messed up births

Okay but guys

What if Ventus has been having nightmares this whole time

Because he’s traumatized by all the stuff that happened in Birth by Sleep

And he’s been seeing reiterations of what happened so many times that they start to warp and they’re telling different stories

So now Ven doesn’t know what’s real or what to trust anymore, his dreams are slowly derailing further and further from the truth

Things like people’s actions and words start to get mixed up, was it Terra or Aqua who first warned him about Vanitas, did he really meet up with the others in Radiant Garden at all, how much did he enjoy growing up with Terra, Aqua, and Eraqus, again

Did Master Eraqus talk about eventually killing Ventus regularly or is that his imagination

Did Aqua leave him in Castle Oblivion to protect him or to make him a prisoner again


“The contact experiment with the donor is scheduled for the 13th of next month…”

(It’s Kaworu’s 17th birthday

He’s trembling with excitement.

Spam tag is gonna be: “There is always hope.”)

so many things in AT have fucked me up but one of those things that I can’t stop thinking about is that the finn we’ve known since season 1 up until season 6 in the ep ‘is that you?’ became the finn sword which was later merged with the grass sword and became fern so basically the original finn is fucking dead i’m, ,,,

Brotherly Love ~ An Archangels Story

A/N: This is a none-ship story about the archangels finding out that chuck has a daughter, another archangel.

Just a quick idea I had. Maybe I will do more parts, maybe not, who knows  ;)

Thoughts are very welcome  :)

Read Part 2 here! :)

Charachters: Chuck/God, Raphael, Gabriel, Michael and Y/N

Warnings: None, besides fluff I guess? :)

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It took Chuck a lot overcoming to finally get three of his sons at one table but he was even more nervous about the thing he was about to tell them. It wasn’t exactly planned that they would find it out like this but the only way to clean up the mess the birth of Lucifers child, Jack, made, was to introduce them to their little sister Y/N and hope they would agree to work together.

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So in last night’s dream I gave birth to a baby-sized monster that looked like a mix between gollum and a maggot and everyone kept insisting that I had to get rid of it but no I loved my sticky terrifying child and was determined to keep it

Why Sir Marc Means so much to me

Hello! I thought I was done rambling about how absolutely fantastic Sir Marc from @thepenumbrapodcast is. (I hope tagging isn’t a bother, I want the crew to see and know this). I’ve already written one post about why having Sir Marc as a disabled knight is so rare and important. In this post, I’d like to talk about what specific scenes and moments I really connected with and found meaningful: AKA what the penumbra podcast “did right” in depicting disability.

Disclaimer from the start: I have cerebral palsy. Due to this, I have recurrent and regular pains (though I would not personally call them chronic), and resulting long term side-effects (e.g. uneven legs –> curved spine, nerve pain). I can stand, walk (with a limp) and run (slowly). Someone whose disability is more similar to Sir Marc’s could speak more to their own experiences. These are just what clicked for me.

Also, since I just finished Season 1, this is all still based entirely on “The Head of the Janus Beast”. I am putting the points themselves under a read more. I would appreciate people sharing this so that 1. The good people at the Penumbra Podcast can get feedback on what they did well. And 2. Other disabled people might see this and have the same experience I did.

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birth by sleep more like how many times can one small cast of characters totally screw everything up in 40 hours

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I love schneep, i think if his s/o got sick or something he'd be the one telling the 'incompetent' doctors what they need to do to help or that they're idiots lol! Alternatively, if his s/o got pregnant and shes going into labour, i think he'd suddenly be so lost about everything and be bugging all the doctors and asking what to do or whats happening!

For small things like broken bones or illnesses, Schneeple would take it on himself to look after his S/O. He’d be very cuddly too, tsking all the time and scolding them worriedly about getting hurt. After they recover from their sickness, he has them on a strict diet of nutrients and medicine to make sure they don’t get sick again. 

But when it comes to something like labor and babies, Schneeple would lose his mind and lose track of what to do. He’d allow the other doctors to take care of his S/O because he doesn’t want his emotions to mess up the birth.

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Hi, it's me Starkid! Wanted to say hello to the new mods :) hi mod Robin, mod Yenisey, and mod Kayden! (I hope hope I spelled all right) Also hello Isabela and Daria! In lgbt spaces I use a different name and pronouns, and I was going to use them for school but messed up and used my birth name whoops x) (nobody asked pronouns) I'm still iffy about the name since I think I still need to get used to it but I'm really liking they/them pronouns!! I hope all five of you are having a great day! ~☆

hey, Starkid!
i’m really happy for you! it’s great that you found pronouns you like! and i hope that you will get used to your chosen name or otherwise find one that will feels more comfortable. Starkid sounds sooo cool btw
also aww you’re so kind and nice!! such a sunshine honestly. hope you’re having a wonderful day, too <3

- mod Yenisey

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  • How I feel about this character: oh boy. aqua. i just. she’s my queen, my goddess. my other wife. my life, my love, my everything. she could whack me with her keyblade and i would thank her.
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character: she just needs to gtfo of the realm of darkness. she needs happiness ok?
  • My non-romantic OTP for this character: i demand to see her and sora being good bros. training together, going over little things they wish they had done and traveling together. having some time to just chill and be people again.
  • My unpopular opinion about this character: how people say she doesnt have flaws and she’s the perfect character. like she totally didnt mess up in birth by sleep when she really did. she’s not perfect, she made mistakes and eventually in kh3 i think she’ll learn from them.
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: her being free in kh3, kicking xehanorts ass and just being badass.

give me a character and i’ll break their ass down

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So I'm new to the whole world of constellations & zodiac signs and everything, but it all seems really interesting. Would you mind helping me with any information you think I would need to know? I'm a Gemini, btw. Also what exactly is this? So sorry

its no problem at all!
okay so there’s alot about astrology that even i probably dont know; but co-running this blog ive learned alot

first off: there are 12 signs

1. Capricorn: born Dec 22 - Jan 19
symbol: goat / element: earth
2. Aquarius: born Jan 20 - Feb 18
symbol: the water bearer / element: air
3. Pisces: born Feb 19 - March 20
symbol: fish / element: water
4. Aries: born March 21 - April 19/20
symbol: ram / element: fire
5. Taurus: born April 20/21 - May 20
symbol: bull / element: earth
6. Gemini: born May 21 - June 20
symbol: twins / element: air
7. Cancer: born June 21 - July 22
symbol: crab / element: water
8. Leo: born July 23 - Aug 22
symbol: lion / element: fire
9. Virgo: born Aug 23 - Sept 22
symbol: the virgin / element: earth
10. Libra: born Sept 23 - Oct 22
symbol: the scales / element: air
11. Scorpio: born Oct 23 - Nov 21
symbol: scorpion / element: water
12. Sagittarius: born Nov 22 - Dec 19
symbol: the archer / element: fire

there is also a 13th sign called orphichus but most astrology blogs dont use it because it just messes up the birth dates and stuff and it really isnt a true zodiac sign

each sign has an element;
fire and air signs are compatible
earth and water signs are compatible
signs of the same element are compatible
anything else is “usually” not compatible (not always!!)

The sign that involves your birth day is your sun sign and is the sign most people associate with. However, you have a whole natal chart with such things like: moon sign, rising/ascendant sign, your sign in mercury, venus, mars (all the planets)
and so on
To find out all of that go to this website and answer the questions

it will give you:

- sun sign: describes your personality
- moon sign: describes your emotions
- rising sign: describes how others see you
- mercury sign: describes how you communicate
- venus sign: describes relationships/. love
- mars sign: describes your wants/ambitions
- jupiter sign: describes luck and growth
- saturn sign: describes responsibilities and karma
- uranus: describes change and something about rebelliousness
- neptune: describes illusions and dreams
- pluto: describes social and personal power

thats the gist of astrology
there is also lilith and midheaven signs and lately people have been using personality types as well
but anyway; any questions can be looked up or asked

i hope this helped :)