messina and his stupid face

i was tagged by @nathefanwiththeaf and @jarjartrump thanks guys!! :D

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Relationship status: painfully single

Favorite color: cool grey, pantone warm red, pantone 109 yellow

Lipstick or chapstick: im addicted to burts bees peppermint chapstick, (i will never ever wear lipstick)

Last song I listened to: “the promised land” by bruce springsteen

Last movie you watched: 28 hotel rooms this movie where chris messina is essentially naked the whole movie and it was really hot but also HEARTBREAKING stupid messina with his stupid perfect body and face and acting skills that destroy me seriously wtf

Top three TV shows: nooooooo that is so hard! rn im obsessed with the mindy project, some of my other faves are seinfeld, 30 rock, mad men, buffy, x-files

Top 3 characters: ermmmm three i really love are peggy olsen from mad men, fox mulder from x-files, hal from infinite jest 

Top 3 bands: u2, bruce springsteen, blur (and related projects)

Books I’m currently reading: libra by don delillo but man, it is really good, but not the kind of book i can just read a few pages every day at lunch, i keep having to backtrack. im also about to start reading swann’s way by proust with my sister but i am not sure im gonna be able to make it through that one tbh

OKAY i tag @explorerof-theunknown, @whitedeadflower, @836pm, @colourscrash, @roomeight, @edge-office-no2, @eviljaffafish, @bobbyjean, and @karmasex if you guys feel like it :D