more twitter stuff, i drew a lot today even if theyre just lazy coloring and shit like that hahahhah when will i draw full bodies again adkajdf

first one is obvs a personality swap lmaoo god i felt so uncomf while drawing that ahahhahaha

2nd is my rarepair! TodoKami…idk lmao i like them both

3rd and 4th is yea


Soccer stars Lionel Messi and Neymar Junior have kicked off a global campaign that seeks to ensure that millions of refugees have a safe place to live, receive an education and are able to provide for their families.

The FC Barcelona strikers signed a ball to launch the #SignAndPass campaign, which will raise awareness of the plight of 65.3 million men, women and children around the world driven from their homes by violence or persecution, half of them children.

“I am proud to be part of this important initiative to support refugees,” said Messi. “I hope it will help change the dramatic situation that millions of refugee children around the world are currently experiencing.”

RivamikaWeek Day 3- “fight for the power”

Made a little something for today ;_; (my tablet is working strangely so I have to fix it ;_;)

I decided to start posting this here cause my instagram is more like personal account and more things. This blog is more for shitposting and rivamika (hehe <3)

Thanks to @ackercums and @cathsjoker for making this rivamikaweek :) 

Reyes Week Art Prompts 

Day 1 : Meeting Ryder

*Thanks a lot to @blacksheep33512 for the idea ♥_♥
Reyes was sleeping when Evfra call him and send him information on the pathfinder. He was cursing the angaran when he stood up and went to the kitchen, now completely awake, to drink at least something warm. He read the complete report and then went to the bathroom, to fix his messy hair,

Ok, not a very good sketch, but I liked his expression xD

Ronaldo is in trouble with the tax authority so Liberman, the argentine journalist that is chewed and spit out by his own country men and good friends with Ronaldo, has made up a lie that Leo’s foundation hid millions of euros. It is fake and hopefully Messi will sue that ******.