Jared being his regular teasing, flirty self while he’s drunk, always giving off so many mixed signals, one moments, he’s flirting with someone, giving them all the right cues before he pulls away, waves goodbye and moves on and Jared never really worries because he’s so tall and no one wouldn’t dare challenge him, muscled or not.

But then there’s a hand on his shoulder, spinning him around, shoving him to a wall and Jason is there, and Jason traps Jared against the wall and stares at him and Jared realizing, slowly, that they’re the same height and this dude can obviously take him but his brain doesn’t have enough sense in it to realize that he’s at a disadvantage and tries to fight back, use his weight to throw Jason off.

But Jared can’t, slowly realizing that he doesn’t actually have enough control of his body, and Jason is pressing in, keeps Jared pinned and says, “been watching you, all night, flirting with people, being a fuckin’ tease,” and he leans in even closer, noses barely touching, “and you think you an get away with that? You think you can get me interested and then run away?” and Jared giggles because yes, it’s exactly what he wants.

Jared never really tells people but he likes it when people chase after him, he likes being pursued but no one really does because of his size, everyone has been too intimidated to approach him and Jared just wanted to provoke a person enough that they’d finally do something. And Jason took it.

Jason leaning in, fits his groin to Jared’s and Jared can feel how interested the other man is and Jared already knows that since Jason came to him, he’s already interested.

And Jason says those nice words, “let’s go back to my place, see how much of a tease you really are,” and Jared knows it’s going to be a good night.

i need sam taking cas to an amusement park and yeah, his legs are maybe a little too long for the cart but he folds himself in anyways next to cas, cas who is looking around in curiosity and jumps a little when the pimply kid with glasses reaches into his lap to tighten his seat belt. cas who white-knuckles the metal bar in front of them as the cart jerks and they’re rolling forward, climbing up, up, up until the sun is reflecting bright in cas’ pupils.

and with a smile he’ll turn to sam, “this feels like,“ and the coaster will tip over the hill, the air getting knocked out of them both and the word “flying” is ripped from castiel’s throat, followed shortly by a breathless laugh, a throaty scream.

they’ll spend the next hour going on the same rollercoaster until sam convinces cas that the others are just as fun.


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“There is a secret place. Something happens there. I can’t tell you what. It’s near a city I cannot name. I’ve said too much.” (x)

there is a secret place. something happens there. | for the remote desert hamlet where the people will welcome you with open arms (and wings, and tentacles, and other sundry limbs) and the future hovers about one hundred feet above the Arby’s

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I was inspired by the tags on Jamie’s post and wrote a highschool j2 ficlet. Whoops.

Sometimes Jensen wonders if Jared knows if he’s consciously painting a target on his back with his pink shirts and flippy hair and penchant for breaking into musical numbers in the hallways.

Secretly Jensen thinks he’s not even aware of the Darwinism at work in their high school’s social food chain. When he finally gets the guts up to ask Jared out, he realizes that it’s not true with a twist of his gut when Jared eyes him warily as he approaches him. It’s probably not every day that Jared gets approached by a baseball player with the intent of asking him out.

Jensen almost loses his nerve as Jared’s eyes shutter over but he manages to blurt out a slurred and mangled but sincere attempt at asking Jared out. Jared blushes from under the collar of his shirt to his bangs and ducks his head awkwardly. Jensen is two seconds from turning tail and running when Jared stumblingly accepts with a bright smile that has Jensen blushing in turn.

When Jared brushes past him on his way to his next class with a fleeting kiss pressed to Jensen’s cheek, Jensen half feels like breaking into song himself.

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i thought everybody stopped it long ago that was the most funny rumor i almost peed myself laughing when i read it here because everybody was SO CONVINCED

i also saw J2M have a threesome in my elevator last Monday and I made a porno video of them and was about to submit it to SeanCody but Misha called to my phone and told me to pls not to so; I deleted all evidence and also deleted his phone number but I saw it okay I’m the source you have to believe me I have a blurry pic of my finger as a prove.