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“They run into the street to flag down a passing bus and take the back seat, elated at their victory. However, in the final shot, Benjamin’s smile gradually fades to an enigmatic, neutral expression as he gazes forward down the bus, not looking at Elaine. Elaine first looks lovingly across at Ben but notices his demeanor and turns away with a similar expression as the bus drives away, taking the two lovers towards a future of uncertainty.”

The Graduate (1967).

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Aliens reacting to our mess of alien horror films please?

Jostedalsbreen had been on the primarily human vessel for almost thirty of their rotations now, and was confident enough to say xe knew a lot about humans and their cultures by now.

Xe even knew of the concept of popcorn, which apparently was going to be relevant for the end-of-roation bonding they referred to as ‘moovee naigt’ apparently they would view a classic of some sort. It sounded like an art form similar to theatre - which Jostedalsbreen had read about.

When xe arrived at the designated room xe had no idea what horrors awaited xem. At first it seemed pleasurable enough, but it didn’t take long before xe was as good as frozen to xir seat, silently bemoaning the evolutionary trait that rendered xem unable to move. 

Fortunately, one of the humans - Communications Officer Moreau - seemed to take notice not too long after, and end the horrific ordeal on the screen. Jostedalsbreen needed some time to recover before xe was able to communicate in a way the humans would understand, but once xe was ready, xe knew what xe had to ask.

“W- what was that?”

“The movie?” Moreau asked before they seemed to realise the problem. “It’s fictitious, don’t worry. Purely for entertainment value.”

Clearly the humans didn’t realise how unsettling that statement was. “You find footage of your own species being ripped to shreds funny?” Xe asked in disbelief, almost scared of what the answer would be. Humans did have a reputation after all, but from what xe had seen, it seemed to be largely undeserved. Even if they seemed to have no idea what self-preservation meant, and came from a truly terrifying world.

“No, no, of course not. It’s scary,” they answered, causing a wave of relief to wash over Jostedalsbreen. Until they continued, that is. “That’s what we like about it.”

The shock xe experienced must have shown, because Moreau didn’t stop there. “I’m not really sure why or how it works, but getting scared is funny sometimes. Like, when someone sneaks up behind you and scare you, and for some reason you end up laughing because the person who snuck up on you scared you? That ever happen to you?”

It took longer than it should have for Jostedalsbreen to realise that they weren’t joking, nor was the question rhetorical. “No. How would someone attacking you be entertaining?”

“I don’t know, it just is. And they’re not actually attacking, they’re just… you know. Giving you a spook.”

Pretending to understand what they meant, xe moved xir head in what humans considered a sign of agreement, realising xe had been a fool to think xe could ever understand humans.

Call me by your name, a film review

Spoiler-free, of course.

top 5 scenes I absolutely loved:

#1 the war memorial scene 
simply can’t get over how well-directed and gorgeous this scene is. Literally perfect.

#2 the first kiss
Monet’s berm. Both Armie & Timothée are AT THE TOP of their acting game in this scene.
Also, the way it’s shot.
Also, the way it’s written / adapted from the book.

#3 goodbye scene
Oscar-nominated Timothée Chalamet, there is just no need to say more.

#4 Elio’s dad monologue, aka Michael Stuhlbarg breaks everyone’s heart
GOD I JUST CANNOT GET OVER THIS SCENE. My heart broke into pieces right there and then. 

#5 end credits
My heart broke into even smaller pieces, if that’s even possible.  

Bonus thing I really loved
Sufjan Stevens’ songs are gorgeous and incredibly well-timed in the film.  

top 5 scenes I didn’t love:

literally none because this film is PERFECT. 


I just got back from seeing the most heartwarming movie of my LIFE!!  It was so beautiful!!  It was uplifting and amazing and it was alllll about family.  Basically your typical animated hour and a half long kids movie.  But there was something that got tossed in there that made it stick with me, and I just need to gush about it.

The movie I saw was Storks, which frankly looked like just another cute kids movie and I didn’t expect it to be nearly as funny as it was.  The whole premise of the film is that storks used to deliver babies they made in a baby-making factory to people who wrote them letters, but they had come to the decision to stop delivering babies and deliver packages from  So pretty much, whenever people wrote them letters asking for babies, they put them in this giant container and never thought about them again.  Cue Tulip, an orphan who was never delivered to her family and lived at the factory.  She ends up working in the letters department and receives a letter from a little boy named Nate who desperately wanted a little brother.  Long story short, she ends up accidentally making this baby which she and a stork named Jr. decide to deliver.  They go on this whole adventure only to be stopped short of delivering the cutest little pink haired animated baby I have ever seen to her new family, which is when things go crazy.  Basically, all the letters they’d collected over the years asking for babies end up getting inserted into the baby making machine and there are thousands of little babies everywhere.  The only thing to do at that  point was to deliver them all, and here was where things got real.

First, I want to say that there were so many cute babies, all with different colored skin and hair (seriously, some of the hair colors included blue, mint green, bright orange, pink, and yes they were all absolutely adorable).  So the diversity level was waaaay up with these babies.  But I didn’t really get emotional until they actually started delivering the babies.  They started showing the families as they receive the babies they had asked for, and you quickly realize that a lot of these families aren’t what would be considered “typical” families.  The first family they’re shown delivering a baby to is a couple where the woman is disabled.  She’s in a wheelchair, and probably wouldn’t be able to easily have children on her own, so when the stork gives her this baby, the sheer emotion in her in her husband’s eyes made the tears start flowing right then and there.  And that was just the beginning.  There was a Japanese couple, there was a biracial couple, there was a single mom, and yes, there was even a lesbian couple.  All these couples receiving babies they had asked for and basically defining that no family is the same.  It was so beautiful.  Just this one scene had tears streaming down my face for the remainder of the film.  

Throughout the movie, I was under the belief that it was just a cute, funny kids movie (it really was funny).  This little montage made it all real.  It’s going to stick with me for a long time.  It was amazing and I can’t get over it.  Go see this movie.  It’s cute, funny, and absolutely heartwarming.  11/10 would recommend.

Seriously, how awesome would it be, if the scene in Dragon Cry in which Natsu and Lucy are holding hands and stargazing takes place towards the end of the film and this is when Natsu asks Lucy what he looks like to her? It’d be the perfect foundation for a sweet and romantic scene between them, I think!


So, remember when I said I was working on a short animated film? Well, it’s finally here and ready for more people to see! I’m super excited to share this so please give it a like, a reblog, a share, a comment, anything if you like it or even if you don’t. It’s my first ever animation and I’d love any feedback :)