Yuumi - feed me

“It’s simple, really! All you need to do is help me with a just little bit of this food…”
If there’s one thing Yuumi loves more than gobbling up her tasty, tiny human treats, it’s the fun of having them participate in the rest of her meal… their little feet pattering around on her plate, tossing little bits of food into her open maw, maybe a little indulgence now and then whenever one gets a little too close for her to resist. And in exchange, she won’t just eat them right away! Sure, she’s going to gobble them up regardless - and she is more than happy to inform them of this - but if they’d like to delay things a bit, maybe try to sate her hunger with other things first, she has just the job for them.

What do you think? If you were captured by Yuumi and dropped onto her dinner plate, would you help to feed her or just let her eat you right away?

i almost wish we were
lovers; holding hands under a
starlit sky, laughing in grocery stores
after midnight, loving you
loving you loving you so much
and being loved back furiously and
softly and gently. i almost wish we
fireflies; lighting up the evening
sky with our love. maybe it doesn’t
work like that but maybe it should.
i almost wish we were closer;
your arms wrapped around me, my
heart enveloping yours, a green
light telling us to go forward together.
i think you have my heart. i can
almost feel you, a criss-crossed
mess of a lover, loving me back.
—  a mess of a lover // r.e.s