messing with the wrong city

Please pray for Davao. There’s been an explosion in Roxas Market, suspected to be a bomb/s from terrorists as their retribution against our President. At least 10 have been confirmed dead, at least 60 injured.

And it’s scary, because Davao is my home. For several years, this city has been a very safe place, the safest in the Philippines, and one of the safest cities around the world. And for a bomb explosion to happen, and worse, it could be a terrorist act. Not just that, but there are rumours that other places were planted as well, specifically public places like malls, churches, bars, etc. It’s just… so heart-wrenching to know that your home is no longer the safe haven you imagined it to be.

Whoever is in Davao, I pray for your safety. I pray that the Lord will keep us safe and help us become strong and brave and united no matter what.

To the culprits of this bombing, you messed with the wrong city!