messed around with something new

Blood rush in the hazy glow, my hands, your bones

Sort of continuation of this one (x), and Hawke is a dumb dope


Tomlinson-Styles household Week - 4/7
Cleaning after New Year’s party


“And when you fail to solve them, and lay blubbering like an ignorant child on the floor, you will know…that The Riddler... is better than you.”

I’m a shapeshifter
At Poe’s masquerade
Hiding both face and mind
All free for you to draw
I’m a shapeshifter
What else should I be?
Please don’t take off my mask
Revealing dark 

“Beneath the Mask” - Shoji Meguro and Lyn (Persona 5)

Traditional drawing, scanned and colored. Phew, it has been a while since I did a traditional drawing, which I missed and still love to do! ^^


we’re in this together now


Making Objects Smaller In-Game

I discovered something new today while messing around with the sugar skulls.  Using the ‘set object as head’ cheat, you can make items smaller then they initially start.  Something many of us have been wanting since we have been able to increase the size of objects.  Before I begin, I want to note that there are some limitations with the method I use.  To resize multiple objects takes a little bit of time, and there is only one size down from the initial size (but there are different size ups, I’ll explain more on that later.) Some objects do not play nice to this method, but many I’ve tested have.  The size persist after a game reload, but I’m not sure how they play with the gallery.  Instructions after the cut.

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“The Cardinal” [RWBY]
Finally finished something new!

Mostly messing around with colours and lighting effects this time ‘round. Also improving my side profiles [hopefully] jhdsgfjhds
And what better lady to draw in an experimental piece than the lovely Miltiades Malachite? I haven’t drawn her properly in so long OTL

Still calling this a practice piece because that’s what it started out as ;u;
Debating on doing a companion piece like this for Melanie… we’ll see.