messi and pep

The placement of Mars gives us a lot information about how someone use his energy, how he is motivated, what type of leader he is in a group (work groups, sport teams …) and if we talk about sport what is his style of play, what type of player he is for the team.

Mars in Water Signs - The Glue

Mars in Cancer Lionel Messi, Zidane, Buffon, Marco Reus
Mars in Scorpio Schweinsteiger, Iniesta, Fernando Torres, Benzema 
Mars in Pisces David Beckham

If you want your team to be a real team, you’re gonna need some glue to make everyone play like one person. This is Mars in Water role.
While I was searching for example of this placement I was wondering why so many football legends have Mars in a Water Sign and I realized it’s because they are bringing the team together, they create cohesion and fluidity in the game. And because of that, they make the team better, greater.
Water molds itself to the shape of the recipient it is poured into so anyone with such placement will take the shape of the team, they will become the team (in both it’s qualities and weaknesses).

They are emotional leader and act through their intuition. They feel the game and they play with their feelings. It’s a delight to watch them play. Words like ‘artist’ or ‘magician’ are often use to describe them because they have the capacity to make those who watch them “feel”, every movements they make is fluid and natural (even when it’s very technical and difficult).

Like any other person, they want to win, but the #1 motivation is to connect (emotionally) with their teammates, through victory and defeat, through high and low. That is where they find the energy to win. Not through competition like Fire Mars but through the team’s emotions. This can sometimes play against them if they can’t emotionally connect with their teammates, they are gonna be without energy, without determination. Useless on the pitch.

Because their emotions dictate their games, they can be very sore loser. They encapsulate what the team is feeling and all their emotions are x11. It can be too much for them to handle, they may crack under pressure as they react solely based on their emotions. For example, Zidane is mostly calm but he got many red cards in his career due to his lack of control of his emotions in tense games. Or Messi quitting his national team after losing another final, sure he is a known sore loser but he felt the disappointment of the entire team and of the nation, not just his own, and it was too much for him in the moment. 

There is a cliche that gets trotted out endlessly when a less well-known player does something wonderful: if Messi had scored that we would be banging on about it for weeks. It’s not true; in fact, at times it feels like the opposite is true: Messi has made the remarkable so routine that it stops being so remarkable. It’s just him doing what he does. There’s not much new to say; all the good words ran out some time ago. Even swearing won’t do now.

They say you could get a thousand monkeys on a thousand typewriters and they would eventually come up with the complete works of Shakespeare. Maybe, but you could get a thousand monkeys on a thousand typewriters – God knows, the Spanish sports media have tried – and they still wouldn’t come up with much that was new to describe Messi. Pep Guardiola was right when he said: “Don’t write about him – watch him.” +

I agree with Luis Enrique that Messi is the best. He is the best. He is the best because he knows how to play, score, make the others play. He’s always there. With all respect to other players, first to Cristiano Ronaldo, congratulations for the award, but I think Lio is on another level.
—  Pep Guardiola [Question was: Luis Enrique said in an interview that it’s ridiculous to compare Lionel Messi with any other player. Do you agree?]