs one of the cups to raise it to your lips. You close your eyes as the warm coffee hits the taste buds in your mouth.

Leonard however, inches his head closer to you until his head and a good part of his torso are resting on your lap. A subtle smile tugs on his lips his face otherwise still soft and relaxed from sleep. The sheets are by now down to his shoulder blades, revealing part of the man’s back- and his slightly freckled skin that covers the generous amount of muscles there.

“Ready for another wonderful day in space, Len?”

“Darlin’. Please”, he grumbles against your thighs and you chuckle lowly. Your fingers now take up on massaging his neck. Your feel the muscles tensing first, then a moan announces the following softness after you loosen up the small knot under your fingers. Leonard eases one hand under his chin and looks up to your face. Hazel eyes search yours, the warm light you had chosen to turn on accentuating the warmth in his gaze. He observes you quietly, his eyes almost half closed while you try not to blush.

“You look lovely, darlin’.”

“Said the handsome man.”


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What if I was sober? (Part 2).

Anonymous: Omfg I loved the drunk spencer one so much !! But it would be so amazing if u could write a second part where its some weeks later and spencer thinks she can’t remember ( but she can) and they go out with the team again ? So she is drunk again but not that much an when spencer walks her in her apartment she starts kissing him immediately ?? ( if you feel comfortable smut happens ??)

A/N: I changed it so that they get called on a case and Spencer and the reader have to a share a room. They didn’t get time to talk about what happened (but the reader still remembers and Spencer had been avoiding her) . The next chapter will be the result of this angsty lead up to smut!!

Part 1.

Originally posted by smol-bean-reid

The ear-piercing ringing tone cracked through the quiet room, causing Y/N to mindlessly pick up the phone beside her groggily.

“Hello?” She groaned, dainty fingers lightly massaging her burning temples to ease her alcohol-induced headache.

“Spencer, we have- Wait, Y/N? This is Spencer’s phone.” Penelope’s humorous voice quickly rambled, a small mischievous grin playing at her painted lips. Y/N widened her eyes, glancing beside her to find Spencer’s messy hair blanketing her pillow .

“Oh god.” Y/N whispered, memories flooding back to her of her eager actions towards the timid doctor.

“Earth to Y/N, we have a case.” Penelope muffled her giggles, hanging up the phone so the hungover girl could compose herself. Inhaling deeply, Y/N hesitantly nudged Spencer’s chest lightly.

“Spencer.” She cooed, one hand on his chest and the other hesitantly brushing his brown curls away from his face. His eyes flickered open, a sleepy groan escaping his throat making Y/N giggle, butterflies attacking her belly.

“We have a case.” Y/N murmured, bringing Spencer from his overly sleepy state as he sat up, causing hand to fall from his messy curls.

“Oh, uh, okay.” Spencer stumbled, quickly looking away from her while his heart fluttered at the sight of the girl, mind racing about last night’s events.

While they were jetting away to their next case, Y/N silently curled into the crook of the seat, making Emily chuckle lowly at her.

“Are you sober enough to be working?” Emily teased but Y/N just nodded subtly before bringing her knee’s to her chest, briefly glancing over at the doctor who had been avoiding her ever since they got to the BAU. Emily frowned at her unusual behaviour, wordlessly sitting beside her and nudging her softly.

“Hey, you okay?” Emily whispered, intense eyes observing the hunched girl.

“Yeah.” Y/N replied softly, eyes flickering over to Spencer, unexpectedly meeting his eyes as she smiled weakly. Emily followed her gaze, frowning as Spencer’s eyes drifted away immediately. Her eyes returned to Y/N, looking at her expectantly.

“I think I messed up.” Y/N admitted with a hushed voice, making Emily frown immediately at the young agents sudden comment, knowing she wouldn’t usually open up so freely about her feelings.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Emily cooed, mindlessly placing a comforting hand subtly on the girls knee but she shook her head, quickly clearing her tight throat.

“No, it’s okay.”  Emily nodded her head in understanding, standing up to return to her seat but she was quickly halted when Y/N grasped her wrist lightly.

“Thank you.”

“There have been some mix ups with the rooms, we have one less than expected.” Aaron informed, “Y/L/N, is it okay if you and Reid pair up.” Y/N nodded slightly, taking the room card from Aaron but Spencer huffed slightly, immediately pushing past them towards the hotel bar.

“You can pair with me if you like, JJ could go with Spencer.” Emily suggested, concern laced within her deep eyes as Y/N audibly swallowed back the lump in her throat.

“It’s fine.” She uttered, quickly walking past her staring friends as she made her way up to the hotel room, confusion blistered over her expression at Spencer’s blunt behaviour. Did he just say he would kiss her sober to make her happy? Was it just a way to make her stop?

The moonlight illuminated Y/N’s hotel room, Spencer was still to make an appearance. Y/N sat on the end of the bed, fingers nervously tapping on the edge of her phone as she contemplated texting her co-worker.

“Fuck it.” She uttered to herself, quickly typing out a blunt message but her mind couldn’t let her forget the blissful feeling of his lips on hers, the way he hummed contently into the sweet kiss.

“Look, Spence. I remember what happened last night, are you only avoiding me because you regret kissing me back? I’m sorry.”

Masterlist.    PART 3

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seijou 3rd years aesthetics

oikawa: stargazing, pale summer mornings, a good hair day and chins held high, intertwining your pinkies with the person you love, overthinking, stardust and wishing upon a shooting star, heart-to-hearts at 2am, quirky nicknames, looking up conspiracy theories, talking through a movie, smiling at strangers, aliens, happy humming in the morning, butterfly kisses, passionate anger that brings tears, excitement over little things, daydreaming, stealing clothes from your favourite person.

iwaizumi: black coffee in the morning, courage when you’re most afraid, slow dancing, well made beds, late night drives, the glint in the eyes of the person you love when they’re happy, when you spike the ball and your skin prickles, when you know you’re trusted, your friends’ doodles on your notebooks, the feeling when you know you’ve won, the ache deep in your muscles after working hard, helping someone with their homework, red pumas and hoodies.

hanamaki: daisy chains, truth or dare, metaphors, dancing in the rain, the first stroke of a brush against a clean canvas, creampuffs, messy rooms, blanket and pillow forts, bad pick-up lines, bubble tea, spinning fast on office chairs, minty toothpaste, lazy sunday afternoons, grocery store raids late at night, fiercely protecting loved ones, skipping classes to goof off, puns, fruity lemonade, button up shits.

matsukawa: the calm before a storm, the crunch of snow below your feet, shared breakfasts, security, roadtrips, that moment you see your favourite person coming and you can’t help but smile, polaroid photos, being breathless after running, holding hands, shaving cream lather, holding the door open for someone, hugs so tight they hurt, black and white movies, witty jokes, staying calm in anger, beanies and worn out jeans.

Out of a Nightmare and Into a Dream~Newt Scamander x Reader

Request: Hi! I was wondering if you could write a Next x reader story where they watched a movie and she was really scared her, and in the middle of the night, Newt hears her crying in her sleep, and he comes and comforts her and stays the whole night? (I guess it would be more modern day newt?)

Request: Can I request a Newt x reader where they share their first kiss? :)

A/N: I just want to say that I am so sorry for not writing or posting on here in forever, my life has been so hectic. I ended up combining two requests for this piece because I thought they meshed together quite well, and I will continue working on requests. I’m not sure which one will be done next, but I can promise that they will be done. Also can I just say how amazing and wonderful it feels to write again…it feels great. I also want to thank each and every one of you for being so kind and understanding, you guys are truly the best and I can never say that enough. I love you all <3

I’m sorry if this is kind of cheesy and/or trash.. I tried to make it as neutral as I could. Thank you all again so much, and please enjoy

Warnings: mentions of nightmares and horror films, a bit of crying, lots of fluff though

The frequent sound of popping arose from the small yet cozy kitchen of your flat as you shuffled around peering into various cabinets. While the night outside your window was rather quiet, your home was well lit and bursting with activity as you were gathering the last set of items needed for the movie night that you and Newt had planned days ago. Once the noise had ceased, you carefully picked up and finished preparing the popcorn before further placing the plastic bowl upon the surface of your coffee table in the other room. You let out a small sigh and admired the setup of the now blanket and pillow coated living room.

You and Newt had been friends for years, as you had both become friends during your younger days spent at Hogwarts. It was no surprise that you quickly became best friends with the awkward Hufflepuff that shared the same interest in magical creatures as you did, though while your interest was more of a simple curiosity, Newt’s was much, much more, which still remained evident today as he continued to collect information for his new book. The two of you were practically inseparable, and spending time in the library or by the grassy edge of the lake became a common occurrence. The two of you had even gotten on trouble a few times for sneaking off the castle grounds, resulting in the two of you tidying up the greenhouse or owlry, but neither of you minded, as the laughter you two still shared while cleaning made time fly faster than the golden snitch. After he had gotten expelled, you both found one another following your graduation and departure from Hogwarts with the help of keeping in touch through letters. You promised to write to one another as you both swept glossy tears off your cheeks at the train station of what would no longer be Newt’s home, exchanging your promises in hushed whispers only the two of you could hear. Years later, you were both older and more mature, but still the same (your house) and Hufflepuff from back then.

You turned your gaze to the unlatched case that sat atop your woven rug. You giggled slightly to yourself, as you knew that Newt had gotten side-tracked by tending to his creatures once again. He had told you that prior to your movie night he would be feeding the creatures and making final rounds of observing their wellbeing, but like usual, he had become swept away into the world that rested behind the brown exterior and golden edging of his case. You began to pad over to it in order to tell him that you had finished getting the snacks, but you were startled as a head full over cinnamon locks popped up. You stumbled back a bit, causing the newly emerged Newt to laugh to himself, allowing a gentle smile to grace across his freckled features.

“Sorry Y/n, didn’t know you were standing right there, and I’m sorry I took so long. You know how Pickett gets,” he said while continuing to climb all the way out of his case.

“Indeed I do,” you playfully responded back, knowing all too well of a certain bowtruckle’s “attachment issues.”

Newt started to dust off his shirt and slip off his boots, careful not to spread too much dirt on the floor of your home as you slumped into the couch that had been swallowed by a stack of pillows. Moments later, Newt flopped down next to you, and he peered up to look at you. Little strands of hair fell past your eyes framing your face, and the oversized t-shirt you had out on was sliding off your left shoulder.

He hated to admit it to himself, or anyone for that matter, but he had slowly but surely fallen for his best friend. He didn’t realize it at first, as he became too easily smitten with Leta, but after reconnecting with you, it was as if the empty part of him was slowly filling back up. He only thought that it was because he missed his best friend though, however, after noticing the way your eyes twinkled when you smiled and the fact that you always hummed a song while making tea, he soon understood that it was more than that. He had only now taken notice to the underlying feelings that grew even during his years as a young Hufflepuff. Unfortunately, he couldn’t risk losing you once again, so he continued to stay silent about it. He could live without you as his love, but he couldn’t live without you at all in his life.

He was pulled out of his thoughts when he felt your body shift into a more comfortable position beneath a gray blanket next to him. Sitting up, he pulled a blanket over himself as well as he looked at the flickering movie titles that had appeared.

“So what’s the movie about again?” Newt questioned while you preoccupied yourself with munching on a few pieces of the salty snack.

“A psychopath, some kind of bloody murder, I think it surrounds a couple as well.”

Newt grabbed a handful of popcorn while raising his eyebrow slightly, “A psychopath? Bloody murder? Y/n, you hate those things, and scary stories in general, especially when you were a child…”

“I’m older now Newt; I’ve grown. Besides, these muggle movies don’t look that real or convincing anyways.”

He chuckled to himself once more before grabbing more popcorn, “Alright Y/n whatever you say.” You stuck your tongue out at him in a joking fashion before dimming the lights and immersing yourself in the film.

Unfortunately, after less than an hour in, you had to beg Newt to shut off the movie, as you were too frozen and shaken up to do it yourself. Your judgement of the muggle-made film was very different from the plot of the movie, as you did not think that so many instances of the psychopath jumping out of places would occur. You had also expected some blood and violence, but you hadn’t expected anything close to what you had witnessed.

You covered your face with your hands as you tried to block everything out while Newt turned the movie off right before the murderer could slice his next victim’s throat. The eerie silence consumed the room, and you let out a frightened scream as you felt something brush against your leg. Though it had only been Newt settling back onto the couch, your imagination tried to convince you otherwise. He could feel your apprehension radiating off of your form, and he tried his best to ease your fears, as this was not the time for an “I told you so.”

“Y/n, don’t worry it’s just me. Come on, you can take your hands off your eyes now,” he murmured to avoid distressing you further. He carefully pulled your hands and set them down at your sides, “Don’t worry, look the movie is off, and like you said earlier, they aren’t real.”

He gave you a small signature smile, and you reciprocated it. You gave a small yawn and you figured that Newt was just as tired as you were, so you simply asked him if he wanted to stay over “like old times in the common rooms.” Newt replied with a gentle nod and helped you get more situated before assuring you he’d be close by. You tried to shuffle and make room on the couch without making it too awkward, but he noticed your failed attempt and settled on sleeping in the smaller couch chair on the other side of the room. Newt honestly wouldn’t have minded sleeping that close to you, but like you said, you didn’t want to make it awkward or weird, and he respected that.

After a few exchanged goodnights, the two of you nestled under piles of blankets and pillows with the lights still partially on and departed into a world of dreams.

Hours crept by silently as the stars continued to flicker against the blackened sky above the world. Newt shifted in his sleep as he arched his back in an attempt to get more comfortable. Compared to you, he was a lot taller and larger, and his body was not a fan of the small chair that he had decided to sleep in. He turned over while still under the blanket, messy curls in his tired eyes when he heard what sounded like faint whimpering drifting over from where you were asleep. He quickly sat upright, allowing the blanket to pool down past his chest and onto the floor. Quietly and dazed by sleep, he stood up, checking to make sure he hadn’t misplaced his wand while he was at it.

“Y-Y/n?” he spoke softly yet still loud enough to attempt to grab your attention, “Y/n?”

He padded over to your sleeping figure that had stated to twitch slightly under the fuzzy blanket you had cocooned yourself in. As he walked closer, slight tears forming rivers down your cheeks became noticeable, shimmering like moonlight on broken glass. Newt wasn’t entirely sure as to what was going on, but he had the hunch that it might have stemmed from the observance of the horrific muggle film that had struck your core with fear earlier. Concerned, he gently started to shake your shoulder in an attempt to wake you to escape from whatever you were enduring. He repeated your name a few more times, each more frantic at the next, as your tears only increased. Finally, after a tear had managed to slip from Newt’s own eyes, you shot up and awake, chest heaving up and down as you tangled your hands in your hair in a flustered fashion. You didn’t know where you were or what was going on, as the last thing you remembered was being trapped in a hellish dream. Your (eye color) eyes locked with Newt’s own oceanic ones, and instantly, tears began to burst free from your eyes once again. Sniffling and sobbing, you wrapped your arms tightly around Newt, wanting nothing more than the reassurance that you were in fact out of the darkened fantasy realm of your nightmare and in the safety of the real world. Newt quickly reciprocated the action, embracing you as you cried into his rumpled shirt and whispered comforting words to calm you down.

“Shhh…It’s alright Y/n. Everything is okay, and it’s okay to let it out,” he whispered as you clutched onto him tighter, simply afraid of losing him. Maneuvering his hand carefully, he caressed the back of your head, massaging his fingers through your messy bedhead. He remembered the times that you would come into the Hufflepuff common room well past quiet hours with tears stinging your eyes and shards of sadness stabbing at your fragile heart. Newt would play with your hair as he did now, knowing it used to send your flittering heart into a state of tranquility rather than a fearful frenzy. He felt your body quake and jump at minor movements and sounds such as the wind, so he continued to do his best at helping you relax.

You composed yourself, or at least tried to, before muttering jumbled words and sentences, “It was…madness…man was going to g-get me. S-sorry Newt, I’m…dark…was horrible…”

Your words came out in stuttered and fearful strand, tangling themselves within one another, which only made you more upset. Newt however only continued to hold you closer.

“The man can’t get you here Y/n, and it was all a nightmare. Like the movie it wasn’t real, and you’re safe here. It’s okay to be upset about it, but know that they can’t get you, alright? Besides, I’d hex them before they could even lay a hand on you.”

To this you let out a small tearful giggle, as his gesture and warm smile mended and calmed your racing heart. Newt smiled and tried to hide his pinkish blush that burned upon his cheeks. The two of you sat in silence, allowing minutes to wander, simply taking in the surroundings, before Newt tried to distract you from your thoughts with memories of the happy moments from your younger years.

“Try to think happy thoughts Y/n, like our times at Hogwarts, those were happy, or at least I thought so,” he rambled, “Like that one time where it was snowing at Hogsmeade and we snuck off to go get butterbeer…”

“…After you tripped and fell into that abnormally large pile of snow?” you interjected while trying to stifle a laugh at the thought of how he had popped out of the snow like a daisy with snow highlighting all his radiant features and rosebud cheeks. Newt’s blush returned before he gave a soft nod, and you had started to comfortably hold one of his large hands, fiddling and playing with his calloused fingers.

“Yes, that one,” he smiled, “Or do you remember the time where we snuck out to the forest, and the…” he began to trail off in a hushed whisper while you began to stop toying with his hand. He looked down at you, innocently curled up in a blanket with small trails still evident from you crying upon your now rosy cheeks. You shifted to face him, and you took in his own disheveled appearence while you two still sat close, with his other arm still draped around you.

“And the, t-the pixies in the forest were…” He tried to continue but failed, as you two were closer than you ever had been. He wanted to comfort you, and he hadn’t really paid attention to what was happening until now. He knew he was holding and comforting you, but the magnitude of it all had just now struck him, like an arrow almost. Your eyes were inches away from his, and he felt guilty for focusing on his own thoughts instead of your own, as he was supposed to be reassuring you that everything would be okay. A single tear slipped down your cheek, causing Newt to frown because he figured he was doing something wrong. Except before he could part his lips to apologize, you had pressed your soft ones upon his, and he could feel a few more tears swiftly cascade down as they bounced onto his own cheeks.

With his eyes shut he moved both of his hands to your waist, firmly holding you tightly and still with the blanked. Your messy hair drooped and brushed against his own face, along with the gentle touch of your soft finger tips. He thought about how he should pull away, how he should apologize for not helping you more after the nightmarish incident, but he also didn’t want it to end. His chapped lips and calloused hands melted into your sweet and gentle being. You were angelic and resplendent, a breath of cool winter air in his lungs. He deepened the kiss, losing himself in you once again. Never in a million years did he think that a situation like this would turn into something, well like this, and he never thought that the so-called friend he’d been desiring and hiding his feelings for would ever act this way towards him. His thumb wiped away stray tears and inecurites before his lips departed from yours, despite him wanting more.

“Newt, I…I’m so sorry I don’t know why I did that,” you breathed out, more embarrassed than fearful now. Your nervousness began to form a pit in your stomach. You had just kissed your best friend out of nowhere and you had probably just corrupted the platonic relationship you shared with him.

“Y/n…” he stared at you, mouth slightly open as the shock still lingered in his system, “Merlin…it’s fine, I’m actually kind of glad that you did, really glad actually.”

“You, you are?”

“Yes. I, well I’ve kind of had a fancy to you, but I was too frightful to propose such an insane statement, especically if you didn’t feel the same, I mean perhaps you don’t even feel the same now, Y/n I…”

You cut his adorable bombardment of words by placing another short yet passionate filled kiss upon his lips before murmering against them again, “I was scared too Newt. I don’t really know what came over me. I guess I just felt kind of overwhelmed with everything from before and you were caring and sweet and kind…”

Newt smiled at your rambling as well, grinning at the trait you two both tended to exhibit in situations like this.

“I absolutely adore you Y/n, and I think you’re the most beautiful and incredible person there is. I meant what I said earlier, I’ll never let anyone harm you and I’ll be right here for you.”

He pulled you into his chest and rested his head atop yours, his hair flopping around as he blushed wildly beneath it. You let out a quiet yawn and soon you were snuggled tightly not only under a blanket, but also in Newt’s firm arms. He settled the both of you on the single couch, arms around you to shield and protect you from anything and everything bad that could come your way. You felt him nuzzle his face into your neck as your eyes slowly faded into sleep once more.

“Goodnight Newt, and thank you for everything tonight, both the comfort and you know…”

“You’re welcome Y/n, and I’ll be here in case something bad happens again. Just wake me up and I’ll cuddle and help you,” he whispered against your skin. Your sleeve of your shirt slipped down from being previously pulled up again and you finally allowed sleep to take over. Newt’s lips sweetly placed a kiss on your forehead before he too fell victim to much needed slumber.

Your night had taken a bit of a turn for the worst, but you knew that everything would be alright. You had once been lost in a terrifying nightmare mimicking the movie of hours ago, but now you remained content and in the arms of your best friend whom you held close to your heart, as your dreams slowly filtered into your reality.


I’m No Good For You [Erejean Oneshot]

I wrote this ages ago and posted it on Archive and Quotev but only now am I posting it on tumblr. Btw, THE @tiggeryumyumm left kudos on it im!!!!!! holyjumpingjesusonabreadstick im not worthy

The dorm flat was tranquil and quiet, the only noise being the creaking of the living room ceiling fan as it spun slowly. Outside the dorm’s thin walls, the night made no sounds as well, which was strange for a usually rowdy college campus.

Light filtered in through the window blinds, washing the cream-colored walls with a dark blue. In the dorm’s kitchenette, water dripped from the faucet into the sink that was stacked high with dirty cups and plates.

By the front door, assorted shoes littered the hall, and the closet was open, revealing all the coats and sweaters to be in a pile on the floor rather than on the empty hangars.

The coffee table had absolutely no space for anything more, for it sported several half-drunken beer cans and water bottles, multiple magazines and a handful of television remotes. Even the toilet in the second bathroom wasn’t making any strange noises, which was an improvement.

The dorm flat boasted two bedrooms, each with their own bathroom, but the second hadn’t been used in over a week because Eren’s roommate Bertholdt had recently moved into his boyfriend’s apartment, of whom had already graduated a year ago. Ergo, what would’ve been Bertholdt’s room was clean and untouched, the bathroom empty and unused, and the bed always made due to lack of any weight. Eren’s room on the other hand, was a mess.

Band and video game posters hung haphazardly off the walls, along with many ripped photos of friends that had been taken over the years. He’d broken one of the hinges to his room’s door, so he’d taken it off completely and leaned it against the far wall to fix on another date (though he’d been putting it off for a while). Clothes were scattered around the entire room, on the dresser, the window sill, and circling the bed. A trail of damp towels lead the way to his own bathroom, where wet puddles still hadn’t dried up on the floor.

In his single bed, Eren lay awake, uncovered by any blankets. He had gone to bed wearing nothing but some superman boxers, but he wasn’t cold, because his body heat was always just below scorching.

Eren lay on the side of the bed closest to the bedroom windows, where streams of moonlight revealed dust particles floating around in the air. He didn’t know what time it was, but based on the still-dark sky outside, he’d say pretty early.

Too early to be awake.

His eyes stung from staying open for so long. Eren didn’t usually wake up at such an hour as this, but for whatever reason, his body just wouldn’t allow him to go back to sleep despite feeling exhausted.

Additionally, Eren wasn’t the only one occupying the bed, even though it was only meant to hold one person.

Averting his probably bloodshot eyes away from the unidentified green stain on his ceiling, Eren glanced at his bundled burrito of a boyfriend next to him.

Unlike Eren and his broiling body heat, Jean was always cold. Hence, he had unconsciously stolen all the blankets from Eren in his sleep, though Eren didn’t mind. Jean was curled up into fetal position to try and get warmer, facing away from Eren. Now, Jean just looked like a messy pile of blankets with the tufts of blonde-dyed bed head poking out of the top. The bundle rose and fell with every soft breath Jean took, and Eren found himself gazing at those spikes of hair fondly.

Jean and Eren had become an official couple in the beginning of their junior year, but they’d been in denial for several years before that. Some people already guessed it, while others were shocked, but happy for them nonetheless.

Since their going public, Jean had started crossing campus to have bi-monthly sleepovers with Eren in his dorm, and vice versa. When Bertoldt moved in with Reiner, that only encouraged them to see each other at Eren’s more often, since they had the whole dorm to themselves. This night was just one of those sleepover nights.

Eren watched Jean’s quietly sleeping pile absentmindedly. He recalled just how fussy and dramatic Jean was when he was awake. He huffed a soft laugh.

Awake Jean greatly contrasted sleeping Jean, whose face he couldn’t see right now, but he’d seen it before. When Jean slept, his usually sharp features for once lacked a scowl, and looked calmer and peaceful.

Eren himself was one of those rare people who were lucky enough to see Jean smile, and not a cocky smirk, a genuine smile. Eren was someone who had encouraged some of those smiles, and he felt pride in that.

They both needed to smile more.

Lazily watching Jean’s blanket pile swell and shrink, Eren felt an apathetic calm wash over him as he listened to soft breaths.

Wanting to get closer to his boyfriend, Eren began shuffling so that he could big spoon Jean, but at that moment Jean suddenly began stirring.

Eren stopped his movement, watching as Jean started to squirm in his layers. A leg suddenly kicked out from the pile, bare, as Jean had come into Eren’s bed wearing only plaid pajama pants which had surely rolled up by now.

The leg got drawn back up to Jean’s chest, swapping out for the other leg to kick out. Jean squirmed even more, and Eren started to wonder if he should be doing something, but then all movement came to a halt.

Eren counted down ten seconds, then deemed Jean’s silent tantrum over. But then Jean abruptly let out a pained whimper, that sounded excruciatingly loud in the quiet night. Feeling his eyebrows scrunch up in concern, Eren shuffled behind Jean, who had started squirming again, curling into himself defensively.

Eren cautiously hovered a hand over where he was sure Jean’s shoulder was underneath the blankets, whimpers now falling from his boyfriend’s lips endlessly. Before Eren could shake his shoulder, Jean sharply flipped over to face Eren, who was shocked to see wet trails leading from Jean’s eyes, which were squeezed shut.

In all the years he’s known him, Eren had never seen Jean cry.

Jean’s teeth were clenched, meek noises sounding through them. Eren put his hand on Jean’s shoulder and started shaking, probably a little rougher than needed. “Jean, Jean!” He whisper-shouted.

Jean flinched back when Eren’s hand made contact with him through the blankets, gasping out murmured, “N-no, no… no, n-n… “. Fresh tears made his cheeks glint when the moonlight hit them.

Eren had snatched his hand back when Jean flinched, but now he persisted, trying to wake Jean up from his trauma. “Jean! Wake up!”

Jean’s eyebrows were drawn together tightly, damp eyelashes clumped together. “Jean!” He continued to whine pitifully, floundering as the blankets started slipping off his pale frame.

“Wake up!”

Amber eyes snapped open, blinking rapidly to clear wet, blurry vision. “Jean?” Jean’s attention shifted from whatever dreamworld he had been trapped in, to the worried, emerald-eyed stare in front of him.

The sight of Eren must’ve triggered some memory from the dream, because Jean’s lips started quivering when he saw him. His eyes started to get shiney again, but Jean ducked his head down and covered his eyes with one hand to prevent Eren from seeing the tears. Jean’s other hand clenched the bedsheets tightly, as shuddering breaths shook his shoulders.

“Jean…” Eren spoke softly. He wrapped his arms around Jean and drew him close to his chest, fully expecting Jean to protest and shove him away, but that never happened. In fact, quite the opposite. Jean kept his head lowered from Eren’s view, but pressed his forehead closer to Eren’s chest as he sobbed quietly.

This was a side of Jean Eren had rarely ever seen, and not to this extent. He felt estranged.

Eren rubbed small circles into Jean’s shivering back, who was obviously trying desperately to keep his crying silent. This resulted in Jean letting out awkwardly high-pitched whimpers, and incredibly staccato gasps.

“Jean, baby… don’t hold it all back… let it out.” Eren pleaded softly into open air. He didn’t look down at Jean exactly, sparing him the unwanted spotlight, and instead stared blankly into his cluttered bathroom branching off from his room.

Jean finally let out clean sobs, wrapping his pale, thin arms in turn around Eren, clinging to his warm body dependently. Eren felt the wet, hot tears on his chest, but he paid them no mind. He softly hummed and continued to rub Jean’s back for several minutes, occasionally cooing small words of solace.

After a while, Jean’s crying eventually quieted down to hiccups. He sniffled.

“I need a tissue.” Jean grumbled, voice scratchy, and left Eren’s comforting hold to grab at the Kleenex box on the bedside table.

When he was done blowing his nose into three tissues (pausing between each one to hiccup), he expelled them all to the floor to be cleaned up in the morning. Normally Eren would’ve given him shit about germs, but he was more concerned with what had shaken his boyfriend so badly. Jean picked up a half empty water bottle lying on the table and took a couple gulps to chase away his hiccups. He put the bottle back down, then Eren welcomed Jean back into his hold.

After a few seconds of Jean trying to regain control over his trembling breaths, Eren inquired softly about Jean’s dream. “What happened?”

Jean began to snap, “Bad dream, idio-” But stopped short, and Eren felt his boyfriend’s shoulders hunch up. Jean’s voice had far less bite and was barely above a whisper when he spoke again. “Sorry… I didn’t mean that…”

This threw Eren off even more. Jean never apologized, nevermind apologizing for merely calling Eren a name.

“I know you didn’t. We insult each other all the time, it’s fine. What happened?” Eren asked again, taking a glance down at disheveled, sandy blonde hair.

He heard and felt Jean take in a big, shaky breath. “I… you…” Jean sighed. “It was just… not really a… nightmare, just…“ He trailed off quietly, looking for the right word.


“Like…” Jean spoke into Eren’s chest, refusing to look up at him. They heard water rushing through the pipes in the walls, and Jean waited for the noise to finish before he continued, forehead still pressed lightly into his boyfriend’s chest.

“Like what?” Eren asked again, and Jean groaned.

“Like… I don’t know… flashback stuff. I guess, kinda.” Jean muttered.

Eren lifted a hand to card through Jean’s locks. “Flashback stuff like what?”

‘Your childhood was fucking loaded compared to mine.’ Eren thought. ‘How on Earth could your past bear anything more horrific than mine?

Jean sighed heavily. “It’s nothing… just-”

Eren frowned down at the top of Jean’s head. “No. Just what?” Jean groaned again. “Like, everything… everything I’ve ever done to you that was…” Jean got quieter. “… dickish.”

Eren thought that over. ‘So, Jean had one of those dreams that goes back into your memories to guilt-trip you of everything wrong you’ve ever done.’ He knew what it was like to feel guilt-ridden, and it sucked. He hummed into Jean’s hair again, as a confirmation that he understood.

“And it was a lot…” Jean’s voice cracker on the last word, signaling he was trying not to start crying again. “The… the dream just… wouldn’t end!” Jean’s voice got higher near the end of his rambling before breaking down again and hiding his face in Eren’s chest.

Eren sympathetically began to rub Jean’s back again, while Jean tried as hard as he could to keep his crying hidden, despite Eren telling him earlier not to hide. It was true, they’d had many, many years of being assholes to each other before their junior year of college, but their constant bickering wasn’t one-sided. Jean’s dream had just zeroed in on everything assholeish he had ever done to Eren, and dreams had a way of forcing you to believe you were the only one at fault, the only one who was wrong, the bully.

“I-I’m sorry… I’m sorry… “ Jean was streaming small, shaky, pleading apologies, but Eren wouldn’t have that.

He backed up a little and brought a hand under Jean’s chin to lift his head up to face his own. “No, Jean.” Jean’s eyes were red and puffy, tracks of tears highlighted his sharp cheekbones, and he looked like a deer caught in the headlights, or in this case, trapped under Eren’s firm stare.

“Don’t apologize, you have nothing to say sorry for.” Jean tried to push Eren’s hand away and escape his gaze, but Eren kept him in place. “What happened in the past ins’t something we can change, and don’t act like you’re the only asshat here. We’re both dicks and you know it.”

Jean finally nudged Eren’s hand out from under his chin, and averted his eyes down again, but didn’t duck his head like before.

“Eren-“, “And our squabbling became our way of flirting back in our freshman year anyway, so stop feeling guilty.”

Jean sighed, and Eren stopped talking to let him hopefully take some of what he said in. “Eren… why do you put up with me?” Jean asked, voice empty and gaze down.

Eren chose his words, then answered. “The same reason you put up with me.”

‘Because I love you.’

Jean looked as though he were about to say something, then decided against it. Slowly, the corners of his lips started to curl up, but Jean tried to keep them down while an uncontrollable blush took it’s sweet time to spread across his cheeks and over the bridge of his nose. Eren grinned pridefully at Jean, then pulled him into his chest again.

Eren closed his eyes and hummed contently when he felt Jean weakly give in, and hug back. But Jean got it one, last protest. “I don’t deserve-”, “Stop.”, “But you-”, “No.”

Jean grumbled into Eren’s chest, but he felt the smile there. “You’re terrible.”, “So ’re you.”

They whispered back and forth, but eventually quieted down, and started to peacefully drift off. However, if you should know anything about these two, it’s that silence usually doesn’t last long.

“Eren… “ Jean began to whisper, too lazy to open his eyes.. “Did you fart?”

Eren kept his eyes closed as well, but couldn’t contain the shit-eating grin the spread wide across his face. “Yes.”

“Uuuuugggghhhhh,” Jean groaned dramatically, still whispering. “You’re disgustiiiiiiing.”

Eren chuckled airily. “Love you too, babe.”

Yeah. They definitely needed to smile more.

Just Benefits (M)

Genre: Smut, university!AU, FWB!AU (slight angst?)
Word count: 4331
Description: You don’t know a lot about the man you share your bed with and it doesn’t necessarily bother you. However such things are never meant to last, which makes you question what the outcome with Jeon Jungkook will be in the end.
Warnings: Mature content
Author’s note: I just got hit with inspiration to write something with Jungkook and this was the outcome. Also, FWB is one of my favorite AUs so I just had to give it a try myself. :D

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“Shit y/n.” Another obscenity escapes Finn’s mouth. His loud moans had disturbed your slumber, something he did once in a while. He murmurs something you don’t quite catch, a bit of drool making its way down the corner of his mouth.”Fuck, I think I’m gonna cum.” He moaned out before you slap him across his chest waking him up instantly.”What the fuck?” Finn groaned as he stared over at you while bringing his hand over the already reddening mark along his chest.”You were close. . . I didn’t want to risk the blanket getting messy.” You grinned over at him as he narrowed his eyes at you.”You know instead of worrying about making a mess you could have just put it in my mouth. . . mess avoided.” He smirks over his shoulder at you.
Stay With Me—F!Reader x Noctis

A smutfest in which the reader is in love with Prompto, but falls prey to Noctis’ charms over some drinks and smoke. Angsty fluff, witty banter and hot, naked Noct. Fucking to forget. Let’s go, shall we? Oh, also, let it be known that I take requests! Stop by my page, read my rules and shoot me an ask. 

You wanted to drink away the importance of his name—you wanted to watch the letters frantically fly from your memory like hummingbirds. You wanted static in place of his thin lips, curling into a smile. You wanted him to be a blur in every picture. You wanted his beautiful blue eyes to be smudged like ink on paper, like a misplaced stroke on canvas. You wanted every perfect freckle to disappear from your mind.

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Seventeen flotsam tales

1. This is a bottle, of what I could not tell you.

2. This is a twig from the tree not far behind you, though processed though the sea’s salt-sand alembic. It has something of a bone about it now.

3. This is a chip from the bow of a dead ship.

4. This is a claw, shed from something old and stirring in the ocean’s messy blankets, in the tangled-up warm depths where sailors sleep.

5. This is a fragment. A gaudy, sun-bleached fragment, from a toy long-lost and buried in a castle on the tideline. And its swimming days are over, when it frolicked with the fishes never heeding all the searching and the calling on the shore: come at last to almost dust, as forever plastic must.

6. This is a cuttlefish’s pockmarked shell.

7. This is a strand from a net that came unravelled, in its smoothness quite recalling all the creatures that slipped free. There were things that looked like mermaids but they weren’t.

8. A sliver from a smokestack of a ship that burnt at sea.

9. This is a widget from the bridge of a tanker last seen listing round the cape. It has traced a mazy path of ocean currents to this place.

10. This is a feather. Look further, there’s another. A trail of scrappy feathers curving through the lapping tide. At the end there is a bird that is building and discarding of itself a fishy finshape for the sea.

11. This is a coin worn smooth and faceless.

12. This was a letter from a lover lost at sea, telling softly of forevers to the elvers in the rivers and the plovers on the flats of the distant longed-for shore: but its letter days are over, gone to pulp and shattered bottle, washed of meaning, ‘til the only thing remaining is a silver seaglass stone, rolling lonely and alone.

13. This is a fragment from a crate, but the crate was always empty.

14. This is a knot. The things it tied are not, and will never be again, but the knot itself remains.

15. These are the pebbles that were thrown at a battle at the dawning of the world, and the pebbles now are older, gone to sand and salt and shingle, but they still retain a shadow of that morning’s golden light.

16. This is a shell from a fish that lived its whole life on the shell of a bigger fish, which did not venture far.

17. This is a cinder lately fallen from a star.