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Hello, Duke. *curtsies even more awkwardly* I apologize, my phone crashed halfway through my last ask. I am looking for a new messenger bag. I'd like it to be either leather or canvas, and I was wondering if you had any recommendations? Any particular brands you like to use? Thank you so much.

*Curtsies* I only have one messenger bag and it was a gift so I don’t actually know where it came from. Sorry!

TBBT - Leonard's Parcel Bag

I’ve been looking for years for a good condition Parcel Bag like Leonard’s from TBBT. Seems like when I find one, it’s in bad shape, way over priced, or one of their plasticy ones (I understand they did a run of fabric and a run of plasticy coated ones, Leonard’s is the fabric one from what I was told).

I found a few on Poshmark, all plasticy.

I found one a few years ago that was perfect, the right colors, the right fabric but they wanted $100 for a used discontinued bag so I held off. And it sold.

I got slowly more obsessed and now I am looking at beat up plasticy ones even though I don’t need it just because I have to have it.

Dammit OCD. I have 10+ bags already, use 3 for cameras, 2 diff backpacks for diff purposes, one for travel and extra camera stuff, and then about 6 messengers, each one loaded with crap to take depending on where Im going and what Im doing. I dont need more… Timbuk2 and Crumpler have all my monies.

And yet, I keep looking and holding money in my hand to buy one. ugh.