You never know when Earth might be demolished, so as every good hitchhiker knows, you should always keep a towel handy. Now you can make sure your towel is always nearby and extra useful with this clever tutorial from Nerd by Night.  

DON’T PANIC - towel messenger bag

Nerd by Night uses embroidery to create the letters. But if thinking of how to do that makes you feel like you’ve chugged a pangalactic gargleblaster try this instead:

3D fabric paint if easy to use and often comes in a handy thin nosed bottle perfect for lettering with no brush required. Happy travels!



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Want Tip: Gents, How to Choose the Right Bag

Ladies love their bags, and it is this love that lets them expertly pick out which specific bag to use for specific times and places. Unfortunately, most guys are still learning to bring bags. This is a good progress from stuffing everything in pockets, but there’s still room for improvement with coordinating your bag with your style and outfit.

You’ve probably seen the guy in the tailored suit, polished oxfords, and… an out-of-place backpack. Don’t be him.

The Issue:

With the demands of life, guys are finding themselves bringing along more items than just their wallet, keys, and phone. Suddenly there’s a need for a bag that holds everything and keeps things organized. While bags serve the same purpose, their styles do not. Depending on what your personal style is and where you’re going, there are certain bags that fit the occasion more than others.

The Tip and Gear:


Messenger bags are awesome! They come in a variety of casual and dressy styles, and have pieces from both fast fashion and high end labels. Their single strap and sleek form allow you to move them around easily without taking them off, making them a great choice for people on the go and those who take public transportation a lot.

Editor’s Pick: Ben Sherman Messenger Bag With Union Jack Print


They’re the most comfortable to wear with dual straps that help distribute the weight of the bag evenly. No matter how polished a backpack gets though, make them with leather or add some polished hardware details, they are no doubt casual. If you’ll be wearing something dressy, don’t carry a backpack. Take pity on your blazer. 

Editor’s Pick: ASOS Backpack with Contrast Straps


There’s no messing around with the briefcase; it’s business and work all the way. While there are now more casual versions of the briefcase in canvas and bright colors, it’s the inverse of the backpack; it tends to look awkward with a casual outfit. Tee, shorts, and sneakers with a briefcase? Don’t think so.

Editor’s Pick: Boconi Bryant Leather Laptop Briefcase


A wonderful enigma. You can carry a tote to school, to the coffee shop, for grocery, to the beach, and sometimes even for work, and it just fits. Some totes have a slightly more feminine look, but don’t be afraid of making it part of your menswear outfit.

Editor’s Pick: Veja Cabas Canvas Tote


Super minimal. Just need something to keep your documents, or maybe a tablet or light laptop, intact? Go with a folio. They mostly come in leather, so they do have a naturally dressy look. Try bringing one along for a meeting instead of a briefcase if you’re only carrying a few documents.

Editor’s Pick: Polo Ralph Lauren Leather Zippered Folio


Often an underrated style, the barrel bag is a cool option for a gym bag or as a lightweight carry-on for travels. Hold it by the handles or wear it with a strap, and use it when you want something more edgy or athletic than a messenger bag.

Editor’s Pick: Fred Perry Classic Barrel Bag

Remember these tips when you’re choosing which bag to bring with you for the day! Tell us, what type of bag do you use right now, and what’s your favorite thing about it?