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Prompt: You’re poison.

You love him and that more than anything is why you let him go. You’re the villain in his story. The bad guy.

The poison.


You’re poisonous. You don’t need to do anything to tear him down. It’s who you are, your very essence. Your presence infects him. Kills him slowly.

The hardest part is that he knows it.

Maybe there would have been some comfort if he didn’t. That he’d still love you even when you had to leave. That he’d remember you like he first saw you. Beautiful, radiant, pure. Maybe if he didn’t know, your heart wouldn’t hurt this much.

Figurative heart.

You press your hand to your chest and let the stillness fill you. There is no beat under your palm, no roaring of your blood. Everything is still, so very very still.

You hate it. You hate the stillness.

You run into the city. You’ve never been to a city before but you can’t stop and admire it now. You need to go. Run. Crawl. Anything to keep the stillness from catching up to you.

So I was messing around with the outfits on KHUX (because I’m easily amused by clothing games) and-


-Puppet!Cloud (Note the difference in the eyes)-

-Infantry!Cloud (I couldn’t get a green scarf and the helmet was the wrong hairstyle I’m sorry)-

-And a bonus Genesis who is my main avatar when I play.

I am obsessed and easily amused in case you couldn’t tell.


I wanted to make a little something for my nerds on Overwatch, enjoy this garbage!

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