The FC Barcelona first team have chosen their four captains for the coming season, with Andrés Iniesta, Leo Messi, Sergio Busquets and Javier Mascherano, picked by their teammates to lead the side. With the departure of Xavi, Iniesta takes over as first captain, with Messi and Sergio repeating as second and third vice-captains and Javier Mascherano coming in as the fourth captain. The voting was done in secret by the squad and the coaching staff now have to give their approval to the results. via FCB

okay since we r on the subject of reclaiming punk, punk was also created for poor people and it was a place where poor people could express how the government really fucked them over and how unless youre a white male its really hard to make money and hold a job and all this other shit bc of the prejudices people hold against you. like most poor people are poc and thats because society is constructed so its difficult for poc to get jobs and make money because all these companies and shit are run by white people who are obviously going to be racist. and the fact that privileged rich white kids dominate the punk scene makes it even worse because they just whine about how their mom makes them go to church without realizing how lucky they are.