messing around with things

This song and video is pretty much Jimin as a catboy.

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So to me it seems as if jimin is a loyal catboy waiting for his owner to return.

He’s entertaining himself


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Staring out the window imagining

Messing around with things he shouldn’t be messing with .

But he is loyal, he never leaves he just waits

Even as the world around him is in complete disarray and falling apart he simply waits for his owner to return.


Alright there it goes! Day one of the kiribaku week, I’m kinda hype to start posting these ngl haha - first set of prompts was studying/summer/anger!!! And I couldn’t pick just one prompt because I’m a mess like that


“ I DIDN’T say it w a s the SMART thing,

but it IS the RIGHT thing. ”

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I've always wanted to learn the drums, how did you learn? Self taught or lessons?

Completely self taught. Both a good and bad thing. I just learned songs and messed around on my own but it also stunted the growth of my drumming by not learning rudiments or getting more complex with my hands

a messy HP cause i’ve been thinking about this lass constantly for the past week