messeduplittlemindofyours replied to your post: i don’t watch victorious but why did jade and beck break up? it seems ridiculous that they broke up ? lolol

beck has supersensitive hearing so when jade yells at him it hurts his ears a lot. he’s like a dog. so he asked her to stop yelling. but she has really, really bad hearing. the only way she can communicate and hear is if she yells. that’s why.

Tori, to answer your question, I DID GET IT!!! :) :) Thank you for this lovely message! me and you aren’t doing such a hot job with the tumblr hiatus on weekdays, since me and you were both on yesterday and today but i promise you i won’t be on tomorrow, so… i’m kinda doing it. 

i’m so happy about the 500kb limit!! 

yay i can make better gifs now. yeeeessssssss. :)

once again, THANK YOU!!! :)