messin it's not

nameless crossroads demon, true form + humanoid glamour. i love this awful mouth man.

mingyu~boy next door
  • your neighbor since birth.
  • your parents made you nap together so they can get cute baby pictures.
  • he cried a lot as a child.
  • because he cried a lot, you too cried.
  • when your moms took you out to the park in your strollers, people thought you two were twins and your moms just played along with it.
  • he always stole your toys and threw tantrums when you try to take them back.
  • when a kid made fun of him for playing with a doll, he got super conscious and only asked for action figures or Ken dolls. 
  • he protected you at no cost.
  • if a kid in preschool was being mean to you, he would push them which got him in a lot of trouble but he never really cared.
  • the kind of guy that says “only i can be mean to my best friend!”
  • is at your house as often as he is at his own house.
  • sometimes his comes over and asks to sleep over because he just watched a scary movie and is afraid to sleep alone in his bed.
  • accidentally (and literally) kicked you out of the bed in his sleep because he was having a nightmare.
  • you forbade him to sleep over ever again.
  • you were seven then.
  • constantly had a competition with your heights.
  • most of your childhood, you were the taller one but then he had a growth spurt and he got really tall.
  • he never stopped teasing you about it.
  • liked cooking with your mom and they often traded recipe tips.
  • you in exchanged liked chit chatting with his mom and talking about the new gossip.
  • sometimes you two would switch houses unknowingly. like you’d be at his house with his parents while he’s at your house with your parents and you wouldn’t even realize the latter isn’t at their own home.
  • offered you piggybacks home whenever you had a rough day at school.
  • asked you for piggybacks whenever he had a rough day. (you never game them but you just treated him food)
  • he hated studying with you so to get you out of it, he plays a song from his phone and pulls you out of your chair and wiggles you and flails your arms around until you actually start dancing.
  • he was always your partner on projected but he never did anything.
  • instead he treated you food after you finish the project.
  • when other boys started showing interest in you, he suddenly felt really protective.
  • like he constantly asked you who you were just talking to and you’re just like “mingyu, you know him. he sits next to you in class.”
  • and he’d be like “i don’t like him, he’s shady.”
  • “he was just asking for homework,” you’d reply.
  • “but then next thing you know he’ll ask you for your number,” he’d retort but then catches himself and walks away before showing more signs of jealousy.
  • doesn’t talk to you for a while because he’s super embarrassed about that.
  • he forgets one day and it all goes to normal.
  • he doesn’t like when you hang out with other people but him because he feels left out when he sees you having fun without him.
  • you were the first person he told about pledis and his plans for auditioning for the company.
  • he told you to keep it a secret until he told his parents but you accidentally spilled it to his mom during one of your chit chats.
  • he didn’t talk to you after he found out.
  • to get him out of his funk, you had to poke him on his cheeks and tummy and pretty much everywhere and present him with ice cream while he’s on his bed trying to keep a poker face on.
  • he forgave easily and actually thanked you for spilling because he had no guts whatsoever.
  • told you he owed you everything for being the reason he is part of seventeen.

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                              open ★┇ bc Santa-Lord

          ‘     All right.

                           give it to me straight— 

                                           no sassin’ no goin’ around stuff. and i promise,

                        —- i won’t judge whatever your answer might be.

                               what should I get you for Christmas ?