messes with your head


Well, I know you’re paranoid and broken, haven’t trusted anyone since you were a little boy. And you’re still acting like that little boy, making up ugly stories about people because you’re scared of anyone actually getting to know you. So you blame me for the mess that’s been in your head since the day you were born!

Eat me out (M)

Words: 1253

Warning: Smut

Taehyung X Reader

Based on this request

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You knew it was wrong. You knew that you shouldn’t be thinking about that, but you couldn’t help. He was such a tease and you weren’t being able to hold it back anymore.

 Kim Taehyung. He was driving you crazy. He was messing with your head.

 No, he was driving you insane, and that tongue and the way he played with it… Urgh!

Yeah, you were friends, but you couldn’t help but have to deal with your other side. The one that was making you realize how hot Taehyung was, and the fact that you shared apartment with him wasn’t helping at all.

All started after you see a video of him. He was licking his lips in that, putting it out of his mouth teasingly. Shit. Thenceforth, you understood all the girls that always fell for him. You understood the whole “thing” people had about his tongue.

You had to feel it.

  However, you were friends. You couldn’t just go there and say “please eat me out”, or “please use your tongue on me”. Despite the fact Taehyung was ALWAYS with some girl in his room, you were not just a girl. You were his friend and it could ruin it.

 All you used to hear was their moans and curses at his eating out. Usually you didn’t care about it but now that you wanted to be the one who was being eaten out, you were getting upset.

“Come on, fool girl, it’s gonna be fun” he insisted.

 He was going to meet with the boys that night and you were invited. He was in your bedroom, complaining, insisting for you to go with him. But sincerely, all you wanted was to avoid him. Your amusement was too hard to hold back and you needed to release.

“No Tae, seriously, just go. I’ll be fine here” you said for the millionth time.

“Fine. See you later” he said, not happy about your final decision but grabbed his jacket and left your bedroom.

Once you heard the front door being opened and closed, you automatically threw yourself onto the bed.

 You let your mind fly, thinking about all the things he could do to you. How his body would feel against yours… Unconsciously, your hands started exploring your own body, your fingers playing with the waistband of your pants as your other hand rubbed your nipples over your shirt, imagining it was his hand. You closed your eyes, lost in the sensation. You started to let out low moans. It didn’t take long for you to be hissing Taehyung’s name louder and louder, not realizing that the front door had been opened again.

“Y/N have you seen my ke-” Taehyung opened your bedroom’s door, not finishing his sentence when he saw the sight of you touching yourself, calling his name. You froze, your eyes snapped open when you heard his voice.

“Oh my…” You tried to say, but all you could do was sat up on the edge of the bed and stare at him. “Taehyung, I…”

“What are you doing?” he said, starting to walk towards you, eyes widened.

“W-hy did you come back? Oh my god I’m so so-” you started saying but were cut off when he sat beside you and placed one finger on your lips, silencing you.

  “I heard you moaning my name” he said. Your face couldn’t be pinker. You couldn’t be more nervous. Shit shit shit.

“I’m sorry, Tae, I didn’t want to-” You said but he placed one finger on your lips again.

“What were you thinking?” he asked. No. I’m not saying. I’m not telling him. I can’t.

He noticed your hesitation and breathed deeply.

“I’m not gonna ask again”. Ok. Here we go.

“W-Well… I, hum… I was wondering, well, your tongue…” you cut yourself off. Fucking hell, Y/N, just say it.

Before you could think he leaned in and placed his lips against yours, licking your bottom lip and sliding his tongue in. Ah… that tongue.

 At first, you couldn’t move. You couldn’t reply or stop him. Your brain was screaming. What is he doing?

 He pulled away.

“You mean this tongue?” he asked, licking his lips. God. You nodded slowly, watching him. “What do you want it to do?”

“I want you to eat me out” you said and the sec the words left your mouth, you looked away from him, embarrassed.

He chuckled and pushed you backwards softly till your back hit the mattress.

 He spread your legs and placed himself between them, kissing you once again. Then, he traveled down to your jawline and neck.

“You know…” he said between wet kisses, “I never thought that you had a kink for my tongue too”

 One of hands were grabbing your thigh, squeezing it.

“If you wanted me to pleasure you, all you had to do was ask. We are friends” he said.

“I-I didn’t know how… and I thought that it would ruin our friendship” you said shyly, watching his ministrations on your body.

 He took off your shirt, smiling when he saw you weren’t wearing a bra.

“Don’t worry baby girl. We are not kids anymore”

 He took one of your nipples in his mouth, circling his tongue on your nipple as his other hands massaged your other breast. Low whimpers were now leaving your mouth.

“Wait, Tae, what about the boys?” you said

“They can wait” he answered simply. He started kissing your belly, stopping when his mouth reached your pants.

  You noticed that he was fully dressed but didn’t have strength to ask him why. Once your clothes were completely off, he pulled away from you to stare at your body. You felt nervous but didn’t cover yourself.

“Fuck, you’re hot. I can’t wait to taste this pretty pussy of yours” he whispered and let his head disappear between your legs. He kissed your inner thighs, avoiding the place you wanted the most. Fuck you were dripping wet already.

“Tae…please” you whimpered

“Please what?”

“Just eat me out already” you begged. He smiled successfully and his tongue finally find your clit. You gasped, his tongue making small circles on your clit as his finger teased your entrance. He gave you a long, deep lick and breathed in heavily.

“Your taste is amazing” he said. Then, he pushed one finger in, pumping it in and out in a slow pace as his tongue was massaging your clit. He stopped, but just to switch positions. His tongue were now at your entrance and his fingers rubbing your clit. He started to fuck you with his tongue, licking your walls. You couldn’t hold that back anymore, moans and curses leaving your mouth as he started rubbing your clit more harshly.

“Are you liking that baby girl? Is that what you expect about my tongue?” he asked against your pussy, his warm breath sending you shivers. Shit, now you had completely understood the other girls. His damn god tongue was amazing.

“Fuck yes, oh my god Tae” you whimpered. You started to feel that thing in your stomach, and it didn’t take long for you to cum on his mouth.

  He ride your orgasm, his tongue moving rougher and rougher.

Once you were done, he cleaned his face and waiter for you to get dressed.

  “I gotta go, baby girl” he said and placed a kiss against your lips.

“When I am back, maybe I can fuck you with another thing” he said before he turned around and left.

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Avoid people who:

  1. mess with your head.
  2. can’t and won’t apologise sincerely.
  3. expect you to prioritise them but refuse to prioritise you.
  4. intentionally and repeatedly do and say things that they know upset you.
Avoid people who mess with your head. Avoid people who intentionally and repeatedly do and say things that they know upset you. Avoid people who expect you to prioritize them but refuse to prioritize you. Avoid people who can’t and won’t apologize sincerely. Avoid. Avoid.
—  Unknown
Plus size fashion frustration post!

Discussion- what do you hate about plus size fashion or plus size clothing in general?

For me, one of my biggest gripes is how there is apparently no sense that fat people are people who need the same types of clothes that thin people do. 

For example– jackets. it snows here, and it gets super windy. But trying to find a jacket for real winter weather in over a 3x? Good luck! (Wal-Mart, y’all. They were the only place.)

Not to mention underwear. I don’t want to see another ka-jillion skater dresses. Can I get a little variety in my bras, please? 

UGH. Plus the whole scarcity mindset- if I don’t buy this, I may never see anything like it again. The whole line could go away and we’ll never have anything like this ever again. 

It messes with your head.

What do you hate or find frustrating about fat clothes? 


Someone save Solas from Miel.


Once again, Taehyung won’t make it home for Christmas.

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word count: 3.9k
genre: angst/fluff [i know, i’m in shock too]

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Enemies Pt. 3 (Jungkook smut)

Words: 2357

Slight appearance of Jimin.

Reader x jungkook 

Part 1 | Part 2

A/N: I know I said I’d post it tomorrow but I finished it before. Thank you for +700 followers!

 Stupid! You thought. How could you have let that happen once again? How could you let Jungkook mess up with your head once again? Damn it.
You avoided Jungkook the way you could that week. You didn’t look at him, you didn’t walk on the same road he walked, and you didn’t even want to hear your friends talking about him. Despite the fact you were in the same class, you did everything you could to pretend he wasn’t there. And he noticed that. You had to let that go. You couldn’t keep doing that because you were starting to forget your hatred, which means that all that was left was your liking. You couldn’t like him. If he knew about it, he would certainly ruin your life. Why did all this happen at all? Why he decided to fuck with you? Just because you slapped his cheek? No way. He wouldn’t have tried to fuck you once again or even made that promise: “I’m gonna fuck this pretty little pussy of yours once more”


“Wait, what? You and Jungkook? Asshole Jungkook, the one you hate?” Your friend asked you, shocked. You understood her. She was your best friend and she knew your feelings about Jungkook. And there you were, telling her what you and he had done.
“Yes. This Jungkook” you said. She stared at you, not saying a word, “and the worst…I don’t feel like I hate him anymore” Did I just say that?
“I knew it. Where there is hatred, there is love” she said.
“That’s not correct” you tried to change the subject. Yeah, she always said you liked him but you couldn’t admit it to yourself because it was just half-truth. 
“I don’t wanna it for me. I don’t wanna like him. I just want him to leave me alone because he’s starting to mess with my mind” You said seriously.
“Calm down. Let me think” she said and stopped talking for a while. “The prom is coming. You used to have a crush on Jimin, didn’t you? So, invite him. I heard he still does not have a pair” she said. No way. Park Jimin? He was not a crush; he was just a pretty guy who you wouldn’t mind to fuck with. “Why not? The worst thing that can happen is him saying no. If you hang around with him you might forget about Jungkook” she said.
“I’m gonna think about it” You said.

There he was. Park Jimin. Leaning against his locker and talking to his friend. You decided to invite him. You were just waiting for his friend to get out. You hadn’t seen Jungkook yet, but the class hadn’t even started, so it was a matter of time. 
You walked towards Jimin when his friend got out and said hi. 
“Oh, hi, Y/N right?” he asked, smiling at you. 
“Yes” you smiled back. “Well, I’ll be direct with you. I don’t have a match to go to the prom with me and I heard you don’t either. So I was wondering-” You started saying but were cut off when you saw Jungkook standing in the end of the hall, surrounded by some friends, his eyes meeting yours the moment you looked at him. His eyes widened with the sight of you and Jimin and furrowed his eyebrows.
“Y/N? Are you okay?” Jimin asked, his voice distracting you from Jungkook. 
“Yeah, sorry. Hm, I was wondering if…Hm…Would you like to go to the prom with me?” you asked him, blushing. “I mean, we can know each other better and stuff”
“Yeah, that sounds fun” he said, “So, do you want me to pick you up?”

“Hm, yeah it would be great! I’ll tell you my address later” you said.

“Ok. See you later”. You laughed at him, saying ‘ok’ before he turning around and leaving. Shit, your heart almost stopped. He said yes. You leaned against the lockers, dreaming for a sec when suddenly you felt hands grabbing your arms. 
“Why are you avoiding me, baby girl?” There he was, the guy you were trying to avoid for so long “I still want to keep that promise” he said, leaning in. 
His touch sent you shivers, but you could not let that keep going. You pushed him away, using all your self-control.
“Jungkook, leave me alone. Fuck, can’t you just forget about my existence? That is not gonna happen again. Don’t talk to me anymore. Don’t tease me anymore, I’m serious” you said, anger noticeably in your voice. You hated the way he was making you feel. You hated how he made you want him once more. You hated him! He raised his eyebrows at your answer.

“What were you talking about with Jimin?” he asked. Why was he asking you that?

 “Not your business. Now fuck off, I’ve class, and so do you” you stated. He smirked at you cynically and breathed in.

 You started walking away when he pulled you back to him, pressing you against the locker, people around looking at both of you.

“Jungkook stop it!” you told him.

 “I made you a question. I want an answer” he said, looking into your eyes.

 What harm could it make to tell him? There was nothing he could do, probably he wouldn’t even care.

 “I invited him to the prom. We are going together” you said and his gaze widened immediately. He didn’t say anything; his grip on your arm was tightening as the seconds flew. “Y-you should do the same. Go find some slut to go with you and maybe you can fuck her around, like you always do. And like you’ve been tried to do to me. I’m not a whore, Jungkook. Leave me alone, I’m tired of your jokes.” you said and went away. You turned around to look at him one last time before entering into the classroom, only to see a standing still and speechless Jungkook.

  You woke up, the ringing of your cell phone filling the silence of your room. You looked at the clock. 02:49 a.m. Who the fuck could be calling you at that time? You grabbed your cell phone, the light blinding you momentarily. Unknown number.

Fuck it, if it was someone I cared about, I would have the number saved.

 You rejected the call and closed your eyes again, trying to go back to sleep. You were almost sleeping again when your phone started ringing again, making you jump. Unknown number. What the fuck? It better be something really important.

“Hello?” you asked harshly.

“Y/N…?” The other voice asked. It was sounding so…lost. Maybe the person was drunk or something. Who was it? It was a man, and he knew you.

 “Who the fuck is it? Why are you calling me? I’m trying to sleep here!” you screamed. The other voice laughed, and your heart stopped beating. You would know that stupid laughing in any place. Jungkook.

“J-Jungkook?” you asked, unbeliever.

“Ding ding! That is me, baby girl” he said. It became more apparent that he was drunk as he spoke. That explained why he was calling, but didn’t explain why he was calling you. You were speechless; he had never called you before. How did he even have your number?

 “Ah, baby girl, I’m fucking mad. I’m gonna fuck you senseless when I see you, I’ll punish you for what you did” he said, voice sounding pathetic. What had you done? You didn’t do anything, what the fuck was he talking about?

“Jungkook, I’ll hang up. Leave me alone you drunk asshole!” you said and hang up. He didn’t try to call you again. You tried to sleep, but couldn’t. What had you done to him? Why did he call you?

 The days were passing and Jungkook hadn’t talked to you anymore. He didn’t go talk to you about why he called you. He didn’t tell you what you’ve done, but honestly, you didn’t wanna know. Somehow, you were getting to avoid him and that was all you wanted. That shit to end up. No more fingering, no more fucking. That had finally gone.  You usually talked with Jimin, getting to know him better.

 It was the prom day and you were freaking out. Your friend had gone with you to a store, to help you buying a new dress. It was black, lacy, short but not enough to say “I’m a slut”. You had tidied your hair, letting it fall freely on your shoulders. You had to admit, you were amazing.  

 Ding dong. The bell rang. Jimin. Fuck fuck fuck. You looked yourself at the mirror one last time and opened the door for him. He was absolutely gorgeous. You felt the needing to kiss him there, but controlled yourself. Somehow.

 “Let’s go, milady?” he asked playfully. You smiled at him and grabbed the hand he was offering you. There was a limousine there. You lost your breath.

 “Oh my God, Jimin, this was not necessary” you whispered, eyes widening.

 “This is nothing. I want this night to be perfect for both of us” he said. Ah, Jimin, always so well. The road there was awesome; he didn’t let the talking die. But at a certain moment, you stopped hearing what he was saying at the thought about last night. Why Jungkook called you?

   Wow, the students really had decorated the place. There was even a light globe. The sound was loud and there were a lot of people already dancing. You greeted your friends and Jimin’s. It was going perfectly well. And then, you saw him. Jungkook, at the dance floor. With some other girl. He was grinding his hips against her. She obviously wanted something else to happen. And for sure he would give it to her later. You rolled your eyes at the sight, focusing on your partner. A couple minutes later, he asked you to dance. You happily agreed, because fuck you loved to dance.

 You started moving, shyly at first, but his hands started touching your hips, pulling you against him.

 “Relax, Y/N, just feel the beat” he whispered into your ear. Shit. He turned you so your back was against his chest. You started rubbing yourself against him, your head resting on his shoulder. You felt yourself getting hot, your warm bodies fitting perfectly against each other. You grabbed the back of his neck, trying to get more of him. You could feel his lips brushing ghostly against your neck and then, he kissed you. You stopped moving immediately. He pulled away and turned you to face him. He leaned in and whispered,

“I’m sorry’. But you were not. You pulled him for one more kiss, he answered it immediately. His hands started lowering, squeezing your ass harshly. His touch was feeling so good you didn’t even think about the people around. You felt his erection against your stomach and gasped. He smirked at your reaction. You pulled away to take a breath and your gaze found Jungkook’s. He was still on the dance floor, dancing with the girl but his look was totally at you. Why is he looking at me? Had he seen you and Jimin?

 “Hey, is there any problem? You got serious suddenly” Jimin whispered on your ear.

 “I’m fine, I just need to use the bathroom” you said and he nodded. You pecked his lips and turned around to go to the bathroom, your body completely sweated. Of course, the hallway was completely empty since everybody was at the gymnasium. God, Jimin felt so good. You entered there and washed your face, fixing your hair and your make up. You left the room and walked back towards the party, but froze as you saw Jungkook coming towards you from the opposite side.

 He grabbed your arms and pushed you roughly against the wall, making you groan a little. You had seen that before. You wouldn’t let that happen again.

 “No! Not again!” you started saying “Do not touch me! You’re not doing anything to me, Jeon Jungkook! I’m with Jimin right now and he is waiting for me, so please let me go” you yelled at him already angry, “Go back to that girl you were grind-“

 “Shut the fuck up! Why are you with him?” he asked, cutting you. The question made your head spin. What?

  “Because I invited him, I already told you that” you said in confusion. “Why did you call me?” you asked and you noticed he tensed up.

 “I was drunk” He said.

“This is obvious” you rolled your eyes.

 He didn’t say anything for a little longer, just staring at you.

 “I was in pain” he whispered.

You furrowed your eyebrows to him. Ok and what does this have to do with me?

 “I didn’t like to know that you were coming with Jimin, Y/N. I didn’t like to see him kissing you that way, feeling your body the way I did.”

 That moment the world stopped. If he didn’t like, it meant he cared. He cared about you. No, this can’t be serious. You waited for him to say that he was joking as always, but he didn’t.

 “Oh yeah? I don’t care. And you don’t either. Why are you doing this to me?” you said and started feeling tears coming up. You were so tired. You had always ignored him, but that was getting impossible. You were starting to feel really pained. “Why? Please let me go, that was just a mistake, sorry I slapped your cheek, but please, stop messing up my mind” you said, holding back the tears the best way you could. Why couldn’t he just let you go back to Jimin?

 “I’m not messing up with you. I’m not kidding, damn it, I actually didn’t like that” he whispered.

 ’Well, there’s nothing I can do about it, Jungkook. I’m not yours” you said and tried to break free from him.

 He pulled you back, holding your hands against his chest as he pressed his body against yours and looked into your eyes.

 “Would you want to be?” he asked.


Hey, Zelda fans, wanna see something that’ll mess up your head?

This here is the official model for Fi from Hyrule Warriors (program is XNALara, it’s free to download):

Seems normal, right? But wait, there’s more! Lemme just roll the mouse over here and…

… What. ‘Head ears left’?


So yeah, Fi has ears. They’re not shrunken down or anything, all I did was move the ear out a bit. It’s just pressed right up beneath her hair and completely invisible in-game.

And for the record, I already looked and NO, she does not have arms tucked beneath her cloak. Her cape flaps ARE her arms!!!

Thigh - Smut

Bias: Optional (tho written with Leo in mind)
Rating: M
Warnings/Kinks: Sexual Content, Thigh riding.
If you don’t like sexual content; don’t read this.
He was layed back in the bed, his button down shirt undone and open, revealing his milky abs.

His tight, black pants were unbuttoned to reveal he wasn’t wearing any underwear. The light hair freckled the visibly hard cock still trapped in the confines of the pants. The base of his cock was visible through the zipper opening, the air on the visible, sensitive skin making him shudder.

But he didn’t make a move to relieve the painful throbbing. Your naked body on top of him, moving so beautifully. Your head tossed back with your hair a mess, your eyes glassy with the pleasure you were feeling, and your cheeks flushed an beautiful red.

His strong hands touched your skin, so soft beneath his rough skin. He licked his lips, red from biting them.

“You’re so hot…” He whispered, squeezing your hips to help you move over him.

Your bare pussy was rubbing against the fabric of his pants, your lips spread apart to reveal that swollen pink clit he was desperate to his his lips around. But instead, it rubbed deliciously against his thigh.

“Ah, God!” You whines, fisting his shirt as your hips picked up speed. “So good…mm fuck…”

He was breathless, watching you get yourself on his thigh. You were so wet, positively soaking through the fabric of his pants. He could feel you wetness on his skin.

“Look at me…” He whispered, knowing your were close, wanting to see your eyes as you came.

Your heavy eyes lifted up to meet his dark, lust filled eyes. Your eyes slowly widened as your began to reach your peak. Your mouth fell open and a loud cry of his name pierced the heavy air.

Your whole body shook and twitched as your orgasm started, your body slowing in its movement as your sensitivity spiked. But he grasped your hips and moved his thigh against your pulsing pussy, causing your to scream and cling to him as your orgasm spiked.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!…mmm…” You whined as you came down but he movements didn’t stop or even slow. “No more…no more…” You whined, your whole body spasming as your post-orgasm clit swelled with sensitivity.

“One more…” He whispered, his voice cracking slightly. “Gimme one more…I know you have it…” He growled, greedy to see you cum more.

Your hips began to move on their own as you felt yourself begin to climb the peak once more. Your whole body was trembling with the feeling. His body was so hot against yours, his fingers digging into your flesh, begging you to cum again for him.

You did, harder than the first. Your fell forward, moaning and crying into his chest as your shook with pleasure. He held you, moving you through the powerful orgasm, until finally you both stopped. You whispered softly as he rubbed your back until the shaking stopped.

He pressed a soft kiss to your hair as your hand traveled lower to his open pants…
Author note: I wrote this on Asianfanfics a while ago but since i have this new tumblr i decided to post it on here as well!

I hope you enjoyed.

Learning a foreign language with English as an intermediary is a pain in the ass, because sometimes you will read something like comparing to English, this (target) language uses this and that differently and you realize that it’s more similar to your actual native language, and you start to decipher which of the grammar tips for English speakers to just ignore because they just mess up your head. All because there simply aren’t enough free resources in your native language.

Lords Reactions to MC Clinging to Them in Her Sleep

What a brilliant boost to his ego
“You pretty little fool…” he’d murmur while affectionately brushing hair out of your face
More than likely, he’d pull you closer to him while you’re asleep, and then push you away and belittle you when dawn breaks
Secretly, he prays that’ll you’ll cling to him more often
The day he says it out loud is when he’s dead

Wakes you up because he thinks you’re having a nightmare
But then you explain to him that he’s warm and having his body so close is comforting
Doesn’t let you go for the rest of the night
Feels so loved
If you don’t grab him in the middle of the night he’ll definitely grab you

Doesn’t know how to react??
You just grabbed him in the middle of the night and clung to him like a koala
Is a Mess™
Tries to wake you up, but you just shake your head and press closer
Smiles softly almost cries because you’re so angelic
Attempts not to move too much for the rest of the night, so he doesn’t disturb your rest

“Oh little lady…”
Chides himself for falling in love with you more than he already has
Doesn’t sleep at all, just because he’s so busy watching you
His face is perfect so he doesn’t get bags under his eyes, but it doesn’t take you long to figure out he watches you while you sleep
Once he just delicately ran the pads of his fingers over your eyes, nose, and lips while you slept and woke you up by accident
“Sleep tight, little lady”

Is very surprised by the sudden heat source
Then realizes it’s you, nuzzling your head into his chest as you murmur unintelligible tidbits from your dreams
Happily clings to you as well
“Dream about me, please…”

His Precious Girl™
He’s so overwhelmed with emotion for you
Peppers your face in tiny kisses while you’re sleeping
When you wake up he just apologizes unabashedly
“Sorry, precious girl, I couldn’t help myself.”
Cuddles you back to sleep, so hopefully you’ll resume clinging to him

Cue his Sad Smile™
But he really has nothing to be sad about, he’s just overwhelmed by the fact that he gets to be close to you like this
Like Yukimura, he’ll try his hardest not to wake you up because you look so peaceful
But at the same time he can’t bring himself to go back to sleep because he’s so busy watching you sleep
Resists kissing you until you wake up, just because he’s gotta keep up that nice guy reputation
Your warmth eventually lulls him back into slumber
His new favorite feeling is him waking up with you clinging to him like he’s your last breath of air

He’s the master of platonic cuddles, sure, but this is something entirely different
Takes the rest of the night to realize how madly in love he is with you
You wake up to find him staring down at you first thing in the morning
He just smiles at you, and he looks so young and boyish
“Your snore is so cute”

“What exactly do you think you are doing?”
Then he realizes that you’re dead asleep, and clung to him in the midst of a deep slumber
Sighs heavily, followed by a small smile
Sleeps a little more peacefully that night
Complains about it the next day

He’s a light sleeper, so the second you grab onto the front of his robes he’s instantly awake
Instantly tries to push you away
“Roll over and go back to bed. You’re disturbing my rest.”
But you keep trying to grab onto him, even though he’s all skin and bones with some muscle here and there, he’s the most comfortable pillow one could ask for
The moment you sigh “Mitsun” he gives up on putting up a fight
He realizes he quite enjoys you being snuggled up to him like this
Goes back to sleep a happy man

Loves being your personal body pillow
Practically crushes you against him if you cling to him but you don’t mind
The both of you toss and turn a lot though, so when you wake up it’s a mess of tangled limbs and discarded sheets
“Now I can die a happy man”
Even if you snore and drool, he still finds you the most beautiful thing in all of Japan
Probably because he snores and drools too

He’s probably the one clinging to you in the middle of the night
But he’ll be absolutely ecstatic if you cling back
You guys are the ultimate snuggle buddies
He’ll rub your back and comb his fingers through your hair as you sleep
You’ll do the same and he could die at that moment with no regrets
If he wakes up first, he’ll kiss you until you wake up